Authors Like Liz Carlyle (22+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Liz Carlyle is a popular American author of historical based fiction romance novels. Liz Carlyle is actually a pseudonym used by Susan Tatum Woodhouse.

Woodhouse was born in Virginia, and has been a published author since 1999. 

Authors Like Liz Carlyle (22+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Liz Carlyle has since been nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award a total of five times, and won it for My False Heart in 1999.

Not only this, but The Devil To Pay also won a Romance Writers Of America RITA Award in 2006, while many of her other novels have been dubbed USA Today Bestsellers. 

By far the most famous and popular novel by Liz Carlyle is easily The Devil You Know, but other well received books are Never Lie to A Lady, and In Love With A Wicked Man

If you’ve enjoyed Liz Carlyle’s impressive repertoire of novels, and are looking for similar fantastic, immersive romance novels to get stuck into, then authors like Candace Camp, Julia Quinn and Elizabeth Hoyt should be next on your reading list.

Books By Liz Carlyle

Authors Like Liz Carlyle (22+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Liz Carlyle has written a range of series based on the same characters. Her first – and a fan’s favorite – is the Lorimer Family & Clan Cameron series. This is made up of:

My False Heart (1999) following the tale of Elliot Armstrong, Lord Rannoch, and Evangeline Stone. Next in the series is A Woman Scorned (2000) about Janet Cameron, Lady Mercer and Cole Amhert.

A Woman of Virtue

Then, we have A Woman Of Virtue (2001) with Cecilia Lorimer, Lady Walrafen, David Braithwaite and Lord Delacourt.

The fourth installment, A Deal With The Devil (2004) shows us Lord Walrafen, Aubrey Montford and Giles Lorimer, while the final installment Wicked All Day (2009) completes the series with storylines following Zoe Armstrong and Lord Mercer.

In this enthralling historical series, we see the ton’s sparkling diamonds looking for a love match. Expect recklessness, temptation and flirtation aplenty. 

The next series Carlyle wrote encompassed the Rutledge Family, with three novels; Beauty Like The Night (2000), No True Gentleman (2002), and of course, The Devil You Know (2003).

This series brings more scandal, a high society murder mystery, and the coming together of unlikely lovers. This series is utterly spellbinding.

Beauty Like the Night

In a more devilish manner, the next series solidifies Carlyle’s sensual regency romance style with the Machlachlan Family series, where you’ll find books such as The Devil To Pay, One Little Sin, Two Little Lies, Three Little Secrets, One Touch Of Scandal, The Bride Wore Scarlet, The Bride Wore Pearls, A Bride By Moonlight, In Love With A Wicked Man (a personal favorite) and The Earl’s Mistress. This series is all about scandal and star crossed souls. 

Then there is the Neville Family series, beginning with Never Lie To A Lady, Never Deceive A Duke, Never Romance A Rake, and Tempted All Night

Regency era, fantastical, romance novels are all the rage since the insurgence of books and TV shows like Bridgerton (Also check out Books Like Lord Of Scoundrels), so if you want to get lost in the scandal and temptation of the ton, we have some authors that will tickle your fancy .

Authors Like Liz Carlyle

Candace Camp – Willowmere Series

A Lady Never Tells (Willowmere Book 1)

Candace Camp is a New York Times bestselling author, with an impressive catalog of over sixty novels. She also focuses on historical romance, making her an easy transition from Liz Carlyle’s books and series. 

What you’ll enjoy most is the The Willowmere Series, Matchmakers Series, and the Legend Of St. Dwynwen Series. The Willowmere series begins with A Lady Never Tells – a story of bachelors and eligible ladies.

When the heroine, Mary’s stepfather hopes to sell her and her sisters to the highest bidder, these formidable feminist women take their fates into their own hands. 

They decide to travel to London and join the society of the ton in the hope to polish their etiquette skills and fit into high society.

