Passionate Romance: The 20 Best Authors Like Morgan Elizabeth

Any lover of romance will have certain authors whose work they return to again and again. Whether it’s their prose style or the dynamic of the characters, something about these authors strikes a chord in readers and can keep them coming back for more. 

Passionate Romance: The 20 Best Authors Like Morgan Elizabeth

Morgan Elizabeth is undoubtedly one of these authors, with the Springbook Hills series captivating anyone who was in search of a steamy love story. Other books like The Ex Files and Tis the Season for Revenge have helped Morgan Elizabeth develop a strong fanbase, and they’re looking forward to her 2023 release of Diamond Fortress

But if you can’t get enough of Morgan Elizabeth’s work, there are plenty of other authors who can scratch the same itch for you. These are the 20 authors we think are both similar to her work and outstanding in their own right. 

Tessa Bailey 

A Line of Duty

In the tradition of many great romance writers, Tessa Bailey is prolific, with 12 series and a handful of standalone books. Her first series, Line of Duty, centers around the romance of police officers and brings in elements of crime and risk-taking that fans enjoy. Bailey pulls these themes into books like My Killer Vacation as well, though she has plenty of work to cover any subgenre you could want.

Monica Murphy 

One Week Girlfriend

With over 90 distinct works to her name, Monica Murphy has proven that she’s a master of steamy romances that feature lovable characters and satisfying endings. Her flagship series is One Week Girlfriend, a 6-book story about a couple that must navigate secrets and their circumstances to reach a happy ending. Her most recent book, Promises We Meant to Keep, brings together a woman and her brother’s best friend who she betrayed years ago. 

Sasha Leone 

Ruthless Dynasty

Known for dark, sensual books about mafia kings and the women they love, Sasha Leone is perfect for those who want a bit of intrigue in their romance. Her latest series, Ruthless Dynasty, will appeal to those who like the darker side of Elizabeth’s books, as it is a captive romance that begins with a “marry me or die” proposal and ends in love. 

Ali Hazelwood

The Love Hypothesis

If you prefer the contemporary romance side of Elizabeth’s work, Ali Hazelwood is the obvious choice. Her bestseller The Love Hypothesis brings love into the science laboratory, and Love on the Brain follows it up with an enemies-to-lovers narrative between neuro-engineers. Hazelwood’s novels take a lighthearted and romantic approach, but still have the same passionate love scenes that fans expect from Morgan Elizabeth, with some added commentary about women in STEM.

Lucy Score

Blue Moon

Lucy Score has a little bit of something for every romance lover out there. From Blue Moon, a romantic comedy series set on a small farm that a big city journalist comes to visit, to Whiskey Chaser, a small town romance that this time must contend with a cold case. Score has a gift for capturing the culture of a small town, making you wish you lived there, and then showing you the seedy underbelly – all through the eyes of a couple you grow to love. 

Christina Lauren 

The Beautiful Series

Perhaps one of the biggest names in modern romance novels, Christina Lauren is a given for any fan of Morgan Elizabeth to try out. With over 75 credits to her name, there is likely a Lauren book out there for everyone. Her first series, starting with Beautiful Bastard, became a bestseller after making it big on fanfiction websites and is continually updated for re-release, with high praise for its sensual and sassy tone. The newest Christina Lauren book, The True Love Experiment, is set to drop in May 2023. 

Ana Huang 

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Similar to Morgan Elizabeth, Ana Huang writes everything from light-hearted romcoms to tales of dark love. But all Huang’s books share a common thread of steamy scenes, couples that make you swoon, and an engrossing plot. For those who love to watch enemies become lovers, the Twisted series comes highly recommended. Her latest series, King of Sin, is a collection of billionaire romances that each focus on a main character plagued by one of the seven deadly sins.

Meghan Quinn 

Royally In Trouble: A Royal Romance Duet (Not Really Royal Book 2)

With 98 books under her belt, Meghan Quinn is a master of the passionate romance genre . Her works span everything from contemporary romantic comedies like the upcoming Royally in Trouble to sports-themed series like the Brentwood Boys collection. Quinn’s books tend to stay on the light-hearted and steamy side, steering away from twisted and dark themes, but there is still something for everyone in her library. 

Erin Hawkins

Reluctantly Yours

Erin Hawkins is the author of five books, each as steamy and romantic as the next. Her latest, Reluctantly Yours, is a classic fake dating story with an unrequited love undercurrent, and is the first in an upcoming series. Her first series, Best Laid Plans and its sequel Not in the Plans, follow the steamy and complicated relationship between a woman and the fertility doctor she is supposed to be seeing as a patient. 

Trilina Pucci 

Filthy Little Pretties (The scandalous series)

With a proclivity for mysterious and twisted romances, Trilina Pucci will appeal to fans of Morgan Elizabeth’s darker works. Her most recent Prep series, starting with Filthy Little Pretties, is a scandalous take on high schools and just how intense they can become. Everything from friends-to-lovers to a true love-hate relationship can be found in a Trilina Pucci book, each as enthralling as the last. 

Shain Rose 

Tarnished Empire

You would be forgiven if you saw a Shain Rose book cover and assumed it was a fantasy series, rather than the romance that it is. That’s because all of Rose’s work has an edge to it, always including angst and secrets before readers enjoy the happily ever after. Many of her works are based in mafia stories, with arranged marriages and forced proximity often at the forefront, especially in her latest Tarnished Empire collection. For those who prefer the billionaire genre, Rose’s Stonewood Billionaire Brothers series is also a highly revered choice. 

