Authors Like Grace Burrowes (20+ Book Recommendations)

Grace Burrowes is a USA Today and New York Times best-selling author who became a bestseller when she debuted ‘The Heir’, followed closely by ‘Lady Maggie’s Secret Scandal’.

She is well known for writing award-winning novels in the genres of romance, historical romance, and cozy mysteries.

Authors Like Grace Burrowes (20+ Book Recommendations)

Her book ‘The Soldier’ was named as being the ‘Publishers Weekly Best Spring Romance’ back in 2011.

In that same year ‘Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish’ was also named as being the Best Historical Romance of the year.

Her Regency romances have all gained a great deal of praise and many starred reviews from some very reputable sources such as Publishers Weekly.

Grace Burrows has started to branch out to some short stories and has dipped her toes into Scotland-set Victorian romances as well.

Her newest books include ‘Yuletide Gems’, as well as ‘Miss Dauntless’ both of which were released in the fall of 2022.

We expect a new book to be released in January 2023 titled ‘Lady Violet Says I Do’, and in February another book titled ‘Miss Devoted’.

She has released many series such as the Windham series and the MacGregors series, which are some of her most popular works.

If you enjoyed the Grace Burrow romance series such as the Windham series, then we are sure you will love the works of authors such as Shana Galen, Jane Ashford, Erica Ridley, and more.

This is a very popular genre with so much diversity, so read on to discover which books you might want to check out soon!

Books By Grace Burrowes

The Heir: A Duke's Heir, a Lady with a Secret, and a Riveting Regency Romance (Windham Book 1)

Grace Burrowes has written a great many books and series. Look here to view her series encase you have not picked one of these gems up yet!

A fascinating thing about how Grace Burrowes writes these books is that many of the books overlap into separate series.

For example, The Heir can be read as part of the Windham series, but also as part of the ‘ Duke’s Obsession’ series as well.

We can undoubtedly confirm that many of Grace Burrowes’s books carry the theme of romance with them, which is rather self-explanatory since her primary genre is romance.

However, it can also be said that she has also released several books that relate to the holiday season.

Many of these books also touch on the topic of class and perseverance, as many are historical romance works, in which these themes are expected to be prominent. However, it is also nice to see from a fresh perspective.

Authors Like Grace Burrowes

If you happen to have read all of Grace Burrowes’s books from her many series, you may be on the hunt for something similar.

If this is the case, we have found two authors who are the most like Grace Burrows, in writing style, themes, and topics!

Shana Galen

Lord and Lady Spy

Shana Galen is a 3 time Rita award nominee and is one of the top bestselling authors of witty, adventurous, fast-paced, Regency-based romances.

Her books are humorous and lighthearted, but at the same time, they are also poignant and touching.

She has released a grand total of 69 books (so far), including one of the most popular titles – Lord and Lady Spy.

“No man can outsmart him, but she’s been outsmarting him for years.”

This is the tale of Lord Adrian Smythe who is an English spy and is so good at his job, even his wife does not know.

However, since the wars are over, his wife who is a secret agent can’t bear the thought of returning to her seemingly boring husband. That is until she discovers who he really is.

This is part of a series of four books titled the “Lord and Lady Spy Trilogy”.

Book 1: Lord and Lady Spy
Book 2: True Spies
Book 3: Love and Let Spy
Book 4: The Spy Wore Blue

Third Son's a Charm (The Survivors, 1)

Another popular work is Third Son’s A Charm“Ewan Mostyn thinks a job as a duke’s daughter’s bodyguard will be easy – but Lady Lorraine has a few tricks up her sleeve that spark an undeniable passion.”

This tale is focused on Lady Lorraine, a strong and quirky heroine as she becomes conflicted, avoiding her father’s high-handed ways, but growing slowly fond of her guard, Ewan Mostyn.

It is a passionate tale that moves from adventure to romance and challenges our brooding heroine.

This book is the first in a series titled: The Survivors. You can easily find both of Shana Galen’s books on for an affordable price.


  • Stories are funny, steamy, and romantic.
  • Perfect page-turners.
  • Historical romance genre (same as Grace Burrowes).


  • Some of her readers find some book characters less endearing than others.
  • Some readers find her writing a bit overly predictable.

Themes: Historical romance, class, mystery, adventure, forbidden love

Jane Ashford

Heir to the Duke: Regency Wallflower Finds Her Bloom and Catches the Eye of a Brooding Duke (The Duke's Sons Book 1)

Jane Ashford, otherwise known as Jane Nancy LeCompte is an American romance writer. She signs her works as both Jane Ashford and as Jane LeCompte.

Jane has been nominated two times over for the Career Achievement Award by Book Reviews Romantic Times Magazine.

Her works are very similar to Grace Burrowes, especially in the tone and themes of her writings.

She writes a lot of romantic tales about Dukes and Lords, such as can be seen in her saga ‘Duke’s Sons’, which is probably one of her most popular works.

Heir to the Duke is a tale that follows Nathaniel Gresham, a son of a Duke who has an arranged marriage with Lady Violet Devere and finds it something of a tedious obligation.

But soon, a romance of class turns into a dire situation when Violet discovers a dark family secret and must decide if she tells Nathaniel and risks losing him, or living a lie. This is the first book in Jane Ashford’s Duke’s Sons saga.

Brave New Earl (The Way to a Lord's Heart, 1)

Brave New Earl is a tale of a widower Earl who is living a melancholy life, no good match for a determined woman.

Jean Saunders, is a cousin by marriage who cannot stand it when she hears the Earl is too depressed to care for his son. She goes to visit, however, her presence invigorates and infuriates him. She may be the key to his healing.

This book is the first in the series Way to a Lord’s Heart.

You can easily find these books for sale on as audiobooks, kindle, or paperbacks.


  • Most content is available as audiobooks as well as e-books and paperbacks.
  • Range of class-based historical fiction works.
  • Series are a comfortable reading size.


  • Some of the works are slow or bland according to readers, such as Heir to the Duke.
  • A bit more drama than romance in places.

Themes: History (sometimes more historical than romance), life issues, marriage, children, a marriage of convenience

Final Thoughts

Grace Burrowes is a fantastic author for those who enjoy historical romance novels, however, an avid fan can easily make it through all of her books quite easily and once you have finished all her books it can be tricky to know where to go from there (see also “Authors Like Courtney Milan“).

Luckily the historical romance genre is a very popular one, and there are plenty of authors who you can try. Shana Galen is a great choice for Grace Burrowes fans, and she comes with a touch of humor.

Jane Ashford is another good choice, however, her novels tend to lean more toward the historical side than the romance side of this genre.

Other authors you might want to consider include Erica Ridley and Kelly Bowen.

Once you have finished your favorite series, it can be a great idea to go onto, and take a look at what books fans of Grace Burrowes are also reading, you may find a gem!

That being said, make sure you read all of Grace Burrowes’ books first, she has plenty of series to get through!

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