Authors Like Juliet Marillier (6 Book Recommendations)

Juliet Marillier was brought up in Dunedin, New Zealand, listening to Celtic music and reading Celtic stories.

The Sevenwaters Trilogy was part of her first published work, and it was inspired by her own personal Celtic and Gaelic ancestry.

Authors Like Juliet Marillier (6 Book Recommendations)

The Sevenwaters trilogy is still Marilliers most beloved work, and she has gone on to write a further 2 books in this series.

In total though, Juliet has written 40 novels, some of which are standalone while others are part of various book series. 

Juliet’s deep, lifelong interest in history, folklore, and mythology has been a significant contributor to her body of work as a writer.

Juliet has written twenty-one historical fantasy novels for adults and young adults, in addition to a collection of short stories that she has compiled into a book.

The novels and short tales written by Juliet have been honored with many accolades, and she remains one of the most popular fantasy writers working today.

Books By Juliet Marillier

If you love Juliet Marillier’s The Sevenwaters series, then you’ll love the works of similar authors Gail Carson Levine and Kristin Cashore.

Read here to find out which books you need to check out.

Books By Juliet Marillier

The Sevenwaters Series

The majority of the action in the series takes place in ancient Ireland, and it follows four generations of the Sevenwaters family, a family that has a unique connection with the inhabitants of the Otherworld.

Internal conflicts between neighboring landholders are an essential component of the plots, and they play an important role alongside battles fought by Irish Celts and Britons.

However, there is a significant focus on romantic relationships in each of the six books. Every one of the volumes is told from the perspective of one of the younger women in the family in the first person.

Severnwaters Series – Book 1: Daughter Of The Forest

Daughter of the Forest: Sevenwaters, Book 1

Lord Colum of Sevenwaters has six sons and one daughter, Sorcha. Even though she was raised without a mother, she is surrounded by her six brothers, all of whom love and look out for her.

Since Sorcha is the bright spot in their lives, they are adamant that she never experiences anything except happiness.

But Sorcha’s happiness is ruined when her father is enchanted by his new bride, an evil sorcerer who binds her brothers with a horrible spell, one that can only be broken by Sorcha provided she keeps her mouth shut about it.

She will never see her brothers again if she breaks the agreement with the Fair Folk and their queen, the Lady of the Forest, before she has finished the quest they have given her.

When Sorcha is abducted by the enemy of Sevenwaters and transported to a foreign realm, she finds herself caught between the need to preserve her cherished brothers and the love that can only be experienced once in a lifetime.

Sorcha loses hope that she will ever be able to do her duty, but the magic of the Fair Folk has no limits, and love is the most powerful enchantment of them all…


In Juliet Marillier’s books, you can find themes of fantasy, YA, historical, fae, fairy tales, magic, and more.

Authors Like Juliet Marillier

Gail Carson Levine

Gail Carson Levine is a well-known American author of books for young adults (see also “Authors Like Lara Adrian“). In 1998, a Newbery Honor was given for the author’s second book, which was titled Ella Enchanted.

This is still her most popular and highly praised work today and was a book that spawned her “Enchanted” book series. 

Ella Enchanted went on to become a very successful movie, with Anne Hathaway playing the titular Ella.

Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted: A Newbery Honor Award Winner (Trophy Newbery)

Ella is given the “gift” of obedience at the moment of her birth after an impulsive young fairy by the name of Lucinda accidentally bestows it on her as a curse. Ella is obligated to carry out the instructions of whoever gives them to her.

This ailment could have been enough to intimidate a different young lady, but not spunky Ella: “The curse that Lucinda cast upon me did not make me submissive; rather, it turned me into a rebel. Or I may have always been like that.”

Ella’s life and well-being appear to be in great jeopardy when her cherished mother passes away, leaving her in the care of a father who is largely absent and greedy, and later, a detestable stepmother and two wicked stepsisters.

But her wit and sassy personality serve her well as she embarks on a journey of liberation and self-discovery.

Along the way, she battles ogres, makes friends with elves, and falls in love with a prince while trying to find Lucinda so that she can break the curse. 

Even though there is a glass slipper, pumpkin carriage, and a happily ever after, at the end of this version of Cinderella, it is still the most fascinating, delightful, and meaningful Cinderella story you will ever read.

In her exploration of women’s typical roles in fairy tales, Gail Carson Levine takes some satisfying twists and deviations from the originals of these stories.

Ella is forced to obey against her will, so she takes the situation into her own hands and approaches it with zeal and determination. 

The prince and woman have a healthy, balanced relationship that is characterized by humor and mutual respect; in point of fact, it is she who saves the prince in the end.

The novel Ella Enchanted has been honored with many accolades, including one from the Newbery Committee.


  • A fun twist on the classic Cinderella story
  • Charming and fun characters
  • Amazing fantasy world-building


  • Not a very “girl power” book, and plays into typical female stereotypes.
  • The main character is a ‘Mary Sue’ in that she is perfect at everything she tries.

Themes: fantasy, YA, fairy tales, paranormal, historical, fae, and heroes.

Kristin Cashore

Kristin Cashore is a young adult and fantasy author. She is the author of the “Jane, Unlimited” novel as well as the best-selling and award-winning “Graceling Realm” series of books.

It’s her Graceling Realm books that have become what Cashore’s most known for. The start of the series was published in 2008 and went on to be nominated for a few awards.

From there, Cashore wrote four other books for the series that we highly recommend (see also “Authors Like Yasmine Galenorn“).

Graceling Realm – Book 1: Graceling

Graceling (Graceling Realm, 1)

Since she was eight years old, Katsa has possessed the ability to murder a man using only her bare hands. Katsa is a Graceling, which means she is one of the few people in her country born with exceptional talent.

Since she is the niece of the king, she ought to be allowed to have a life of privilege; but, because she is graced with the ability to kill, she is compelled to serve as the king’s enforcer.

She had no idea that she would develop feelings for the charming Prince Po.

She has no reason to believe that she will ever find out the truth about her Grace or the horrible secret that is kept hidden far away… a secret that, if revealed, would be enough to destroy all of the kingdoms with only words.

Kristin Cashore, writing for the first time, crafts a compelling world, a death-defying adventure, and a heart-racing romance that will absorb you, hold you captive, and leave you wanting more.

With elegant, evocative prose and a cast of unforgettable characters, Cashore accomplishes this feat.

Other books are: Fire, Bitterblue, Winterkeep, and Seasparrow.


  • Amazing world-building for this fantasy-filled book
  • Great well rounded characters with real and understandable motivations
  • The main character is very likable and sympathetic


  • Some wasted pages on world-building that you may not think you need
  • Writing could be better and more mature, but as it’s targeted to YA the writing style makes sense here.

Themes: fantasy, mystery, love, strong female characters, historical, magic, dark


If you love a fantasy adventure story and you’ve already read Juliet Marillier’s many excellent books, then you should give some of the above recommendations a try.

Both Gail Carson Levine and Kristin Cashore are amazing fantasy writers and are incredibly popular within this genre.

Their world-building, characters, and stories cannot be topped, so the next time you need a good book to read, try one of theirs!  

Frequently Asked Questions

What Genre Does Juliet Marillier Write In?

The main genre that Juliet Marillier writes in is historical fiction. 

What Is Juliet Marillier’s Most Popular Book?

The Daughter Of The Forest is one of Juliet Marillier’s most popular books. This is also the start of her much-loved Sevenwaters book series.

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