Authors Like Alice Clayton (8 Book Recommendations)

Alice Clayton is an American New York Times bestselling author best known for writing multiple popular smash-hit series such as the Cocktail series and the Hudson Valley Series.

Authors Like Alice Clayton (8Book Recommendations) (1)

Clayton worked in the cosmetic industry for a decade before picking up a pen to write her first book.

Her debut novel was The Unidentified Redhead, which was released in 2010. Since then, Clayton has gone on to publish 14 more novels.

Alice Clayton’s novels sit firmly in the romance genre. She creates the perfect blend of sweetness, humor, and steamy romance in every novel she writes.

Most of her novels follow an incredibly engaging character with whom readers fall instantly in love.

Clayton’s novels are split into three series. These are The Redhead Series, The Hudson Valley Series, and The Cocktail Series.

There are also two non-series novels. These are A Valentine Anthology and Roman Crazy.

Whilst you have plenty of steamy Alice Clayton books to be getting on with, you’ll need some novels from other authors when you’re finished.

If you love Alice Clayton’s Cocktail series, then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the works of similar authors Rachel Van Dyken, Tina Reber, Alessandra Torre, and Addison Moore. Read on to find out which books from these authors you should check out.

Books By Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton is best known for her collection of adult romance novels. These novels are mostly split into three series.

These series are The Cocktail Collection, The Hudson Valley Series, and The Redhead Series. The largest series in the Alice Clayton collection is The Cocktail series.

Wallbanger (1) (The Cocktail Series)

Nuts (1) (The Hudson Valley Series)

The Redhead Series: The Unidentified Redhead, The Redhead Revealed, The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Made up of 6 novels, this series is fiery, smart, sassy, and hilarious.

With strong sensual themes, desire, passion, and comedy, readers quickly find themselves falling in love with the characters.

A handful of Clayton’s novels include the same characters, but most start with a new story. Whether the novel starts with a new character or not, you can expect a hot and steamy affair.

The first novel in The Cocktail series follows San Francisco designer Caroline “Pink Nightie” Reynolds as she discovers that her new neighbor entertains several women.

Caroline has to contend with their hot and heavy love-making being heard through the walls. You can probably tell where this one goes.

The Hudson Valley series also offers similar themes of temptation, contemporary romance, adult humor, senuous tension, and mystery.

Sweet, spicy, and quite salty at times, this series consists of 3 saucy novels that will get your heart racing.

Alice Clayton’s Redhead series was the first collection of novels she wrote. It is also the only series that follows the same characters throughout.

The series follows working actress Grace Sheridan on her journey to the big time in Los Angeles.

It doesn’t take long for Sheridan to be caught up in a messy romance with the newest “it” boy Jack Hamilton.

This series is funny, charming, steamy, and passionate. It’s a series that will get your blood pumping.

Authors Like Alice Clayton

Rachel Van Dyken

Capture (Seaside Pictures Book 1)

If you love Alice Clayton’s novels, there’s a very good chance you’ll enjoy the books Rachel Van Dyken has to offer too.

Writing everything from gritty mafia romance and paranormal romance to contemporary romance and young adult romance novels, Rachel Van Dyken is an expert when it comes to writing passionate romance stories (If you like stories with young adult romance themes, check out the works of Authors Like Huntley Fitzpatrick).

She is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author and is best known for her romance series which include Renwick House, London Fairy Tales, and Seaside.

Two novels you’ll enjoy reading if you’re a fan of Alice Clayton are Capture and Surrender. These two novels belong to Rachel Van Dyken’s Seaside series.

Surrender (Seaside Pictures Book 4)

They are full of intrigue, mystery, sensuous tension, temptation, and love, just like a lot of Alice Clayton’s novels.


  • There are three series of books to choose from, just like with Alice Clayton.
  • Rachel Van Dyken has published romance novels suitable for young adults too.
  • This author has produced a wide range of different romance novels, focusing not just on contemporary romance.


  • Books with a paranormal theme might not be enjoyed by those more interested in hot and steamy romance novels.


Rachel Van Dyken isn’t afraid to touch upon any theme in her novels.

The key theme in almost all of her books is romance, but she also touches on dark themes, alpha males, violence, mystery, the supernatural, and humor.

There’s also a lot of temptation, passion, and of course love in Van Dyken’s novels.

Tina Reber

Love Unscripted:The Love Series, Book 1

Tina Reber is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of adult contemporary romance.

She is the author of the Love Series and the Trent series and is best known for writing romance novels that come with happy endings, in more ways than one!

Two popular books from Reber’s collection are Love Unscripted and Love Unrehearsed. These two novels follow hunk Ryan Christensen on his journey to stardom.

