Authors Like Susan Mallery (25+ Book Recommendations)

If you love reading books that define the primary things that rule a woman’s life, Susan Mallery is the author for you.

She is the number one bestselling author of all novels about relationships, family, friendship, and of course, romance.

Authors Like Susan Mallery (25+ Book Recommendations)

She blends emotional and believable characters into realistic situations, and readers seem to thoroughly enjoy her work as she has managed to sell a whopping 40 million copies across the world.

Her stories are not just touching with that realistic touch, but they are also funny, humorous, and warm, the kind of story that feels like a hug.

She is so popular and loves connecting with her readers and fans, even actively holding virtual events regularly.

She is the author of many festive novels such as ‘Home Sweet Christmas’ and ‘Happily This Christmas’. However, she is also the author of heartwarming stories such as ‘The Summer Getaway’ and ‘Say You’ll Stay’.

With her heartwarming tales, it could be hard to find another author who hits that sweet spot quite as well as she does. However, we will try our best to give you the best options there are.

Once you have read through all of Susan Mallery’s books first, of course!

You probably enjoyed Susan Mallery’s books such as her heartwarming story ‘The Summer Getaway’, if so, we think you will enjoy the works of Maggie McGinnis, and Erin Nicolas.

Stay with us and read on more to find out which author’s books will be your next obsession (see also “Authors Like Cheyenne McCray“)!

Books By Susan Mallery (AKA Susan Macias)

You may not yet have read every Susan Mallery book if this is the case for you.

Check out our list of all her series and books, so you can make sure you have fully caught up with Susan Mallery’s works before you look elsewhere for your book fix!

Susan Mallery Books

Tempting Faith (Safe Haven Book 15)

Standalone Novels

Tender Loving Care

Authors Like Susan Mallery

If you are looking for something similar to Susan Mallery in genre, writing style, and so on, we have found a few options that should appeal to you.

Check out the authors that we have found for you here and find your next obsession!

Maggie McGinnis


Maggie McGinnis is a bestselling author with USA Today and a finalist with Golden Heart, she writes romance novels that will tug on your heartstrings and make you laugh.

One of her most well-known series is the ‘Whisper Creek’ series which is set in Montana, and has a cast of characters finding their ‘happily ever after’ at a Montana Ranch.

Echo Lake

Another well-known series of hers is Echo Lake, which is set in a charming village in Vermont that is bound to make you feel at home and like cozying up in a country village.

Her works are very popular, and she is well known for producing country-style, riveting romances.

Snowflake Wishes: An Echo Lake Novella

Most similar to Susan Mallery’s style is Snowflake Wishes. This book is part of Maggie McGinnis’ Echo Lake Saga.

It is based on a couple, Piper Bellini and Noah Drake, who seemed destined to be together forever, however, Noah got an adventurous travel job, and Piper no longer saw herself fitting into his lifestyle.

Noah has risked life and limb since then and Piper has built up a quiet life in Echo Lake. However, Noah returns to Echo lake and tries desperately to feel he is okay with how things ended up.

Then a winter storm forces them to spend a night together, and it is apparent that the flame never went out. They have gained a second chance!

This book is available on Kindle and paperback on It is the first book in the Echo Lake series.


  • Short romantic read.
  • Easy reading.
  • Well paced.
  • Believable story.


  • Not a long story.
  • Not heavily steamy.

Themes: Travel, rekindling old flames, winter, busy life balance, personality types

Erin Nicholas

Getting His Way (a friends to lovers, wounded hero small town rom com) (Sapphire Falls Book 9)

Erin Nicholas started reading romance novels when her mother first gave her a romance novel in high school, it was not long after this that she started writing romance novels as well.

Eventually, she discovered the happily ever after went beyond fairy godmothers, glass slippers, and all the stereotypes that scream Disney.

Erin lives with her husband in the Midwest, her loving husband… Who only wants to read the spicy scenes.

So, if you want something saucy and hot, Erin Nicholas is sure to satisfy the craving for a steamy read.

Her most similar novel is Getting His Way. Out of all her books, the one best suited to readers who enjoy Susan Mallery is ‘Getting His Way’, which is the 7th book in the Sapphire Falls series.

This story is based around two people, Bryan Murray and Tessa Sheridan. Bryan always wanted to return to the Falls and settle with Tessa.

However, it happened as he never planned it, a fall while mountain biking turned things upside down, and now he is back in Sapphire Falls earlier than he expected.

Tessa saved herself for Bryan and has been dreaming of a fanciful life, but Bryan’s messing everything up, he is no longer the hot playboy she dreamed of but is instead a more romantic type.

She needs to make it happen, so she needs to leave the Falls and avoid falling in love, even when he’s romancing her.

You can find ‘Getting His Way’ on Amazon on kindle or paperback. It is technically book 7 in the series, but be mindful lists it as Book 8.


  • Romance.
  • Thrills.
  • Sensual content.
  • Twists and turns.


  • Frustrating (very intense and twisting storyline).
  • You may need to read the previous 6 books in the series first.

Themes: Childhood love rekindled, romance, travel, adventure, personal growth, sensuality

Final Thoughts

Susan Mallery writes books that fuel the passion in her readers’ hearts and fill their minds with romance.

Finding another author that does the same is not going to be easy, however, out of all the authors we have considered we have to say Erin Nicholas is probably the best bet for Susan Mallery readers.

Aside from Erin Nicholas and Maggie McGinnis, consider trying out the works of Tracy March as well, however, with Tracy March you may find yourself a bit too enveloped in her real-world romance.

Themes of long-lost love and rekindling flames are the true mood of Susan Mallery’s works, and of similar authors.

However, with so many books, we suggest making sure you have binged through all of Susan Mallery’s books and then start looking at Erin Nicholas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Read If I Like Suzanne Wright?

Consider authors such as Samantha Towle, J.M Darhower, Natasha Anders, and Melanie Harlow if you enjoy the works of Suzanne Wright.

Who Writes Like Susan Hill?

Susan Hill has quite a niche writing style, however, you can find similar writing styles from Nicolas Freeling, Steven F. Havill, J.J. Marric, and K.C Constantine.

What Is Susan Mallery’s Latest?

Susan Mallery will be releasing a new novel titled “The Sister Effect” on March 7th, 2023, this will be her latest work.

What Order Should I Read Susan Mallery Books?

To get the most out of the series, it is best to read Susan Mallery’s books in the order of publication. This is also (for the most part) the chronological order as well.

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