Authors Like Nancy Thayer (4 Book Recommendations)

From Nantucket, Massachusetts, Nancy Thayer is an extremely successful American novelis.

With over 30 published books, Thayer has been allowing us to indulge in the world of contemporary dramas for over 40 years. 

Authors Like Nancy Thayer (4 Book Recommendations)

In 1980, Thayer released her first book, Stepping, a tale about love and what that can entail when it comes to family.

Thayer then went on to publish numerous books about romance in times of hardship, including her 4-part series Hot Flash Club

Thayer has gone on to become a New York Time Bestseller with her novel, All The Days of Summer.

She continues to inspire and work well into her retirement, showcasing her passion for creating something truly incredible with her words. 

If you have read everything that Nancy Thayer has to offer, and you are looking to find someone similar, then this article is for you.

We have authors that explore similar themes and provide the same sense of wonder below. 

Let’s get into it! 

If you love the works of Nancy Thayer such as Stepping, Hot Flash Club, and All The Days of Summer then you will adore the work of Karen White and Mary Alice Monroe. Keep reading to discover which books you should read next. 

Books By Nancy Thayer

Books By Nancy Thayer 

As mentioned above, Nancy Thayer has written and published around 30 books over the course of her career. 

However, she is most known for the 2009 novel, Summer House.

Following thirty-year-old Charlotte Wheelwright, you are transported to their annual summer retreat set in Nantucket, where the family begin to wonder where their inheritance will go. 

Summer House: A Novel

Dealing with themes of growth, family, and betrayal, this inspiring drama is perfect for anyone looking to escape from their own problems and dive into someone else’s.

While there is little romance in this novel, you discover that love can come from other places, family. 

Thayer is also known for her incredible romance, The Guest CottageReleased in 2016, The Guest Cottage is a wonderful, heartwarming story.

Two strangers rent the same cottage and must decide whether to share, or leave. This is the perfect story of discovery and falling in love. 

The Hot Flash Club: A Novel

Often described as the perfect summer romance, this book is simple yet elegant. It is especially wonderful if you happen to be missing some romance in your personal life.

Curl up with a fresh cup of coffee and lose yourself in the utter brilliance that is The Guest Cottage.


Throughout her many books, Thayer, explores a plethora of themes. However, there are a few that keep returning:


Romance is the most prominent and most common theme that can be seen within Nancy Thayer’s work.

Whether you love a slow burner or want them to fall deeply, madly in love from the first page, Thayer has a book that is sure to have you swooning. 


As you work your way through Thayers catalog, you will come across varying themes of growth.

Whether the main character is growing up in the first few chapters, or they need a while to realize what to do, you will always put your Thayer novel down feeling empowered and inspired. 

Authors Like Nancy Thayer 

While Nancy Thayers is an excellent author that can have you engrossed in the words on the page with just the first line, there are authors that are similar and will give you the same feeling. 

Are you ready to add something new to your reading list? Then keep reading!

Karen White 

The Last Night in London

From Tulsa, Oklahoma, Karen White is a successful American novelist that specializes in the genre of romance.

Having been named as a New York Times Bestseller in 2009 and then multiple times thereafter, it is no surprise that White is extremely popular and successful. 

In 2021, White released one of her most successful novels, The Last Night In London, With friendship at the forefront of the tale, two young friends stumble their way through life together from the times of war all the way to present day London. 

If you are looking for a book that will grip you by the heart strings and have you turning the page rather than going to bed, then this book is definitely for you. 

The Sound of Glass, published in 2015, this book has been loved and cherished by thousands of White fans.

Follow the journey of Merritt Heyward as she moves back to her childhood town and deals with the untimely death of her husband.

This book deals with self-discovery, mystery, and heartbreak as Heyward is forced to step out of her comfort zone and begin uncovering a lifetime of lies and deception. 

The Sound of Glass will have you hooked with the first line, perfect for a vacation or some nighttime reading. 

Pros And Cons Of Karen White 

Karen White is a successful author known for her intriguing and gripping style of writing that will keep you on the edge of your seat (see also “Authors Like Karen Rose“). However, there are some pros and cons to reading her work. 

White is exponential when it comes to writing about tragedy, loss, and even abuse in different forms.

You will never know what is to come on the next page as her plots are planned in extreme detail to keep you guessing until the last word. 

While White plans each plot to be thrilling and enticing, her themes can be extremely heavy for some readers.

So, if you are in the mood for something light and easy then you may want to find something else. 

Another pro to reading the works of White is the way she deals with romance and love.

Recognizing that love doesn’t always come from a romantic relationship, romance is generally an underlying theme, while true love is found in friendships and family. Her style of writing can be extremely uplifting. 

Mary Alice Monroe 

The Beach House (The Beach House, 1)

South Carolina’s New York Times Bestselling author, Mary Alice Monroe, is a magnificent writer.

Since 1999, Monroe has been writing tales of love, and the intriguing parallels between nature and human nature. 

She is a forward conservationist who serves on the South Carolina Aquarium Board Emeritus, The Leatherback Trust, The Pat Conroy and many others.

She has volunteered for over twenty years with the Island Turtle Team. Not to mention the numerous awards she has been awarded for her penmanship. 

In 2002, Monroe released one of her bestselling books, The Beach House.

Mary Alice Monroe, who is renowned for creating heartfelt characters and being emotionally open with her readers.

Offers them a gorgeously written tale that examines the brittle yet enduring relationship between mothers and daughters.

Since then 6 installments have been added to the series, with the 2021 release, The Summer of Lost and Found, being the latest.

Linnea Rutledge is forced to face some tiring challenges throughout this novel with a specific focus on the plight of injured sea turtles. 

With a new flame burning and an old flame coming back to life, Rutledge is forced to make some life altering decisions, but how will it turn out? 

Monroe uses her voice in various ways, never scared to speak out on controversial or heartbreaking topics.

Her books will leave you feeling empowered and heartbroken all in one sentence. Truly magical. 

Pros And Cons Of Mary Alice Monroe 

One of the biggest pros of reading Monroe’s work is her focus on the wildlife surrounding her in the South.

You can sense just how deeply she cares for the nature she is surrounded by and why you should too. 

Monroe is not afraid to discuss hard topics such as Cancer, loss, betrayal, and the damage to our environment. However, this can become rather heavy to read. 

Final Thoughts 

Nancy Thayer is an extremely talented author who has really taken the time over her career to develop and master her craft. 

Over 40 years, Thayer has published over 30 novels including her New York Time Bestselling series, Hot Flash Club.

When reading the work of Thayer you will be transported to the world of Austin, where challenges are taken head on and there is always a new romance to be ignited. 

Although, if you are looking for something new then we have authors similar to Nancy Thayer that bring their own twist to the table.

The works of Karen White and Mary Alice Monroe are sure to keep you turning the page. 

Whether you prefer a slow burning romance or something a little more hard hitting, there is an author and a book for you to fall in love with! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Did Mary Alice Monroe Go To College?

Monroe was raised in the suburbs of Chicago with five brothers and four sisters.

She studied journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, after attending the Ted Liss Studio for Performing Arts in Chicago.

Is The Summer of Lost and Found Part Of A Series?

This most recent installment in the New York Times bestseller Beach House series is a current, poignant, and compassionate story about tenacity, love, and the ties of family in the face of enormous and occasionally devastating upheaval.

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