Alex Delaware Books In Order [All 38 Books]

The Alex Delaware series explores the story of lead super sleuth, Alex, a former child psychologist who partners up with friend and LAPD detective Milo, to unravel some of LA’s most chilling murders.

Alex Delaware Books In Order [All 38 Books]

In this series, Jonathan Kellerman brings us a multi-faceted character who breaks boundaries, shuns stereotypes, and keeps readers on their toes with his own character, as well as the complexity of the mysteries around him.

The first book in the series was published in 1985 and was soon preceded by a movie of the same name just a year later.

Novelist, teacher, psychologist, author, and researcher Jonathan Kellerman helped pioneer the field of forensic psychology and has become the #1 New York Times bestselling author of a staggering forty-one crime novels, including Alex Delaware, Twisted, Billy Straight, and many more.

He also co-authored Capital Crimes and Double Homicide with his wife and esteemed author, Faye Kellerman.

When The Bough Breaks

When the Bough Breaks (An Alex Delaware Book 1)

When The Bough Breaks is the first installment of the Alex Delaware series.

Dr. Morton Handler, a psychiatrist embroiled in scandals of sexual manipulation, extortion, and fraud has been found brutally murdered in an apartment.

The police find themselves in the midst of a chilling murder with no leads, except one possible witness: seven-year-old Melody.

What seems like a simple murder mystery soon turns into a chilling tale of twists, turns, perversion, violence, and more danger that’s rooted in a forty-year-old conspiracy.

With a fast-paced, detailed storyline that’s sensitive, intriguing, and well-developed, the first installment of the series really made its mark, however, it did lack much mystery for readers to mull over by the end.


  • Deep characters
  • Fast-paced storyline


  • The ending reveals a bit too much

Blood Test

Blood Test (An Alex Delaware Book 2)

Five-year-old Woody Swope finds himself gravely ill, but as his parents refuse to accept his life-saving treatment, things get complicated.

Protagonist Alex Delaware sets off on a mission to convince Swope’s parents, only to discover they’ve already facilitated his release from the hospital.

However, as Delaware visits the motel his parents are staying at, he’s greeted with an ominous blood stain and no trace of little Woody.

Now, Alex and his homicide partner Milo must use the full extent of the law and race against the clock to find Woody, in a tale that leads them through a chilling underworld of sex, drugs, and violence.

The second book in the mystery series is both exciting and terrifying, however, it does feel a little bare-boned compared to Delaware’s debut novel.

Regardless, Blood Test still delivers an exceptional storyline that mystery lovers will enjoy.


  • Exciting
  • Hard to guess


  • Can feel repetitive and empty

Over The Edge

Over the Edge (An Alex Delaware Book 3)

In Over the Edge, Alex Delaware receives a phone call in the middle of the night to help an old patient he failed five years prior.

By the time he reaches the hospital, his patient Jamey has disappeared, only to be found the next day by the police who believe Jamey has become the latest victim of a notorious serial killer called the Lavender Slasher.

As usual, Delaware and Milo Sturgis perform beautifully executed police work, and unravel a mystery that will keep readers guessing.

However, the ending feels a little drawn out compared to the others.


  • Mysterious
  • Believable


  • Some plots feel drawn out

Silent Partner

Silent Partner: An Alex Delaware Novel

When attending a party in LA, Alex Delaware comes face-to-face with a former lover, Sharon Ransom, who left him unexpectedly almost 10 years ago.

In a mysterious plea, Sharon suggests that she may be in trouble and needs help from Alex, however, he decides to ignore her request.

The next day, Sharon is found dead in a supposed suicide.

Sharon’s mysterious death is a great mystery executed in true Kellerman style.

Though you may be able to guess some of the plots, there are still plenty of unexpected twists to keep you on your toes…


  • Thrilling
  • Well written


  • Too predictable

Time Bomb

Time Bomb: An Alex Delaware Novel

After a deranged sniper opens fire at a Californian school, Alex Delaware is called in to help the children cope with their terrible ordeal.

Although the sniper was killed before any children were injured, Alex finds himself longing for answers. What was the story behind the shooter, and why did he want to kill so many?

