Authors Like Elle Kennedy (3 Book Recommendations)

For romance lovers out there, there is no better writer than Elle Kennedy.

Contemporary romance and romantic suspense are Elle Kennedy’s specialty, and her best-selling books are not only popular in her native Canada, but all over the world!

Authors Like Elle Kennedy (3 Book Recommendations)

Kennedy’s most well-known book series “Off-Campus” is made up of 5 books, each of which has become incredibly popular.

Readers loved this series so much that Kennedy then went on to write a spinoff series entitled “Briar U”.

Kennedy loves writing in the genres of romantic suspense and erotica-themed contemporary romance (If you like this, you might also like Books Like Holding Strong).

She adores feisty female protagonists, and alpha male heroes with a touch of sauciness, and a dash of excitement and peril to keep things interesting.

If you read some of Kennedy’s work and are interested in something similar, then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep reading to find authors similar to Kennedy and maybe you’ll discover your next favorite book (see also “Authors Like Nancy Thayer“).

If you love Elle Kennedy’s Off-Campus series or her many other works, then you’ll love the works of similar authors Penelope Douglas and Elana Armas.

Books By Elle Kennedy

The Off-Campus Series – Book 1:The Deal

The Deal (Off-Campus, 1)

Although The Deal is technically a part of Elle Kennedy’s ‘Off Campus’ series, it may be enjoyed on its own as a stand-alone book.

The story focuses on Hannah Wells, a good girl who has finally come across a boy who shows interest in her. She does, however, lack self-assurance when it comes to her performance in the bedroom.

She pushes herself outside of her comfort zone to get his attention, even if it means offering to teach the arrogant captain of the hockey team so that she can set up a fake date with him.

The only thing that Garrett Graham has ever wanted to do is play ice hockey in the professional league, but his grade point average is putting a damper on his chances for the future.

When he first meets the snarky Hannah Wells, the only things that interest him are raising his GPA to be good enough to reach his goals and get into the professional world of ice hockey.

Garrett is determined not to let anything get in his way, and he won’t let himself get distracted.

One kiss, however, is all it takes for Hannah and Garrett to spend a night in bed together that neither of them will ever forget.

How will this affect both of them and their relationship? Will Garrett let this cloud his mind and make him lose sight of his dreams? Will trying to impress Garrett cause Hannah to forget who she is at heart? Only the story can tell you.

Elle Kennedy’s books are packed with themes of romance, seduction, and erotica (If you like these kinds of books, check out the works of Authors Like Tiffany Reisz). If you want a spicy read, then any of her many books will be perfect for you.

Authors Like Elle Kennedy

Penelope Douglas

Penelope Douglas is a Wall Street Journal, NY Times, and USA Today bestselling author. Writing a mix of standalone books and book series, their works have been translated into over 20 languages.

Writing contemporary erotica, romance, and adult books, aside from the much-loved Punk 57 book, the most famous work by Douglas is probably her highly-acclaimed “The Fall Away” book series.

Punk 57

Punk 57

Misha, as a young child, decides to take part in a pen pal program while he is in the fifth grade. This is where our journey begins.

Students are typically paired up with other students of the same gender, but Misha was matched up with a girl student whose name is Ryen because of a mix-up that occurred between the two schools.

The two have become the greatest of friends as well as the best pen pals throughout the years, and they are always looking forward to receiving a new letter from one another.

The twist is that they have never once broken the original pen-pal rules: no pictures, no phone calls, and no social media.

Everything shifts, though, when a now grown-up Misha discovers an online profile that has Ryen’s name and personality traits included in it.

Will Misha use this to his advantage? Will they realize that they love one another? Or will Ryen turn out to represent all that Misha despises?

The Fall Away Series – Book 1: Bully

Bully (The Fall Away Series)

Both Tate and Jared spent their childhoods growing up next door to one another.

Throughout their childhood, they were inseparable, but overnight, the kind, generous, and lovable boy that Tate once referred to as her best friend vanished, and in his place came a guy who made it his daily mission to intimidate her and isolate her from her peers.

Tate was left perplexed and upset since no explanation was ever provided, and despite the innumerable rumors, pranks, and cruel jokes that made the next two years of her life a living misery, she never stopped missing her closest friend.

Tate spent a year away from her hometown studying abroad, and when she came back for her senior year of high school, she brought with her a new outlook on life.

She vowed that she would not allow Jared’s actions to affect her again, but her tormentor was just as determined as ever to pick on her. This time though, Tate fights back.

But when Tate finally gets into Jared’s head, his walls crumble down, and what’s left behind is an angry little boy who’s so blinded by his pain that he hurts the only person he has ever loved.

The truth about Tate’s life over the past three years is revealed to her, and it casts an entirely new light on those years than she had previously thought. Will Tate ever forgive Jared? Will Jared ever forgive himself?


  • Many books to choose from, from standalone to series
  • Very well written, with each book in a series cleverly advancing the plot
  • Writes about many kinds of people, from professionals to young lovers, from older people to young adults trying to get through life


  • Possibly too erotic, as much of her work seems to focus on “those” scenes rather than world-building or giving us more character development
  • Though she strives for realism, it’s hard to believe that much of what Douglas writes would happen in real life.

Themes: Romance, erotica, adult conversations, a slice of life, love, torment.

Elana Armas

Elena is a Spanish author who proudly admits to being a hopeless romantic and a book hoarder (see also “Authors Like Beverly Barton!“).

Now, she is also a bestselling author on a global scale, and her work will soon be adapted for the big screen.

Her two most popular works, The Spanish Love Deception, and The American Roommate Experiment, which became an instant bestseller in The New York Times, have been given a movie deal, which is great news for fans of hers.

The Spanish Love Deception

The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel

Just like “The Deal” by Elle Kennedy, this book also tells the story of a deal in which the two main characters pose as lovers.

The story centers on Catalina Martin, who’s certain that she is the only one in life who has not yet discovered love.

Catalina tells her family a tiny white lie, saying that she has an American lover so that they will stop being so critical of her.

After all, how will they even discover the lie? Spain is very far away from the Big Apple, so what’s the harm?

As the lie grows, Catalina has one major issue to overcome, the wedding of her sister. In just 4 weeks, Catalina’s family is expecting her to turn up with her American boyfriend, and what’s even worse is that Catalina’s ex-boyfriend and his new fiancée will be at the wedding too.

Catalina has to find someone to play the role of her boyfriend, and the only person who is willing to step in is the man who irritates her the most, her conceited coworker Aaron Blackford.

Catalina is desperate to find someone to fill the position though, so she has no choice but to accept his offer for help.

However, as she spends more time with him, she begins to experience a shift in the way she feels about him.


  • Very well written
  • Feels like an organic love story between the characters
  • Not too heavy on the erotica


  • She only has 2 books out, but don’t worry, there’s more to come soon!

Themes: Erotica, romance, comedy, a slice of life, love, and new adults.

Bottom Line

If you love the erotic and romance-filled works of Elle Kennedy but want something a bit different, then we cannot recommend the books by Penelope Douglas and Elana Armas enough (see also “Authors Like Karen Hawkins“).

Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s The Most Famous Romance Author?

Jane Austen is considered the queen of the romance genre. Though written over 200 years ago, her themes of love and romance still hold today.

What Should I Read After The Deal By Elle Kennedy?

If you don’t want to continue with her book series but still want to read a romance/erotica novel, then you should give The Spanish Love Deception by Elana Armas a go.

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