Authors Like Connie Brockway (22+ Book Recommendations)

Connie Brockway is an author who was born in Minnesota. She has been writing since she was a child, and her first book was published in 1994.

Connie Brockway writes historical romance novels that span the Georgian and Regency periods of England.

Authors Like Connie Brockway (22+ Book Recommendations)

Her stories are filled with adventure, humor, and romance, making them perfect for readers who enjoy a good love story set in an exciting time period.

Connie Brockway’s books have won numerous awards over the years, including the RITA Award from Romance Writers of America for Best Historical Romance Novel in 1998 for ‘My Dearest Enemy.’

Connie is known for her vivid and captivating stories. Her books often feature strong female protagonists who are determined to forge their own paths in life, despite the obstacles they face.

Readers love her characters’ strength and resilience, as well as the passionate romances that unfold between them.

People who enjoy Connie Brockway’s work may also be interested in authors like Eloisa James, Tessa Dare, and Julia Quinn. These authors also all write engaging historical romance novels with strong female leads and swoon-worthy romances.

Read on for more information on Connie Brockway’s books and authors like her (see also “Authors Like Lucinda Riley“).

Books By Connie Brockway

As a New York Times bestselling author of historical romance novels, Brockway’s books are known for their captivating stories, strong characters, and lush settings.

From the Scottish Highlands to Regency England, Connie Brockway’s books take readers on a journey of love and adventure. The following are some of her most famous works, some of which feature other authors in collaboration:

And many more. Brockway’s novels are set in various time periods and locations throughout history. From Scotland to England to America, her characters traverse the globe in search of love and adventure.

Her stories often feature strong female protagonists who defy societal expectations and take control of their own destinies. The books also feature a variety of romantic relationships, from passionate love affairs to sweet friendships.

Whether it’s a forbidden romance or a happily ever after, Connie Brockway’s stories are sure to captivate readers.

Themes of gender equality run throughout Connie Brockway’s books, making readers think and question societal norms and expectations.

Authors Like Connie Brockway

Authors Like Connie Brockway

If you’re a fan of Connie Brockway’s work, you may also enjoy the works of other authors who write historical romance novels.

Eloisa James

A Kiss at Midnight (Fairy Tales Book 1)

Eloisa James is a renowned author of award-winning romances, as well as a professor of English literature. James lives in New York City with her family and teaches at a local university.

Her books have been praised for their unique blend of humor and romance that captivates readers from all walks of life. With each story she writes, she strives to create an escape for those who need it most.

Her letters from readers are a great source of inspiration and motivation for her work. Eloisa James also writes Regency-era romance novels with witty dialogue and captivating characters.

She addresses preconceived notions of what ‘women’ should be, reminiscent of Connie Brockway’s themes of equality and strong female characters.

The author writes about female characters who are determined to forge their own paths in life and find true love, despite the obstacles they face.

A Kiss at Midnight‘ is the first book in the Fairy Tales series, and it tells the story of two people who must decide if love is worth fighting for despite all odds.

Amongst Eloisa’s most famous books are ‘When Beauty Tamed the Beast‘ and ‘The Ugly Duchess‘.


  • If you like romantic novels with a dash of adventure and a twist, then Eloisa James has a novel just for you.


  • The focus on love and relationships may be off-putting for some.

Themes: Fairytale, love, romance, strong female characters

Tessa Dare

Beauty and the Blacksmith: A Spindle Cove Novella (A Spindle Cove Novella, 1)

Tessa Dare is a USA Today bestselling author who writes charming and humorous historical romances.

Her books feature strong female protagonists, similar to Connie Brockway, who are determined to make their own destiny, as well as swoon-worthy heroes. Tessa Dare’s books often feature themes of feminism and empowerment.

Her characters are strong and independent women who refuse to be constrained by society’s expectations. They are determined to find their own paths in life and follow their hearts no matter the cost.

