5 Authors Like Joanna Wylde (12 Romance Novel Recommendations)

Joanna Wylde is a bestselling author who has revolutionized the romance genre. Her wonderful-written novels are packed with steamy romances.

5 Authors Like Joanna Wylde (12 Romance Novel Recommendations)

Wylde is best known for writing the Silver Valley and Reaper’s Motorcycle Club books. These two indulgent romance series have captivated many readers.

After making your way through the books of Joanna Wylde, you may be looking for something new to read. Luckily, there are loads of similar writers with comparable styles!

If you enjoy the works of Joanna Wylde and adore passionate romance novels, then you will love adding authors such as Emily Henry, Nicole Jacquelyn, Kriste Ashley, Ali Hazlewood, and Colleen Hoover to your reading list.

Books By Joanna Wylde

Joanna Wylde has become a popular writer who is best known for creating Reaper’s Motorcycle Club. These books center around romances that involve members of the Reapers Motorcycle Club, a tough and macho biker gang.

This series launches with the indulgent Reaper’s Property, which tells the romantic relationship between two very different people. Marie is looking for a new partner after splitting from her husband.

The mysterious biker known only as Horse may be the man that she is looking for.

Books By Joanna Wylde

Other brilliant books in the Reapers Motorcycle Club include Devil’s Game, Reaper’s Stand, and Reaper’s Fire.

Meanwhile, Wylde’s other iconic series is the sensational Silver Valley, a second beloved romance series that first started in 2014.

Wylde’s books explore themes like romance, passion, and love. Her books tend to center around unconventional romantic relationships.

Authors Like Joanna Wylde

Emily Henry

People We Meet on Vacation

Emily Henry is a bestselling author who is often celebrated as one of the most successful modern romance writers.

Arguably, Henry’s most famous novel is People We Meet on Vacation. The book depicts the relationship between Alex and Poppy, who are best friends but also two completely different people.

They have a tradition of meeting for a vacation every year. But after falling out, Poppy and Alex arrange a vacation that could repair their relationship.

Beach Read is another Henry book that Wylde fans will adore. It follows the tale of a romance writer who has lost all faith in love.


  • Henry’s writing has a warm and comforting vibe.


  • The pacing is often slow.

Themes: romance, friendship, the past, vacations.

Nicole Jacquelyn

Unbreak My Heart (Fostering Love Book 1)

The second pick is Nicole Jacquelyn, a wonderful writer who crafts intricate romance books.

This skilled author is best known for creating the Fostering Love books, a series that follows various forbidden romances. This sensational series starts with Unbreak My Heart, a heartbreaking romance narrative.

The book follows Kate Evans, who attempts to hide her feelings for her best friend’s husband, Shane. It asks complicated questions about love and soul mates.

Jacquelyn makes a great companion to Wylde, as they both focus on unconventional love stories.

Other Jacquelyn books that you should check out include Change of Heart, Craving Constellations, and Piece of My Heart.


  • Jacqlueyn explores interesting themes that make her books more complex than the average romance novel.


  • Her writing is filled with angst, which can be tiresome for some readers.

Themes: romance, love, family ties, friendship.

Colleen Hoover

It Ends with Us: A Novel (1)

American author Colleen Hoover is beloved by fans of the romance genre. She became famous after the release of It Ends with Us, a thought-provoking romance narrative.

Lily has built a deep yet tumultuous relationship with Ryle. When her first love, Atlas, reappears, Lily begins questioning whether she should sacrifice everything she has developed with Ryle.

Meanwhile, All Your Perfects centers around the relationship problems between a couple named Quinn and Graham.

Centering around complex romantic relationships, Hoover explores many of the same relationship problems as Joanna Wylde. All Your Prefects is perhaps the ideal book for Wylde fans.


  • Hoover portrays complex and realistic marriages.


  • Many of Hoover’s books are aimed at young adults, which some readers may find too immature.

Themes: romance, marriage, relationships.

Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis

Ali Hazelwood is both a romance writer and a neuroscience professor. She merges these two careers in her writing, often depicting female characters in the world of academia.

Though this gives Hazelwood a unique voice, her portrayal of unique romances makes her a good match for Wylde enthusiasts.

The Love Hypothesis is a New York Times bestseller that first put Hazelwood on the map. Olive Smith is a scientist who doesn’t believe in love. Yet, when she engages in a fake relationship, she soon develops real feelings.

Followed by Love on the Brain, this series brilliantly combines romance and science.


  • Thanks to her scientific background, Hazelwood has a distinctive storytelling style.


  • Hazelwood’s works are more science-based than Wylde’s books, meaning that these two authors aren’t overly similar in terms of style.

Themes: romance, science, love.

Kristen Ashley

Mystery Man (The Dream Man Series Book 1)

Lastly, Kristen Ashley is an incredibly prolific writer. Her romance novels are particularly famous, making Ashley a superb stand-in for Wylde.

Launching the Dream Man series, Ashley’s Mystery Man is perhaps the book that is best suited to Wylde fans.

If you are looking for a more wholesome romance novel, The Gamble is a charming read. Nina is having doubts about her engagement.

She takes a solo trip to a cabin in Colorado, where she meets Max, the delightful owner of the home.


  • Ashley has written a large number of books, making it easy for readers to find something that they will enjoy.


  • Many of Ashley’s male characters feel the same.

Themes: romance, love, deceit.

Final Thoughts

Perfect for romance fans, the books of Joanna Wylde depict passionate love stories. If you have finished Wylde’s Silver Valley and Reaper’s Motorcycle Club books, you may struggle to find new romance narratives.

Luckily, the works of these 5 fabulous authors are indulgent and oozing with romance. Why not add these authors to your reading list?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are The Books Of Joanna Wylde Worth Reading?

Yes, these books are worth reading if you enjoy passionate romances about forbidden love.

What Is The First Book In The Reaper’s Motorcycle Club Series?

The first book in the series is Reaper’s Property, which depicts the romance between Horse and Marie.

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