Authors Like Karen Hawkins (15 Book Recommendations)

Some of the best novels out there will branch across multiple genres, and that is precisely what the works of Karen Hawkins do.

Through her works, American author Karen Hawkins is able to satisfy lovers of historic fiction, romance novels, and comedy novels too.

Authors Like Karen Hawkins (15 Book Recommendations)

The publications that consist of more than 16 romance novels have made her a household name in the USA, and one of America’s best-selling authors. 

Karen Hawkins is a native Southerner at heart, and the storytelling way of life in Tennessee is reflected throughout her novels.

She has 2 adult children and currently resides in the colder regions of New England with her husband and several foster dogs.

Throughout her writing, not only in her published work but on her website too, it is clear to see just how naturally funny Karen Hawkins is. 

An avid writer who writes for between 6 and 8 hours each day, Karen Hawkins has a wealth of published novels including a variety of different series of books.

But perhaps her most famous is her Dove Pond series of novels which is set to see its 5th book – The Secret Recipe of Ella Dove – published in August 2023 in the USA. 

If you love one of the many series of books published by Karen Hawkins, then you will adore the works of Eloisa James and Lorraine Heath.

Check out this guide to find out all about the best novels from these authors to sink your teeth into!

Books By Karen Hawkins

Books By Karen Hawkins

During her writing career, Karen Hawkins has published a huge amount of novels, with even more books set to be published in the coming years.

The majority of her books fall into the multiple series of novels that she writes, here are some examples.

The Dove Pond NC Series

The Book Charmer (1) (Dove Pond Series)

The Dove Pond NC Series of books by Karen Hawkins is a contemporary take on the most classic style of romance novels of all time – fairy tales.

The series tells the story of the Dove sisters with a prequel also published.

These books have all the classic themes of a contemporary romance novel, with the importance of family emphasized throughout.

Each novel tells a different story, with the prequel focusing on a character whose son has autism, and other novels focusing on estranged family members, the loss of loved ones, and more.

The books in the Dove Pond series include: Love in the Afternoon – Prequel (2019), The Book Charmer (2019), Last Chance Motel (2020), A Cup of Silver Linings (2021), The Secret Recipe of Ella Dove (2023)

The Oxenburg Princes Series

The Prince Who Loved Me (The Oxenburg Princes Book 1)

The Oxenburg Princes series by Karen Hawkins is composed of more than 5 novels, all of which are based in the romantic Scottish highlands.

The first book – The Prince Who Loved Me – is inspired by Cinderella, and the rest of the books in the series have that fairytale feel about them.

With all the classic romantic themes of love, heartbreak, and forgiveness, along with a dash of comedy, this series of novels really is enjoyable to read.

The series includes the following books: The Prince Who Loved Me (2014), The Princess Wore Plaid (2016), The Prince and I (2015), Mad for the Plaid (2016), and Twelve Kisses to Midnight (2016).

Other Popular Series By Karen Hawkins Include

Authors Like Karen Hawkins

Caught by the Scot (Made to Marry Book 1)

As you can see, Karen Hawkins has a large number of books in her back catalog.

But with books that are as easy to read as the novels that Karen Hawkins writes, you’ll probably fly through them all in no time!

When this happens, you might find yourself looking for new authors whose books you can read (see also “Authors Like Kate Pearce“).

Thankfully, there are a number of authors who specialize in both historic and contemporary fiction, just like Karen Hawkins.

So, let’s get you out of that reading slump and tell you all about some authors like Karen Hawkins.

Eloisa James

The Wildes of Lindow Castle

Eloisa James is the pen name adopted by Mary Bly, an American Shakespearean lecturer who also specializes in writing historical romances and fiction (If you like romance and fiction, check out Books Like Two By Two).

Her novels have been met with great success with more than 7 million copies sold worldwide, and her books being published in more than 30 countries.

Just like Karen Hawkins, Eloisa James has published a lot of books, with the majority of her novels becoming part of one of the many different series that she writes.

Her Wildes of Lindow Castle series is very similar to the Oxenburg Princes series by Karen Hawkins, and this is the perfect series to sink your teeth into if you loved Karen Hawkins’ historical romance series. 

In addition to the multiple series that she has written, Eloisa James has produced a lot of novellas, just like Karen Hawkins, and has also written two non-fiction books – one under her pen name, and one as herself.

Eloisa James’ most famous series of books is undoubtedly the “Wildes of Lindow Castle”, and this is the series we would recommend reading if you loved Karen Hawkins.

The series includes: My Last Duchess (2020), Wilde in Love (2017), Too Wilde to Wed (2018), Born to be Wilde (2018), Say No to the Duke (2019), Say Yes to the Duke (2020), and Wilde Child (2021).


  • A large number of novels are available to read.
  • Multiple genres to choose from.
  • Writes historical and contemporary fiction that is very similar to Karen Hawkins. 


  • Her books are so easy to read you’ll get through them in no time. 

Themes: Love, Humor, Romance, Family 

Lorraine Heath

Once upon a Dukedom

Lorraine Heath is an author who was born in Watford, England but grew up in America with American parents.

Just like Karen Hawkins and Eloisa James, she writes across multiple genres, producing contemporary and historical romance novels, paranormal romance, and young adult (YA) romance too.

As a result, she writes across multiple pen names. Her historical romance novels are published under the name Lorraine Heath.

For anybody who loves the romantic, yet historical feel of the Oxenburg Princes, then the “Once Upon a Dukedomseries, or the “Chessman: Masters of Seductionseries by Lorraine Heath is right up your street.

If you are searching for a more contemporary romance, then one of her standalone romance novels, such as Sweet Lullaby (2010) might be better for you! 


  • Huge back catalog of books to sink your teeth into. 
  • Wide variety of long and short novels, so there are plenty of options for everybody. 
  • Multiple series of novels to choose from, as well as standalone books. 


  • Only the historical and contemporary romance written by Lorraine Heath is like the works of Karen Hawkins – not her YA fiction or paranormal romance.

Themes: Romance, First Love, Family

Final Thoughts

Throughout her writing career, Karen Hawkins has written a wealth of historical and contemporary romance novels (If you like this genre, check out the works of Authors Like Connie Brockway).

With multiple series already completed and even more being added in the coming years, it is easy to see why she has so many fans that love her novels.

The great thing about reading is that there will always be authors who write in a similar style for the same genre as your favorite authors.

So, you never really run out of books to read. Even if your favorite author stops publishing work, there will still be plenty of other authors writing similar books that you will love (see also “Authors Like Penny Vincenzi“).

In the case of Karen Hawkins, some of the authors that produce novels that fall into a very similar category to her works, include Eloisa James and Lorraine Heath.

Both of these authors have huge back catalogs of their own, so there will be plenty of writing for you to delve into.

We have taken a look at some of the novels by these authors that are most similar to the works of Karen Hawkins in this guide, and we’re sure that you’ll agree that they are all great!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Dove Pond Series Complete?

No, the Dove Pond series of books by Karen Hawkins is not yet complete.

The next book in the series, The Secret Recipe of Ella Dove, is due to be published in 2023, and it is unclear if any further novels will follow.

Are All Of Karen Hawkins Novels Long?

While a lot of the novels that Karen Hawkins has published are fairly long, she has also written multiple novellas which are perfect for fans of shorter novels.

These novellas include Princess in Disguise and The Princess Wore Plaid.

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