Authors Like Thea Harrison (14 Book Recommendations)

Thea Harrison taught herself to read when she was just 4 years old. Since then, she has been enthralled by magical stories of romance, other worlds, and Fae creatures.

Authors Like Thea Harrison (14 Book Recommendations)

The first book Thea ever published was Dragon Bound from the Elder Races series. Thea was 49 years old when she decided to publish her story all the way back in 2011.

Since then the magic worlds that she has created have drawn in all types of fantasy lovers from readers of the Fae to readers of witches.

Almost all of Thea’s creations are part of a series, which is perfect for people who love to dive into a world that doesn’t seem to end.

And each series will have a love interest, magical creatures, and the concept of fighting temptation.

It’s these concepts that we look for in similar authors to Thea Harrison.

When it comes to paranormal romance, one of the best writers you could look for is Kresley Cole. Her work is very similar to Thea Harrison’s as she also writes about temptation, paranormal creatures, and romance.

Other amazing choices are Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost, and Suzanne Wright.

Books By Thea Harrison

Books By Thea Harrison

The Elder Races series was the first collection of books that Thea published, and they are also her most loved.

Dragon Bound (Elder Races Book 1)

This is probably because the series has been slowly expanding since its release, with 9 books currently in the collection.

If Game of Thrones and Twilight had a baby, it would be this series. Starting with Dragon Bound, the main character is half Wyr and has to keep a low profile.

However, when she gets blackmailed into stealing, her world changes forever as the most powerful Elder casts his seductive eyes upon her. 

Another popular series is Moonshadow which follows urban fantasy as an LAPD witch consultant moves to the UK in search of answers.

On her missions, she ends up meeting a knight of the Dark Court and finds herself mixed up in the ancient hatred between two forces.

Sophie has to protect herself while using her knowledge of the Fae to avoid temptation. 

Although Thea has written mostly series books, she does have stand-alone work. One of her most loved stand-alone books is American Witch. Molly Sullivan has been experiencing unnatural events in the last couple of months. 

From visions to electrical surges, she doesn’t know if she’s going crazy or if she is causing these disturbances.

When Molly realizes that her husband has been unfaithful (again), magic erupts from her body. She has awoken uncontrollable power. 

Getting revenge and navigating the witch world becomes her main priority in this supernatural romance story.

Thea’s favorite themes are romance, emerging powers, and self-discovery in a magical world. These are topics we have been searching for in similar authors.

Authors Like Thea Harrison

Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other: Immortals After Dark, Book 2

Kresley Cole also writes paranormal romance novels (If you like paranormal romance novels, check out Authors Like Joey W. Hill). Her most popular series is Immortals After Dark, and the first book in that series is A Hunger Like No Other

It follows two unlikely soul mates – a bewitching vampire and a fierce werewolf. Their blood boils when standing next to their natural enemy, but the dark cravings give way to a love that no one will allow.

This is the perfect series to get your teeth into if you love forbidden attraction, fiery romances, and supernatural creatures.

However, if you want the romance portion of your fantasy book to be tamer, then you may prefer The Arcana Chronicles.

This Young Adult series starts with Poison Princess, where Evie starts seeing terrifying visions of the future. When searching for answers, Evie realizes she has to speak with a boy from the wrong side of town.

Evie needs Jack’s help if she wants to save the people she loves, but can she really trust him?  

In this post-apocalyptic series, magic and mystery are the main driving factors of the plot.


  • Long Series
  • Available In Audio
  • Page turner


  • Repetitive Storyline
  • Seems new to the “show don’t tell” writer’s philosophy
  • Mysteries take a while to get started

Themes: Romance, Supernatural Romance, Fantasy

Ilona Andrews

Magic Bites (Kate Daniels, Book 1)

Ilona Andrews is a writing team made up of the husband and wife duo, Gordon and Ilona. Their most loved joint creation is the Kate Daniels series, which starts with Magic Bites.

Kate Daniels is a mercenary who starts the story by failing at her job. Reduced to cleaning up magical problems, Kate is stopped in her tracks when her guardian is brutally murdered.

With nothing left to lose Kate makes it her mission to figure out what happened.

The world-building in this series is amazing. Here either magic rules or technology does. When magic has taken over, monsters and spells have more power. When technology is having its heyday, magic becomes unpredictable.

Of course, romance is intertwined with the series too, but the main aspect of the story surrounds Kate and the mystery she finds herself involved with.

If you prefer your magical stories to have a little more spice, then you should pick up Burn For Me from the Hidden Legacy series. 

In this series, we follow Nevada Baylor, the detective. She has been tasked with bringing in a Prime, a magic user who is known for setting people a blaze.

On her mission, Nevada is captured by Rogan, a seductive billionaire. Now Nevada has to figure out if she can use Rogan to her advantage and save herself.

In this urban fantasy series, magic is a common sight, and love can be just as perilous as death.


  • Long series
  • A mixture of science fiction and fantasy (Also check out other science fiction and fantasy Authors Like Richard K. Morgan)
  • Fantastic writing


  • Aggressive main characters
  • Relies on sarcasm for humor
  • The plots aren’t original

Themes: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Urban, Paranormal

Jeaniene Frost

Halfway to the Grave: A Night Huntress Novel

Jeaniene‘s novels often explore mythology as well as paranormal creatures. Her most enjoyed series is the Night Huntress, which starts with Halfway To The Grave.

It’s a 10-book series that follows half-vampire Catherine Crawfield as she takes vengeance against the undead. 

One of them has to be her father, and she cannot forgive him for what he did to his mother. 

When she’s captured by Bones, a hunter, they agree to a partnership. Together they plan to take down the vampire clan. However, it doesn’t take long for the vampires to realize something is up.

In this story, you’ll find mystery, vengeance, and passion in an urban fantasy setting.

However, if you like your stories to have a damsel-in-distress vibe, you may prefer the Night Prices series.

Starting with Once Burned, we follow Lella who barely survived a tragic accident that ruined and scarred her body. Worst still, the accident led to magical powers entering her body. 

Hoping to live her life away from the world, her last request is denied as creatures kidnap her. In a panic, Lella sends a telepathic distress call, and guess who was listening – Dracula.

This series is just 4 books long but is filled with passion, self-discovery, and vampires. It is the perfect follow-on from a Thea Harrison novel.


  • Long series
  • Fantastic character creations
  • Laugh-out-loud writer


  • