Authors Like Francine Rivers (10 Book Recommendations)

Francine Rivers is an American author of romance and inspirational fiction novels with Christian themes.

Born in 1947, Rivers started her writing career by publishing various romance novels before she became a born-again Christian in 1986.

Authors Like Francine Rivers (10 Book Recommendations)

After that, Rivers’ writing moved away from the romance genre. Instead, she started writing inspirational novels with strong Christian themes.

During the period of her career when she wrote romance novels, Rivers published 11 books.

This includes 8 standalone novels and the Second Chance At Love Series, which features 3 novels.

When it comes to her Christian-inspired romance novels, River has written more than 25 books.

Selling millions of copies of her books all over the world, two of Francine Rivers’ most popular novels are The Last Sin Eater and Redeeming Love.

These novels were so well received that both have big-screen adaptations. Francine Rivers’ most popular novel series is her Mark of the Lion series.

To date, this series has sold more than half a million copies.

If you enjoyed reading The Last Sin Eater and Redeeming Love, you’ll also love the works of the 5 similar authors we have for you in this post.

If you enjoyed reading Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, you’ll also thoroughly enjoy reading the works of similar authors like John Eldredge, Beverly Lewis, Karen Kingsbury, Glenn Beck, and Janette Oke.

Check out this list to find 10 brilliant book recommendations.

Books By Francine Rivers

The Last Sin Eater: A Novel (A Captivating Historical Christian Fiction Story of Suffering, Seeking, and Redemption Set in Appalachia in the 1850s)

As we mentioned above, Francine Rivers is best known for her romance novels and inspirational Christian-inspired romance novels.

Whilst her most popular novels are arguably Redeeming Love and The Last Sin Eater, Rivers still has a lot more to offer.

The First novel Rivers published was a romance novel called Kathleen. Published in 1979, this charming book kickstarted her writing journey.

She has since gone on to publish a further 36 novels, with the latest being The Lady’s Mine which was published in 2022. 

Almost all of Francine Rivers’ novels are leisurely-paced reads that are filled with strong, relatable characters, provocative storylines, and descriptive details.

The bulk of her novel collection also has a heavy focus on evangelical Christian beliefs.

More often than not, the characters in her books, who are never perfect, face difficult battles with issues normal people face in the real world.

This could be anything from everyday struggles to serious crimes which have left victims shattered. 

The outcome in most Rivers novels sees faith help individuals overcome their battles. A prime example of this can be found in A Voice In The Wind.

Rivers wonderfully relates modern world situations and religious dilemmas, whilst ensuring her stories are as historically accurate as possible.

Other novels Francine Rivers is known for are An Echo In The Darkness, A Lineage of Grace, Bridge To Heaven, and The Masterpiece.

Common themes you’ll find throughout all these novels include faith, religion, dedication, loss, inspiration, family, love, romance, and survival.

Authors Like Francine Rivers

John Eldredge

Wild at Heart Expanded Edition: Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul

The first author on this list is John Eldredge. John Eldredge is an American author, teacher, and counselor.

He is also the president of Ransomed Heart, which is a group dedicated to helping people find the heart of God. 

He is best known for writing inspirational Christian books that focus on community, family, love, joy, and finding faith.

His most famous novel is Wild At Heart, which I can highly recommend reading if you get the chance.

Another great read is Resilient: Restoring Your Weary Soul In These Turbulent Times. Both of these books follow the journey people take to discover the soul.

They are both incredibly interesting and thought-provoking.


  • Like Rivers, Eldredge writes novels designed to make the reader think.
  • Eldredge’s books are surprisingly relaxing to read.


  • Romance isn’t as prominent in Eldredge’s writing.

Themes: Christianity, soul searching, peace, faith, masculinity, and Christian culture.

Beverly Lewis

The Love Letters

If you enjoyed the works of Francine Rivers for the difficult issues she tackles and the provocative issues raised, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the works of Beverly Lewis too.

Like Rivers, Lewis knows how to tell a good story whilst addressing harsh realities and sensitive topics.

Beverly Lewis is a Christian fiction novelist and children and adults author who has published more than 100 books.

A former teacher, Lewis aims to educate and inspire the reader through her stories.

Most of her books focus on faith, survival, and love. A good example of this is The Love Letters, which sees a young Marlena care for her estranged sister.

Another fantastic read is The Thorn, which belongs to The Rose Trilogy. This novel tells an interesting story of Amish culture.


