20 Must-Read Authors Like Carl Hiaasen (Satire Fiction)

Carl Hiaasen is an American journalist and a fantastic writer. The way he merges satirical, crime fiction, and thriller genres naturally and conversationally make it easier for his readers to understand. 

20 Must-Read Authors Like Carl Hiaasen (Satire Fiction)

The majority of Carl’s novel is about his hometown in Florida and the environmental issues that occur in the hometown.

After graduation, he joined The Miami Herald and became a city desk journalist. Later he worked for the weekly newspaper journal and prize-winning investigation teams. 

Carl started his writing career in the 80s with his close friend and journalist, Williams Montalbano. Coupled with their journalism experience, these two friends wrote three fantastic thrillers; Death in China, Trap Line, and Powder Burn.

And since then, Carl has written several nonfiction and fictional books. Among these books are his bestsellers, Strip Tease, Lucky You, Sick Puppy, and lots more. Furthermore, he authorizes various popular young adult novels such as Hoot, which won the Newbery Honor and was adapted into a movie.

His books are available in 34 languages and have sold millions of copies. Little wonder The London Observer named him “America’s finest Satirical author” and the New York Times described him as Preston Sturges and S.J Perelman. He’s a genius loved by all.

Follow through to find 20 must-read authors like Carl Hiaasen-the ones that will keep you seated all day.

Donald Westlake 

Bank Shot (The Dortmunder Novels)

Donald Westlake is an American crime fiction writer who specialized in comic papers. He is a fantastic author like Carl Hiaasen. They both have a similar approach- they use a humorous approach in writing.

He wrote over 100 novels and non-fiction books, the most notable of which consist of the Parker Series following the life of a professional robber specializing in large-scale, high-profit crimes. 

His major works include Bank Shot, God Save the Mark, and lots more. He was a three-time Edgar Award Winner, thus named a “Grand Master” by the Mystery Writers of America.

Christopher Brookmyre

Quite Ugly One Morning

Christopher Brookmyre is known for blending crime or police procedural frames with comedy, politics, social comment, and action in a strong narrative. A former journalist and a novelist who won an award through his debut novel, Quite Ugly One Morning. Not the End of the World is another best-selloff of his.

His novel Black Widow won the Mcilvanney Prize and Theakstin’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the year award. Another masterpiece of his, Country of the Blind won the Mcilvanney Prize and Theakstin’s Old Peculier Crime Novel of the year award. He is an author you will love. 

Jonathan King

The Max Freeman Mysteries Volume One: The Blue Edge of Midnight, A Visible Darkness, and Shadow Men

Another author, like Carl Hiaasen, Jonathan King, is a historian, journalist, and great author. He’s the author of the masterpiece Max Freeman Crime Series set in the Everglades and on the hard streets of Urban South Florida. 

His experiences as a policeman and reporter have contributed to his success in writing with wickedly sarcastic satire filled with flamboyance and written in an irresistible style. Therefore his novels are a must-read for every Carl fanatic.

Caimh McDonnell 

A Man With One of Those Faces (The Dublin Trilogy)

Caimh McDonnell is an Irish comic crime thriller writer. He has written 14 novels, the most notable of which is  The Stranger Times which melds urban fantasy, paranormal, and humor with a crime. 

His experience as an award-winning comedian shows he’s a great satirical fiction writer.

His works also include A Man With One of Those and The Day That Never Comes.

James Swain 

Take Down (Billy Cunningham, 1)

James Swain is an American crime fiction writer and magician when free. He is one of the great nationalist-selling authors of 20 mystery novels. And his several works are available in 12 languages today. 

Some of his bestselling works include Take Down, Bad Action, and Tony Valentine Series

Elin Hilderbrand 

The Perfect Couple

A writer that focuses most of her romance writings on and around the Nantucket Islands, her home. Elin has written 27 novels, and  The Perfect Couples, her first crime novel, is a  perfect blend of romance and mystery thriller with humor. It is a bestselling series that keeps up all night.