As the sniper’s father requests a “psychological autopsy”, Delaware learns more about the life behind the evil.

As strange patterns emerge, he soon finds a twisted plot in the shooter’s past and is forced to face true evil.

Political extremism dominates this all too relatable American tale.

Time Bomb is a critically important novel and a standout installment in the series that’s crammed with societal issues and thrilling events.

Tense, exciting, and sometimes heart-wrenching, Kellerman lovers will thoroughly enjoy this book.


  • Socially and politically relevant
  • Heartfelt


  • Some descriptions are too lengthy

Private Eyes

Private Eyes: An Alex Delaware Novel

Melissa Dickson was once a troubled and tormented seven-year-old in desperate need of help.

After two years of treatment with Alex, she walked away happy and recovered.

Years later, Alex receives a call from Melissa, asking for his help with her mother, who was the victim of a grotesque acid attack that left her emotionally bereft.

Although Alex agrees to help her mother, Gina, she disappears before he could reach her.

Why? With so many questions and so few answers, Alex is forced to search for answers in an uncomfortable journey that’s riddled with mystery and uncomfortable secrets.

When he learns that her perpetrator is out of prison, things get interesting…

Private Eyes can be read as a standalone and takes an intriguing look at Gina’s life. The storyline may not be too complex, but the question will keep you hooked.


  • Plenty of secrets
  • Mysterious


  • Basic storyline

Devil’s Waltz

Devil's Waltz: An Alex Delaware Novel

Baby cassie has spent almost the entirety of her two-year life in the hospital, battling a persistent and baffling illness.

Although the doctors keep finding themselves at a dead end, they soon realize that her mother may be making her deliberately unwell.

Devil’s Waltz explores a chilling case of Munchausen by proxy that soon proves to be one of Delaware’s most terrifying cases.

This installment received mixed reviews, but it’s a great whodunit medical drama that Kellerman fans will enjoy.


  • Intriguing storyline
  • Emotional


  • Predictable

Bad Love

Bad Love: An Alex Delaware Novel

Alex Delaware finds a mysterious tape delivered to his house.

When he plays back the recording, he’s greeted with a terrifying scream, followed by someone chanting the words “bad love, bad love” in a childlike tone…

Without any context, this is terrifying enough.

However, Alex soon realizes that he’s heard those words before, almost a decade ago when he was working with troubled teens.

Alex soon learns that other delegates from his previous workplace have been murdered, and is greeted with strange calls and acts of terror and vandalism.

Alex is being played with like never before, and he needs to unravel the mystery before anyone else gets hurt…

Bad Love is one of the most highly-reviewed books in the series, with a multi-layered conspiracy, a well-written plot, and plenty of suspense.

This is one that will keep you guessing…


  • Layered and complex
  • Exciting


  • Some parts feel predictable


Self-Defense: An Alex Delaware Novel

After being on the jury for a trial against a monstrous killer, Lucy Lowell finds herself traumatized.

As she’s haunted by the things she’s seen and heard, she seeks the help of her psychologist Alex, to help her work through her trauma.

However, Alex soon feels that her fears and memories are actually the symptoms of something very real.

Lucy may have witnessed a real murder in her life.

Self-Defence is a potent, gripping story in the Delaware series that will keep you turning the pages.

With plenty of interesting police work, twists, and well-developed characters, Self-Defence is a great example of Kellerman’s exceptional abilities.


  • Gripping storyline
  • Full of twists and turns


  • Some parts feel too predictable

The Web

The Web: An Alex Delaware Novel

Esteemed scientist, Woodrew Moreland, has invited Delaware to his home on the Pacific Island to help him organize his records from his time spent tending to the inhabitants of Knife Island.

Alex and his girlfriend Robin jump at the opportunity to take some light work, and have plenty of time left over to relax and enjoy some time away.

However, Alex can’t help wondering why he’s really been invited, and as mysterious guests and secrets begin to surface, Alex discovers that his invitation holds a far more sinister truth.

Now, Alex must work to protect himself and his girlfriend against a very real threat of violence that could put them in extreme danger.