Becka Mack

Playing For Keeps

Best known for the Playing for Keeps series, Becka Mack writes romance that is meant to be an emotional roller coaster for fans. The series of standalone books are interconnected, focusing on professional hockey players and their escapades, including everything from their intimate lives to the women they end up with. Mack also wrote Love You Wild, a billionaire romance about a woman who has been betrayed. 

Elsie Silver 

Flawless (Special Edition) (Chestnut Springs)

While Morgan Elizabeth spans subgenres of romance, Elsie Silver has mastered one particular one: small-town romances with a sassy, romantic dynamic between strong women and their ideal partners. Flawless and Heartless, both part of the Chestnut Springs series, both capture this perfectly. The next installment, Powerless, is due to be released in February 2023 and focuses on two childhood friends on a road trip, hoping to heal their broken hearts.

Maren Moore

The Mistletoe Bet

Maren Moore is a pseudonym for another author who typically writes dark romance and wanted to dabble in happily ever afters. That means you know exactly what you’re getting with a Maren Moore book – a fun romp and a happy ending. Moore’s latest, The Mistletoe Bet, is a Hallmark movie in book form, complete with awkward family dynamics and a bet that must be completed. Moore also penned the Totally Pucked (no typo!) series, which each feature a hockey player as the male lead. 

Liz Tomforde 

Windy City Series

Part of the escapism of romance novels is that, sometimes, you know the story is twisted and love it anyway. But Liz Tomforde is perfect for those who want a bit of a healthier dynamic in their fiction – her books are all sports-focused and strive to depict healthy and stable relationships. She describes her heroes as “alpha, yet vulnerable” and their romantic interests as strong women, though each pair brings something unique to the reader’s experience. 

Stephanie Archer

That Kind of Guy (The Queen's Cove Series)

While Stephanie Archer’s books all feature spicy love scenes and plenty of drama, she’s also known for cutting humor. Her first book, That Kind of Guy, is a fake engagement romp with enemies to lovers and high stakes. The Wrong Mr. Right and In Your Dreams, Holden Rhodes are standalone books that function as companion pieces, all in the Queen’s Cove universe. Archer is perfect for those who want banter and maybe even some romantic tension on their way to a happy ending. 

Meg Reading 

The Fantasy League (The League)

With a classic romcom feel, a Meg Reading book is sure to leave you swooning and smiling. Readers can enjoy The Fantasy League, a contemporary fake dating romance, or a cozy holiday love story in Christmas in Comets Valley. Reading tends toward the sweet and wholesome side of romance, but that doesn’t mean the books lack any of the spice that Morgan Elizabeth readers know and love. 

Sophie Lark 


For those who prefer the fantasy genre, Sophie Lark marries paranormal tales with the passionate romance of a Morgan Elizabeth book and the popular mafia romance genre. Her Underworld and Brutal Birthright series are well-loved in the dark mafia genre, and The CEO of Cristo delves into the secret baby billionaire romance genre. But even with the dark themes and unusual elements, a Sophie Lark book always guarantees a happy ending.

Max Monroe

The Doctor Is In

A team of two writers using a pen name, Max Monroe books cover just about every popular romance genre a reader could ask for. With multiple billionaire series, the St. Luke’s series about doctors, and even a collection of books about single dads seeking love, there is something for every romance lover in the Max Monroe catalog. Monroe’s books tend towards the fun and witty side of the genre, promising jokes and happy endings, rather than dark or twisted themes. 

J.T. Geissinger

Liars Like Us (Morally Gray Book 1)

For the fans of morally gray romance novels, there is no better fit than J.T. Geissinger – in fact, her newest series is called the Morally Gray collection, beginning with the 2023 Liars Like Us. In the novel, a struggling business owner agrees to marry a rich man in exchange for financial help, but he’s not the gentleman that he seems. Fans of paranormal romance can also delve into Geissinger’s books, with her early Night Prowler series bringing mysterious creatures into the genre. 


What books has Morgan Elizabeth written?

Morgan Elizabeth has published a total of 12 books. Her Springbook Hills series includes four books – The Distraction, The Protector, The Substitution, The Connection, and The Playlist – as well as a few companion novellas.  Three novels make up the Ocean View collection, and Tis the Season for Revenge is a standalone Christmas romance. Most recently, she is putting out Diamond Fortress, a sequel to Ivory Tower in the Mastermind Duet.

Who are the best romance authors?

There are more romance authors in the world than anyone could possibly count! Your favorite will depend heavily on the tone and subgenre you choose. Popular authors like Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel can offer an introduction to various types of romance before you delve into others. Authors like Morgan Roberts also cover a lot of ground, with both wholesome romantic comedies are darker themes in their catalog of books. 

Are Morgan Elizabeth books explicit?

Yes, most Morgan Elizabeth books are considered explicit. The level of detail varies based on book – for example, the Springbook Hills series is likely to contain more steamy material than Tis the Season for Revenge and others, but these are all considered adult romance books.

Does Morgan Elizabeth have a new book?

The next Morgan Elizabeth book is set to be published on January 31, 2023. It is called Diamond Fortress and is book 2 in the Mastermind Duet. Diamond Fortress follows Lilah, who begins working at Jerzy Girls to get revenge on a family who hurt her. Lilah finds herself not only infiltrating the family, but doing so alongside a mysterious man who has recently come into her life. Together, they work to take down the family and earn each other’s trust.

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