Heart-Racing Romance: 20 Authors like Lucy Score

Looking for a new romance book to fall in love with? You’ve come to the right place! These 20 masterful authors deliver perfect love stories full of emotion, suspense, and spice!

Heart-Racing Romance: 20 Authors like Lucy Score

Stephanie Fournet

Kind of Cursed

Stephanie Fournet is an Amazon bestselling author with 10 published romance novels. Some of her most popular works include Kind of Cursed, Shelter, and Someone Like Me

In the book Shelter, Elise is the daughter of Cole’s housekeeper. Cole makes Elise feel dumb and invisible, and she’s always hated him for it. But she doesn’t know that Cole has a secret, and as much as he wants Elise, he has bigger priorities in his life. When Elise learns Cole’s secret and why he acts that way, everything between them changes. 

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Claire Kingsley

Faking Ms. Right: A Hot Romantic Comedy (Dirty Martini Running Club)

Claire Kingsley has written over 45 books and is an Amazon bestselling author. Her most well-liked novels include Faking Ms. Right, Protecting You, and Book Boyfriend

Faking Ms. Right follows the story of Everly Dalton, a badass at work but a disaster in the dating world. When her billionaire boss’s ex-girlfriend tries to sabotage him, he needs a quick solution. So Everly ends up moving in with him and they pretend to date. But soon the lines start blurring, and the pretending becomes all too real.

You can read even more by Claire Kingsley here.

Katherine Center

The Bodyguard

Katherine Center is a New York Times bestselling author who specializes in contemporary fiction and romance. She is best known for novels such as The Bodyguard, Hello Stranger, and What You Wish For

What You Wish For takes place in a school, where Samantha Casey works as a librarian. When Duncan Carpenter, a man from her past, becomes the school principal, it’s the worst thing that could happen to Sam. What she didn’t count on was the fact that Duncan has changed, and he is determined to protect the school at all costs.

As the school gets more and more chaotic with the new principal, Sam and Duncan need to find a way through it, all while figuring out how to be brave and let love take over. 

You can find all of Katherine Center’s books here.

Kristy Marie

IOU: A Romantic Comedy (21 Rumors)

Kristy Marie is an Amazon top 30 bestselling author who writes sexy and emotional romance novels. Some of her most notable works include IOU, The Commander, and Rebellious. 

IOU is about two college kids, Ainsley James and Maverick Lexington. Maverick has a bit of a reputation around campus, and he is known to make some pretty crazy quid pro quo deals. So when Ainsley shows up on his doorstep, all she knows is that she needs to owe Maverick a favor, because from where she is now she has nothing to lose. 

You can purchase Kristy Marie’s novels here.

Leia Stone

Wolf Girl

Leia Stone is the USA Today bestselling author of many books and series. She is best known for writing fantasy books that have lots of spice, emotion, and suspense. Some of her most popular works include Wolf Girl, The Last Dragon King, and Fallen Academy

You can find all of Leia Stone’s books here.

Rachel Van Dyken


Rachel Van Dyken is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling author of a plethora of contemporary romance novels. Her most-loved books include Ruin, The Bet, and Elite

Ruin is about Kiersten, a girl who has been running away from her memories and finds comfort in her sadness. When Wes Michaels comes into her life, something in Kiersten changes. After just one kiss, Kiersten knows she will never be the same.

All of Rachel Van Dyken’s books can be found here.

Kathryn Nolan

Wild Open Hearts: A Bluewater Billionaires Romantic Comedy

Kathryn Nolan is the queen of slow-burn romances filled with sexual tension. Some of her most popular books are Wild Open Hearts, Strictly Professional, and Bohemian.

Wild Open Hearts introduces us to Luna da Rosa, a self-made billionaire who owns a vegan makeup brand, and Beck Mason, a man with a troubled past who now owns a struggling nonprofit that rescues dogs. 

Luna decides to help Beck, and at first they don’t get along—don’t even like each other, for that matter. But as they get to know each other better, they can’t deny the attraction that is blooming between them. 

You can find even more Kathryn Nolan books here.

Devney Perry

Indigo Ridge (The Edens)

Devney Perry is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller. She is best known for her contemporary romance books Indigo Ridge, Tattered, and The Coppersmith Farmhouse

Indigo Ridge follows Winslow Covington, the new chief of police in her small town in Montana. She’s determined to prove herself and win over the town, and all she has to do is earn favor with the town’s founding family, the Edens. The only problem? Her one-night stand with their oldest son, Griffin. 

