Authors Like Lora Leigh (8 Book Recommendations)

Lora Leigh is a New York Times bestselling author from America.

She is most famous for her collection of erotic romance novels that fit into the erotica, romance, and contemporary romance genres.

Authors Like Lora Leigh (8Book Recommendations)

Born in Ohio, Leigh started her book-writing journey in 2003. Since then, she has written and published more than 40 novels.

These include standalone stories and gripping series. Two notable book series written by Lora Leigh are Breeds and Men of August.

Many consider Lora Leigh to be one of the best erotic romance authors there is.

She is incredibly creative, passionate, and steamy with her writing. She has written a wide range of books that will get your pulse raising.

A lot of her books focus on the animalist behaviors humans possess.

In fact, her Breeds series is about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA and the humans who awaken their desire.

One of her best Breeds novels is the highly erotic, powerful, and dark Wake a Sleeping Tiger.

Other popular books Lora Leigh has written include Lion’s Heart, Lawe’s Justice, and Deadly Sins.

If you love novels like Wake a Sleeping Tiger and Deadly Sins by Lora Leigh, you’ll definitely enjoy the work of Angela Knight, Jennifer Ashley, Shiloh Walker, and Jaid Black too. These authors are also very well known for writing intense romance novels.

We’ll look at each one in more detail shortly!

Books By Lora Leigh

Wake a Sleeping Tiger: A Novel of the Breeds

Lora Leigh has a wide range of books to choose from, making it a little harder to sum up what her writing has to offer.

As a result, we’ll look at Lora’s bestselling novels to give you a good idea of what she writes.

Lora Leigh has written more than 20 erotic romance book series and 4 standalone novels. Her latest standalone book is The One.

Released in 2011, this book follows Brenna’s quest to bed Jase, the Texan hunk she’s craved since the age of 18.

Now living under his roof, her painful hunger for him consumes her.

Leigh’s bestselling book series is Breeds. This book series contains more than 20 books. Each novel starts with a different story.

However, every story centers around someone that has genetically altered, feline DNA. Each novel tells the intense, passionate, and powerful story of how desire frees each breed from their prison.

Lora Leigh’s other bestselling book series is Men of August. This series is less fantasy and more contemporary romance. Of course, the series is also highly romantic.

Each novel in this series tells dark, intense, powerful, and extremely sensual stories, most of which center around a young female and her animalistic desire to get the alpha male.

When it comes to themes we can expect from Lora Leigh’s books, we can expect sensuality, drama, danger, temptation, mystery, bad boys, suspense, shapeshifters, beasts, alpha male, paranormal, and fantasy.

Authors Like Lora Leigh

Angela Knight

Arcane Kiss (Arcane Talents 1)

Angela Knight is an American author that writes mostly sensual fantasy.

Originally a reporter and comic book author, she was first published by Red Sage in 1996.

Since then, she has gone on to publish a wide range of dark fantasies and contemporary romance novels.

Like Lora Leigh, Angela Knight writes a range of books that focus on the animalistic behaviors of man. One novel you’ll enjoy is Arcane Kiss.

This book is about a man who shares DNA with a tiger family. As you can imagine, this leads to some serious passion once his desires are unleashed.

Another intense read we recommend is Arcane Island. This is another novel that will leave you hot under the collar.

Arcane Island (Arcane Talents 3)



  • Angela Knight has only written a handful of animal-related books.

Themes: dark, fantasy, love, passion, magic, beasts, supernatural, domination, temptation, murder, mystery, and suspense.

Jennifer Ashley

The Secret of Bow Lane (A Below Stairs Mystery Book 6)

Jennifer Ashley is an American author that writes in the historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance genres.

She has been a successful author for many years and is the recipient of a wide range of awards. These include the RITA Award for Best Novel with Strong Romantic Elements.

Compared to Lora Leigh’s novels, Jennifer Ashley doesn’t write books that are as erotic. However, they are still filled with plenty of tension and desire.

She has published some novels that relate closely to Leigh’s supernatural romance books, but she mostly writes romantic crime stories.

If you want something a bit different, give The Secret of Bow Lane a try. If you’re looking for something very similar, go with Tiger’s Daughter.

