All Colleen Hoover Books Ranked (Best to Worst)

Love is in the air, regardless of the season, whenever you delve into a Colleen Hoover novel or novella. Colleen Hoover’s books weave an intricate web of forbidden relationships, heartbreak, and situational devastation.

All Colleen Hoover Books Ranked (Best to Worst)

Fortunately, by the end of these heart-wrenching stories, there is usually a Happily Ever After waiting for many of the characters and a satisfying conclusion for the readers.

You’re sure to fall in love with Colleen Hoover’s style. From Hopeless to Finding Perfect, here is a comprehensive list of Colleen Hoover’s books ranked best to worst:

It Ends with Us: A Novel

It Ends with Us: A Novel

Will Lily choose the rough-around-the-edges neurosurgeon with a soft spot for the self-made female entrepreneur, or will she settle back into her comfort zone with the kind, an easygoing protector who will always be her first love?

It Ends with Us is a love triangle romance that ebbs and flows between the excitement of a new relationship with Ryle Kincaid, which just as easily end in disaster, and the drawing of heartstrings that comes with the yearning for a familiar, safe, stable, sure-thing offered by Atlas Corrigan’s reemergence into her life.

Will one of these bows eventually win her heart? Or will Lily’s dedication to self-reliance win out, leaving them all yearning for a life that will never be? 



Desperation and desire can be a nasty combination. However, that is the conundrum Lowen Ashleigh finds herself in when she takes a job ghostwriting for a famous author.

In Verity, when Lowen Ashleigh gets hired by Jeremy Crawford, husband of bestselling author Verity Crawford, she thinks it is a godsend. However, things aren’t always as they seem, and when she finds an unfinished autobiography that was never meant to see the light of day, her growing passion for Jeremy and her sense of morality are at war as she tries to navigate the increasingly difficult terrain gaping between professionalism and passion.

Reminders of Him: A Novel

Reminders of Him: A Novel

Kenna Rowan learns the true cruelty her small town is capable of when, after serving her time in prison, the entire town seems bound and determined to keep Kenna’s four-year-old daughter from her. 

One mistake can’t possibly bar her daughter from her forever, can it? The only person in the town that doesn’t seem to think that’s a fair punishment is local bar owner Ledger Ward. 

However, as the two develop more than a friendship, the stakes rise even higher, as even close association with Kenna is an unforgivable offense to the rest of the town. 

In Reminders of Him, Colleen Hoover crafts a tale of love, loss, heartbreak, redemption, and maybe, even a happily ever after.

Ugly Love: A Novel

Ugly Love: A Novel

Ugly Love starts with a love-at-first-sight encounter that neither Tate Collins nor Miles Archer wants. Neither the too-busy-for-love Tate nor airline pilot Miles are interested in finding, let alone compromising, for a committed relationship…And yet, that doesn’t help either of them deny the instant, searing attraction that ignites the second their eyes meet. 

Regretting You

Regretting You

Morgan Grant has a typical mother-daughter relationship with her sixteen-year-old, Clara. Both women wish to be nothing like one another. Ironically, it is their likeness that often drives them apart. 

The only person in the world who seems to be able to quell the women’s fury and make it possible for them to live under the same roof is Morgan’s husband and Clara’s father, Chris.

Sadly, the family unit is torn apart when an accident removes Chris’ influence from their lives, forcing Morgan and Clara to endure the worst time of their lives with only one another to lean on.

As teenage angst, heartbreak, and the unknown mount, Regretting You takes readers through a complex web of lies, intrigue, and love that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

It Starts with Us: A Novel

It Starts with Us: A Novel (It Ends with Us Book 2)

It’s all about perspective, and with It Starts with Us: A Novel, readers get both sides of every story as the point of view switches between Lily, a recent divorcee, and her first love, Atlas. 

This novel offers an insider’s perspective on how Lily tries to navigate the world as a divorced mother who still wants her daughter to have her father in her life and a free woman, ready to love again and hopelessly falling for an old flame. 

While simultaneously, readers understand the struggles of facing the past and trying to create a new future with the woman that Atlas never stopped loving, despite the new and challenging circumstances.