The Web has a different tone from other books in the Delaware series, but although it deviates from the traditional plots, it still carries the same thrill and excitement.

Its bizarre twists and turns leave it straddling the horror genre, and it’s well worth the read.


  • Unique plot
  • Complex


  • May be too different from the other books for fans to enjoy

The Clinic

The Clinic: An Alex Delaware Novel

The murder of Hope Devane has left the police force scratching their heads. Three months on, and it feels like they’re getting nowhere.

As the investigation pulls up nothing but loose ends, Milo Sturgis asks his friend Alex Delaware for assistance on the case.

Together, the pair work through the mysterious life of Hope and uncover a surprising link between her and another murder victim.

The Clinic offers an intelligent twist and a great storyline. It may not be the most gripping in the series, but it’s well worth the read.


  • Intelligent and well-written


  • Lacks suspense

Survival Of The Fittest

Survival of the Fittest: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a diplomat’s daughter is brutally killed in the Santa Monica mountains, her father insists there’s no possibility of political motivation.

As the investigation continues, her father seems set on controlling the investigation, leading Alex and his partner Milo to wonder what secrets he may be trying to keep buried.

In Survival of the Fittest, Kellerman throws in plenty of curveballs to keep readers guessing – you really won’t see it coming!


  • Keeps you on your toes
  • Intriguing


  • Some descriptions are too lengthy


Monster: An Alex Delaware Novel

Eight months after the body of Richard Dad is found sawed in half in a car trunk, the body of psychologist Claire Argent is found in the same way.

When detective Milo Sturgis is put on the case, he’s tasked with talking to a patient in a mental institution to find answers.

Although these ramblings initially appear to be nonsensical, there are soon chilling revelations that prove to be much deeper than first thought…

Monster is one of the most popular books in the Delaware series, and once again, Alex uses his time and credentials to help navigate a gruesome, chilling case, Littered with mystery and enticing characters, Monster is a must-read.


  • Intelligent
  • Exciting characters


  • Some characters feel underdeveloped

Doctor Death

Dr. Death: An Alex Delaware Novel

When old age or illness makes life unbearable, people in California are voluntarily ending their lives with the help of assisted suicide.

Should people be allowed to do this? Should those helping others facilitate their suicide face consequences?

In an intriguing tale that examines the debate surrounding assisted suicide, the so-called Doctor Death continues his work to help those suffering reach the end on their own terms.

However, something feels off about this case, and Alex Delaware and Milo Sturgis weigh in with the suspicion that not all of these patients are willing…

In Doctor Death, readers are taken through an intriguing and compelling plot that has plenty of fun, mystery, and surprises along the way.

However, Doctor Death is a little heavy on dialogue rather than action, which some readers may find dull.


  • Compelling plot
  • Mysterious


  • Too much dialogue

Flesh And Blood

Flesh and Blood: An Alex Delaware Novel

The parents of Lauren Teague bring her to Alex Delaware’s office as a delinquent, troubled teenager in need of help.

However, Lauren definitely resists all efforts to help her, and Alex is forced to view her as a failure in his long, esteemed career.

Years after Lauren leaves his practice, she’s found horrifically murdered and discarded in an alley.

Alex goes against the advice of his partner Milo and girlfriend Robin to trace Lauren’s killer and launches himself into a chilling investigation littered with trauma, psychological experiments, and brutalization.

Flesh and Blood is an intriguing mystery, however, it can sometimes feel a little too cluttered and unbelievable.

Although it’s filled with the usual Kellerman twists and turns readers love, not everyone will be compelled to keep turning pages. However, if you love suspense, you’ll love Flesh and Blood.


  • Plenty of twists and turns
  • Exciting characters


  • Can feel unbelievable

The Murder Book

The Murder Book: An Alex Delaware Novel

In this installment in the Delaware series, Alex finds his relationship with long-term partner Robin in a tough spot.

When Robin announces she’s leaving for three months to go off on a music tour, Alex finds himself shocked and lost.

However, he’s soon given something to keep him busy when he’s been given an envelope without a return address.

As he opens it up, he sees a book titled “The Murder Book”, it’s littered with detailed descriptions and images of murder victims.

