Must-Read Love Stories: The 20 Best Romance Authors Like Kat T. Masen

Kat T. Masen’s fans know one thing for certain: whenever they’re searching for a compulsively steamy and fun read, they turn to one of her books. The author of over 40 books is known for her intensely fun escapist romance novels, filled with forbidden love, love triangles, age gaps, and friends-to-lovers tropes. 

Best Romance Authors Like Kat T. Masen

Her books have amassed a devoted following of readers who crave her stories, and rightfully so: Masen’s books are perfect for a beach vacation or a lazy day on the couch cuddled under a blanket with a cup of hot tea.

If you’ve landed on this page, chances are you’ve just polished off Kat’s Dark Love series, or you’ve just reluctantly closed the last book in the Forbidden Love series and your heart is craving more books just like them feed your addiction. Or maybe you want to dip your toe into the romance waters but aren’t sure where to start. 

Look no further! We’ve waded through the many romance writers out there and have compiled a list of the 20 best romance authors whose style is similar to Kat T Masen’s. It’s a good thing many of them have written series, because you’ll fall in love with their characters, and will be captivated by their stories. 

So cancel your plans for this weekend, read through the rest of this article, and then head to your closest bookstore or library to stock up on some of their titles. Oh, and don’t forget to thank us later, in those moments between books when you come up for air, for introducing you to some of your favorite new authors. 

The 20 Best Romance Authors Like Kat T. Masen

Olivia Hayle 

New York Billionaires

If you’re searching for a steamy romance that features billionaires, Olivia Hayle is the author for you. Her series, entitled New York Billionaires and Seattle Billionaires, and her standalone books, including The Billionaire Scrooge Next Door, which is a seasonal novel, are about billionaires who don’t realize they need love until they unexpectedly come across it. The stories are angsty, steamy, and will leave you needing to read more of her work. Olivia’s loyal fans are loyal for a reason: this girl can write! 

Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love: A Novel

Colleen’s books have been everywhere and for good reason. Her titles like Ugly Love and It Ends with Us are intensely emotional, weaving themes of abuse, love, and loss in with some really steamy love scenes. Her stories often feature characters with hidden pasts who are reluctant to fall in love again, descriptive love scenes, and strong female protagonists. While she’s a master at romance, her one thriller novel, Verity, is a compulsive, twisted read that will soon rank among your favorites. 

Lauren Asher

Dreamland Billionaires

Lauren’s books have a devoted following from her readers, who love diving into angsty, forbidden love stories. Her Dreamland Billionaire series focuses on love stories focusing on three billionaire brothers; for a different change of pace, her series Dirty Air focuses on Formula One drivers and the women they love.  

Charleigh Rose

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Charleigh Rose is another author whose books are read-alikes to Kat T. Masen, and her books are self-described as being “moody, broody, swoony romance.” While her Bad Love series will take your breath away with its tropes of forbidden love and lust, her stand-alone novels are beloved by her fans. For an addictive enemies-to-lovers read, pick up novel, Tell Me Pretty Lies

Sara Cate

The Wilde Boys

For some seriously steamy reads, try out Sara Cate’s books. Her novels have rave reviews from her fans, who are unable to put the books down, and are known for their steam factor. Gravity, the first in her Wild Boys series, is a passionate read about a love triangle, while her newest series, Salacious Players Club has some page-turning scenes that promise romance and passion.

T.L. Swan

The Miles High Club

Over the past decade, T.L. Swan has churned out a serious collection of lusty books, including several novels that can be read alone, or as a series. Her most recent series, The Miles High Club, which includes the books The Stopover, The Takeover, The Casanova, The Do-Over, and Miles Ever After, has been a hit with her fans. Each novel in the series promises to be a fun romp, and focuses on different steamy love stories, often featuring forbidden love or friends-to-lovers tropes. 

