5 Authors Like Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams is a well known author who fell in love with the splendid tales written by the talented and famous author Jane Austen. Her childhood was filled with whimsical tales that every girl dreams about.

5 Authors Like Alexa Adams

This love for historical stories inspired Alexa to write a series of novels and short stories such as Darcy in Wonderland, The Madness of Mr. Darcy, Mrs. Bennet, and more. Alexa is an American author who is now living in Switzerland with her family.

She has written several fantastic books and also has a blog about Jane Austen and other Austenesque literature. Suffice to say, her books are beautifully written and filled with elegant language that brings you right into the world unfolding on the pages.

I know just how good these books are. So it comes as no surprise that you would want to find books that are similar to hers.

If you have enjoyed books written by Alexa Adams, and enjoy the beautiful and romantic historical fiction tales that she spins, you are going to love books by authors such as Frances Reynolds, Regina Jeffers, Barbara Tiller Cole, Robin M. Helm, and Melanie Schertz.

Books By Alexa Adams

Alexa Adams has written fourteen novels, all of which are beautifully written. Her books tend to be romantic historical fiction stories which are heavily influenced by Jane Austen’s work. The books that she has written include the following:

Her other books are available on Amazon for free to read with Kindle Unlimited, or you can pay a small fee to keep enjoying them whenever you like:

Alexa has a few very popular books, but at the top of the list is Being Mrs. Bennet, The Madness of Mr. Darcy and I Am Lady Catherine.

Authors Like Alexa Adams

Melanie Schertz

If Only In His Dreams

Melanie used to work at a crime lab before she started her career as a writer. Currently, she has written thirty books, all wonderfully written historical fantasy stories. Her most popular book is one called If Only in His Dreams, which is a beautifully written story about the handsome Fitzwilliam Darcy.


  • Intriguing story.
  • Well written plot.
  • Excellent range of emotions.


  • Some readers found the characters hollow.

Themes: classics, fiction, historical fiction, romance

Frances Reynolds

More Than a Pretty Face: A Variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice (Austenesque Vagaries)

Frances is their author of thirteen amazing historical fiction novels. Each one of them perfectly encapsulates that Jane Austen-like storytelling that I know you all love.

Her most famous book is a book called More than a Pretty Face: A Variation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. This story is a beautifully told, fresh retelling of a classic story.


  • Fantastic plot that unfolds perfectly.
  • Exciting and interesting characters.
  • Wonderful range of emotions.


  • Some people prefer the original.

Themes: romance, fiction, historical drama, suspense

Regina Jeffers

Darcy's Passions: Pride and Prejudice Retold Through His Eyes

Regina is an award-winning author who is well known for writing thrilling and suspenseful romance mysteries. She has written about thirty books.

Her most popular work being a book called Darcy’s Passions: Pride and Prejudice Retold Through His Eyes which is a regency era romance novel. But, Regina’s other twenty-nine books are all absolutely phenomenal.


  • Several great books available.
  • Masterfully written.
  • Interesting characters to keep you invested.


  • Language lacks that typical Jane Austen feel

Themes: romance, fiction, historical fiction, mystery, suspense

Barbara Tiller Cole

Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy: 'Pride and Prejudice' meets 'A Christmas Carol'

Barbara Tiller Cole does not have a lot of books under her belt, but she absolutely had to be mentioned in this article.

Her two books include the following: Fitzwilliam Ebenezer Darcy, and White Lies And Other Half Truths. Both of which are phenomenal fictional romances that you will almost certainly love.


  • Complex and interesting characters.
  • Good use of language.
  • The plot hooks you immediately.


  • Not a lot of published books.

Themes: romance, redemption, fiction, romance, historical fiction

Robin M. Helm

A Very Austen Christmas (Austen Anthologies)

Robin has fourteen books released at this time. Her books are a beautiful combination of Jane Austen-like storytelling mixed with paranormal themes. Her most popular book is a title called A very Austen Christmas, which is a beautifully written historical fiction romance set in the regency period.


  • Lots of books to choose from.
  • Wonderful range of emotions.
  • Fantastic characters.


  • Some people don’t like that it messes with the perfect original story.

Themes: romance, fantasy, paranormal, science fiction

Final Thoughts

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning which authors are best if you loved the work of Alexa Adams. These five authors all have similar styled books, which you are sure to enjoy once you have worked your way through all of Alexa’s books.

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to check out more books, make sure to check out my website. I have a range of articles available which you are bound to find interesting and even useful. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Alexa Adams Get Famous?

Alexa Adams is a social media influencer and Instagrammer. She gained fame through her posts made on these two social media platforms as well as some others.

What Was Alexa Adam’s First Book Released?

The first book that Adam wrote was a book named First Impressions, which was released in April 2010.

What Order Should You Read Jane Austen Books?

The best way to enjoy these books is to enjoy them in the following order: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion.

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