Who could be playing these games, and why Alex?

The Murder Book is snappy, satisfying, and strong.

Readers who enjoy Milo’s character will enjoy how embroiled he is in this particular tale, and the plot line never fails to build suspense.


  • Mysterious
  • Well-written


  • Too much dialogue at times

A Cold Heart

A Cold Heart: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a talented painter is found strangled in her art gallery, Milo Sturgis is called on to the case as a favor for an old friend.

Feeling perplexed by the murder, Milo calls in Delaware to contrast her death with others, and examine any potential link between her murder and other artists.

The pair soon discover that two others have been killed, and like Juliet, they were on the verge of a professional breakthrough. What could be the link?

A Cold Heart is a thrilling, addicting read that promises great character development, and a storyline loaded with twists and turns.

There’s so much to love about A Cold Heart, and it’s a strong addition to the series that Kellerman readers will love.


  • Thrilling
  • Suspenseful


  • Some characters lack depth


Therapy: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a pair of college students are murdered in their car, Milo and Alex are brought into the case.

When they start investigating, they soon find out that the dead boy, Gavin, had been brain-damaged and no one could identify the woman with him.

As they begin to question Mary Lou, a radio psychologist who worked with Gavin, she seems reluctant to answer any questions, and soon ends up murdered herself.

This just leaves more questions than answers – are the murders connected, and can they find the link?

Therapy, like other Kellerman books, boasts a complex plot line with plenty of characters – however, some of these seem too confusing to be fully fleshed out.

This mystery will keep you guessing, but the ending may throw you.


  • Full of curveballs
  • Intriguing


  • Storyline can feel a bit basic


Rage: An Alex Delaware Novel

Eight years ago, two teenage boys were charged with the murder of a young girl, Kristal Malley.

Alex was in charge of evaluating the two boys, and now one has been released from prison, and is requesting to meet…

Although Alex accepts the invitation, their meeting never materializes, and released killer Rand Duchay is found dead.

Was this simply an unfortunate coincidence, or was Duchay killed for a reason?

Rage is an intelligent thriller that drifts far from Delaware’s specialties but still makes for a thrilling and believable story.

This is one of the most popular books in the series, and Milo and Delaware work beautifully together to solve the case.

If you love a poignant mystery, you’ll love this.


  • Well written and developed
  • Strong characters


  • Some parts feel too predictable


Gone: An Alex Delaware Novel

An aspiring LA actress and her boyfriend have been accused of staging her own abduction.

Although Alex is called on to the case, it seems to hit a brick wall.

However, just as the leads feel like they’re going cold, the girl is brutally murdered, and everything Delaware thought he knew about this case is turned on its head.

Mysteriously, the girl’s boyfriend Dylan also disappears at the time of her murder, leaving Alex and Milo with some serious digging to do…

Gone showcases Kellerman’s strengths and is a well-written, mysterious tale. It may not be the most memorable in the series, however, it’s loaded with red herrings, and unusual suspects that the ‘whodunnit’ lovers will feast on.


  • Unusual and complex
  • Thrilling


  • Too much dialogue


Obsession: An Alex Delaware Novel

When Tanya seeks help from Delaware for her OCD, her aunt Patty confesses to a brutal murder on her deathbed.

This shocking revelation has left her niece Tanya distraught, and desperate for answers.

Although she’s leaning on Delaware for psychological help, it seems that he may be able to help her crack this mystery, too…

Obsession boasts rich characters and a well-formulated plot that holds well together.

This is your classic, action-packed thriller, and although it’s often overlooked in the Delaware series, it’s well worth the read.


  • Compelling
  • Exciting characters


  • Some parts feel unbelievable


Compulsion: An Alex Delaware Novel

Three baffling murder cases involving a young woman, a retired teacher, and two innocent women leave Milo Sturgis and the rest of the LA police department scratching their heads.

In a desperate plea for help, Milo calls on Alex to attend the scene of a strange crime.

A stolen car is given back to its owner in pristine condition – the only thing that stands out is a small blood stain…

This small discovery sparks the hunt for a chameleon-like killer, one of the most mysterious the two have ever encountered.

How will they unmask him, and do they have enough evidence to catch him? Their journey leads them down a strange path that will have readers hooked…

From start to finish, Compulsion is a thrilling ride. Gruesome, well-written, and loaded with mystery, this is a stand-out installment in the Delaware series.


  • Gruesome and enticing
  • Unpredictable


  • Some characters feel empty


Bones: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a woman’s body is found in the marshland, the police soon discover three more corpses.

All the women are prostitutes except for the one most recent victim, who appears to come from a wealthy background.

Selena Bass has found herself out of place in this killer’s usual demographic.

Alex and Milo need answers: who is the killer, why did he target these women, and how did Selena become a victim?

Bones is a chilling, sinister read that borders on uncomfortable. If you like your mysteries gruesome and gritty, Bones is one you won’t want to miss.


  • Chilling
  • Enticing


  • May be too gruesome for some readers


Evidence: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a foreman arrives at a building site, he finds more than he bargains for on the unfinished steps of the master bedroom: the bodies of a man and woman, brutally murdered.

This eerie double murder is shrouded in mystery, and when Alex and Milo are called in to help, they find themselves facing one of the most challenging cases of their careers.

As they hunt for answers, they find deception and evil beyond any stretch of the imagination…

Evidence is a compelling read, however, the plot does seem a little unbelievable in places.

Although Delaware does some excellent work on this case, there’s no plausible reason why he should be anywhere near it, which may frustrate some readers.


  • Compelling
  • Full of mystery


  • Can feel unbelievable


Deception: An Alex Delaware Novel

Elise Freeman, a teacher at an LA prep school, is found dead.

Near her body, detectives discover a DVD documenting a year-long tale of abuse that she experienced at the hands of her monstrous abusers.

Milo Sturgis needs Delaware’s help more than ever.

This fight for truth and justice will push Delaware and Sturgis to investigate the seedy underbelly of wealth and education amongst LA’s elite, and it won’t come without its challenges.

Deception is hard to put down. It’s got plenty of twists and turns, and its fast-paced, gruesome, psychological nature will keep you hungry for more.

This is certainly one of the strongest installments in the Delaware series.


  • Hard to guess
  • Thrilling


  • Some descriptions are too lengthy


Mystery: An Alex Delaware Novel

As the Beverley Fauborg Hotel prepares to close its doors for the last time, Delaware and his girlfriend go to pay a farewell visit when they find themselves intrigued by a mysterious visitor – a young woman dressed in white.

Just two days later, Alex is asked to assist on a murder case, and when he arrives, he’s shocked to discover it’s the same woman he saw in the hotel.

Who is she, and how did she end up dead?

Once again, Delaware and Sturgis come together to pick apart a mysterious, complex plot that will leave readers guessing until the end.

However, Mystery is another installment that’s rich in dialogue with not much action, which may not suit some readers.


  • Complex plot
  • Intriguing characters


  • Too much dialogue


Victims: An Alex Delaware Novel

When Milo Sturgis heads to his latest crime scene, he’s not sure he’s ever seen something quite so gruesome… he knows he needs the help of his partner Alex Delaware, to gain insight into the type of person who’d commit such a crime.

This gruesome scene is so intense, that even Alex’s skills appear hindered.

With just one clue to work with, will they be able to crack the case, and will Alex be able to shake the trauma of the events that have rocked him to his core?

Victims is a riveting read that will have murder mystery lovers on the edge of their seats.

The characters are captivating, and the plot is well-thought-out.

However, this one is particularly gruesome, so you’ll need a strong stomach to power through it.


  • Thrilling and hard to guess
  • Fast-paced


  • May be too gruesome


Guilt: An Alex Delaware Novel

A young couple finally gains ownership of their new home, a beautiful neglected mansion in need of some TLC.

However, as they explore their new home, they stumble across a gruesome find: two old, worn doctor bags, each with a small human skeleton inside.

As more bags are found, the case gets more perplexing. Is this a copycat killer? How do they find the real perpetrator?

In a struggle to solve this decades-old case, Alex and Milo will face cruelty, betrayal, and evil like no other.

