Authors Like Sandra Brown (20+ Book Recommendations)

Sandra Brown is a New York Times bestselling author of 73 books. Some of her works include ‘Thick As Thieves’, ‘Sting’, ‘Blind Tiger’, and ‘Mean Streak’.

She has been writing as a professional since 1981 and has published a whopping 80 novels, managing to sell over 80,000,000 across the world in print.

Authors Like Sandra Brown

Her success is apparent with her novels being translated into 34 languages!

There have even been television movies made of four of her novels, including ‘Smoke Screen’. She is somewhat the queen of thrillers and a great known author for her works.

However, Sandra does not only focus on thrillers, she actually writes in 3 different genres.

She has books that are thrillers and suspenseful, with others that are historical, and some which are classical romances.

She has her fingers in all the pies. So, if you are looking for an author to follow up with after being hooked on Sandra Brown novels, it depends on which of her novels you have been addicted to.

Most people enjoy her thriller books, so we will focus more on this later. However, do not forget she has dabbled in other areas as well!

If you have enjoyed the works of Sandra Brown such as ‘Blind Tiger’, or ‘Thick As Thieves’, you might also enjoy authors such as James Patterson, Erin St. Claire, or Nora Roberts.

Stick around and read on to discover which author you should get reading next!

Books By Sandra Brown

In case you have not managed to make your way through every Sandra Brown book just yet, we have put together a list, so you can make sure you have binged your way through every book of hers before you move on to something new.

Suspense & Thriller Books

Blind Tiger

Classic Romance Books

Love's Encore

Historical Books


As you can see Sandra Brown has written a lot of books in her respective genres of thrillers and romance. She also has a new book ‘Overkill’ coming out soon which will fit into the thriller genre.

We will look mostly into the thriller genre today, but remember she has also got many books in the romance genre as well.

Authors Like Sandra Brown

If you are looking for your next thrill, we have some great suggestions for you, there are plenty of authors who are similar to Sandra Brown.

Sure, they will never be exactly like her, but to continue your reading ventures, give one of these authors a try…

James Patterson

Four Blind Mice (Alex Cross Book 8)

Pretty much everyone has heard of James Patterson these days. He has been the legend behind more fictional characters than almost any other novelist today. He has sold over 400,000,000 books across the world.

He holds the Guinness World Record for having the most no.1 New York Times bestsellers.

And much like Sandra Brown, while he is well known for his thriller work, he has also written plenty of other genres too. He has dabbled in Children’s stories, middle-grade fiction, and YA fiction.

Patterson has a great deal going for him, and he creates award-winning thrillers and children’s stories.

So, if you enjoyed Sandra Brown’s ‘Standoff’, give ‘Four Blind Mice’ by James Patterson a read! His writing style does have similarities to Sandra Brown’s.

One of his most popular; Four Blind Mice focuses on detective Alex Cross as he faces the most horrific case in his career; it actually risks the lives of those he cares about.

An old friend of Alex’s Partner is being framed, and he could die if Alex and Sampson cannot find evidence to save him.

They venture behind military lines to come face to face with some of the most violent and deadly killers they could ever think of.

They need to find a lethal genius, which is the most trying thing they’ve ever faced.

A journey filled with thrills and haunting experiences, it is also one of inner growth and learning to trust and face one’s inner demons.

This book is one in the Alex Cross Series and is book 8.

The Black Book

Another option is The Black Book, a No.1 NYT bestseller, this book tells of when 3 bodies are discovered in a bedroom in Chicago and a black book has gone missing. It focuses on Billy Harney, the son of Chicago’s Chief of Detectives.

He teams up with his partner and faces an attorney who is on a mission to make a name for herself, suspecting Billy is not the cop he says he is.

When they journey to a high-end brothel to investigate a murder, the madam’s Black Book is missing, and now it’s a scramble to find it!

You can easily buy James Patterson books on It is available as a paperback, kindle, and audiobook too!


  • Well renowned author.
  • Interesting and thrilling stories.
  • Good, solid writing style similar to Sandra Brown.


  • Some controversy around how he wrote his ‘Woman’s Murder Club Series’.
  • Stories can be predictable.

Themes: Detectives/cops, crime, mystery/horror, personal growth

Nora Roberts


Nora Roberts is a famous female thriller author and is one of the leading novelists in America. She has written more than 150 books that have been published across the planet.

She has been translated into over 25 languages and even excerpted into national magazines as well.

Nora Roberts writes as J.B Robb in the series “in Death”, and she has also been known to write under pseudonyms ‘Jill March’, or in the UK ‘Sarah Hardesty’.

She was the first author known to be inducted into the American Romance Writers Hall of Fame.

She has written over 225 romance novels altogether. However, if you have enjoyed Standoff by Sandra Brown,

Her most similar novel to the works of Sandra Brown is Birthright which begins at a construction site, where archaeologist Callie Dunbrrok is summoned due to the finding of 5,000-year-old human bones.

This occurrence drags her on a whirlwind adventure filled with both romance and danger.

As she oversees the dig, she needs to unravel the twine of death and disaster that seems to loom over the whole project, making the site seem cursed. All the while dealing with her annoying ex-husband.

You can easily find Nora Roberts books on, Birthright is specifically available as a paperback, audiobook, and kindle.


  • Crime-romance novels, a good fusing of both of Sandra Brown’s most prominent genres.
  • Similar writing style to Sandra Brown.
  • Renowned author.


  • Somewhat predictable storylines.
  • Very mainstream (which is not everyone’s taste).

Themes: Romance, love, family, crime, danger, history.

Final Thoughts

James Patterson and Nora Roberts have the most in common with Sandra Brown, however, there are plenty of other authors you could turn to, such as Erin St. Clair, Linda Howard, or Rachel Ryan.

It is well worth looking around and seeing what is about in the literature world.

While a lot of authors in this genre tend to produce somewhat predictable works (as we can see above), there is much to be loved for a novel rife with danger, romance, or both.

Sandra Brown has written a great deal of books, though, and getting through all these first should be your high priority, as you don’t want to miss one out!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Author Is Sandra Brown?

Sandra Brown is a bestselling romantic novel and thriller suspense novel author.

Who Is A Best-Selling Mystery Author?

Agatha Christie is probably the best mystery author ever, and most current mystery writers will start by learning about her works. She produced 66 mystery novels in her time.

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