Authors Like Christina Dodd (9 Book Recommendations)

Born in 1957 in Idaho, USA, Christina Dodd is a novelist who is known for writing historical romance novels.

Authors Like Christina Dodd (9 Book Recommendations)

Her love of books began with her being read to as a child by her mother, who was widowed prior to her being born, and despite having three children to look after as well as a job to work, Dodd’s mother ensured that she still read to her children as much as possible.

Dodd’s own writing began after the birth of her own daughter in 1980, and the next decade saw her write three different romance novels.

However, the first two manuscripts she managed to produce were rejected regularly by a number of publishers.

But it was her third manuscript, which was for Candle in the Window, that first saw her gain recognition, as it won the Romance Writers Of America Golden Heart Award for unpublished writers, which then led to it being published by HarperCollins in 1991! 

Other notable works include A Well Pleasured Lady, and My Favorite Bride, both of which were incredibly well received by readers and critics alike. She was even awarded the RITA award too, which is the highest honor for romance novelists

If you enjoyed Christina Dodd’s Well Pleasured or Governess Brides series, then we think you’ll love some of the works from authors such as Jayne Ann Krentz, Christine Feehan, and Jennifer Ashley. So, if you’re looking for new books to read, keep reading on to find out the books you need to try out next.

Books By Christina Dodd

Authors Like Christina Dodd (9 Book Recommendations)

For anyone unfamiliar with Christina Dodd’s work, then Candle in the Window is certainly the place to start.

This book focuses on two lovers, Lady Saura of Roget, and Sir William of Miraval, who both had darkness in their own personal lives, but after their longing for each other brings them together, they must then face the biggest challenge of their lives.

This novel was the first of Christina Dodd’s novels to earn her recognition and established her as a proficient writer in the historical romance genre, which set the tone for the themes found in many of her following novels.

Another notable novel of Dodd’s is A Well Pleasured Lady, which marked her departure from HarperCollins to Avon, and because her new editor was less conservative, it meant that she was able to describe the love scenes in her novels in much greater detail than she had previously, which are characterized by many as being written in a “normal, unedited frankness.”

A Well Pleasured Lady also saw the beginning of Dodd’s writings set in the Regency period too, allowing her to write historical novels without being constrained by the details of clothing and society that many other historical novels are bound by.

My Favorite Bride is perhaps one of her most revered novels, and after its release in 2003, it spent 15 long weeks in the top 15 of the New York Times Best Seller List.

This demonstrates her proficiency and skill in writing captivating and entrancing historical romance stories, with many of the characters having a secret hidden too, which is part of why her novels are so gripping.

Overall, Christina Dodd’s books often cover the themes of historical romance, suspense, and even the paranormal too, which is why she is such a popular author.

Authors Like Christina Dodd

Jayne Ann Krentz

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Born in California in 1948, Jayne Ann Krentz is a prominent romantic novel writer, and depending on the time period she is writing about, writes using a unique pseudonym, and when it comes to historical romance fiction, she tends to prefer to use the “Amanda Quick” Pseudonym.

Much like Christina Dodd, much of her works are focused on romance and suspense, as well as the inclusion of the paranormal too, so she makes for an excellent author to explore for those who are fans of Christina Dodd (If you like romance suspense novels along with mystery aspects, check out the works of Authors Like Janet Evanovich).

For fans of the historical romance and suspense aspects of Dodd’s work, then The Girl Who Knew Too Much is an excellent place to start in Krentz’s (Under the pseudonym of Quick) work.

While Second Sight – Arcane Society is definitely an excellent novel to check out for those who like a paranormal twist to their traditional historical romance novel.

Whilst the love scenes might not be as raw and passionate as those found in Dodd’s work, those who enjoy the paranormal and suspenseful nature of Dodd’s novels will certainly enjoy the books written under the Amanda Quick pseudonym!


  • Contains similar twists to Dodd’s books
  • Shared themes


  • Books are often part of long series
  • Love scenes less in-depth

Themes: Historical Romance, Suspense, Romance, Paranormal

Christine Feehan

Dark Curse: A Carpathian Novel (Dark, Book 19)

For those who enjoyed much of the paranormal and suspenseful aspects of Christina Dodd’s novels, then Christine Feehan is certainly another author whose novels might be worth reading.