Griffin is arrogant and insufferable and Winslow wants nothing to do with him. But when a murder takes place on his family’s property, the two have no choice but to work together to solve it.

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Winter Renshaw

The Rebound

Winter Renshaw is a #1 Amazon and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She’s written many jaw-dropping romance books like The Rebound, Love and Kerosene, and P.S. I Hate You.

P.S. I Hate You is about a waitress named Maritza who falls for Isaiah, a soldier who is about to be deployed. They share one week together before he leaves, then send letters back and forth for months. When Isaiah suddenly stops sending letters, Maritza is heartbroken…but that’s before he dares to show up in her diner, pretending he’s never seen her in his life.

You can find more books by Winter Renshaw here.

Jamie Bennett

Soft and Low

Jamie Bennett writes romance books with everything you’d want: Slow burn, enemies-to-lovers, second chances…you name it. Some of Bennett’s most popular novels include Soft and Low, The Last Whistle, and The Big Hit.

The Big Hit is the first in a series about football. Knox Lynch is a strong football player who thinks most people don’t see past his looks. Daisy McKenzie is working toward getting her college degree and putting her past behind her. When the two meet, their lives collide and they slowly realize that they have feelings for one another.

You can read more by Jamie Bennett here.

Hannah Grace

Icebreaker: A Novel (1) (The Maple Hills Series)

Hannah Grace only has one book so far, but it’s a showstopper. She published Icebreaker in November of 2022 and it’s gained quite a bit of popularity.

Anastasia Allen is a competitive figure skater who wants to be in the Olympics, and she won’t let anything stand in her way. Nathan Hawkins is the captain of the Maple Hills Titans Hockey Team. When his team has to share the rink with the ice skaters and Anastasia’s partner gets hurt, Nathan knows he has to fix it. So he steps in as Anastasia’s partner.

This book is the perfect friends-to-lovers college romance, and be prepared, because it gets pretty spicy. 

Buy Hannah Grace’s book here.

S.B. Alexander

Dare to Kiss (Maxwell)

S.B. Alexander has some great romance books that feature angst, family drama, emotional moments, and suspense. Her most well-liked books include Dare To Kiss, Breaking Rules, and My Heart to Hold

Dare To Kiss follows Lacey Robinson, a girl who loves baseball and wants to get a good scholarship. But when she suddenly loses her mom and sister to a home invasion, Lacey’s life is turned upside down. She moves across the country to try and start fresh and help her PTSD.

At Lacey’s new high school, she wants to play baseball but the captain doesn’t want a girl on the team. As Lacey tries to convince him, she meets Kade, a sexy bad boy in who she takes an immediate interest. As all this happens, Lacey is still dealing with her PTSD, and she knows she has to find a way to heal if she wants anything to work out. 

You can read more by S.B. Alexander here.

Emilia Finn

Pawns In The Bishop's Game (Checkmate Series)

Emilia Finn is the author of over 40 successful novels. She excels in the contemporary romance category and is loved by many. Some of her most popular books are Pawns in the Bishop’s Game, Finding Home, and Because of You.

All of Finn’s books are thrilling, steamy, and suspenseful, and will leave you wanting more. Good thing most are part of a series!

You can read even more books by Emilia Finn here.

Claudia Connor

Worth the Fall (The McKinney Brothers, Book 1)

Claudia Connor is the author of many different New York Times and USA Today bestselling books. Her books are heartfelt and emotional with a bit of spice added in. Some of her most popular works include The McKinney Brothers series, Love at Last, and Worth the Wait.

Find all of Claudia Connor’s novels here.

Meghan Quinn

A Not So Meet Cute

Meghan Quinn is the author of a whopping 98 books, according to Goodreads. Her fans love her for her witty humor and steamy romance. Some of Quinn’s most popular works include A Not So Meet Cute, The Highland Fling, and The Reunion.

The Highland Fling follows Bonnie St. James, a woman who has just lost her job and doesn’t know what to do next. When Bonnie and her friend see a “help wanted” sign for a coffee shop in Ireland, they decide to apply. Next thing she knows, Bonnie is welcomed by Rowan MacGregor, a local handyman who wants nothing to do with the quirky American.

But as time passes and sparks begin to fly, both of them fall for each other in the most unexpected way.

You can read more by Meghan Quinn here.

