Authors Like Addison Cain (19 Book Recommendations)

Addison Cain is a romance novelist who creates paranormal worlds where the main characters await violent love, obsessive thoughts, and forbidden territories in their plight for self-discovery.

Authors Like Addison Cain (19 Book Recommendations)

Cain’s most popular books are Born To Be Bound, Branded, Catacombs, and The White Queen.

Cain often writes series books, which center around romance and at least a touch of magic.

Her most anticipated upcoming novel is called Corrupted, which is part of the Alpha’s Claim series.

In this erotic series, we find the main characters in a dystopian world where people are separated into “species” – Alpha and Omegas.

In this world people can “bond” with each other, allowing you to claim women as your own.

It’s this level of violence, abuse, and horror that Cain’s readers love to see.

Cain’s books are not for the faint of heart, but if you want to read something which makes your stomach turn and your senses aroused, then her collection of novels is perfect for you.

If you enjoy Cain’s dark romances, then you will love the twisted stories of Nora Ash, Alison Aimes, Zoey Ellis, and Lillian Sable. Each has created erotic romances that explore the paranormal, darkness, or heartbreaking decisions. Many do all three.

Books By Addison Cain

The Golden Line

Most of Cain’s books follow the Omegaverse subgenre of fantasy erotic fiction.

The Alpha is normally a man who is strong, dominant, and short-tempered, while the Omegas are small, submissive, and gentle.

The first book in Cain’s collection is The Golden Line. In this story, an aggressive alpha tries to become a better man when he falls for his omega lamb.

It’s a great stand-alone book for someone wanting to tip their toes into the omegaverse.

Born to Be Broken: Alpha's Claim, Book 2

Born To Be Broken is arguably the most loved in Cain’s collection. In this story, Shepherd doesn’t hide his Alpha heritage and will steal away Claire’s innocence in every sense of the word.

Branded: A Darkverse Romance Novel (Wren's Song Book 1)

In the Wren’s Song series, Cain continues the concept of slave stories, but in this one, our heroine cannot make a sound.

She is mute and considered defective, making her an outcast among omegas. She has to allow herself to be ravaged to survive.

Moving away from the omegaverse stories Cain has created, another much-loved favorite is Sigil.

This story is just as dark and just as erotic, but the motivations are more intriguing, making it perfect for readers who want something to get their teeth into.

Authors Like Addison Cain

Nora Ash

Feral - Obsession: A Dark Omegaverse Romance (Feral Series Book 1)

Nora Ash’s books are just as dirty and paranormal as Cain’s. They follow the dark romance of their genre. However, where Ash and Cain’s books differ is in the endings. Where Cain’s never ends happily, Ash refuses to let the darkness win.

If you love Cain but dislike the cliffhangers, Ash’s stories are for you.

Dangerous: A Dark Mafia Romance (Made & Broken Book 1)

Obsession from the Feral series and Dangerous from the Made and Broken series are great options to expand your library.

Obsession continues the omegaverse genre as a science experiment breaks free and attaches himself to the scientist.

While Dangerous takes you into the genre of crime and pregnancy as the main character marries into London’s biggest crime family.

Nora Ash’s books have fantastic erotic storylines but not as just jeopardy as Addison Cain’s.


  • Creates Intriguing and Unique Characters
  • Immersive Romance
  • Fast-Paced Writing Style


  • Not As Dark As Other Writers Of The Genre
  • Lacks Background Research
  • Often Creates Plot Holes.

Themes: Dark Romance, Omegaverse, Crime

Alison Aimes

Ruthless King: A Dark Fated-Mates Romance: A Enemies-to-Lovers Love Story (Ruthless Warlords Book 1)

Although Aimies does have an omegaverse series with Ruthless Warlords, her erotic romance stories are often about outwitting a powerful man rather than submitting to their “alpha” ways.

In Ruthless King, Aimes writes about a Dahlia who has been made the property of a mafia king.

She is used and beaten until she realizes that her master is also her mate of fate. As they fall, the ruthlessness she has witnessed is used to protect her.

Besting the Billionaire (Billionaire Bad Boys Book 2)

Unlike Cain, Aimes also writes contemporary romances. For example, in Besting the Billionaire, the main character Lily tries to prove that she is the right choice for CEO, not the billionaire in her path.

Soon playing dirty in the boardroom turns to something dirtier in the dark.

Aimes writes about crossing lines and testing attractions both in fantasy and reality.

If you like your novels to be in a world of fantasy and not reality, you may not enjoy all of Aimes’ collections, so make sure to read the blurb before purchasing.


  • Immersive Romance
  • Fantastic World Building
  • Immersive Landscapes


  • Not As Dark As Other Writers Of The Genre
  • Repetitive Storytelling
  • Slow Writing Style

Themes: Dark Romance, Omegaverse, Fantasy

Zoey Ellis

A Lair So Sinful (The Last Dragorai Book 1)

Heading back into the dark magical worlds of fiction, Ellis continues the stories of possessive alpha men and the sassy heroines who unwillingly belong to them.

The Last Dragorai series follows the stories of 5 brothers, each alpha and each bound to their dragons (If you like stories with dragons in it, check out Books Like Wings Of Fire).

