Authors Like Ilona Andrews – 17 Exciting Book Recommendations

Ilona Andrews is a husband and wife writing duo who have written a wide variety of urban fantasy novels.

Ilona Andrews is a pseudonym for Ilona Gordon and her husband Andrew Gordon. While they both write together today, their careers were separate in the past.

Authors Like Ilona Andrews – 17 Exciting Book Recommendations

Andrew Gordon served in the US Army for a long time but he resigned as a top intelligence officer to support his wife with her writing career.

Ilona Gordon is the main writer of the duo’s fantasy books.

Their pen name Ilona Andrews was in the top-rated lists for New York Time Bestselling Authors several times.

While Ilona Gordon started writing her easy-to-read fantasy fiction as a hobby after graduating in biochemistry from West Carolina University, her writing style is packed with action.

Ilona Andrews has written a number of book series, including the “Innkeeper Chronicles” and “Kate Daniels”.

If you love “Kate Daniels” or the “Innkeeper Chronicles” by Ilona Andrews, then take a look at the amazing fantasy novels from Patricia Briggs, Jeanine Frost, and Devon Monk.

Innkeeper Chronicles

Their fantasy romance books aren’t just magical but they also feature strong women who fight for justice in a world of chaos.

Books By Ilona Andrews

One of Ilona Andrews’ most famous book series is “Kate Daniels”. This NYT bestselling saga follows mercenary Kate Daniels who cleans up after the mess of magic.

In the first book “Magic Bites”, Kate Daniels’ guardian is suddenly murdered. On her journey to find the killer, Kate finds herself between two groups of the Atlanta magic circles.

Lucky for Kate, both want her to find the murderer and bring him to justice. But there is a small problem: she is way out of her depth with this magical chaos.

Books in this magic book series include “Magic Burns”, “Magic Strikes”, “Magic Bleeds”, “Magic Slays”, “Magic Rises”, “Magic Breaks”, “Magic Shifts”, “Magic Binds” and “Magic Triumphs”.

Another series that tells the magical tale of a strong woman is Ilona Andrews’ “Hidden Legacy”.

As a feisty detective, Nevada Baylor faces her most difficult case, with a magic user who is on the run.

But that’s not her only problem. Nevada is kidnapped by a handsome billionaire who is not just corrupt but absolutely irresistible.

Ilona Andrews has written a range of other books that take the reader into a magical world with empowered women who fight for justice.

Authors Like Ilona Andrews

If you want to read other authors like Ilona Andrews, then there are some best-selling novelists who write fantasy fiction and magic stories.

Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson

Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews do not just both write about magic and empowered women but they also have a similar writing style.

Briggs is also a New York Times bestselling author who published numerous fantasy and crime novels.

One of her most popular fantasy book series is “Mercy Thompson”. Mercy is a shapeshifter who was raised by werewolves.

But she never really felt part of the pack, so she abandons them for a normal life as a mechanic.

However, it doesn’t take long for her old life to catch up with her. When a young boy arrives at her shop, Mercy’s life takes an unexpected turn that brings her closer to her family again.

If you want to read more from Patricia Briggs, then take a look at her “Alpha & Omega” series.

Alpha & Omega


  • Interesting stories with magic creatures
  • Good variety of different characters, from vampires to werewolves
  • Tough characters who stand their ground


  • Too many clichés around vampires and werewolves

Themes: fantasy, magic, crime, vampires, werewolves

Jeanine Frost

Night Prince

Jeanine Frost is another popular international fantasy author who appeared in USA Today and the New York Times.

Her famous series “Night Prince”, “Broken Destiny” and “Night Rebel” all feature magical creatures and powerful heroes who need to restore the order of the world.

This being said, one of her most popular sagas is “Night Huntress”. This paranormal romance book follows half-vampire Catherine Crawfield.

She makes sure that the undead stay where they belong. On one of her missions, she is caught by a vampire bounty hunter known as Bones.

Despite her resistance, Cat is forced into a partnership with Bones that could prove insightful for both.

Thanks to Bones, Catherine discovers that her half-dead blood isn’t as useless as it seemed for such a long time.

Quickly, Bones and Cat become a team of demon hunters that are feared amongst the dead and the underworld.

Broken Destiny


  • Strong character developments with powerful women
  • A close look at individual characters in each book
  • Dark adventure stories that surprise


Themes: dark magic, bounty hunter, vampirism, demons, feminist magic

K.F. Breene

Leveling Up

If you love vampires, werewolves, and magical beings, then K.F. Breene is another great alternative to Ilona Andrews.

As a bestselling author recognized by the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and USA Today, Breene writes paranormal fantasy novels.

Similar to other fantasy novelists, she has also penned many of her books in series following her magical heroes.

