Authors Like Karin Slaughter (19 Book Recommendations)

Anyone that is a large fan of crime novels will likely be familiar with the works of Karin Slaughter.

Authors Like Karin Slaughter (19 Book Recommendations)

Karin Slaughter is an American crime fiction writer whose novels have sold more than 40 million copies in 120 different countries, winning her plenty of awards.

Slaughter’s novels have also been picked up by multiple networks and production companies and transformed into thrilling crime dramas.

Karin Slaughter’s success started with her debut novel, Blindsighted. This novel was published in 27 countries and was even shortlisted for “best thriller debut” by the Crime Writers’ Association.

Since then this novel has expanded into a series of books known as the Grant County Series, and the number of awards she has been shortlisted for has only grown.

Atlanta-based Karin Slaughter really is one of the best storytellers in the world, and her crime thrillers are really difficult to rival.

However, there are a number of authors out there who write thrilling stories that are great for reading if you are a big fan of Karin Slaughter. So, if you have finished her back catalog, these are the authors you should turn to.

For Fans of the Grant County or Will Trent Series of novels by Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner, Ruth Ware and Val McDermid are excellent authors to turn to. Read on to find out which books by these authors are the best for new readers.

Books By Karin Slaughter

Books By Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter really is an accomplished author.

With more than 21 different novels under her belt, Slaughter has written a wide variety of novels – some as standalone books, some as short stories, and others as part of the multiple series that she has created.

As is often the case with crime-thrillers, the themes across the majority of Slaughter’s novels are very similar. That is why it is so easy to pick up another of her books as soon as you have finished one.

At the time of writing, Karin Slaughter has published 10 short stories and 6 standalone novels. All of which have been reviewed as “page-turners” and praised for the fact that you cannot put these books down.

All good thriller novels should leave you wanting to read more, and this is definitely something that Karin Slaughter has achieved throughout her career.

Karin Slaughter’s standalone novels all seem to follow a very similar template, and if you have ever seen Netflix’s adaptation of her bestselling novel “Pieces of Her”, then you will be familiar with this.

The running theme in Slaughter’s novels is an innocent person being thrust into a life of danger through an act of extreme violence. From there, the main protagonist is drawn into a mystery that is unraveled throughout the rest of the novel.

Some of her best standalone novels include Cop Town, Pretty Girls, The Good Daughter, Pieces of Her, False Witness, and Girl Forgotten.

The Grant County And Will Trent Series

The themes throughout Slaughter’s Grant County and Will Trent series of novels are very similar to the themes in her standalone novels. The only thing that really differs is that each series focuses on a different set of main characters.

Despite the fact that these book series follow two different sets of characters, we would actually recommend reading both of the series straight after one another.

Read through the novels in chronological order, starting with Blindsighted and ending on The Silent Wife.

But remember that Karin Slaughter is still writing new material for this series, with the next book, After That Night, due for publication in August 2023.

With the next book in the series included, there are 20 books across the Grant County and Will Trent series of books, so there are plenty of novels for you to sink your teeth into.

Authors Like Karin Slaughter

As you can see, Karin Slaughter has published a lot of novels during her career, and her catalog of books is only growing with each new release.

But, as is often the case with thrillers, it is insanely easy to fly through her novels, simply because you won’t want to put them down. So you might find yourself getting through her back catalog pretty quickly.

Thankfully, there are plenty of authors out there who write crime-thrillers that are very similar to the works of Karin Slaughter. Let’s take a look at some of the best options for you to turn to next.

Lisa Gardner

The Perfect Husband: An FBI Profiler Novel

Just like Karin Slaughter, Lisa Gardner is an American author who primarily focuses on crime-thrillers and suspense novels. Both Slaughter and Gardner are the same age as one another, and their writing styles are very similar too.

That is why it is so easy to get into Lisa Gardner’s novels if you are a big fan of Karin Slaughter. A lot of Gardner’s novels focus on a strong female lead, and the difficult decisions she must make to get to the truth.

Some of the best books by Lisa Gardner that you should consider reading are The Perfect Husband, One Step Too Far, Look For Me, and Before She Disappeared. Throughout Lisa Gardner’s novels, you will find a wide variety of themes.

As is often the case with thrillers, there is a certain amount of violence in each novel, and this is a huge part of what makes them suspenseful.

There will often be betrayal in these novels and mystery as it is revealed that somebody close to the main character has been lying about something.


  • Wide variety of novels to choose from.
  • Similar themes to the novels written by Karin Slaughter.
  • A mixture of standalone novels and series available.


  • In some of her novels, the main character can be unlikeable and difficult to root for.

Themes: crime, suspense, violence, secrecy

Ruth Ware

Turn Of The Key

In contrast, Ruth Ware is a British novelist. However, her crime thrillers are incredibly similar to the novels of Karin Slaughter and Lisa Gardner.

Ruth Ware’s novels are perfect for anybody who loves a crime-thriller that comes with a psychological twist, and books that you will find yourself struggling to put down.

Ruth Ware’s novels were really catapulted to success as more and more people took up reading during the COVID-19 pandemic, and online book communities, including Bookstagram and BookTok have really helped with her success.

Some of her best novels include The Turn of the Key, One by One, and In a Dark Dark Wood. Ruth Ware’s novels are similar to that of Lisa Gardner’s as they are all based around a central female main character.

With a strong female lead, Ware’s novels explore themes of deception and mystery, and this is why she has been dubbed the “modern-day Agatha Christie”.


  • The psychological aspect of her crime thrillers make them exciting reads.
  • New novels set to be released in the future.
  • Each book is 300+ pages long, so there is plenty of writing to get stuck into.


  • Ruth Ware’s back catalog is fairly small, so you will likely get through her books quickly.

Themes: crime, thriller, psychological, female lead, mystery

Val McDermid

1989 (An Allie Burns Novel Book 2)

Finally, Val McDermid is a great author to check out if you are a big fan of Karin Slaughter. Val McDermid is a Scottish crime writer with more than 45 novels under her belt.

Her first book was published back in 1987, and her most recent novel, 1989, was published in 2022.

Val McDermid is a novelist that most crime fans will have taken interest in at some point, and she is an excellent author to check out if you are searching for someone with a large back catalog of books to choose from (see also “Authors Like Faye Kellerman“).

Her Karen Pirie and Allie Burns novels are a great place to start if you are new to her work.


  • Huge amount of books to choose from.
  • Writes both standalone books and series.
  • Long books with many exceeding 400 pages.


  • Some of her novels are similar to ones that she has already written.

Themes: crime, thriller, mystery, suspense

Final Thoughts

If you are a huge fan of crime-thrillers, then there really is no doubt that Karin Slaughter’s novels are some of the best options out there. Her novels are full of twists and turns, and they will keep you guessing right until the very last moment.

Just like all good crime-thrillers should. Thankfully, the crime-thriller genre is a pretty saturated market, so there are plenty of other books out there for you to read.

If you are a big fan of Karin Slaughter, then the works of Lisa Gardner, Ruth Ware, and Val McDermid will likely be right up your street.

Throughout this guide, we have taken a look at the pros and cons of these authors and some of the best books they have written. So once you finish all of Karin Slaughter’s novels, be sure to check these authors out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Order Should I Read Karin Slaughter?

If you are planning on reading Karin Slaughter’s Grant County and Will Trent series of books, then you should read them in chronological order of publication. 

Where Should I Start With Karin Slaughter?

If it is your first time reading a Karin Slaughter novel, then one of her standalone novels, such as Pieces of Her, is a great place to start.

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