Lily Gold

Faking with Benefits: A Friends to Lovers Reverse Harem Romance

For some fun and steamy reads, where the protagonist has not one, but several love interests, check out Lily Gold’s titles. Her most recent book, Faking with Benefits follows Layla as her three best guy friends teach her all she needs to know about snagging a boyfriend. Or try out her older title Nanny for the Neighbors, which is just as steamy, and has a happily ever after ending, similar to her other books. While Lily has less than 5 books to her name, keep an eye on this author if you’re into her self-proclaimed “sweet and spicy” style.

Elsie Silver

Gold Rush Ranch

If you’re searching for a book that reads like a Hallmark movie with some steam, Elsie Silver is your author. Her Gold Rush Ranch series, with its first two installments of Off to the Races, Out of the Gates, is a swoony Western-style romance series. set in a small town and populated with characters who have a lot of love to give, the stories often focus on forbidden love tropes or angsty love stories. The author herself describes her books as being full of “charged looks and lingering touches,” and her fans just can’t get enough. 

Pippa Grant 

Tickled Pink

Pippa Grant’s writing style is captivating: with wit and charm, she’s penned romance novels that will make you laugh, squeeze your heart, and have you turning pages so fast you’ll get paper cuts. Schitts Creek fans will adore her Tickled Pink series, which finds main character Phoebe being forced to relocate from the Upper East Side to a middle-of-nowhere town called Tickled Pink, Wisconsin. Once she arrives there, she starts falling for a local, who is totally not her type…or is he?

Catharina Maura


For an author whose books are both steamy and heartbreaking, try out Catharina Maura. Her work has some serious range, from forbidden love to angsty love, and is filled with characters who are so multifaceted that they’ll draw you in. Check out her Off Limits series, which starts off with the story of Aria and Grayson, a pair of coders who serendipitously cross paths and change each others’ worlds. Fans of the newest season of Bridgerton will lust over The Wrong Bride, the first installment of The Windsors series, in which Raven steps in for her sister to marry billionaire Ares Windsor.

Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis

Ali Hazelwood is forging a path through the romance world by writing about STEM heroines, who are quirky and smart, and lead totally swoon-worthy lives. While still steamy, Ali’s novels are more rom-commy than Kat T. Masen’s, and will make you laugh out loud. Try out The Love Hypothesis, in which Olive and her fake boyfriend, Professor Adam Carlsen, stumble into love. Then, move on to her series The STEMinist Novellas to continue your love affair with this brilliant author.

J.A. Low

The Hartford Brothers

Fans of Kat T. Masen will love J.A. Low’s books, which are filled with age-gap tropes and tantalizing romance storylines. One of her recent books, Tempting the Billionaire, the first book in The Hartford Brothers series, is about a young woman who’s fallen in love with her older brother’s best friend. The angsty romance is par for the course in J.A. Low’s books, and fans have come to expect nothing but the best from this author. Finish up the series with Playing the Player and Seducing the Doctor before continuing on to her other books.

Katee Robert

Dark Olympus

Readers who are on the search for a steamy romance, with a twist of fantasy, will want to check out Katee Robert’s books as fast as they can. Focusing on Greek mythology, Katee’s Dark Olympus series, with installments titled Neon Gods, Electric Idol, and Radiant Sin, are modern twists on classic stories. With that being said, gear up for some angsty, breathtaking stories whenever you pick up one of Katee’s books.

Julia Quinn

Bridgerton Book Series 1-8

Fans of the Netflix series Bridgerton are already familiar with Julia Quinn’s historical fiction world, but even if you’ve watched the show, do yourself a favor and pick up the books. Filled with forbidden love, enemies to lovers, and lust written onto every page, Julia Quinn is a master of romance. Each book in the series focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling, exploring their world and their attempts at love. And while the television series is delectable, there’s just something better about reading love stories, where your imagination and heart can run wild right along with the main characters. 