Tiger's Daughter: Shifters Unbound Book 14


  • A lot of Jennifer Ashley’s novels are historically accurate.
  • Jennifer Ashley offers more mystery with her stories.
  • This author continues to release new novels.


  • Jennifer Ashley’s novels aren’t as erotic as Lora Leigh’s.

Themes: romance, drama, danger, crime, mystery, murder, secrecy, power, desire, and love.

Shiloh Walker

A Dragon's Desire (The Pretern Wars Book 2)

Shiloh Walker is an American author of contemporary romance. She has also written under the pen name J.C Daniels before now.

She began her writing career by publishing ebooks. She then went on to publish her first romance novel Her Best Friend’s Lover in 2003.

More often than not, Walker writes about paranormal and supernatural romance. It isn’t uncommon to find a heavy focus on vampires in her novels.

One of her recent novels is A Dragon’s Desire. This is a fantasy book that follows a young dragon (If you like stories with dragons in it, check out Books Like Wings Of Fire) as he faces a dilemma after falling into a forbidden love.

Fitting nicely into the paranormal genre, this novel is powerful, passionate, intense, and quite steamy.

Another popular novel Lora Leigh readers will enjoy is A Prime’s Passion. This is another paranormal romance that will keep you gripped.

A Prime's Passion (The Pretern Wars Book 1)


  • Just like Leigh, this author is firmly set in the paranormal and supernatural romance genres.
  • Like Leigh, Walker’s novels also have strong themes of shape-shifting.
  • Shiloh Walker’s books are intense, gritty, powerful, and full of temptation.


  • Shiloh Walker is another author whose books aren’t as erotic as Leigh’s.

Themes: supernatural, paranormal, love, desire, betrayal, forbidden love, mystery, murder, and vampires.

Jaid Black

Never A Slave (Warriors of Trek Mi Q'an Book 10)

The final author we have for you is Jaid Black. Black is an American author of romance novels (If you like romance novels, check out the works of Authors Like Elin Hilderbrand). She is also the founder of Ellora’s Cave publishing.

She was given the first-ever Trailblazer Award for Romantica contribution to the romance genre by Romantic Time Magazine.

In terms of what she writes, Jaid Black novels are usually centered around fantasy and supernatural entities.

One of her best romance novels is Never A Slave which centers around a Lord that has been taken to the alien planet Galis where he is forced to be a love slave.

Another great read is Strictly Taboo. This novel contains three sizzling stories of three attractive men that are off-limits.

The book is intense, unexpected, surprising, and pulse-raising.

Strictly Taboo (Trek Mi Q'an)


  • Jaid Black writes novels that are more erotic.
  • This author writes a wide range of different erotic novels, not just one genre.
  • You’ll love this author’s work if you love an alpha male.


  • A lot of Black’s work is centered around space fantasy. If you’re not interested in space fantasy, you might not enjoy all of her books.

Themes: space, fantasy, sensuality, alpha males, desire, temptation, love, and suspense.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 4 authors that write novels similar to Lora Leigh.

Whilst Lora Leigh might be the queen of sensual romance books, there are still a good variety of other authors we can enjoy.

In this guide, we showed you the 4 best authors that write similar novels to Leigh.

We explained who they are, what they write, and even gave you a handful of recommendations to get you started.

We even explained the common themes you might find in each author’s novels. These themes are what you can use to compare these authors to Lora Leigh.

All that’s left for you to do now is decide which novels you want to read first.

We must admit, this bit might be a little tricky because all the authors we have shown you are pretty great.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Lora Leigh Still Write?

A lot of you will be pleased to know that Lora Leigh does still write. In fact, she is currently in the process of finishing a handful of novels for release in 2023.

As usual, we can expect great things from the novels set to be published.

How Many Books Are In The Breeds Series By Lora Leigh?

Breeds is Lora Leigh’s most popular book series. At the time of writing, the series currently has 32 different novels. Whether Leigh is going to write anymore for this series remains to be seen.

What Is The First Book In The Breeds Series?

The first book in the Breeds series by Lora Leigh is Tempting The Beast. This is the book you should start with. The second book in the series is then The Man Within, followed by Elizabeth’s Wolf.

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