Love Unrehearsed: The Love Series, Book 2

Struggling to cope with the pressures of fame, it isn’t long before Ryan finds love with Taryn Mitchell.

Full of humor, love, passion, temptation, and the pressures of Hollywood, these novels are perfect for anyone looking for a hot read with some substance and a good story.

In total, Tina Reber has published 4 books for you to enjoy.


  • Tina Reber’s novels are very good reads. They are hot and sensual but come with a good story too.
  • Tina Reber’s stories follow the same types of themes as Alice Clayton’s.
  • These romance novels are perfect for lovers of adult romance books.


  • Sadly, there are only 4 books to read.


As far as themes are concerned, Tina Reber’s books focus heavily on love, romance, power, relationships, pressure, intrigue, temptation, and faith.

These themes link in closely to the writing of Alice Clayton.

Alessandra Torre

Filthy Vows

Another author that writes similar novels to Alice Clayton is Alessandra Torre.

Alessandra Torre is an American novelist best known for writing contemporary romance.

She is a New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon International bestselling novelist.

Alessandra Torre has a huge collection of books to choose from. This includes the popular series Twisted Marriage, Filthy Vows, and Hidden Seams.

Hidden Seams

Unlike Alice Clayton, Alessandra Torre has a larger range of standalone novels. This makes her a great option if you’re looking for a quick read.

In total, Alessandra Torre has 27 novels to choose from.

We recommend starting with Filthy Vows and Hidden Seams as both of these novels share similar themes with Alice Clayton’s saucy romance novels.


  • Alessandra Torre has a great collection of standalone novels to choose from.
  • Alessandra Torre also has a range of romance series to choose from.
  • This author has written plenty of novels, giving you plenty to read.


  • If anything, we have too many novels to choose from. Where do we start?


Alessandra Torre’s novels contain themes of love, passion, secrets, suspense, drama, danger, temptation, sensuous tension, humor, and dark romance.

Addison Moore

Forbidden Kisses (3:AM Kisses Book 9)

Addison Moore is a versatile author that’s famous for writing a wide range of romance, mystery, and psychological thriller novels.

She is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author that worked as a therapist in a locked psychiatric unit for almost a decade.

As you can imagine, this allows her to delve deep into the world of psychological thrillers with ease.

Despite writing more psychological thrillers, Addison Moore shares a lot in common with Alice Clayton.

Both have written a wide range of hot and sensual romance novels that should only be read by adults.

A novel you’ll enjoy if you like Alice Clayton’s work is Forbidden Kisses. This steamy novel features Scarlett and her womanizer stepbrother Rex Toberman.

The closer Scarlett gets to the step brother she despises, the more irresistible he becomes.

Another read we recommend is Someone To Love. This is another saucy novel, this time following Kendall Jordan in her pursuit of Cruise Elton.

Someone to Love


  • Addison Moore has a range of books that are both romantic and psychological.
  • This author’s novels are very similar to Alice Clayton’s.
  • Addison Moore uses her experience as a therapist to write a more compelling, believable story.


  • The psychological themes in these novels might not be for everyone.


When it comes to themes, Addison Moore’s novels are filled with mystery, tension, suspense, psychology, love, manipulation, carnal desires, supernatural forces, and deception.

Final Thoughts

In today’s post, we’ve looked at authors like Alice Clayton.

If you enjoyed the books Alice Clayton wrote, you’ll also enjoy the writing of Addison Moore, Alessandra Torre, Tina Reber, and Rachel Van Dyken too.

These authors are also famous for writing contemporary romance novels that are full of temptation, romance, love, deception, suspense, passion, and of course hot and steamy action.

Some of the authors we’ve looked at offer a little more too, with some of them writing mafia romance, paranormal romance, and supernatural romance too.

We even gave you some book recommendations from each author to get you started (see also “Authors Like Karen Hawkins“).

All you have to do now is decide which novels you want to read first.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Alice Clayton Still Write?

At the time of writing, there are currently no more books in the pipeline from Alice Clayton. The last time she announced she was writing a new novel was in 2020.

In the same year, she released One More Round: A Wallbanger Novella. Don’t be too disheartened though, there’s a good chance she’ll return with more novels in the future.

How Many Alice Clayton Books Are There?

Alice Clayton has published 13 novels. Two of these novels are standalone books whilst the others are split up between 3 book series.

Those book series are The Hudson Valley series, The Cocktail series, and The Redhead series.

Who Is Alice Clayton’s Target Audience?

Alice Clayton’s target audience is adults that love contemporary romance. Her books were not written for younger adults or children.

They are loaded with sensual stories, passionate love stories, and temptation. Her novels can be enjoyed by men and women.

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