Max Monroe

Tapping the Billionaire (Billionaire Bad Boys)

Max Monroe is another duo author team, and they are a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. With over 30 books to their name, fans love their fun and sexy romance stories. Favorites include Tapping the Billionaire, The Bet, and Dr. OB

Tapping the Billionaire is about Georgia Cummings, who knows that she is not the luckiest when it comes to dating and is ready to write men off for good. But she can’t stop fantasizing about her boss, Kline Brooks. They both know that the two of them are supposed to be strictly professional, but they can’t seem to stay away from each other.

Find more novels by Max Monroe here.

Pippa Grant

The Last Eligible Billionaire

Pippa Grant is a USA Today and #1 Amazon bestselling author of over 50 books. She specializes in romantic comedies like The Last Eligible Billionaire, Flirting With The Frenemy, and Mister McHottie

Flirting With The Frenemy is about Ellie Ryder, a woman who is trying to survive her best friend’s wedding where her ex will be. To do this, Ellie gets a fake boyfriend to go with her. The only problem? Ellie’s brother’s best friend, Wyatt, A.K.A. her super sexy sworn enemy. And when Wyatt scares off Ellie’s fake boyfriend by pretending to be her real boyfriend, things start to get crazy.

Read more by Pippa Grant here.

Mariana Zapata

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me: A Novel

Mariana Zapata is the author of many contemporary romance books, including The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, From Lukov With Love, and Kulti.

Kulti is about Sal Casillas, a woman who finally gets to meet the soccer player she’s worshipped since she was a kid. Not only that, but he’s her new coach. But Kulti isn’t expecting him to be what he is.

This is a slow-burn, hate-to-love book about passion, heartbreak, and romance. 

You can find all of Mariana Zapata’s books here.

Elle Cosimano

Finlay Donovan Is Killing It: A Novel (The Finlay Donovan Series, 1)

Elle Cosimano is a USA Today Bestseller who writes amazing thriller romance books. Her most popular include Finlay Donovan is Killing It, Seasons of the Storm, and Nearly Gone.

These books are mainly thriller mysteries, but they also have some romantic plots with characters that you’ll be rooting for.

Find more by Elle Cosimano here.

Christina Lauren

Love and Other Words

Christina Lauren is a co-author duo of two long-time best friends. Together, they have written a multitude of #1 New York Times bestselling novels, many of which have been translated into 30+ languages. Some of their most-loved works include Love and Other Words, The Soulmate Equation, and Josh and Hazel’s Guide to Not Dating.

Love and Other Words is about Mary Sorenson, an ambitious worker who is planning her wedding to a boring, older man who is financially secure. But life seems to have other plans when she runs into her first love, Elliot Petropoulos. 

This book is told at two different times: Now, when Mary and Elliot have just reconnected, and then, when they were teens falling in love for the first time. 

Find all of Christina Lauren’s books here.


What is Lucy Score’s most popular novel?

Lucy Score has a multitude of bestsellers, but right now her most popular is probably one of her newer books that came out in 2022, Things We Never Got Over.

How many novels does Lucy Score have?

Right now, Lucy Score has 52 books according to Goodreads.

What genre is Lucy Score?

Lucy Score mainly writes contemporary romance and romantic comedies. 
Her books cross several book genres, notably touching on sub-genres like women’s lit, contemporary romance, new adult romance (in parts), chick lit, and YA romance.

Reading order cheat sheet: Which books did Lucy Score write?

1 – Pretend You’re Mine (-2015)
2 – Protecting What’s Mine (2020)
3 – Finally Mine (2018)

Blue Moon
Prequel: Where It All Began: Blue Moon Prequel (2017)
1 – No More Secrets (2016)
2 – Fall Into Temptation (2016)
3 – The Last Second Chance (2016)
4 – Not Part of the Plan (2017)
5 – Holding On to Chaos (2017)
6 – The Fine Art of Faking It (2018)
7 – The Mistletoe Kisser (2020)

Bootleg Springs
1 – Whiskey Chaser (2018)
2 – Sidecar Crush (-2018)
3 – Moonshine Kiss 2018)
4 – Bourbon Bliss (2019)
5 – Gin Fling (2019)
6 – Highball Rush (2019)

Border Trilogy I
1 – Border Bride (2001)
2 – Border Fire (2000)
3 – Border Storm (2001)

Riley Thorn
1 – Riley Thorn and the Dead Guy Next Door (2020)
2 – Riley Thorn and the Corpse in the Closet (2021)
3 – Riley Thorn and the Blast from the Past (2022)

Sinner and Saint
1 – Crossing the Line (2016)
2 – Breaking the Rules (2016)

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