She is an international bestselling author of numerous different series, and is an RITA award nominee too, so her proficiency in romance novels is certainly recognized.

Feehan’s themes stray slightly from the historical romance found in Dodd’s work, as some of her novels are set in contemporary settings, however, others are set in fantastical settings, so might appeal to those who were fans of the medieval settings found in Dodd’s novels.

However, romance, suspense, and the theme of the paranormal are still prevalent in much of Feehan’s writing.

For fans of the suspense, romance, and paranormal aspects of Dodd’s work, then Dark Curse is the perfect venture into Feehan’s writing.

While Hidden Currents will appeal to those who are fans of the unedited nature of Dodd’s love scenes, although they are much more explicit.

So, whilst Feehan’s work might not feature the same historical settings that Dodd’s work does, for those who are looking for more fantasy, romance, and paranormal themes in the novels that they read, Christine Feehan is certainly worth checking out.


  • Focuses on similar themes to Dodd
  • Deep and interesting stories will keep readers interested
  • Focus on romance and love


  • Love scenes are much more explicit, which some may find jarring

Themes: Romance, Medieval, Paranormal, Historical Romance, Suspense

Jennifer Ashley

Regency Pirates: The Pirate Next Door

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jennifer Ashley’s novels tend to focus on historical and paranormal romance stories much like the novels written by Dodd do, however, she does also write contemporary and urban fantasy novels too, however, these are published under different pseudonyms.

Many of Ashley’s novels will appeal to fans of Dodd’s work, thanks to many of the novels sharing similar themes, so for those who are interested in finding novels that are similar in setting and themes, Ashley’s work will likely be well appreciated by fans of Dodd.

Ashley’s fantastical settings vary too, so people are able to choose the level of fantasy they want to indulge themselves in.

The Pirate Next Door is a pirate adventure based in 1810 that is filled with romance and turmoil and is perfect for those who enjoy a historical adventure that combines romance and suspense throughout.

For those who are fans of fantasy, Shifter Made is an excellent read, and is set in medieval Ireland, but features many fantastical elements that will excite readers, whilst also being filled with a blossoming romance.


  • Filled with the romance that Dodd’s fans will appreciate
  • The fantastical settings will interest readers too


  • Lack of historical accuracy may not excite fans of Dodd
  • Less historical options available

Themes: Paranormal, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Suspense, Romance

Final Thoughts

Overall, you might find it hard to adjust to some of the other novels out there, even in similar genres or with similar themes, after reading Christina Dodd, especially since many of her settings and characters are so unique and well-written.

However, there are some fantastic authors out there that you can check out, depending on what aspects of Dodd’s work you liked the most, and between the three authors listed here, we’re sure that you’ll be able to discover an entirely new collection of books for you to enjoy.

For those who mainly enjoy the historical setting and romantic nature of much of Dodd’s novels, then Jayne Ann Krentz’s novels, more specifically, the novels written under the Amanda Quick pseudonym will definitely interest readers.

Christine Feehan’s novels have a much greater focus on fantasy and the paranormal, and for those who like their romance novels to be particularly explicit in certain areas, then they will definitely appeal to you, however, some readers may find that the explicit nature is too much for them.

Jennifer Ashley is another great author for fans of Dodd’s novels, and many of the themes are shared amongst both authors’ novels, so will definitely be enjoyed by fans of Dodd!

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Christina Dodd Won Any Awards?

Christina Dodd has won a number of awards during her time as an author, such as the Romance Writers of America RITA award. As well as the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.

What Genre Are Christina Dodd’s Books?

The genre of Christina Dodd’s novels varies from book to book, and readers can expect to find romance, paranormal, historical romance, and suspense throughout many of her books. It’s not unusual for these genres to entwine throughout her novels.

Does Christina Dodd Still Write Books?

Yes, Christina Dodd is still writing books to this day. She released two books in 2022 and already has 2 more books scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2023.

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