Heart Bones: A Novel

Heart Bones: A Novel

Beyah Grim has finally received the break she has worked hard to achieve. Her ticket out of Kentucky and out of lifelong poverty has come in the form of a full ride to Penn State. Finally, things are looking up…

But then, tragedy plummets her into an even deeper hole in which hard work and determination are useless.

The only thing Beyah can do now is to wait. The summer seems endless as she gets carted away to live with a father she’s barely ever known, on the wrong side of the country from her ticket to freedom.

So, when she meets Samson, her father’s wealthy, snobby next-door neighbor, Beyah is determined to add him to the list of things she can’t wait to leave behind when she finally goes to school in the fall. 

Yet, Heart Bones: A Novel shows readers that nothing is worse than a broken heart, and regardless of how hard you fight it, fate often has a way of swallowing you up and leading you toward a destiny you didn’t even know you wanted.



Leeds and Layla were the perfect couples. Leeds gets convinced he would love Layla until the end of time. Yet, after an accident leaves Layla mentally and emotionally crippled, Leeds starts to think time is running out on their relationship.

So, when Leeds takes Layla to the bed and breakfast where they first met in a desperate attempt to help her, he can’t help but find comfort in another bed and breakfast guest, Willow. 

Layla is a dramatic, intense, high-stakes story that will keep you guessing. 

November 9: A Novel

November 9: A Novel

November 9: A Novel follows the story of Fallon and Ben. After a chance encounter, the couple meet and continue to meet yearly on the same day.

On the last day before her cross-country transfer, Fallon meets Ben, an ambitious writer. They spend her final day together owing to their unforeseen chemistry, and her colorful life becomes the artistic spark Ben has been looking for to write his next book. 

They have continued to meet annually on the same date, despite the trials of their individual lives as time passed. But one day, Fallon starts questioning whether Ben has been giving her the truth or creating a flawless reality to pull the biggest surprise.



Dean Holder terrified and enthralled Sky when they first met. Something about him brings back images of her incredibly difficult past, which she has worked hard to forget. The enigmatic Holder has been harboring secrets of himself as their friendship builds, and when they are exposed, Sky becomes altered forever, and she may lose her ability to put her faith in as a result of the truth.

Do you wish to continue believing the lies or learn the truth, which could leave you feeling Hopeless?

Confess: A Novel

Confess: A Novel

Auburn Reed already needs to pick up the pieces of her shattered life at age 21. So, she’s off to carve out a new life for herself.

What she never expected to enter into this new life was Owen Gentry. The enigmatic Dallas artist instantly sweeps Auburn off her feet.

However, Auburn soon realizes that Own has secrets fighting to be revealed. Yet, even though all he needs to do is Confess, they both know that if he does, the reveal could lead to much worse than the secret he’s keeping. 

Too Late

Too Late

Sloan often recounts the events that led her to this predicament, fearing for her life from her dangerous and morally corrupt boyfriend, Asa Jackson, while also needing to keep up appearances to keep those she loves safe. 

It wasn’t one single decision that brought her here. It was a series of bad decisions she didn’t even know she was making until one day, they all culminated in catastrophe. 

As for the time being, nothing can get in the way of either Sloan or Asa as the outward power couple hides their inner relationship issues to get what they need to be done. For Asa, it’s keeping his business thriving, but often for Sloan, it’s staying alive and protecting those she loves.

However, neither of them counted on the one common denominator that could cause them both to crash and burn: Carter is the one man who could take them down, separately or individually. 

And neither Asa nor Sloan saw him coming.

Will Sloan be able to escape her fate, or is it already Too Late?

Maybe Someday

Maybe Someday

Sydney is enjoying college, a reliable career, love with her partner, Hunter, and living with her dearest friend Tori. 

However, when she learns Hunter has been cheating on her, her world comes crashing down around her. Then, she meets Ridge, her mysterious neighbor.

What would Sydney do next? Maybe Someday, you will find out.

All Your Perfects: A Novel

All Your Perfects: A Novel (Hopeless Book 4)

Nothing can put a damper on an ideal relationship like a shoddy marriage. Despite their best efforts, Quinn and Graham are getting torn apart by the memories, errors, and secrets collected over time.