Derek Hansen 

A Man You Can Bank On

As an Australian bestseller novelist and a short story writer, Derek is a great author you will enjoy reading about. His recent novel A Man You Can Bank is one of his masterpieces that appeal more to Carl’s fans. 

His perfect combination of mystery, thriller, and humor makes this fiction novel loved by everyone. This book keeps you turning its pages until the end. Enjoy your ride as you journey into Hassen’s clever, comical, and crafty world.

Mark Haskell Smith


He is an American author of six novels known for his one-word titles, such as  Blown, Mist, and Delicious, just to mention a few. Smith is a versatile writer that writes fiction, mystery, and crime amusingly. 

His novels are always fun to read and contain an action-packed plot and twists, characters with excellent satires, and subtle commentaries in a way that satisfies readers. 

Aside from his novels, he’s an author of nonfiction novels such as Rude Talk in Athens, and many more. Unsurprisingly, he remains one of the gifted satirists with a comic touch that can be howlingly vast or devastatingly accurate. 

Don’t be surprised if you start laughing out loud in a cafe; let it out! That’s exactly what Mark wants. 

Philip Ardagh

The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes

Philip is a prolific English writer of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Although his novel contains facts and tackles more severe and significant issues. However, Philip can’t write without adding his silliness, making his fans love and enjoy reading his work. 

He’s a writer whose books remind you of other novels. His writing style; is a mixture of narrative viewpoints, and his stop-you-in-your-track ideas leave you yearning for more.

Some of Philip’s notable books include; The Silly Side of Sherlock Holmes, The Scandalous Life of Lawless Sisters, and The Unlikely Exploits Trilogy. Philip will surely satisfy your Hiassen novel thirst.

Par-Ola Jonas Jonasson

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

A Swedish journalist and an outstanding author of a bestseller piece, The-100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared. The title of this book alone is funny. So what happens when you open each page? 

You surely will laugh to your heart’s content. This novel brought Jonas into the limelight, with over 11 million sold in 133 countries. Jonas is a successful author with different novels published that you will love reading. 

Add his upcoming novel, The Prophet and the Idiot expected on June 7 this year, to your must-read list. Till then, you can follow through with his other novels.

Marina Lewycka

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian

Marina is one of those authors whose books occupy your thinking process. She’s one versatile satire fiction British writer that leaves her readers wowed and all cracked up. Just like Carl, her novels are unpredictable. 

Marina was born near the end of world war II in Ukraine. Therefore her experience as a refugee fueled her first dark comic book, A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian which brought her to fame. 

Lewycka is a natural novelist, a humorist whose book draws its reader repeatedly until you become deeply engrossed. So you won’t regret reading her novels.

Colin Bateman

Divorcing Jack

A former reporter in Ireland before he became a full-time writer, Bateman is a great humor fiction writer who won the Betty Trask Award with his first debut novel, Divorcing Jack which he later adapted into a film. 

Bateman is the author of several novels which he adapted for screenplay. Aside from that, he has also written several children’s books, such as Reservoir Pups and Bring me the Head of Oliver Plunkett

He also won the Crimefest Last Laugh award for his masterpiece, The Day of the Jack. As a Colin fan, you will find his book, Mystery Man quirky and funny to read.

Tim Dorsey

Cadillac Beach (A Serge Storms Adventure)

A graduate of Auburn University, an ex-editor, police, and court reporter at The Alabama Journal, and now a full-time novelist Dorsey is good at what he does. His novels include Cadillac Beach and Florida Roadkill

Dorsey creates a world that brings to life neglected sites, saves and restores lost treasures, and sometimes inspires current events. Dorsey’s world is everything but always exciting. 

It’s wild, strange, and erratic, but you will find it interesting as you flip through its pages. Though Dorsey is an author like Carl Hiaasen and Randy Wayne,  his pseudo-documentation in depth and scope is incomparable.

