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As a trained Engineer and former US marine who was raised in Texas and Oklahoma, C.P. Odom might seem like an unlikely proponent of romance fiction.

However, within his relatively short literary career, he has made waves in the realm of period fiction – something that came as much of a surprise to him as it did to everyone else. 

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Following the unfortunate passing of his first wife, Odom found himself flicking through her Jane Austen novels, and upon discovering his enjoyment of them, found himself adding them to his collection of science fiction and historical novels. 

Upon his retirement from engineering in 2011, he decided to focus on his own writing full time, trying his hand at the period fiction that had inspired him so much and brought him closer to the memory of his wife. 

Now living in Arizona with his family, Odom is the proud father of misbehaving dogs, strange cats, two sons from his first marriage, and two adopted girls that he shares with his current wife. 

If you love the works of C.P. Odom, you will love the writing of Jessica Pots, Susan King, Jase Haber, Alison Blasdell, and Nina Beaumont. 

Books By C.P. Odom

A Most Civil Proposal

As we mentioned above, Odom works mainly within the subgenre of period romance – taking inspiration from the works of Jane Austen, and other classical proponents of the genre. 

With regard to his own work, Odom likes to reimagine classic period fiction – making subtle changes to give them alternate endings.

His novel A Most Civil Proposal takes Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, and makes notable changes throughout to see what would happen if Mr. Darcy had been better thought out in his methods, and ultimately more successful in his proposal. 

Some of his other themes include forbidden love, the pursuit of freedom and autonomy (as seen in A Covenant of Marriage), and alternative universes undoubtedly inspired by the author’s love of the science fiction genre – as seen in Perilous Siege, wherein a soldier from the future falls to Earth in regency times and is met by Fitzwilliam Darcy. 

5 Authors Like C.P. Odom

Now that you are a little more familiar with the author himself, as well as some of the work he has produced, it is now time to discover some more authors who operate in similar literary spaces to Odom. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Jessica Pots

The Ballet Slippers: A Period Romance Novel

The first on our list is author Jessica Pots, a romance author who is known for her genre-bending works, her multitude of styles and interests, and also for her interest in period romance.

Her best known period romance novel is probably The Ballet Slippers: A Period Romance Novel, wherein two young Japanese women in Tokyo find themselves romantically bonded through their involvement with a local ballet school in the city – tackling forbidden romance, societal expectations, and issues of individuality and freedom.


  • Her work represents LGBTQ+ relationships
  • Her work features unique takes on classic romance
  • She has a flair for relatable characters


  • Occasionally ‘out there’ and confusing

Themes: forbidden love, freedom, individuality, LGBTQ+

Susan King

Stealing Sophie (Highland Dreamers, Book 1): Historical Scottish Romance (Author's Cut Edition)

Another author who is known for her work within the period romance subgenre is Susan King – an author who regularly explores historical situations and the romance that can occur within. 

Perhaps her most notable works are the Highland Dreamers series, with the book Stealing Sophie, in particular, having wide success.

With a focus on a romantic relationship and the history of ancient Scotland as the atmospheric backdrop, this is a great example of period romance at its finest. 

Her work is comparable to Odom’s due to the historical settings, and themes of forbidden romance. 


  • Historical
  • Creates unique settings and time periods
  • Relatable characters
  • Strong sense of place in her work


  • Her work can be slow burning

Themes: forbidden love, romance, conflict, history

Jase Haber

Fire & Brimstone: A Period Romance Novel

Known for his work across multiple genres, Jase Haber has also delved into period romance, with his novel Fire & Brimstone: A Period Novel being one of his most popular. 

With a fantasy setting, the novel is slightly different from other period romance novels, making it a popular sell for many fans of either genre. 


  • Good period details
  • Historical knowledge
  • Hints of fantasy in his work


  • Some are written better than others

Themes: romance, history, deception, mystery

Alison Blasdell

The Confederates' Physician

Widely known for her work within the period romance subgenre, Alison Blasdell has numerous interests – both within American history and contemporary fantasy – and as such her work has many similarities with Odom’s. 

Some of her most famous works include The Confederates’ Physician series, which explores the complexities of wartime life, death, and romance during the American Civil War. 


  • Good historical knowledge
  • Unique characterizations 
  • Good storytelling ability


  • Sometimes too historically realistic

Themes: war, romance, deception, complexity

Nina Beaumont

Magic in Italy Historical Romance Series

Another author known for her work in period romance, Nina Beaumont is perhaps best known for her Magic In Italy series, which focuses on history and magical realism during the renaissance period. 

Her work is comparable to Odom’s, as it takes period fiction and turns it on its head with unique scenarios/otherworldly elements. 


  • Interesting concepts
  • Plenty of magic and excitement 
  • Relatable characters 


  • Somewhat cliched

Themes: romance, forbidden love, magic, history

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about C.P. Odom – not to mention the top 5 authors who are similar in style to him!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are They Suitable For Younger Readers? 

No. Due to the adult nature of the material, these novels are not considered to be suitable for younger readers and are directed at a more mature audience. 

Are They Suitable For Male Readers? 

Certainly! If C.P. Odom highlights anything at all, it is the appeal that period romance can surprisingly have on a male audience.

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