Authors Like Lisa Gardner (13+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Lisa Gardner is a New York Times bestselling author. She is an American novelist who was born in 1972. Over the years, Lisa has written over 20 suspense novels that have been published in over 30 countries.

Authors Like Lisa Gardner

Lisa Gardner is a very easy author to absolutely love. Starting her career under the pseudonym Alicia Scott, Lisa Gardner wrote romantic suspense stories.

Since then, she has published some novels in the domestic thriller genre. The Perfect Husband was the first novel in this genre.

This article will explore the work of Lisa Gardner. Perhaps you’re a big fan of Gardner and you’re looking for something similar that you can start getting into! Read on to find out about authors like Lisa Gardner.

If you love Lisa Gardner’s work then you will also love the work of some similar authors.

There are many authors that write along the same lines as Lisa Gardner. These include Karin Slaughter, Lisa Jackson, and M.J Rose. If you enjoy Lisa Gardner, read some of the books that are recommended in this article.

Books By Lisa Gardner

Gone: An FBI Profiler Novel

Lisa Gardner was born in Oregon. She has written lots of novels that are based on the area where she lives, specifically her novel Gone is set in a version of Tillamook in Oregon.

Gardner lives in New England and she has received several awards for her work. These include the International Thriller Writers award in 2017 and the Silver Bullet Award.

Lisa Gardner writes novels that fall into the suspense genre. She started her career writing romantic suspense novels and later found success when she released her first thriller named The Perfect Husband (If you liked this story, also check out the works of Authors Like Catherine Coulter).

Look for Me: Detective D. D. Warren, Book 9

Gardner is best known for her D.D Warren series and she has recently released a new series called the Frankie Elkin series.

Lisa has also had success in terms of TV movies as four of her books were adapted for the screen.

Themes: Lisa Gardner has a passion for writing about police proceedings and criminal investigations. She writes suspenseful stories that have a thriller aspect to them. She has been inspired by authors like Stephen King over the years.

Authors Like Lisa Gardner

There are many authors similar to Lisa Gardner. These include:

Karin Slaughter

Blindsighted: The First Grant County Thriller (Grant County Thrillers, 1)

If you like the work of Lisa Gardner, you will also love Karin Slaughter! She is an American crime novelist who was born in 1971. Over the years, she has written over 21 novels and has sold over 40 million copies across the world.

Pieces of Her: A Novel

Slaughter published her first novel in 2001 named Blindsighted. This novel was shortlisted for the Best Thriller Debut. This is a highly recommended novel. As well as this, you should definitely give her 2018 novel named Pieces of Her a read too. This fantastic novel was adapted into a TV series for Netflix in 2022.

Like Lisa Gardner, Karin Slaughter writes crime novels. You will see many of the same themes running through both of these works. She writes in a similar way to Gardner about the role of criminal investigations and police proceedings.

Cop Town: A Novel


  • Karin Slaughter has won many awards for her fantastic work in the crime genre. She was shortlisted for the Crime Writers’ Association’s Dagger Award.
  • She was shortlisted in the category of Best Thriller Debut.
  • Slaughter also won the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger award for Cop Town. Slaughter is a very successful author and her work is often appreciated.


  • While the themes and writing styles of Lisa Gardner and Karin Slaughter are very similar, there are lots of differences between the two. Just because you enjoy reading one doesn’t always mean you will enjoy the second. You should definitely give the author a try, though.

Themes: Crime, police, investigation

Lisa Jackson

Afraid To Die (An Alvarez & Pescoli Novel)

Lisa Jackson was born Susan Lisa Jackson but she is known as Lisa Jackson. She was born in 1952 and is an American author. She has written over 75 romance and romantic suspense novels (If you like romance suspense novels along with mystery aspects, check out the works of Authors Like Janet Evanovich).

You Don't Want To Know

Jackson’s books appear on the New York Times and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists, so she has become a bestselling author over the years. Her most well known works include Afraid to Die and You Don’t Want To Know.

Interestingly, Jackson has co-written a series with her sister. Her name is Nancy Bush and they wrote the Colony Series together.

Lisa Jackson has written a lot of different crime novels. Just like Lisa Gardner, she is fascinated with the way in which the police work.

She has set a lot of her novels in the US and some in Wales so in this way, the books by Lisa Gardner are slightly different from the books by Lisa Jackson.


  • Lisa Jackson is a very well known author. If you enjoy reading books that others will have heard of and read, then you will do well reading Lisa Jackson. This is because a lot of authors will have read her work.


  • Lisa Jackson has many different novels so it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start! If you are struggling with this, then any novel that you choose by Lisa will definitely fulfill your desires!

Themes: Police work, criminal activity, suspense

M.J Rose

Lip Service

M.J Rose is an author. She lives in Connecticut along with her family. Before she became an author, Rose worked in advertising.

When she launched her publishing career in the late 1990’s, Rose started off with the novel Lip Service.

M.J Rose’s works do not fit into one specific genre. For this reason, a lot of publishers did not accept it because they were unsure of how to market the novel.

Rose marketed her own book online, and it was then picked up by a New York publisher later on.

In Fidelity

While you may be unsure as to whether you would enjoy M.J Rose’s work, there are lots of common themes in their novels. The book In Fidelity that was published in 2001 is one that you will definitely like if you enjoy reading Lisa Gardner.

Like Lisa Gardner, M.J Rose writes novels with links to crime. There are many themes that crossover and run through the work of both of these authors.

While Rose’s novels are not just based in this genre, a lot of the same themes run through the work.


  • M.J Rose is a little bit different to Lisa Gardner, so it will add some variation to your reading if you pick up her novels. If this appeals to you, then you should definitely give some of her works a read as a lot of themes found in Gardner’s work also run through hers.


  • The works of M.J Rose and Lisa Gardner can be very different from each other, as Rose does not stick within the same genre as Gardner, instead spreading across a variety of different genres.
  • If you prefer a more rigid structure, then these novels may not suit you as well.

Themes: Psychological, corruption, mystery, suspense, and romance

Final Thoughts

There are many authors similar to Lisa Gardner. These include M.J Rose, Lisa Jackson, and Karin Slaughter. Now that you have read this article, you will have a detailed understanding of Lisa Gardner’s work.

You will also have an understanding of some of the authors who are similar to Gardner.

If you love the work of Lisa Gardner and you’re looking for something similar to read, you should give some of the novels by the writers mentioned in this article a read! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Authors Are Similar To Lisa Gardner?

If you love Lisa Gardner’s work then you will also love the work of some similar authors.

There are many authors that write along the same lines as Lisa Gardner. These include Karin Slaughter, Lisa Jackson, and M.J Rose. If you enjoy Lisa Gardner, read some of the books that are recommended in this article by authors similar to Gardner!

What Genre Does Lisa Gardner Write?

Lisa Gardner mostly writes in the crime and suspense genre. She is very interested in writing about the way in which the legal system and police proceedings work.

She has written a lot of novels based on these ideas. She is a very successful writer and has won many different awards for her work.

Where Was Lisa Gardner Born?

Lisa Gardner was born and raised in Hillsboro, Oregon. She went to the Glencoe High School and she even set some of her novels in this area.

She later moved to Boston, and then on to New England where she lives with her family.

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