And, of course, the one factor that could potentially spare them may also be the one factor that destroys their marriage beyond redemption.

In the book All Your Perfects, a broken couple’s future depends on the foundation of their past promises. Could love triumph over everything?

Finding Cinderella: A Novella

Finding Cinderella: A Novella (Hopeless Book 3)

Daniel and the girl he runs into after an unexpected meeting in the dark declares their affection for one another. Even though they agreed that this love would only be a pretense and only endure for an hour, the couple quickly found it hard to stay away from one another.

He eventually learns from Six that there are no such things as fairy tales, and sadly for Daniel, Finding Cinderella does not ensure his happily ever after. It only puts it in more danger.

Slammed: A Novel

Slammed: A Novel

Layken suddenly acts as her mother and her younger brother’s anchor after her father’s abrupt death. She comes across as tough and persistent, but inside; her heart is breaking. 

Then, she meets Will, her latest neighbor. His enthusiasm for poetry excites her, and his presence always gives her Slammed emotions. But then, life happens.

They can only express their honesty through the poems they exchange and foresee a time when love is an occasion for celebration rather than remorse.

Maybe Now: A Novel

Maybe Now: A Novel (Maybe Someday Book 3)

Ridge and Sydney are ecstatic to be together without feeling guilty at last. 

But, when the couple starts to learn how to navigate this newfound freedom, Maggie comes into the picture.

Maggie chooses to enjoy life to the greatest and pursue her ambitions after finding an old checklist of what she had hoped to achieve someday. She updates and lets Ridge know about her whereabouts, but then Ridge remains concerned about Sydney’s growing mistrust of their bond.

Maybe Now tells a story about loyalty, friendship, and love.

Losing Hope: A Novel

Losing Hope: A Novel (Hopeless Book 2)

Following Hopeless in the series is Losing Hope.

He couldn’t save her. Tormented by replaying the worst day of his life repeatedly, trying to find peace but finding only regret, Holder has felt a sense of shame his entire life. Fueled by the haunting memory of the girl he couldn’t save, he never gives up looking for her. Holder has convinced himself that doing so will grant him the necessary closure. 

However, he could not anticipate that the instant they met again, instead of closure, he would open them both up to a world of suffering neither could even imagine.

Maybe Not: A Novella

Maybe Not: A Novella (Maybe Someday Book 2)

Warren readily accepts the offer to share his space with a female roommate. It might be a fun change.

Or perhaps not.

Tensions rise, and emotions fly when that roommate is the icy and presumably conniving Bridgette since the two find it difficult to be in the same room. Warren, however, believes that anybody who can hate with such fervor should also be able to love with such fervor.

Would he be right? Maybe. Maybe Not.

Without Merit: A Novel

Without Merit: A Novel

The Voss family is not at all typical. Merit Voss collects awards. Without Merit and secrets, she gets compelled to conceal by her family. One day, she meets Sagan while looking around the neighborhood antique store for her next trophy.

Then she discovers a devastating secret.

Sick of the deceptions, she destroys the family’s idyllic figment. When her getaway plan crashes, she must contend with the horrifying repercussions of telling the truth and losing the only boy she adores.

Never, Never: A Novel

Never Never: A Romantic Suspense Novel of Love and Fate

Since they first learned to walk, Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash became best friends. Since they were fourteen years old, the two have been in love. However, as of today, it is like they have never met. 

All memories have gotten lost. Charlie and Silas must now unite if they are to discover the truth concerning what transpired and why.

Never Never reminds readers that forgetting is scary; recalling can be much more frightening.

Point of Retreat: A Novel

Point of Retreat: A Novel (Slammed Book 2)

A piece of shocking and unanticipated news about Will’s past forces Layken and Will to reevaluate everything they believed they knew about one another as their emotionally charged journey progresses. 

They must choose whether to stand up for a future with one another or will they reach their Point of Retreat and relapse into loneliness and pain because their relationship’s basis is in jeopardy.

