3 Authors Like Charles Stross — 6 Books You Should Read

Charles Stross is a prolific British science fiction author who has written dozens of novels and novellas since the late ‘90s.

Two of his most famous series are The Laundry Files and The Merchant Princes, among so much more.

3 Authors Like Charles Stross — 6 Books You Should Read

Before dedicating his time to writing fiction, Stross would write for the magazine Computer Shopper and has also written some other articles about Tabletop Roleplaying Games.

Since writing Singularity Sky, Charles Stross has won numerous awards dedicated to his work in science fiction. Overall, Charles Stross has written five different series including The Laundry Files and The Merchant Princes.

He has also written Tales of the New Management, a sequel to The Laundry Files, Halting State, and Eschaton, which was the first series he ever wrote.

He has also written the standalone, A Colder War, Accelerando, Glasshouse, and Missile Gap, along with numerous short story collections. Over the years, Stross has become a specialist in writing both hard science fiction and space operas.

If you enjoyed reading the works of Charles Stross, then you may love the work of these other famous science fiction authors. Check out Cory Doctorow, Vernor Vinge, and Neal Stephenson’s works and our recommended books for you.

Books By Charles Stross

The Merchant Princes

The Merchant Princes is a mixture of science, fantasy, and alternate history that encompasses nine novels. When a number of parallel worlds have the same geography as Earth, only a certain bloodline can travel between them.

In this world, Miriam Beckstrin, a technology journalist, travels between worlds as she avoids assassination attempts with only her investigative skills to help her.

The Laundry Files

The Laundry Files is a mixture of Lovecraftian horror, spy thriller (if you like spy thrillers, check out Authors Like Brad Thor), sci-fi, and workplace humor. In this universe, we follow Bob Howard, an I.T. consultant who is recruited by the Laundry, to deal with occult threats.

In this world, computers and equations are just as powerful as classical magical tools. It also serves as an excellent satire on the bureaucratic process and dry humor.

Overall, this series consists of twelve novels and numerous novellas. It is also followed by the series: Tales of the New Management.

Halting State

Halting State is named for the first book in this duology, which is described by Stross as a thriller set in the software houses that write MMOs.

It consists of two books: Halting State and Rule 34, and has a distinct focus on speculative technology. Originally, a third novel was intended to be published, but Stross chose to abandon this project.


A duology consisting of Singularity Sky and Iron Sunrise. The themes of these novels include transhumanism, where the human condition is enhanced by developing widely available technologies.

It also has a distinct focus on freedom of information, combining a mixture of space opera with steampunk elements (Love steampunk books? Find our favorite here). 

A Colder War

A Colder War is an alternative history novella that combines the Cold War and H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.


Accelerando is a collection of nine short stories that focuses on three generations of a family before, during, and after a technological singularity.


Glasshouse is a novel where Robin has had his memory erased, and lives in a Euroamerican society in space.

While out in space, he has a new identity and body, with Glasshouse exploring themes of censorship, self-image, historicity, gender roles, and the nature of fascism, among others.

Missile Gap

Missile Gap is a short novella that focuses on alternative history, where in October 1962, the continents of Earth were no longer wrapped around a spherical planet but instead now on an Alderson disk.

As part of this novel, the characters need to explore this new world and it serves as a curious take on alternative history. 

Authors Like Charles Stross

Authors Like Charles Stross

Neal Stephenson

Neal Stephenson is an American writer well-known for his works in speculative fiction. His work has been difficult to define. He explores mathematics, cryptography, linguistics, philosophy, currency, and the history of science too.

He has written numerous novels, with our recommended works being: Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon. 

Snow Crash

Snow Crash

Snow Crash was published in 1992 and it changed the way the internet was used. It popularized the term avatar and focuses on a katana-wielding hacker who goes back and forth between a dystopian LA and the Metaverse.

One of the key themes of Snow Crash is identity, as identity is a fragmented feature within this novel.

Not only does it tackle themes of identity, but there are distinct visions of a dystopian America and the modernization of technology and language, and communication.



Cryptonomicon is a hilarious book that tackles generations of math geniuses and computer whizzes, focusing on code-breaking and cryptology.

However, we should warn you that this book is not to be taken lightly, with over 900 pages within this book.