Randy Wayne White

Doc Ford

Not only is Wayne White one of the greatest crime fiction writers, but he’s also a nonfiction mystery author of New York best-selling novels. Most of Randy’s novel emphasizes the adventurous Doc Ford 27 book, a marine biologist with an incomprehensible past. 

He received a lot of prizes for his fiction and television documentaries, among which is the John D. MacDonald Award for Literary Excellence. Randy is one of the famous Florida authors everyone loves.

Randy’s bestseller novels include Batfishing in the Rainforest and the likes.

Joanne Rowling

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

Joanne Rowling is an English fiction and children’s literature author who writes under the name J.K Rowling. Every Rowling fan knows that J.K. is not a satiric fiction writer. But some of her books are satirical fiction

Books like Harry Potter, and The Casual Vacancy depict gritty and darkly humorous fiction. Also, Hiaasen’s fans will enjoy the humorous conversation between Strike and his secretary in her piece, The Cuckoo’s Calling. You will surely keep on reading until you see the last page.

Dave McAlister Barry

The Taming of the Screw

Dave was a former author and nationally syndicated humor columnist for The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005. So writing satirical fiction is nothing new to him because of his experience. 

He is a humor fiction writer of various books, including comics and children’s stories. Barry depicts humor as “the extent to which we get trapped in the world without reason. Therefore, we express our anxiety with laughter“. 

Some of Barry’s notable works are, Taming of the Screw and Stay Fit And Healthy Until You’re Dead. So before you read his book, ask yourself, To what extent do I want to laugh? Because Dave’s version is always the wittiest.

John Anthony Burgess

A Clockwork Orange

Johns writes under the pen name Anthony Burgess. He’s an English writer and a great songwriter. Anthony focuses mainly on comics. But Burgess shows his satirical fiction skills in his most famous masterpiece, A Clockwork Orange

Anthony merges science, dystopian, satirical fiction, and black comedy in this fantastic book. And because of how enjoyable this book is, Stanley Kubrick adapted it into a movie.

Christopher Taylor Buckley

The Relic Master: A Novel

Christopher is an American author and a satirical fiction writer who specializes in politics. He was once a speechwriter to Vice President George Bush. Buckley is a versatile author like Carl Hiaasen, whose books are available in 16 foreign languages. 

Therefore he deserves the Thurber Prize for American Humour. Some of his novels include The Relic Master, Florence of Arabia, and The White House Mess.

Sophie Kinsella

The Party Crasher: A Novel

Sophie is famous for her universe, always depicting relatable, rebellious, and immature protagonists in wild and stressful situations. You will always enjoy her books. 

As you journey into Sophie Universe, you will laugh to your heart’s content, making the reading exciting and entertaining. Some of her satirical fiction include The Party Crasher, I Owe You One

James McBride

Deacon King Kong (Oprah's Book Club): A Novel

James McBride captures human dealings through satire and witticism, thus drawing everyday heroes in one of his bestseller novels, Deacon King Kong. His books access your innermost thoughts, emotions, and memories interactively and amusingly. 

Just as you enjoy Carl’s satire fiction, you will love James’ novels. 

Final Thoughts 

Every author mentioned in one way or another is like Carl Hiaasen, making it a must-read for you. Most of these authors captured the inner feeling of the readers either through their satirical fiction or humorous writing. 

However, one thing is sure after going through this article, you will satisfy your burning desire. Enjoy your fun-filled read.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Carl Hiaasen’s Novel for Kids?

Carl authorizes children’s novels such as Hoot, Flush, and Scat. This book contains plot twists, humor, and themes happening in everyday life. So young readers can relate to these books.

What are Some Fun Facts About Carl Hiaasen?

Patricia and Odel Hiaasen are Clark’s parents. He lives in a suburb of Fort. Lauderdale, in Florida. At six,  his dad bought him a typewriter as a Christmas gift. That is when Huassen started his writing career.

What is the Theme of Carl Hiaasen’s Novel Scat?

Scat is an insightful and humorous book that tells the tale of family, forgiveness, and the power of love.

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