Guilt is a fascinating read that stands out from the crowd in the Delaware series.

Its irresistible plot is truly thrilling, poignant, and at times violent – what less could we expect from Kellerman?

This is a strong installment from our well-established author, and it’s well worth the read.


  • Unique storyline
  • Mysterious


  • Some characters lack depth


Killer: An Alex Delaware Novel

As Beverly Hills physician Connie attempts to gain custody of her niece, Alex sets a report in motion that threatens to stop her.

Although she makes death threats to Alex, he’s inclined to shrug them off and play down their severity to his partner, Milo Sturgis.

However, we soon learn that Alex is in extreme danger, however, Connie is soon found brutally murdered, adding a whole new twist to the case.

Her sister soon disappears with the baby, and Alex once again finds himself on a quest for answers and justice.

However, this particular endeavor will lead him on a strange journey, filled with plenty of dark, cruel secrets that he must peel away to save the life of an innocent child.

Killer may not be one of Kellerman’s strongest books, but it boasts an impressive, fun, and pretty compelling storyline.

However, this one does get repetitive in places, and Kellerman’s writing does not feel as strong as it is in other installments.


  • Fun storyline
  • Hard to guess


  • Can feel repetitive


Motive: An Alex Delaware Novel

Milo Sturgis knows better than anyone that no matter how many cases you’ve solved, the unsolved will always eat away at you.

The brutal murder of Katherine Hennepin is one such case, and although it seems it’s hit a dead end, Milo asks Alex, in a last-ditch attempt, to help him crack the case.

When they come up short, they turn their attention to another brutal murder – a divorcee who’s been gunned down in a savage execution.

Just as they think they’re about to solve the case, a shocking new clue surfaces about the Hennepin murder that changes everything.

What’s the clue, is there a connection, and is there a potential serial killer on the loose?

Motive is just as intriguing as we’d expect from any Kellerman novel.

It’s descriptive, exciting, and full of suspense, however, the connection between Alex and Milo doesn’t seem as magical in this installment.


  • Descriptive
  • Compelling


  • Some character relationships feel bare


Breakdown: An Alex Delaware Novel

Alex is unexpectedly reunited with the mother of one of his former patients when she is institutionalized after experiencing a sudden and intense psychotic episode.

After Zelda is eventually released from the institution with a promising healthy future, she is discovered dead, and her son is missing.

Alex knows something isn’t right, and he’s turning to his friend Milo to help him unearth the truth.

Prior to Breakdown, many long-time Kellerman fans complained that the stories were becoming repetitive, boring, and devoid of their magic.

However, Breakdown seemed to reignite the love for this series for many fans – it’s curious, fast-paced, intelligent, and realistic. It may not be a “wow” worthy installment, but it’s definitely a revival.


  • Enticing
  • Full of suspense
  • Intelligent


  • Can be too heavy on the dialogue

Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel: An Alex Delaware Novel

Thalia Mars is one of Delaware’s most intriguing patients. Her thirst for gory knowledge makes her want answers to uncomfortable questions.

Her fascination with death leaves Delaware perplexed, and both he and Milo must pick apart this woman’s life to find the answers.

However, her reality is more embroiled in deception and violence than they could have imagined.

Heartbreak Hotel has a complex plot that drifts from Kellerman’s usual tone.

However, it still delivers the same mystery and suspense we know and love.


  • Complex
  • Refreshingly different from Kellerman’s usual tone


  • Can be easy to guess in places

Night Moves

Night Moves: An Alex Delaware Novel

Once again, Sturgis is faced with a baffling crime scene that he knows he cannot go alone.

With no blood, no evidence of a struggle, and a victim without hands and a face, Delaware and Sturgis soon find themselves in over their heads in a baffling case that hides a multitude of eerie sins… how has this victim turned up in a random home, and who is the perpetrator?

Night Moves is reminiscent of some of Kellermen’s earlier Delaware books. A seedy, dysfunctional LA is once again at the heart of a gruesome mystery.