However, when danger arises, the handsome Sir Winslow and Mary are thrown together to confront it, and romance is in the air…

Likewise, if you love regency romance, then the Matchmakers Series is for you. Starting with The Marriage Wager, this book follows Constance Woodley, a lady part of London high society, who gains the interest of a charming Lord…

Camp also wrote The Legend Of St. Dwynwen Series, compiled of A Winter Scandal, A Summer Seduction and The Marrying Season. This series begins with ‘plain Jane’ archetype Thea Bainbridge, who finds a baby abandoned in her Church’s nativity display with a brooch of the Lord Gabriel Morecombe.

She assumes the child is of the infamous rake himself, and goes to accuse the Lord of his cruelty and discard. What she finds is a man maintaining his innocence, and a sweeping romantic journey she will never forget. 


  • Unusual secret baby plot in Legend of St. Dwynwen series
  • Intriguing and interesting drama
  • Regency era setting in Matchmaker series typical of Liz Carlyle


  • Supporting characters are not as fleshed out- and bait sequels instead.

Themes: mystery, romance, star crossed lovers, passion, society. 

Julia Quinn – Bridgerton Family Series

Bridgerton Family Series Collection 1-9 Books Set by Julia Quinn

If you loved The Devil You Know and the notion of a powerful man meeting his match in an unlikely place, filled with scandal about the ‘ton, then the novel that brought us the Netflix show Bridgerton is a great place to start. 

In a similar vein, this series follows members of the Bridgerton family on their individual quests for love, introducing many different characters, storylines, and of course, a delicious scandal in each one. 

The series begins with The Duke and I, followed by The Viscount Who Loved Me and An Offer From A Gentleman, all of which follow the series one, two and three of the Bridgerton TV show. 

This series stands out as the characters all read the infamous Lady Whistledown gossip paper, whose sole purpose is to reveal the secrets and scandals of the ton. While the romance takes place, the mystery of Lady Whistledown is the top secret on everyone’s lips.


  • The original series popular Netflix show Bridgerton is based on
  • Historical regency era romance


  • Long and detailed sensuous scenes are not always paramount to the story, but are tamer than some others in the genre.

Themes: Strong female leads, scandal, romance, mystery, enemies to lovers, regency era.

Elizabeth Hoyt – Maiden Lane Series

Wicked Intentions (Maiden Lane Book 1)

Elizabeth Hoyt is another New York Times bestselling author of historical romance novels. The Maiden Lane series will most likely pique your interest. This is compiled of:

This novel series is set in the 1730s London, beginning with Wicked Intentions, a book about Lazarus Hungtington, Lord Caire who is looking for a murderer in the slums of London.

Temperance Dews, a widower, seeks to help the Lord in finding the killer, and is subsequently thrown into the world of high society, on a passionate adventure that could harm both heroes. 

This is a tale all about a woman coping with the ghosts of her past, will the secret come out? Or will romance overcome all?

Find out in this first installment of these romantic tales. The following installments follow various different characters and lovers, from Lords to pirates, all with their own dangers, passions and mysteries.


  • Heroes and heroines are bursting with complex personalities that readers can gravitate towards.
  • Stories are thrilling, filled with danger, desire, and dark deeds.


  • Some minor plot weaknesses can be frustrating.

Themes: society flirtation, scandal, lovers, sacrifice, mystery, risk & danger

Final Thoughts

Liz Carlyle is now a New York Times Bestseller, who is known for creating vivid, breathtaking worlds of romance and drama.

With themes of scandal, high stakes, risk, and finely crafted complex characters, it’s no surprise that her fans look for similar novelists. 

If you love the work of Liz Carlyle, then you will thoroughly enjoy similar novels such as the Willowmere Series by Candace Camp, the Bridgerton Family Series by Julia Quinn, or the extensive Maiden Lane series by Elizabeth Hoyt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Main Themes In Liz Carlyle’s Books?

Liz Carlyle has written many novels, but by far her most popular are the historical romance novels.

The main themes in these books are romance, allure, scandal, mystery, double life, social structures, regency era setting, and sensuality. 

What Book Is Most Similar To The Devil You Know?

If you enjoyed The Devil You Know by Liz Carlyle, then you will really enjoy To Seduce A Sinner by Elizabeth Hoyt.  

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