This Girl: A Novel

This Girl: A Novel (Slammed Book 3)

Layken and Will’s love has persisted and triumphed through the many challenges they faced, and now that they are married, both of them are starting to feel secure and at peace in their relationship. 

However, Layken finds herself curious about her partner’s past despite how much she enjoys the life they have created. She wanted to know Will more and better.

Will recounts the events of their complex relationship in This Girl from his perspective.

Finding Perfect: A Novella

Finding Perfect

Finding Perfect: A Novella comes after Finding Cinderella. This time, it is from Daniel’s point of view.

When Daniel contacts Six to ask the difficult questions he could not bring himself to discuss previously, he is shocked to discover that this secret is casting a shadow over the upcoming holiday. 

Daniel finds himself in a desperate situation where he has to do all in his power to discover answers for the person he values most in the entire world.

One More Step

One More Step

One More Step provides a fascinating and distinctive reading experience. Every one of the 26 authors included in this anthology received the same initial sentence, but where they went with it was entirely up to them. 

The most intriguing aspect is that all stories differ despite starting the same way. 

Colleen Hoover is one of these authors navigating this intriguing conceptual prose.


Reading has always been and will always be a great hobby or leisure activity, especially for young adults. Thanks to Colleen Hoover’s excellent storytelling, her books have experienced a recent and dramatic increase in popularity. The readers get drawn into Colleen Hoover’s stories by the relevant issues that the protagonists must deal with in real life.

Don’t miss out! If you’re interested in the above books, start reading Colleen Hoover’s books today!


Is It Ends With Us Appropriate for a 14-year-old?

While each child has a different level of maturity and cognitive awareness, the themes of It Ends With Us are not generally suited for fourteen-year-old readers.

The book includes adult themes such as domestic violence and explicit romantic content.

In what order should I read Colleen Hoover’s books?

Here is a list of the books by Colleen Hoover and how to read them chronologically.
1. Verity
2. Reminders Of Him
3. Ugly Love
4. Regretting You
5. Heart Bones
6. Layla
7. November 9
8. Confess
9. Too Late
10. Without Merit
11. Never Never
12. All Your Perfects
13. One More Step

It Ends With Us Series
1. It Ends With Us
2. It Starts With Us

Hopeless Series
1. Hopeless
2. Losing Hope
3. Finding Cinderella
4. Finding Perfect

Maybe Someday Series
1. Maybe Someday
2. Maybe Not
3. Maybe Now

Slammed Series
1. Slammed
2. Point of Retreat
3. This Girl

Following this guide, you can ease into Colleen Hoover’s style with some one-off romances, which can warm you up for her series.

Is It Ends With Us a trilogy?

No, It Ends With Us is the first book in a two-book series. Although, this can be confusing, as the play on words between the two books make many readers believe there should be a third and that the two books should be switched in their chronology.

But this play on words is undoubtedly part of the fun and intrigue of this series.

What genre is Colleen Hoover?

Colleen Hoover is generally a young adult fiction and romance author. However, young adults should use caution when reading some of Colleen Hoover’s books because they deal with some very real, adult-themed plots. 

While the themes get praised for being written as a realistic representation without glorifying or sugarcoating the issue, some of Colleen Hoover’s work may not be suitable for young adults.

Colleen Hoover has a large and loyal fanbase she largely built herself and is comprised of many young adults. 

So, before young adults are sworn off of reading Colleen Hoover understands that you should judge the appropriateness of the themes in her novels and novellas more by the maturity of the reader.

What are the Colleen Hoover books about?

Colleen Hoover’s books cover some fairly dark themes that can be triggering for some readers. If you are uncomfortable with themes surrounding:

1. Abusive relationships
2. Toxic masculinity
3. Sexual assault
4. Miscarriage
5. Infidelity

Colleen Hoover’s books may not be a great option for you. 

However, please do not let this discourage you, as the realistic struggles and issues that make these books so memorable. Colleen Hoover’s books are relatable and draw readers in with the real-world ramifications the main characters must face and overcome to find their happily ever after.

Remember, art imitates life, which is part of what makes it appealing. So, just because Colleen Hoover’s books delve into the darker side of life does not mean you can’t enjoy these stories for the unfortunately realistic representations of our world.

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