5 Authors Like Jay Crownover

If you’re looking for authors similar to Jay Crownover, then you’ve come to the right place! Jay Crownover is an incredible New York Times bestselling author of romance and contemporary fiction.

5 Authors Like Jay Crownover

She has written several series, including The Marked Men, which follows the lives of a group of tattooed bad boys in the fictional Colorado town of the time, and the Saints of Denver series, a four-part spin-off from The Marked Men which is set in the Mile High City and starts with the story of two men, Orlando and Dominic, who are fighting to keep their relationship alive despite all the obstacles in their way.

Crownover is also known for a number of other top titles, including Jet (2013) – a standout from the series, and Better When He’s Bad (2014), a standalone series set in the world of The Marked Men.

Jet: A Marked Men Novel (Marked Men, 2)

Jay Crownover is responsible for a range of thought-provoking and heartfelt stories, including characters that can charm and challenge readers.

If you’re a fan of Jay Crownover’s, books, and looking for a new favorite author to get your teeth into, then why not check out some similar authors such as Abbi Glines, Christina Lauren, or Kresley Cole, all of whom share Crownover’s style – you are sure to find a new must-finish series in no time!

Books By Jay Crownover

Rule: A Marked Men Novel

Jay Crownover is well known for a host of romantic novels and is probably most famous for her “The Marked Men ” series.

This consists of six books – Rule (2023), Jet (2013), Rome (2014), Nash (2014), Rowdy (2014), and Asa (2015) – each of which follows a member of the gang as they struggle with love, loyalty, and heartache.

Rowdy: A Marked Men Novel (Marked Men, 5)

Other books by Jay Crownover include the standalone novel Better When He’s Bad, which exists within the same universe as the Marked Man series, but focuses on different characters.

She is also known for the Loveless, Texas series, which follows the story of Case Lawton, a member of a family of known criminals, who is determined to break the cycle and make a better life for himself.

The series consists of four books –Unbroken (2019), Justified (2019), Unforgiven (2020), and Blacklisted (2020), and have been praised for their gritty and honest portrayal of modern-day Texas.

Authors Like Jay Crownover

If you are on the hunt for some similar authors, here are our top five choices to discover and enjoy.

Abbi Glines

Until Friday Night (A Field Party Book 1)

Abbi Glines is a New York Times bestselling author of romance books for young adults. Her novels specialize in the popular romance genre, as well as suspense and fantasy.

Some of her most popular books include The Field Party series, which follows the lives of a group of inhabitants of a small Southern town as they navigate the drama, chaos, and romance of life.

There are currently seven books in this series – Until Friday Night (2015), Under The Lights (2016), After The Game (2017), Losing The Field (2018), Making A Play (2019), Game Changer (2022) and The Last Field Party (2022).

Abbi Glines is also known for her Sea Breeze series, which follows the story of a group of friends from a small town in Alabama, exploring the idea of romance, friendship, family, and coming of age.

This series includes books such as Breathe (2011), Because of Low (2012), While It Lasts (2012), and Just For Now (2012), and fans have praised the series for its interesting characters and sweet story.


  • Dramatic, engaging stories
  • Realistic characters
  • Romantic, sweet settings and narratives


  • Glines female characters have been criticized by some readers

Themes: Romance, Friendship, drama, small town

Christina Lauren

The Soulmate Equation

Christina Lauren is a writing duo made up of best friends Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings, who have collaborated on a number of New York Times bestselling novels.

They specialize in contemporary romance and are known for their “smart, funny, and sexy” stories that feature diverse characters from all walks of life.

Popular series include books such as The Soulmate Equation (2022), Twice In A Blue Moon (2019), and The Honeymooners (2019), as well as the Beautiful Bastard series, which follows the relationships between two characters – Bennett Ryan and Chloe Mills.

This series includes books such as Beautiful (2016), Beautiful Stranger (2013), and Beautiful Player (2013).


  • Interesting female characters
  • Engaging storylines
  • Romantic, funny, and sexy stories


  • The books can be quite predictable at times

Themes: Romance, contemporary fiction, coming of age, relationships

Vi Keeland

Cocky Bastard

Vi Keeland is a bestselling author of contemporary romance and romantic comedy novels that often feature strong, independent female leads.

Her books are known for their funny and relatable characters, as well as their steamy scenes.

Some of her most popular book series include the Cocky Bastard series, which is co-written with Penelope Ward and includes books like Cocky Bastard (2015), Stuck Up Suit (2016), and Mister Moneybags (2019) – perfect if you are in the mood for a steamy romance and the chance to lose yourself in a fantasy world!


  • Funny and relatable characters
  • Romantic, funny, and steamy stories


  • Some readers consider the characters a little fat and one dimensional

Themes: Romance, contemporary fiction, comedy, adult fiction

Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love: A Novel

Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author of young adult and adult romance novels.

She is known for her emotionally intense books which feature intense and realistic characters, as well as a wide range of subjects.

Her books are often described as “heartbreaking”, and she is praised for her ability to make readers feel every emotion along with the characters.

Popular titles include Ugly Love (2014), It Ends With Us (2016), and Confess (2015).


  • Realistic characters, Intense storylines
  • Emotionally charged stories


  • Themes of abuse and addiction can be difficult to read for some readers.

Themes: Romance, contemporary fiction, drama, family, relationships

Sarah Dessen

Just Listen

Sarah Dessen is a New York Times bestselling author of young adult novels focusing on the coming-of-age experience.

Sarah Dessen is a master of storytelling, crafting stories that focus on relationships, family, and love.

Her books often deal with difficult topics such as mental health and grief but are ultimately uplifting stories about the power of friendship and the strength of young people.

Popular titles include Just Listen (2006), The Truth About Forever (2004), and Lock & Key (2008).


  • Well-developed characters that are easy to relate to
  • Uplifting stories with unique and diverse themes


  • Romance is not always the main focus of the books, which can be off-putting for some readers.

Themes: Romance, contemporary fiction, coming-of-age, family relationships

Final Thoughts

Jay Crownover is a great author to read if you are in the mood for an interesting, romantic, and funny story.

However, there are many other authors out there who can provide a similar experience.

The five authors mentioned above all specialize in contemporary romance writing and offer stories that feature diverse characters and unique storylines.

Whether you are looking for a sweet and steamy romance or an emotionally charged journey of self-discovery, these authors are sure to provide you with the perfect book.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Books Does Jay Crownover Write?

Jay Crownover is best known for books on themes such as romance, contemporary fiction, and coming-of-age. Her books often feature strong female leads and steamy scenes.

What Are Some Other Authors Like Jay Crownover?

Other authors like Jay Crownover include Vi Keeland, Colleen Hoover, and Sarah Dessen. These authors all specialize in contemporary romance writing with unique characters and stories.

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