Authors Like Jude Deveraux (11 Book Recommendations)

Jude Deveraux is one of the most beloved authors in the romance novel genre. She has written dozens of books, and millions of readers have fallen in love with her romantic escapades and vivid characters.

Authors Like Jude Deveraux (11 Book Recommendations)

If you are looking for authors with a similar style to that of Jude Deveraux, there are plenty of modern and classic writers who will fit the bill.

Here is a list of great authors who share many similarities with Jude Deveraux.

If you adore Jude Deveraux’s novels for their exciting romances and strong female protagonists, then you’re going to love authors like Viola Shipman and Johanna Lindsey. Read below to find out more about these authors.

Books By Jude Deveraux

Jude Deveraux is a beloved author of romance novels, with over 60 million copies of her books sold worldwide. Her stories often feature strong female protagonists who find love and adventure in unexpected places.

Authors Like Jude Deveraux (11 Book Recommendations)

She has written many popular series, including the Montgomery/Taggert series, the Nantucket Brides trilogy, and the Edilean series.

A Relative Murder

A Relative Murder: A Cozy Mystery (A Medlar Mystery Book 4)

In A Relative Murder, the fourth installment of the Medlar Mystery series, readers are taken on a thrilling journey as Detective Jack Medlar investigates a mysterious murder within a close-knit family.

As he delves deeper into the case, he discovers that even the most loving families can have secrets hidden away. With each clue uncovered, Jack is brought closer to uncovering who committed this heinous crime and why.

The victim in this case is a beloved family member, and everyone in the family has something to hide. As Jack interviews each person, he uncovers more secrets and lies that lead him closer to solving the mystery.

Themes: Crime, Mystery, Family Relations, Fiction.

Chance Of A Lifetime

Chance of a Lifetime (Providence Falls Book 1)

In Jude Deveraux and Tara Sheets’ novel “Chance of a Lifetime”, readers are taken on an incredible journey through time.

The story follows Liam O’Connor, a thief and a rogue from 1844 Ireland, who ends up falling in complete love with the squire’s daughter Cora McLeod.

Despite his feelings for her, the angels have other plans and they intervene to make sure that Cora ends up falling for someone else who she was actually supposed to end up marrying before Liam happened.

Themes: Romance, Heartache, Adventure, Feel Good Novel.

Authors Like Jude Deveraux

Readers who enjoy Jude Deveraux’s work may also enjoy authors such as Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber, Susan Mallery, Kristin Hannah, and Diana Gabaldon.

These authors all write romantic fiction with strong female characters and engaging storylines. Like Deveraux’s books, they explore themes of love, family dynamics, and self-discovery.

They also have a knack for creating vivid settings that draw readers into their stories.

Whether you’re looking for an epic historical romance or a contemporary story about finding true love in unexpected places, these authors are sure to provide plenty of enjoyable reading material.

Jude Deveraux is a beloved author of family sagas and time-travel romances. Fans of her work will be pleased to know that there are many authors who write similarly.

Nora Roberts

Vision In White (Bride Quartet Book 1)

Roberts has written over 200 novels across multiple genres including romance, mystery, suspense, and fantasy.

She has also won numerous awards, such as the Romance Writers of America Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 and the RITA Award for Best Romance Novel in 1991.

Her books have been translated into 25 languages and have sold over 500 million copies worldwide. Roberts is an inspiration to aspiring writers everywhere who dream of achieving success like hers in their own writing careers.

Nora Roberts is one of the most prolific authors in the romance genre, and her series are some of the most beloved by readers.

The Bride Quartet series consists of four books that follow the lives of four friends who own a wedding planning business together.

The quartet includes Mac, Emma, Laurel, and Parker, each with their own unique personalities and stories. As they plan weddings for their clients, they also find themselves navigating their own romantic relationships.


  • Creates likable characters with complex emotional issues that you can relate to


  • Novels can sometimes be too similar and therefore predictable after a while

Themes: Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Fantasy.