  • Full of curveballs
  • Intelligent


  • Lacks action

The Wedding Guest

The Wedding Guest: An Alex Delaware Novel

When a bridesmaid discovers the body of a young woman at a wedding, a magical day takes an unexpected turn… Their Saints and Sinners wedding theme now seems a little more sadistic – is someone playing a game, and trying to sabotage the day?

What’s the motive, who is this woman, and why is her body at their wedding reception?

With so many questions and no answers, it’s time for Alex and Milo to do what they do best and discover the truth.

With a strong suspicion that this is a personal murder, Alex and Milo won’t stop digging until they get to the bottom of it…

The Wedding Guest is a slow burner with plenty of complex characters and a complex plot.

It’s not an easy read, but it’s definitely a rewarding one.


  • Exciting
  • Slow burner
  • Suspenseful


  • Some characters feel underdeveloped

The Museum Of Desire

The Museum of Desire: An Alex Delaware Novel

The morning after an elaborate event is hosted at a Beverly Hills mansion, an unlocked limo remains parked in the driveway with four dead bodies.

There’s nothing to link the victims, and each one has been killed in an entirely unique way. This grisly discovery leaves detectives baffled.

Alex and Milo come to the rescue to tackle this puzzling, grisly case.

How will they uncover the truth about this mass slaying, and what kind of evil lies behind the truth?

The Museum of Desire is a strong entry in the Delaware series.

Kellerman comes out of his slump to revive our favorite duo and treat us to a thrilling, but gorey, adventure.


  • Grisly and gorey
  • Intelligent
  • Suspenseful


  • Some plotlines need more description


Serpentine: An Alex Delaware Novel

Ellie Barker loves to reopen cold cases, and this time, she wants to reopen the case into the death of her biological mother.

She hires Alex and Milo to assist in this decades-old story that has left detectives baffled – no motive, no witnesses, no evidence.

What better person to crack the case than psychologist Alex Delaware, who must dig deep to discover the painful truth that lies beneath this tragic case…

Serpentine is a cerebral, mysterious, and suspenseful read.

Kellerman shows no sign of stopping, and Serpentine is arguably one of the best entries yet.


  • Different from Kellerman’s usual tone
  • Exciting characters


  • Can feel predictable

City Of The Dead

City of the Dead: An Alex Delaware Novel

In this installment, Alex and Milo find that their past has come back to haunt them.

When they find themselves in a beautiful neighborhood, they come across a gruesome discovery – the body of a young man naked in the street.

However, the trail of blood leads straight to a nearby home, where a young woman lies slain inside. What happened here, and who is at fault?

This complex case leads Alex and Milo down a path of unthinkable violence and psychological torture.

The City of the Dead is more proof that Kellerman is going from strength to strength.

Inventive, enticing, and gruesome, this is a real page-turner that long-time Delaware fans will love.


  • Gorey
  • Inventive and intelligent


  • Some characters feel rushed

Unnatural History

Unnatural History: An Alex Delaware Novel

A photographer is found shot dead in a warehouse, and Alex and Milo must uncover the truth.

The victim had just gained media attention for their project documenting homelessness, however, some saw it as exploitation.

Could this be a motive? Or is it more personal?

As more murders are committed, Alex and Milo must act fast to catch the killer, and they’ll find themselves in greater danger than they ever have before.


  • Unusual plotline
  • Exciting
  • Hard to guess


  • Lacks action compared to other installments

Final Thoughts

Kellerman’s Alex Delaware series has been running for almost four decades.

Few series can successfully run for this long, and although some of Kellerman’s entries are weaker than others, these novels have stood the test of time, and still prove popular with readers both young and old.

Not only are they still popular, but some of Kellerman’s most recent releases are better than his older installments – this is a real rarity in a series as extensive as this one.

Although most long-running series seem to fizzle out, Kellerman has found ways to revive the Delaware stories and he shows no signs of slowing down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have to Read The Alex Delaware Series in Order?

You can, but it’s not necessary. Each book can be read as a stand-alone story.

Which Alex Delaware Book is Best?

The answer to this question will be subjective, however, The City of the Dead, Serpentine, and the debut entry When the Bough Breaks are some of the most well-reviewed in the series.

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