  • Beverly Lewis has written more than 100 novels for you to enjoy.
  • Lewis’ novels look at other cultures too.


Themes: Cultures, love, family, passion, dedication, survival, religion, and Christianity.

Karen Kingsbury

Love Story (The Baxter Family)

Another writer fans of Francine Rivers will enjoy is Karen Kingsbury.

Like Rivers, Kingsbury is an author of inspirational, Christian-inspired novels that explore serious topics within the evangelical framework.

Emotional, romantic, thought-provoking, heartwarming, and at times, hard-hitting, Rivers readers will find the controversial topics Karen Kingsbury talks about in her writing incredibly interesting and extremely compelling.

Another interesting thing readers might like is that some Kingsbury novels look at real stories.

For example, one of her novels tells the story of a murder she once covered when working as a journalist.

One of her best novels is Love Story: A Novel which was adapted into a television series. This #1 bestselling author is responsible for the popular A Thousand Tomorrows novel.


  • Some of Kingsbury’s novels are based on true stories.
  • Kingsbury’s Baxter series has been adapted into a television series.


Themes: Love, faith, important issues, real-world problems, family, caring, belief, and passion.

Glenn Beck

Broke: The Plan to Restore Our Trust, Truth and Treasure

If you’re looking for other authors that write inspirational Christian fiction, you’re in good hands with Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck is renowned for publishing character-driven novels that focus on spirituality. 

The best things about his novels are how his writing can be gritty and down-to-earth without being too full on.

Each book flows smoothly and effortlessly, creating a relaxed atmosphere and a charming environment to read in.

You’ll find that you finish a Glenn Beck book inspired, relaxed, and determined.

Most of his novels inspire the reader by telling stories that show faith working miracles in everyday situations. 

Two Beck novels I would recommend are Broke: The Plan To Restore Our Trust, Truth, And Treasure and Agenda 21: Into The Shadows. Both of these novels tackle real-life issues and problems brilliantly.


  • Beck isn’t afraid to tackle serious and controversial issues in his writing.
  • Readers come away knowing a lot more about the world.


  • Beck’s novels are very political too.

Themes: Politics, real-life problems, corruption, faith, miracles, desperation, and desire.

Janette Oke

Love Comes Softly (Love Comes Softly Series, Book 1)

The final author on this list is Canadian author Janette Oke. Janette Oke is an author of inspirational fiction.

Most of her novels are set in a pioneer era, centering around the most amazing female protagonists. 

Up to now, Oke has published almost 200 books, selling more than 23 million copies worldwide.

However, Oke’s first novel Love Comes Softly, which was published in 1979, still remains one of her most popular. 

Like Rivers, Oke’s writing heavily focuses on Christian themes and faith. So much so, she has actually won numerous awards for her dedication to Christian fiction.

This includes the famed Christy Award of Excellence and the Life Impact Award from the Christian Booksellers Association.

Another popular Oke novel you can read is The Hidden Flame.


  • Janette Oke is an award-winning Christian fiction writer.
  • Oke’s novels aren’t just entertaining, they’re also inspiring.


  • It could be argued that readers have too many books to choose from.

Themes: Belief, love, Christianity, Christian culture, family, faith, dedication, and romance.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 10 books you might enjoy if you love the works of Francine Rivers. All the book recommendations I have shown you come from authors like Francine Rivers.

Whether you like Rivers’s novels for the Christian themes, romance, or thought-provoking messages, there’s a book in this post that you will enjoy.

Most of the authors in this post are #1 bestselling authors that have published a wide collection of interesting, exciting, and inspiring Christian-inspired books.

Some of the authors on this list have published well over 100 or 200 books.

Common themes you can expect to find in all 10 book recommendations on this list are Christianity, religious cultures, love, dedication, family, drive, faith, and miracles.

Now you have my list of recommended books at your fingertips, try to decide which book you want to read first. This could be tricky as they are all excellent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Francine Rivers’ Books Biblical?

Whilst not all of Francine Rivers’ books are biblical, some feature biblical stories.

More often than not, these books essentially retell popular biblical stories.

Which Francine Rivers’ Books Have Been Adapted For TV?

The only Francine Rivers’ books adapted for TV are Redeeming Love and The Last Sin Eater. Both have been developed into films.

What Is Francine River’s Best-Selling Novel?

Francine Rivers’ bling novel is Redeeming Love.

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