Authors Like Rachel Gibson (19+ Fantastic Fiction Recommendations)

Rachel Gibson is a successful American author who has written lots of contemporary romance novels. She published her first novel in 1998 – Simply Irresistible.

Over the years, Gibson has won lots of awards for her great novels including being on the New York Times bestseller award.

Authors Like Rachel Gibson

She has also won a Golden Heart award along with many others.

Gibson has released many different novels with her latest being Drop Dead Gorgeous in 2022.

This novel is a single novel and is not part of a series. Gibson has also written the Chinooks Hockey Team series.

This is a very successful series by Gibson that was started in 1998 with Simply Irresistible. The last novel in the series was written in 2017 named The Art Of Running In Heels.

If you love Rachel Gibson’s work, then you’ll love the work of similar authors Kat Latham, Michelle Mannon, and Melanie Ting. Read on to find out which books you should check out! 

Books By Rachel Gibson 

Gibson is a pioneer in the subgenre of contemporary romance novels. She began this genre with the Seattle Chinooks series. 

See Jane Score (Chinooks Hockey Team Book 2)

Rachel Gibson is one of the bestselling authors of the genre, credited with driving it forward with oodles of substance and nuance.

She had four of her novels in the Top Ten Favorite Books Of The Year list compiled by Romance Writers of America.

She paved the way for a lot of other authors who have since written in this genre. These authors had somewhere to turn to and themes and features to follow.

Gibson is probably most well known for her Chinooks Hockey Team series. In this series, the 7 novels start with Simply Irresistible.

These novels were very popular and they set her up for success. She has become very popular with these novels and they are very well known.

True Confessions and Not Another Bad Date are two of her most successful works, as they were awarded the RITA award. She has also won the Golden Heart Award and the National Reader’s Choice award.

Gibson has written many novels that are not part of a series.

She has also written some novellas over time which have also been very successful and are part of the same series established by her serial novels.

Gibson published her first novel named Simply Irresistible in 1998. She has since become a bestselling author in USA Today and the New York Times.

She has won many awards including the Golden Heart Award and the National Reader’s Choice.

She has also written the bestselling romantic comedy novel The Trouble With Valentine’s Day.

The Trouble with Valentine's Day

Themes In Rachel Gibson’s Work 

There are many themes present in Rachel Gibson’s work. These include the following:


The most successful series by Rachel Gibson is the Chinooks Hockey Team series.

It has lots of sports running throughout it, and, even if you’re not a big sports fan, it will have you hooked!


While there are other notable themes to speak of, romance is the driving force behind most of Gibson’s work.

She incorporates comedy in with romance to create very successful novels.

Authors Like Rachel Gibson 

There are many authors similar to Rachel Gibson.

Kat Latham 

Kat Lathan is a romance novelist who writes contemporary romance. Her work has a lusty edge and she also writes about sports teams and similar things.

Knowing the Score (London Legends Book 1)

Lathan was born in California and moved to Europe a day after graduating from UCLA. She has taught English in various countries across the world and she has also worked in London.

She currently lives in the Netherlands where she writes lots of stories.

Her novel Knowing The Score is where it all began. It follows the story of a rugby player with a very outrageous past.

In this story, he gives up his celibacy vow to sleep with a virgin who is overcoming her intimacy fear.

You should also read some of the other novels in the London Legends Rugby Club series, such as Playing It Close and Tempting The Player.

Tempting the Player: London Legends Rugby Club

Pros Of Kat Latham

  • If you’re a fan of a good contemporary romance series, Kat Latham is your girl. With the series that follows from the novel Knowing The Score, you will get your fill of this type of novel.
  • She has written lots of great contemporary romance novels that are based around sports.
  • There are plenty of books to enjoy by Kat Latham as she has written many different stories.

Cons Of Kat Latham

  • If you’re looking for something slightly different within the contemporary romance genre, you won’t find that with Kat Latham. She follows all of the classic themes and features of the genre.

Themes: Sports, romance, friendship, passion.

Michelle Mannon 

Michelle Mannon is a romance writer who has been writing since 2012. She has won the Romantic Times Magazine’s top picks award.

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Her books have been sold in a lot of different places all over the world including digitally, in print, and on Audible.

Michelle loves to depict lots of anti-heroes and villains and she also explores the unexpected.

She continues to write lots of novels and to date, she has written a contemporary sports romance series.

Michelle lives in Delaware, overlooking the Delaware river. This is where she writes a lot of her novels.

Michelle Mannon’s Out For The Count is a great novel that you will love if you’re a fan of Rachel Gibson. You should also give Knockout a try. This is one of her most popular books.

Knock Out (Worth the Fight Book 1)

Pros Of Michelle Mannon

  • She is very similar to Rachel Gibson in lots of ways as she has written lots of contemporary sports romance novels.
  • Her novels are compelling as they focus on villains and anti-heroes.

Cons Of Michelle Mannon

  • Michelle Mannon focuses a lot on anti-heroes and villains. If you prefer happier novels, then Michelle Mannon may not be the best choice for you.

Themes: Sports, passion, anti-heroes, villains, romance.

Melanie Ting

Melanie Ting is a best-selling author. She has written lots of hockey romance novels and her best-selling books include The Vancouver Vice hockey series is definitely a great one to read if you’re a fan of Rachel Gibson.

Also, give The Holiday Hat Trick trilogy a read!

The Tao of Hockey (Vancouver Vice Hockey Book 1)

Also, give The Holiday Hat Trick trilogy a read! 

by Melanie Ting. She completed this book in 2016 and it follows a hockey star named Chris Luczak.

He is confident and beautiful, but Amanda Richardson is focused on her family hockey team.

The story follows the two of them as they begin working together and their relationship develops.

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Pros Of Melanie Ting

  • Melanie Ting has released a lot of novels over the years and she continues to do so. You will never be short of something to read if you love Melanie TIng novels.
  • She has written many stories and all of them are very compelling.

Cons Of Melanie Ting

  • Lots of novels by Melanie Ting are centered around the same ideas, so if you are looking to explore something different then it is a good idea to do so.

Themes: Sports, contemporary romance, friendships.

Final Thoughts 

There are many authors similar to Rachel Gibson as they are also writing sports novels in the contemporary romance genre (If you like contemporary romance, check out the works of Authors Like Elle Kennedy).

These include Melanie Ting, Michelle Mannon, and Kat Latham. This article has explored the work of Rachel Gibson, as well as the works of these similar authors.

If you love the work of Rachel Gibson and you’re looking for something similar to read, you should try some of the novels on this page!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Authors Are Similar To Rachel Gibson?

There are many authors similar to Rachel Gibson as they are also writing sports novels in the contemporary romance genre.

These include Melanie Ting, Michelle Mannon, and Kat Latham.

What Genre Is Rachel Gibson’s Work?

Rachel Gibson writes in the contemporary romance genre. These novels are very racy and exciting and often follow a love story centered around sports.

What Awards Has Rachel Gibson Won?

Gibson has written many awards including the Borders Best Romantic Comedy award for The Trouble With Valentine’s Day.

She also won an award for the best contemporary novel with True Confessions in 2002.

In 2009, she won the RITA Best Contemporary Novel award for Not Another Bad Date.

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