There are three key themes within this novel: innovation, paranoia, and treasure-hunting, as this is a novel that’s key focus is on breaking codes to reap rewards.


  • A defining voice in the world of science fiction, who has had an impact on the language used on the internet.
  • His novels are informative and will have you wanting to learn more.


  • The humor isn’t for everyone, and some readers feel the comedy is exaggerated.
  • Can be difficult to understand some of the scientific terms used in Cryptonomicon.

Themes: humor, scientific topics, innovation

Cory Doctorow

Cory Doctorow is a Canadian-British science fiction author who is a great supporter of the Creative Commons organization.

He has many themes in his works, but most prolifically, he focuses on digital rights management, file sharing, and post-scarcity economics, where goods can be produced with minimal human labor used.

He’s written numerous novels, with our recommended works being Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and Little Brother.

Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom: A Novel

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom tells the story of a young man who is now almost 100 years old.

He moves to Walt Disney World, where Jules and his girlfriend are overseeing the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Square, and now they are part of a society that lives there.

If you enjoy cultural references in a dystopian setting, we imagine that you’ll enjoy the transhuman themes within this novel.

Little Brother

Little Brother (Little Brother, 1)

Little Brother focuses on Marcus Yallow, a hacker, who along with his friends are held under arrest after being accused of terrorism.

It is an obvious parallel to Orwell’s 1984, with the main themes focusing on human rights, liberty, and free speech.

With the implosion of human rights, this is an interesting cautionary tale on the surveillance state that serves as a warning for the abuse of power that can occur in dark times.


  • Uses pop culture references creatively to make them relatable to a wide range of readers.
  • Books are widely available and the author encourages readers to play with his work.


  • The dialogue has been criticized by some readers.
  • Some of the scenes are a little bit melodramatic.

Themes: digital themes, economics, dystopia

Vernor Vinge

Vernor Vinge is an American science fiction author and a retired professor of mathematics and computer science.

He was the first author to widely popularize the concept of a technological singularity concept and may be the first person to present a fictional cyberspace in fiction.

He has written numerous novels, but we recommend reading A Fire Upon the Deep and Rainbows End.

A Fire Upon The Deep

A Fire Upon the Deep[FIRE UPON THE DEEP REV/E][Mass Market Paperback]

A Fire Upon the Deep is a space opera that tells of human scientists who accidentally release an ancient Blight on the universe. The Blight then races to find what mysteries have escaped its control.

It tackles themes of transhumanism and served as Vinge’s debut novel which promises tales of galactic war and genocide.

Originally, it was written with the intention that it occurs after the Singularity, but Vinge believed this would be too challenging for him to interpret.

Rainbows End

Rainbows End: A Novel with One Foot in the Future

Rainbows End tells the story of Robert Gu, an old poet who has recovered from Alzheimer’s with the help of futuristic medical technology. Having been a technophobe, he needs to work to make his peace with this new world.

The main theme focuses on rapid technological changes and the impacts that occur due to these changes, and how security exists in a virtual world.


  • Vinge’s writing is riveting, with immersive world building.
  • His writing is optimistic, and not pessimistic about the future.


  • Supporting characters are occasionally weaker than main characters.
  • Occasionally, his plots are not as fleshed out as his ideas.

Themes: cyberspace, computer science, war, new world, tech

Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of Charles Stross’s work, then you’ll love the works of Vernor Vinge, Cory Doctorow, and Neal Stephenson.

If you enjoy science fiction that will make you think about the long-lasting effects on society, then these authors are some of the best to consult.

Whether you’re a fan of space opera or dystopia, these authors have experience in scientific fields and have more questions to ask. So, it won’t be long for you to be asking these questions too.

These novels are only recommendations for a few of our favorite novels from these authors. If you’d like to read more, you’ll find a collection of their different works available online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is Charles Stross?

Charles Stross is a Hugo award-winning writer who has had his novels translated into over a dozen languages.

What Did Snow Crash Predict?

Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash predicted both the Metaverse and Hyperinflation, thirty years ago.

What Awards Has Cory Doctorow Won?

Cory Doctorow is a three-time winner of the Locus Award and the winner of the Astounding Award for Best New Writer.

Who Is Vernor Vinge?

Vernor Vinge is a retired Professor of Mathematics who taught at San Diego State University and is a prolific science fiction author.

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