Authors Like Sherrilyn Kenyon (40 Supernatural Book Recommendations)

For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the amazing world of author Sherrilyn Kenyon, then you’re in for a treat.

She is a bestselling US author, who is renowned for producing the Dark Hunter series, which gained global attention.

Authors Like Sherrilyn Kenyon (40 Supernatural Book Recommendations)

Her books mainly focus on paranormal romance, and urban fantasy genres, so you can expect to find many of these science fiction themes in her work.

Many of her characters undergo periods of significant strife and hardship, as well as perilous journeys. 

These themes are not too far removed from Kenyon’s own life, as on her official website, she details a period of turmoil before her career took off, where she was left homeless with a young infant.

More than 80 of her books have made it to the esteemed New York Times list, and it’s not hard to see why. Her books offer a niche in the literature world, combining historical romance with elements of the supernatural.

If you want to find out more about Kenyon’s work, as well as some similar authors you might be interested in, simply keep reading, as we take a look below.

If you love Sherrilyn Kenyon, then there are a few other paranormal romance novelists that you might also find interesting. One of the most famous authors within the genre is Kresley Cole, who writes romantic fiction through the filter of supernatural beings such as vampires and fairies.

Another prolific author within the genre is Gena Showalter, who writes steamy romance novels centered around Greek mythology.

Books By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Books By Sherrilyn Kenyon

As we mentioned briefly above, Kenyon is most well-known for producing the Dark Hunter series and the night huntress series. These consist of several different books that are made up of tales covering various species in Kenyon’s world. 

Some of the most common characters in Kenyon’s series include the Dark Hunters, who are immortal beings, who have sold their souls to the Greek Gods.

They are warriors who spend the majority of their time protecting the world from evil beings. 

Other popular species within the books include the Ware Hunters, who are humans capable of turning into animals at will. Finally, there are also the Hellchasers, who are essentially the protectors of the galaxy, eliminating demons.

All of these different characters are interconnected, and make appearances in each of the dark hunter series books to some degree.

In addition to her paranormal series, Kenyon also writes contemporary romance.

Night Pleasures: A Dark-Hunter Novel

The Dark Hunter series comprises a total of 41 novels, which are sure to keep fans busy for quite some time.

But, Kenyon’s work doesn’t stop there, she’s also written a whole host of other series, one of the most popular being the Chronicles of Nick. 

If you’re interested in tales of young heroes defying the odds, and challenging the Gods themselves in the quest for a better future, then you’ll absolutely adore this series.

If you want to dive even deeper into the works of Kenyon, then you’ll find several thought-provoking stories that the author created under a pseudonym during the late 70s and 80s. These novels consist of the Witch of Endor, and The Dollmakers.

These are incredibly forward-thinking given the period in which they were written, and deal with gritty real-life situations intermingled with the supernatural.

The Witch of Endor, for example, takes a look at a young woman undergoing a bitter divorce, and having to bargain with the Devil himself for an apartment lease. 

Authors Like Sherrilyn Kenyon

Now that we’ve delved into some of Kenyon’s most famous works, we can move on to discuss some authors who cover similar topics and themes that might be of interest to readers.

Kresley Cole

No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark Book 3)

If you’re interested in the works of Sherrilyn Kenyon, then chances are that you’ll love Kresley Cole. She is a highly prolific writer, who is best known for creating several popular young adult novels, as well as paranormal romance.

Cole also dabbles in historical romance, so if this is your thing, you’ll find several works of fiction produced by this author dedicated to the genre (see also “Authors Like Alice Hoffman“). 

She draws inspiration from her own unique life experiences, including from her younger days when she traveled the world as an athlete.

Her books have been translated into a whopping 23 languages, making her work internationally renowned and recognized. 

Each of Cole’s characters lives within the world of what she calls, ‘The Lore’. This is a mythical world that coexists with the human realm, and many of the different species found in her novels walk among us.

You’ll find this unique world in her Immortals After Dark series, which is regarded as her most prolific work. 

Her themes draw inspiration from real-life folklore, and you can find some interesting mythical creatures roaming around, such as the fae, or the fair folk (If you like stories with folklore aspects, check out the works of Authors Like Juliet Marillier).

These fairy-like creatures are nothing like the ones you read in your bedtime stories, however, and prove to be far more sinister than expected. 

Likewise, Cole also includes the infamous Vampire in her work, and you’ll find continual stories based around these creatures of the night scattered about her books.

The second in the Immortals After Dark series, for example, features a transformed Vampire whose existence is a fate worse than death. That is until he’s visited by a fairy who sets out to kill him, but ends up falling for him instead.


  • Immersive – One of the best things about Cole’s work is that it’s highly immersive, drawing you into her world of mythical beings. 
  • Substantial – Cole has a substantial body of work behind her, and you’ll find 18 novels in her Immortals series alone. 
  • Folklore – For those who are interested in folklore, Cole draws her inspiration from these themes. 


  • A lot to get through – Although not necessarily a con, Cole’s body of work is incredibly substantial, and this might prove to be too much to get through for those just dipping their toes into the genre. 

Themes: folklore, fairytale, mythical creatures

Gena Showalter

Lords of the Underworld

If you’re more interested in the romantic themes found in Kenyon’s novels, then you might enjoy the work of Gena Showalter.

Showalter is highly regarded in the romance fiction world, and is known for producing over 70 books within the genre (If you like romance and fiction, check out Books Like Two By Two). 

Showalter not only writes romance novels, but paranormal romance novels, alongside young adult fiction.

If you’re indeed a lover of paranormal romance, then you’ll absolutely adore her Lords Of The Underworld Series, which focuses on Gods of Greek mythology, who torment hapless maidens at a whim. 

Her stories are known for being particularly steamy, and contain a lot of paranormal sensual scenes that are sure to get readers hot under the collar.

Her books typically contain an alpha male, who’s brought to his knees by the novel’s heroine. 

The Darkest Night, which is the first book in Showalter’s Lords Of The Underworld Series, features Ashlyn Darrow, who is tormented by voices from her past.

She travels in search of help, but instead finds herself at the hands of Maddox, a dangerous underworld being who happens to find her more than a little interesting. 

There are 21 books in Showalter’s most popular series, so plenty for new readers to sink their teeth into.

If you’re a fan of mythology, particularly Greek, as we mentioned briefly above, Showalter draws a lot of inspiration from these tales, and you’ll likely come across some of your favorite mythological characters along the way whilst reading her work. 


  • Mythology – For those who are lovers of mythology, Showalter draws her inspiration from these tales. 
  • Steamy – For romance readers who are interested in steamy tales, this book series leaves very little to the imagination. 
  • Epic – Showalter’s books are epic tales, where life and death hang by a thread. If you’re a lover of high-stakes books, then these are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. 


  • Diverse characters – If you’re somebody who enjoys following the plight of the same hero or heroine over a number of different books, you might be a tad disappointed by the work of Showalter. She’s known for introducing a variety of different characters and stories throughout her novels, so you might feel that you become more attached to some than others. 

Themes: romance, sensuality, Greek mythology, fantasy

Final Thoughts

To sum up, if you’ve found yourself interested in the works of Sherrilyn Kenyon, there are several other authors out there you can try.

We’d recommend trying Kresley Cole, who writes about folklore creatures coexisting with the human world, and Gena Showalter, who writes steamy paranormal stories against the backdrop of  Greek mythology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Books Are There In The Dark-Hunter Series? 

There are a total of 22 books featured in the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. 

Is Sherrilyn Kenyon Still Writing? 

Sherrilyn Kenyon published her most recent book, Born of Blood, in August 2022.

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