Ana Huang

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For readers who devoured Kat’s books and love Colleen Hoover’s style, Ana Huang should be next up on their TBR pile. Her Twisted series, starting off with Twisted Love and continuing with Twisted Games, focuses on strong and brooding protagonists who have sworn off love until the woman of their dreams walks into their lives. Huang’s pages are filled with angst and steam, and readers who are desperate to devour a well-written romance novel will be entranced. 

Mia Sheridan

Where Love Meets Destiny

Mia Sheridan is a prolific writer, whose works span across genres; luckily for romance readers, her love stories are so deeply gorgeous and moving that her fans leave emotional, rave reviews for them. Check out her book More Than Words, part of the Where Love Meets Destiny series, about two star-crossed lovers who are destined for each other, despite losing their ways. Her other books like Archer’s Voice and Most of All You, are other stellar options that romance readers love, and are perfect for those who ache for a novel that has not only steam but also substance. 

Jennifer Haymore

The Duke's Rules Of Engagement (The Lions and Lilies, 1)

Historical fiction romances are intoxicating, with their settings and social structures, and have the power to transport readers to a different time. Jennifer’s novels accomplish just that, and readers who are searching for an escapist story will simply adore her books, with their fresh take on classic tropes. For a  modern twist on the matchmaker trope, try her novel The Duke’s Rules of Engagement, in which the city’s most popular matchmaker catches the eye of one of her clients. With over 35 books to choose from Jennifer should be a staple on any romance lover’s list. 

Meagan Brandy

Say You Swear : Alternate Cover Edition

Meagan’s books are incredibly popular among New Adults, readers who have graduated from Young Adult books and are venturing onto more adult themes. Say You Swear, about a young lady who is involved in a complicated love triangle in college is among one of her most popular books, leaving readers speechless. Her series and standalone novels, including her holiday title Not So Merry Memories, have just enough romance and angst to leave readers coming back for more of her titles. 

Lucy Score

Things We Never Got Over (Knockemout)

If you’re searching for a reader who you can really sink into, Lucy Score is your author. With over 30 books, several of which are in series, Lucy’s books are steamy and filled with romance. To get started, check out the wildly popular Things We Never Got Over, which is a perfect read for those who love stories in which a man who has sworn off love caves for just the right woman. Follow that first book up with the Riley Thorn series and then the Blue Moon series for the complete tour de-force of Lucy’s writing.

Devney Perry

The Edens

Fans of Kat T Masen will soon be fans of Devney Perry, a writer whose works are filled with small-town romance stories. Her series entitled The Edens offers up small-town love stories that are big in heart, featuring protagonists who have had bad luck with love in the past. Once readers fall in love with her style, they’ll want to luxuriate in her Montana settings and treasure her other series like Lark Cove

Final Thoughts

There are several incredible romance writers, and while these 20 authors merely scratch the surface, we think they’re among some of the best. Hopefully, some of these titles have caught your eye and will become your new favorite romance reads.


What should I read if I like Kat T Masen?

If you like Kat T Masen’s books, then chances are you love angsty and steamy romance novels that are charged with tension and a great love story.  We recommend choosing one of the series from any of the authors listed below; with series, once you meet the characters, you can pick up right where you left off with them when you start reading new books. 

What series has Kat T Masen written?

Kat has written The Forbidden Love series and The Dark Love series. The Forbidden Love series is a collection of books that focuses on the forbidden love trope, and features lovers who love each other against the odds.  The Dark Love series is a collection of books that features stories where the main characters face age gaps or forbidden love tropes, which adds tension to the budding love story.

What tropes does Kat T Masen write about?

Kat books focus on forbidden love, age-gaps, love triangles, and friends-to-lovers tropes. 

What are some characteristics of Kat T Masen’s books?

Kat’s books are known to be steamy romance stories, that are also angsty, and full of tropes.

Which authors should I read after Kat T Masen?

Check out any of the authors above; the list we’ve compiled is full of writers and book suggestions whose works are similar to Kat T Masen’s. Some popular authors who have a lot of crossover fans include Olivia Hayle, Lauren Asher, and Sara Cate.

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