In the first novel of the series A Lair So Sinful, an omega woman has to hide her power from her capture as her mission is more important than her body.

A Savage Debt (Beholden Duet Book 1)

In her story A Savage Debt, Ellis follows a Robin Hood-like character who wants his debt repaid by an omega princess. This dark cliffhanger fantasy explores themes of punishment, savagery, and justice.

The ideas of primal desire are similar to Cain, but like Ash, Ellis offers a happy ending for her readers.



  • Dialogue Heavy
  • Non-Original Storylines
  • Struggles With Endings

Themes: Erotica, Omegaverse, Fantasy, Dragons

Lillian Sable

Tempted by Darkness (Bound to Hades Book 1)

Sable has only written 13 books so far, but that is still enough to get you immersed in her fantasy worlds.

In the Bound to Hades series, the novel Tempted by Darkness follows a woman in the modern-day world who is transported to the Underworld after she jokingly asks Hades to take her away.

Hunted by the Feral Alpha (Feral Alphas Book 1)

In the Feral Alphas series, the novel Hunted by the Feral Alpha is also set in contemporary America, but in true Omegaverse fashion, military-trained mercenaries kidnap the Senator’s daughter, wanting revenge for being turned into monsters.

Sable’s writing isn’t as strong as Cains, but it walks you through all the highlights of an omegaverse dark erotic fantasy novel.

If you want a story that is easy to read and hits the spot, Sable is a great choice. But if you prefer your erotica with a bit of intellectual thought, Lilian Sable might not be for you (If you like these kinds of books, check out the works of Authors Like Tiffany Reisz).


  • Immersive Romance
  • Good World Building
  • Good Dialogue


  • Spelling Mistakes
  • More Lust Than Love Or Connection
  • Series Starts Strong But Faults After The First Book

Themes: Erotica, Omegaverse, Dark Romance, Fantasy

Eva Dresden

Broken (Omega's Destruction Book 1)

Eva has only written 11 novels so far, but in that time she has gathered a greater following than Lillian Sable and Merel Pierce.

Dresden creates stories around tragic and strong women as they are plagued by dark romantic tragedies.

The Omega’s Destruction series, which starts with Broken, tells the story of how waitress Quinn Ivers, is seduced and targeted by Tobias Kahler who owns the city.

This romance doesn’t follow the typical traditional tropes as it focuses on power exchanges, lies, and a dance with sanity.

Desperate (Cost of Desperation Book 1)

The novel called The Cost of Desperation follows another waitress. This time the main character is determined to find work when she finds herself at the mercy of the hottest club owner in town.

Both of these series follow the omegaverse genre but they are set in contemporary locations rather than fantasy lands.

The Cost of Desperation is more of a short story than a novel, making it great for a quick read.

If you want to explore how dark and saucy her work can go, we recommend reading The Cost of Desperation first and going from there. However, be warned, Dresden is darker than Cain in her storylines.


  • Use Of Imagery To Create Mood
  • Good Balance Of Helplessness In An Omega
  • Great Main Characters


  • Clunky Writing
  • Story Flow Often Leads To Dead Chapters
  • Character Backgrounds After Often Lack Luster

Themes: Erotica, Omegaverse, Dark Romance, Fantasy

Merel Pierce

The Sacred Omegas: Book One - December

Pierce is a big believer in the light and the dark. She thinks we should find meaning and beauty in the struggles of life, just as we should with joy.

It’s this clash of good and bad that Pierce likes to write about, and you see the complexity in her realistic and raw depictions of relationships.

In the Sacred Omega series, starting with December, Pierce focuses on these ideas from the get-go. December is struck with an illness that gives her the determination to live life dangerously.

It’s this dramatic change of events that puts her in front of Nikolai who sees her illness for what it really is – a sign of a sacred omega.

These twists and turns keep coming as the story of December continues. Crime, fantasy, abuse, and romance.


  • Uses Dystopian Themes To Create Realistic Worlds
  • Soft Omegaverse
  • Realistic Romance


  • Soft Omegaverse
  • Lots of Swearing
  • Books Are Often Longer Than Necessary For The Story

Themes: Erotica, Omegaverse, Abuse, Contemporary

Final Thoughts

Addison Cain’s stories are fully within the Omegaverse genre – stories of erotic power exchanges, fantasy worlds where certain people dominate others, and violence that is a little too enjoyable.

Authors like Nora Ash, Merel Pierce, and Zoey Ellis all follow the same genre. However, they each have their own twist which makes them unique.

Ash includes happy endings, Pierce balances light and dark, while Ellis tells us the story in the modern world.

They are all great choices for your next binge-read.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Better Than 50 Shades Of Grey?

Born To Be Bound follows the Omegaverse genre, The Steele Stories by J. Kenner is about a 5 year-long affair, while C.L Parker’s A Million Dirty Secrets also started as Twilight fanfiction.

Who Wrote The First Omegaverse?

The first ever Omegaverse story was written by Lily Archer. She started the genre after creating fanfiction for the TV show Supernatural, where Sam was an Alpha and Dean was an Omega.

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