Some of her most popular fantasy sagas include “Leveling Up”, “Deliciously Dark Fairytales” and “Demon Days, Vampire Nights”.

Deliciously Dark Fairytales

Breene also wrote “Demigods of San Francisco” which is a series about the attractive demigod Kieran and his adventures.

Kieran isn’t just handsome but he is also a powerful god who turns the world of many characters in these books upside down.

But he also has a dark side that combines burning passion with vengeance. A mix that is simply hard to ignore for many tempted women.


  • Well-written paranormal fantasy stories
  • Funny and engaging
  • Strong female lead characters


  • Plot development is slow in some books

Themes: romance, romantic fantasy, gods, demons, demi-gods

Audrey Grey

Kingdom of Runes

Fantasy writer Audrey lives in Oklahoma with her family and pets. Her strong female characters face magical opponents and terrifying beasts.

Grey has written three fantasy series novels, including “Kingdom of Runes”, “Shadow Fall” and “Evermore Academy”.

Evermore Academy follows the story of different magical characters that live, learn and die at Evermore Academy.

But you don’t have to be a mortal to end up with eternal damnation. The powerful Fae rule this place but there is something much darker looming over the Academy.

A mortal girl picks up her wit and intelligence and fights the dark forces coming her way.

Shadow Fall


  • Magical worlds that invite the reader to explore
  • Mysterious characters that develop during the stories
  • Very emotional but powerful heroes


  • Too many swear words throughout some books

Themes: fairies, dark forces, young adult, fairytale

Devon Monk

A Broken Magic Novel

As a USA Today bestselling fantasy author, Devon Monk has written a variety of fantastic books that are similar to Ilona Andrews’ magic circles (If you liked their works, you should also check out the books of Sarah J Maas).

Besides her short stories and anthologies, her most famous fantasy novels are “Broken Magic”, “House Immortal” and “Ordinary Magic”.

But one of her most popular books is the fantasy novels of her “Age of Steam” steampunk fantasy series.

The new America in the “Age of Steam” is a place of gears, sweat, and blood.

A mix of monsters, men, and machines fight a magic battle for survival and power on Earth.

Hero and bounty hunter Cedar Hunt is on a journey to track down a device that could bring his brother back to life but it’s not one of his usual jobs.

In a country that is controlled by iron, steam, and magic, everything is possible, even bringing people back from the dead.


  • Great variety of books and fantasy series
  • Witty and whimsical stories
  • Easy summer read without previous knowledge of other books


  • Slow plot development

Themes: feminist paranormal, vampires, white magic

Hailey Edwards

Black Hat Bureau

Hailey Edwards’ books aren’t just about fantasy but they follow mortal heroes through the world of magic and intrigue.

Edwards – a USA Today best seller – created a magical world that seems to explore the borders between what’s possible and impossible.

One of Hailey Edwards’ best novels is part of her “Black Hat Bureau” series that follows Rue Hollis through dangerous adventures.

When Hollis thought she managed to escape the Bureau’s clutches, her ex-partner shows up with bad news.

One of her old-time paranormal killers she locked up behind bars has inspired a copycat killer to fulfill his mission.

And the Black Hat Bureau wants her to pick up the case again. But there is just one problem: Rue gave up black magic a long time ago.

She will need to restore her old powers quickly to beat the man who nearly killed her so many years ago.


  • Great characters of both white and black magic
  • Easy-to-read style
  • The plot isn’t predictable


  • Characters could be a little broader

Themes: crime fantasy, FBI, secret agency, magic agency

Final Thoughts

Writer duo Ilona Gordon and Andrew Gordon aren’t just a couple but they also create magical novels with wondrous worlds, beasts, and powerful women.

If you love this combination, then there are plenty of other fantasy novels that you can read from other authors, such as Devon Monk, Patricia Briggs, and K.F. Breene.

They take you into another world where vampires, werewolves, wizards, and witches are all around.

You might even find yourself in a futuristic America during a new Steampunk age (Love steampunk books? Find our favorite here).

All these books also feature feisty heroines who are often faced with the challenge of following their magic or giving up on it for love or family.

While magic can be a burden for many, it turns out to be a powerful weapon against the battle of evil.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Kate Daniels Series Done?

Officially, the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews comes to a dramatic end in the tenth book “Magic Triumphs”.

However, there is nothing to say that Ilona Andrews won’t write a similar series from a different angle with her famous heroine Kate Daniels.

In Which Book Do Kate And Curran Get Together?

Kate and Curran get together in “Magic Binds” when the couple makes their relationship official, despite the difficult circumstances in post-Shift Atlanta.

In What Order Should I Read Ilona Andrews Books?

If you want to read Ilona Andrews’ books in chronological order, then you can start with Bayou Moon, Blood Heir, Burn for Me, Clean Sweet, and Diamond Fire.

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