If you’re looking for a place to begin your journey into Tessa Dare’s world, consider starting with one of her most popular series: The Spindle Cove series.

This series follows the adventures of young women in Regency England as they search for love and adventure.

Each book features its own unique story and characters. Each book features a different couple, but all are connected through their shared setting and characters.

If you prefer something more contemporary, try her Castles Ever After series which follows the lives of modern-day princesses as they navigate their royal duties and find true love along the way.


  • If you like historical novels that cover themes of class and question conventional ideas then you should definitely try out a Tessa Dare book.


  • If you are more of a contemporary reader then this author may present a challenge. You should definitely give it a go though and decide afterward.

Themes: historical fiction, regency era, feminism, female empowerment

Julia Quinn

Bridgerton Boxed Set 1-4: The Duke and I/The Viscount Who Loved Me/An Offer from a Gentleman/Romancing Mister Bridgerton (Bridgertons)

Julia Quinn is another popular author whose books feature strong female leads and steamy romances (see also “Authors Like Christina Dodd“) (see also “Authors Like Susanna Kearsley“) (see also “Authors Like Christina Dodd“) (see also “Authors Like Susanna Kearsley“) (see also “Authors Like Christina Dodd“) (see also “Authors Like Susanna Kearsley“) (see also “Authors Like Christina Dodd“) (see also “Authors Like Susanna Kearsley“) (see also “Authors Like Christina Dodd“) (see also “Authors Like Susanna Kearsley“). Julia Quinn is an American author of historical romance novels.

She is best known for her Bridgerton series, which follows the lives of the eight Bridgerton siblings and their romantic adventures in Regency England.

Her books have been adapted into a popular Netflix series, and she has won numerous awards for her work. Quinn’s books are beloved by readers for their witty dialogue, engaging characters, and captivating storylines.

In the same style as Connie Brockway, Quinn’s stories often feature strong female protagonists who challenge societal norms and fight for what they believe in.

She also writes about complex relationships between family members, friends, and lovers that explore themes such as loyalty, trust, and forgiveness. Quinn’s books are perfect for readers looking to escape into a world of romance and adventure.

The Rokesby series is a collection of historical romance novels set in Regency England. The series follows the lives of the Rokesby family and their friends, beginning with Because of Miss Bridgerton.

This novel introduces readers to the charming and mischievous Bridgerton family, as well as the mysterious and handsome Rokesbys.

The Smythe-Smith Quartet series is about a group of amateur musicians that have been entertaining the town of Bevelstoke, England for years.

Despite their lack of musical talent, the quartet has become something of a tradition in Bevelstoke and they are always invited to perform at various social events.

The Smythe-Smith Quartet series is similar to Connie Brockway’s books in that they are set in the same era but are a slight deviation from the romantic themes.


  • If you want a break from the romantic aspect of many historical novels then the Smythe-Smith Quartet series may be just what you’re looking for. 
  • Witty, tongue-in-cheek writing style.


  • These books cover many different themes, and plots that differ greatly. Many of the books cover generations so if you like a tidy story with a beginning and an end you may prefer not to embark on the many ‘series’ that Julia Quinn is famous for.

Themes: regency era, historical fiction, romance, family ties

Final Thoughts

Connie Brockway is an award-winning author of historical romance novels. Her books have been praised for their vivid characters, lush settings, and captivating stories.

If you’re a fan of Connie Brockway’s work, you may be interested in exploring other authors who write in the same genre throughout this article.

If you’re looking for more authors like Connie Brockway, you may also want to check out the works of Madeline Hunter, Sabrina Jeffries, Stephanie Laurens, and Anne Gracie.

Jeffries is an award-winning author whose books feature witty dialogue and passionate romances. Stephanie Laurens is a USA Today bestselling author who writes captivating historical romance novels set in the Victorian era.

Anne Gracie is an award-winning author whose books feature strong female protagonists and swoon-worthy romances.

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