Authors Like Lauren Ho (6 Book Recommendations)

Bestselling author Lauren Ho was born in beautiful Malaysia but she worked and lived in many countries across the world, including France and the United Kingdom.

Authors Like Lauren Ho (6 Book Recommendations)

With her former jobs for UNHCR and Doctors Without Borders, Ho traveled the world before she settled in Singapore for her writing career.

She is famous for her award-winning novel “Last Tang Standing” where she explores the role of a female hero in a foreign country.

Her books are entertaining and simply a great read that you can’t put down. Ho allows Asian traditions to meet with Western culture in her romantic comedy novels.

If you love Lauren Ho’s famous rom-com novel “Last Tang Standing”, then you will also enjoy popular authors Cecily Wong, Phong Nguyen and Emi Yagi.

Books By Lauren Ho

Last Tang Standing

In 2020, Lauren Ho published her first romantic novel “Last Tang Standing” and it was an instant success.

Andrea Tang has achieved almost everything that her mother wanted her to have: a top job in an established law firm in Singapore, a handsome boyfriend and an apartment with a view.

But Andrea’s perfect life is at risk of unraveling when her boyfriend walks out the door and a new layer steals her promotion.

That’s the moment when Andrea discovers what is truly important in life: family and friends.

“Last Tang Standing” is a witty and well-written comedy that reminds you of Bridget Jones’s Diary, just with an Asian twist.

Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic

If you enjoyed Ho’s first romcom novel, then you can grab a copy of her second book “Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic”.

The story follows management consultant Lucie Yi who is looking for her forever-love. After lots of heartbreak and her lost dreams for children, she is ready for a new adventure.

That’s when Lucie signs up with a co-parenting website to find a partner who would be the perfect husband material but also a fantastic father.

When she connects with Colin Read, Lucie is over the moon. They seem to be the perfect couple but her life quickly falls apart when she becomes pregnant.

This funny and entertaining book from Ho resounds true for so many young Asian women around the world.

And that’s what makes Lauren Ho’s book so remarkable: she gives these women and their dreams a realistic and natural voice.

Authors Like Lauren Ho

Phong Nguyen

Bronze Drum

Phong Nguyen has written a variety of novels, including “Bronze Drum”, “Roundabout” and “The Adventures of Joe Harper”.

Roundabout: An Improvisational Fiction
The Adventures of Joe Harper

The winner of the Prairie Heritage Book Award, Nguyen’s books often cover historical events and themes.

What makes Phong Nguyen unique as a writer is that he has a writing style that allows his characters to stand up for their own culture, people and family.

Similar to Lauren Ho, Nguyen often features female characters in his fiction novels who need to overcome the culture barriers of their time.


  • Nguyen combines fiction with true historical events which make his work entertaining and breathtaking.


  • Some of the characters in Nguyen’s books aren’t as complex as Lauren Ho’s heroes.

Themes: History, Asian culture, war, adventure

Cecily Wong


American author Cecily Wong lives and works in New York where she finds her inspiration for her Asian-themed novels.

Cecily Wong’s most famous book “Diamond Head” is part of the Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers Selection.

In this enigmatic book, the story follows Frank Leong who is a wealthy shipping industrialist with great plants.

When he and his family move from China to Hawaii, something from his past haunts his new life.

After Frank Leong is found dead, his family is drawn into a web of despair.

They need to make a decision for survival but it quickly turns out that Leon’s grandchild is the only one who can save the family from disaster.

What’s truly unique about this fantastic book is that it is told through the eyes of Frank Leong’s wives and daughters. This makes for a complex story with many perspectives.


If you enjoyed Wong’s “Diamond Head”, then make sure to check out her other fiction novel “Kaleidoscope”.

While both books play in different countries and time periods, they still explore the richness of Asian culture within Asia and the Western world.


  • Wong’s beautifully written books are engaging and inspire you to learn more about the intricate workings of Asian culture.


  • Some of Wong’s books are more complex. For example, in “Diamond Head” a first persona narrator takes us through the story while jumping to different time periods.

Themes: Period drama, Asian, China, Chinese history, family saga

Emi Yagi

Diary of a Void

Emi Yagi may have written only one book so far but the New York Times labeled her novel “Diary of a Void” as the Best Book of the Year.

The story follows a Japanese woman who is harassed at work and tries to break free from the cycle of abuse.


  • Yagi has a fantastic writing style.


  • The original is Japanese, so the translation sometimes sounds unusual.

Themes: Harassment, woman, female hero, absurdist, surreal

Final Thoughts

Lauren Ho writes fun, romantic stories that are lighthearted and entertaining. While her characters may not be complex, her books are definitely an easy read.

If you want to explore other authors like Lauren Ho, then make sure to some books from Phong Nguyen, Emi Yagi and Cecily Wong.

They all write Asian-themed books that play with cultural barriers, such as war, family planning and old traditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should I Read If I Like Lauren Ho?

If you enjoyed the books from Lauren Ho, then you might also love the fun novels from Emi Yagi, Cecily Wong or Phong Nguyen.

What Should I read After “Last Tang Standing”?

If you loved “Last Tang Standing” by Lauren Ho, then you can read the author’s second book “Lucie Yi Is Not a Romantic”.
Alternatively, you can also grab a book by some great authors who also write Asian rom-com novels, including Emi Yagi, Cecily Wong and Phong Nguyen.

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