Authors Like Maggie Shayne (10 Book Recommendations)

Do you have a passion for romantic novels? If so, Maggie Shayne may be one of your favorite authors.

Maggie Shayne is a prolific American writer who is responsible for more than 70 books.

Authors Like Maggie Shayne (10 Book Recommendations)

Many of Shayne’s novels cover paranormal narratives that pair romance with the supernatural.

Many of these romances take place in small-town settings. As an experienced author, Shayne has dipped into a range of different genres and writing styles.

Shayne is best known for her Wings in the Night Series.

Starting in 1993 with the release of Twilight Phantasies, this brilliant book series now contains 18 different texts.

Filled with lust, this is a fantastical romance series championed by lovers of vampires.

Aside from this massive series, Shayne is also the mastermind behind the Immortal Series, Fairies Of Rush, Oklahoma All-Girl Brands Series, Texas Brands Series, and the Secrets of Shadow Falls Series to name just a few. 

If you are a Maggie Shayne fan, there are plenty of books for you to dive into!

If you enjoyed Maggie Shayne’s books, such as Twilight Phantasies, By Magic Beguiled, Bloodline, or Twilight Guardians, then you will probably devour the writing of Nalini Singh, Sherrilyn Woodward, Lora Leigh, Meljean Brook, and J. R. Ward. Discover the brilliant books that you need to read!

Books By Maggie Shayne

Books By Maggie Shayne

As stated, Maggie Shayne is an impressively prolific author who has published a large number of books (see also “Sarah Addison Allen“).

Her books primarily reside within the romance genre. However, the romantic relationships contained within Shayne’s writing aren’t always idealistic.

Instead, they often feature intoxicating relationships that are filled with lust.

Shayne’s romance novels typically have a fantasy element.

For instance, the aforementioned Twilight Phantasies follows the narrative of a unique woman named Tamara Dey.

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Tamara meets a mysterious stranger known as Eric Marquand. Eric is a vampire who is attracted to Tamara’s blood. Tamata and Eric are connected by bloodlust.

Meanwhile, the Fairies of Rush Series begins with By Magic Beguiled. This book is also centered around a passionate romance.

The book follows Adam Reid, who experienced a relationship with a magical woman at a young age.

As an adult, Adam is reunited with this bewitching woman. It’s an exploration of deep-rooted passion.

Common themes that reappear in Shayne’s books include romance, magic, passion, suspense, and the paranormal.

So if you are interested in any of these themes, it’s worth checking out some of the aforementioned books.

By Magic Beguiled (By Magic... Book 1)

Vampires and blood are recurring images in Shayne’s works. These vampires often work as physical embodiments of the lust and passion experienced by her characters.

For instance, the first book of the rebooted Wings in the Night Series, entitled Twilight Guardians, is centered around Charlie O’Malley’s quest for revenge.

Charlie seeks vengeance against the vampire that gave her a rare blood condition. 

Authors Like Maggie Shayne

Nalini Singh

Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changelings, Book 1)

Singh is a fantastic paranormal romance writer from New Zealand (If you like paranormal romance themed books, check out Books Like Bayou Moon).

This award-winning author has appeared on numerous best-selling lists thanks to her prowess in the romance genre.

Singh’s debut series is also perhaps her most well-known. The Psy-Changeling Series first started in 2006 with the release of Slave To Sensation

This novel is set in a complex fantasy world in which Psy rules society. In this world, emotion is forbidden and removed through psychic erasure.

Lucas Hunter represents the passion that this world shuns. He soon becomes captivated by Sascha, a Psy who is capable of feeling these emotions.

Lucas and Sascha come from different lives, but they nonetheless become intertwined.


  • Singh’s writing can be cerebral, elevating it above other romance novels.
  • Filled with romance, Singh is perfect if you enjoyed the risqué elements of Shayne’s writing.


  • Though she is a paranormal romance writer, not all of Singh’s books feature fantasy elements. 

Themes: Romance, Passion, Lust

Sherrilyn Woodward

The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, Vol. 1 (Volume 1) (The Dark-Hunters, 1)

If you enjoy the paranormal romance genre, you may already be familiar with the Dark-Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Woodward/ Kenyon.

Consisting of various novels, short stories, and novellas, the Dark-Hunter Series is extremely extensive.

The good news is that if you were gripped by Woodward’s writing, there is plenty of material for you to read!

This supernatural world features beings known as Dark-Hunters, who sacrifice their souls to claim vengeance against the people that killed them (If you like stories with supernatural themes, you might want to check out Stranger Things and other books like it here).

If you are interested in this series, The Dark-Hunter is the best starting point.

Written under a pseudonym, Woodward’s Sword of Darkness is extraordinary if you prefer something a little different.


