5 Authors Like Abigail Roux (19 LGBT Romance Recommendations)

Abigail Roux is probably best known for her volleyball history more than her writing history. However, despite being an athletic star, Roux has produced a plethora of romance novels showing everyone you can be bright and brawn.

5 Authors Like Abigail Roux (19 LGBT Romance Recommendations)

She is most famous for her 9-part series Cut and Run. Roux co-wrote the romance and crime collection with Madeleine Urban, a similar author and the first person you should look into after reading Abigail Roux’s work.

If you loved Cut and Run and need more authors in this LGBT suspense genre, try Madeleine Urban, Alice Oseman, Russ Thomas, Sarah Waters, and Julian Winters. Read here to learn which author to try next.

Books By Abigail Roux

Roux’s most popular series is the Cut and Run collection. A detective story where Special Agent Ty Grady needs to work undercover to solve a series of murders. He’s paired with Special Agent Zane Garret. They are complete opposites, good cop vs bad cop.

The tension creates an intense enemies-to-lovers storyline for a romantic suspense thriller. All of Roux’s novels contain military, police force, or service worker suspense, paired with MLM romance. The gay storyline normally focuses on confusion, identity, and desire.

Take Shock and Awe as an example. This three-part series follows military men recovering from a shootout. Needing to care for each other, the bond between Marine Force teammates crosses into something deeper.

Authors Like Abigail Roux

Madeline Urban

Warrior's Cross

Madeline Urban was the main writer in the first Cut and Run novel. She has worked very closely with Abigail Roux, which is why she should be your first choice. The two have worked together on novels such as Warrior’s Cross and Caught Running.

Warrior’s Cross continues the themes of mystery and suspense intertwined with male romance, while Caught Running is a romance between a jock and a nerd for a teen love story. Her stand-alone work continues the suspense-filled stories and MLM protagonists.

Far From Home is a futuristic military novel where the main characters have to understand the new culture they have found, and how to prevent a virus from exterminating the human race. Although this story contains a gay romance storyline, the main plot concerns military action.



  • Lacks Depth
  • Lacks Worldbuilding

Themes: Romance, Military, Mystery, Social Confusion, Contemporary

Alice Oseman

Heartstopper #1: A Graphic Novel

Alice Oseman is the writer of Heartstopper. Heartstopper was turned into a hit Netflix show in 2022 and surrounds the story of an openly gay over-thinker and a soft-hearted rugby player.

Set in Britain the boys go to an all-boys school and quickly become friends. It’s a story about finding yourself, young love, and the social issues that young kids face.

Oseman mostly writes graphic novels around LGBT storylines. If you don’t like graphic novels, try her lesbian novel Radio Silence – a story about a studious girl with a secret. Refusing to be herself in her plight for top grades.


  • Beautiful Story
  • Emotive
  • Soft Storytelling


  • A lot of hype can belittle the story.

Themes: Romance, Self Discovery, Social Confusion, Contemporary

Russ Thomas

Firewatching (A Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler Novel Book 1)

So far the writers I’ve discussed focus more on romance than other aspects of the story. Russ Thomas goes in the opposite direction. His stories also contain gay romance or LGBT connections, but they aren’t the main focus.

Take Firewatching as an example. This 3 part series follows Detective Sergeant Adam Tyler as he’s landed with a high-profile murder investigation.

As he begins the investigation, Tyler quickly discovers that his main suspect is his recent one-night stand. Tyler has to figure out the truth while keeping his conflict of interest under wraps.


  • Gripping Stories
  • Complex Crime
  • Well Developed Characters


  • Can be hard to follow in places

Themes: Mystery, Suspense, Detective

Sarah Waters


Waters doesn’t normally write crime novels, but her books are always filled with suspense. Specializing in historical romances, her stories follow women and their socially condemned love interests. Roux lovers would particularly love Fingersmith.

This novel follows Sue Trinder, a poor orphan who has been hired by a con man. Their aim? Get Lady Maud to marry the gentleman so he can steal her riches. The problem? Maud is sweet, and Sue starts to care too much for her target.


  • Unexpected Twists
  • Fantastic Character Development
  • Gripping Story


  • None

Themes: Unrequited Love, Suspense, Historical Fiction

Kacen Callender

Felix Ever After

Our last suggestion is a Young Adult fiction writer. Kacen Callender often writes about trans storylines from black cultural points of view contemplating self-discovery and expectations.

Roux readers would love Felix Ever After. A story about a black trans boy who wants to find love. The story starts when an anonymous student deadnames him and sends transphobic messages.

Felix turns to revenge which quickly develops into a love triangle. Complicated feelings, self-discovery, and recognizing self-worth are the main themes in the novel.


  • Rich Characters
  • Complex Emotions
  • Realistic Confusions


  • Felix isn’t always likable

Themes: Self Discovery, Loyalty, Identity

Final Thoughts

Abigail Roux mostly writes about gay romance between two men and surrounds that romance with suspense-filled plots. If you loved the LGBT romance, then continue that indulgence with any of the writers above.

If you prefer suspense with an LGBT subplot, focus on Sarah Waters or Russ Thomas specifically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Abigail Roux Still Writing?

The most recent book by Abigail Roux was published in 2015. She hasn’t mentioned publishing another book since its release. The book was Part & Parcel – the third in the Sidewinder series.

What Order Is The Cut And Run Series?

There are 9 books in the Cut And Run series. Each book was written by either Madeleine Urban, Abigail Roux, or both. The order of the series is: Cut And Run, Sticks And Stones, Fish And Chips, Divide And Conquer, Armed And Dangerous, Stars And Stripes, Touch And Geaux, Ball And Chain, Crash And Burn.

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