Christina Skye

Come the Night (The Dangerous Delameres Book 1)

The Draycott Abbey series is a modern gothic romance set in the English countryside. The stories follow the lives of the Delamere family, who are caught up in a web of secrets and intrigue.

From forbidden love affairs to dark family secrets, each book in the series is full of suspense and drama. The Dangerous Delameres is a historical romance set in Victorian England.

It follows the adventures of two sisters as they search for their missing father and uncover a dangerous secret that could threaten their lives. This series is now available for the first time in digital format, so readers can enjoy it from anywhere.

In addition, Key To Forever offers readers an exciting adventure as they follow a priceless sword on its journey to defend a Scottish queen.

With its thrilling plot and captivating characters, this book will keep readers enthralled until the very end. 


  • Thrilling books filled with mystery, danger, and romance that can sweep you off your feet


  • Can be too cheesy for some readers and leaves some aspects unexplained

Themes: Gothic Romance, Historical, Adventure, Royals.

Johanna Lindsey

Love Only Once (Malory-Anderson Family Book 1)

Lindsey’s writing career has spanned decades and continues to be successful today. She is an inspiration to aspiring writers everywhere who dream of achieving similar success with their own work.

Lindsey has proven that it is possible to make a living as a writer if you are passionate about your craft and willing to put in the hard work necessary to make it happen.

Her books have become popular all over the world and have been praised for their captivating storylines and characters. Lindsey’s work covers a wide range of romance subgenres, from historical fiction to science fiction.

Her most popular books are the Regency sagas about the fictional Malory family, which have been praised for their passionate tales set in various locales.

The Malory Family Saga follows the lives of several generations of the Malorys as they experience love, loss, and adventure.

Each book focuses on a different member of the family and their journey to find true love. Lindsey’s vivid descriptions bring these stories to life and make them an enjoyable read for fans of historical romance.


  • The notion of each family member having their own love story is enjoyable, as you get to delve deeper into the world and the characters involved


  • The story can feel dragged out at points

Themes: Romance, Fairytale, Historical Romance, Science Fiction.

Viola Shipman

The Clover Girls: A Novel

Viola Shipman’s books are filled with stories that explore the complexities of life and relationships.

Her characters are relatable, and her stories often take readers on an emotional journey as they follow the characters through their struggles and triumphs.

Her books have been praised for their honest portrayals of life and love, as well as for their positive messages about self-love and acceptance. Viola Shipman is an inspiring author whose works will continue to captivate readers for years to come.

The Clover Girls is an inspiring story about how life can take us on unexpected paths, but that true friendship will always remain strong no matter what happens.

It’s a reminder that we should cherish our friendships and never take them for granted because you never know when you might need them most.


  • Accurate depiction of a woman’s inner voice, able to give a lot of insight
  • Deals with a lot of issues such as growing up, i.e. body image issues, losing sight of your goals


  • The friendships between the girls can be frustrating with drama and false niceties aplenty

Themes: Friendships, Heartache, Romance, Fiction.

Kate Bromley

Talk Bookish to Me: A Romantic Comedy

Bromley’s writing style is unique in that she often uses humor to lighten the mood of her stories while still conveying the gravity of the topics she covers.

She has a knack for creating characters that readers can relate to and empathize with, making it easy for them to connect with her stories.

Her books have received positive reviews from readers who appreciate her honest and thoughtful approach to storytelling. If you like Jude Deveraux, then you’ll enjoy Talk Bookish To Me.


  • Sensual, funny, and an exciting love story 
  • You will laugh out loud at points


  • If you’re tired of the enemies-to-lovers trope, this book isn’t for you

Themes: Suspense, Romance, Humor.

Final Thoughts

Jude Deveraux is a beloved author of romance novels novels who has been writing for over four decades (If you like romance, you might also like the works of Trilina Pucci). Her books are known for their captivating stories and strong female characters.

She often explores themes of love, family, and friendship in her work. Her books have been praised for their emotional depth and engaging plots that keep readers hooked until the very end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jude Deveraux Still Writing Books?

Yes Jude Deveraux is still writing at present, and has been releasing books since 1977. At present, she has released over 40 books!

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