  • There are numerous entries in the Dark-Hunter Series. So if you are hooked by these books, you will have material to read for a long time.
  • Through these numerous entries, Woodwards creates fascinating lore surrounding Dark-Hunters.


  • While romance features in Woodward’s writing, arguably the fantasy elements take center stage. This may not be suitable for readers who adore the romantic elements of Shayne’s novels.

Themes: Romance, Vengeance, Family

Lora Leigh 

Tempting the Beast (Breeds Book 1)

American author Lora Leigh is renowned for her erotic romance novels. Her work is perhaps best described as a guilty pleasure.

Though her books may not be the most cerebral, you will nonetheless be bewitched by the complex and lustful romances that she crafts.

Leigh has written several stand-alone stories, such as Time Share: Amelia’s Journey and Sealed With A Wish. The Breeds Series is likely what made Lora Leigh famous.

Tempting the Beast is the first book in this sensational series.

Featuring what is known as a Breed, this series features fantastical mergings of animals and humans. In this strange world, tantalizing romances still occur.


  • The Men of August Series is significantly deeper and more interesting than the average romance novel.
  • The fantastical elements of Leigh’s writing align nicely with that of Maggie Shayne. She creates fabulous fantasy scenarios that add to the sense of romance.


  • Leigh struggles somewhat with world-building, thus creating a universe that feels inconsistent.

Themes: Romance, Wilderness, Animosity, Consequences

J. R. Ward

Black Dagger Brotherhood World Series Books 1 - 10 Collection Set by J.R. Ward (Dark Lover, Eternal, Awakened, Revealed, Unbound, Enshrined, Avenged, Mine, Unleashed & Reborn)

Jessica Bird is an exciting writer who uses numerous pseudonyms.

Under the pen name J. R. Ward, she produces phenomenal paranormal romance novels (If you like parnormal romance, check out Books Like Wolf Hunt). Her most iconic work is arguably The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.

Featuring a society known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood, these books present the complex relationship between a group of vampire warriors and de-souled humans.

This thrilling narrative begins in Dark Lover.

It depicts an all-consuming romance between a vampire named Wrath and a half-breed named Beth Randall who is unaware of her origins.

This series even includes erotic Christmas novels, such as Where Winter Finds You, that are bound to get you in the festive spirit.


  • If you appreciate the vampire narratives that Shayne constructs, The Black Dagger Brotherhood Series will be right up your alley
  • Many of Ward’s books share the same characters, which helps to create the sense of a shared universe.


  • Because Ward has produced so many books, the quality can be a little inconsistent. Picking the right book is essential. 

Themes: Romance, Eroticism, Identity, Forbidden Love, Lust

Meljean Brook

Demon Angel (The Guardians series Book 1)

Our final pick is Meljean Brook, whose fantasy romance novels are in the same region as Maggie Shayne.

However, her books have a unique cyberpunk flavor. So if you enjoy books with a futuristic or cyberpunk vibe, Brook is an outstanding option.

Up first in The Guardian Series, Brook’s Demon Angel is a supernatural erotic romance novel centered around a demon named Lilith.

If you crave some steamy romance, this brilliant book is sure to be a hit.

Meanwhile, if you prefer something with a cyberpunk aesthetic, Brook’s The Iron Seas Series will be a marvelous match.

Launched by The Iron Duke, this book series is all about seductive and dangerous adventures in a steampunk setting.


  • Like Shayne, Meljean Brook creates steamy romances with fantasy elements.
  • The Iron Seas Series has a distinctive vibe thanks to its steampunk romances. This allows the book to stand out from other entries in this genre.


  • Compared to other romance novels, Brook’s writing can occasionally be quite slow.

Themes: Romance, Eroticism, Rebellious Romance, Romantic Chemistry, Adventure.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! If you’ve made your way through the books of Maggie Shayne, you might be wondering what you should read next.

Thankfully, there are loads of different wonderful writers out there for you to try, as this list demonstrates.

Our suggestions cover similar themes and genres as much of Shayne’s work, inducing fantasy and romance.

So why not experiment with some of these authors? Ideal for fans of Maggie Shayne, these books are bound to capture your imagination and provide a captivating reading experience!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Maggie Shayne Book?

Of course, everyone has a different reaction to each of Shayne’s books.

In our opinion, Shayne’s best book is Twilight Phantasies, which is arguably her most iconic book.

Is Maggie Shayne An Award-Winning Writer?

Yes, Shayne has won numerous awards.

This includes the Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award 1992-1993, New Jersey Romance Writers Golden Leaf Award for Best Long Contemporary 1993, and Romance Writers of America RITA Award winner 2005.

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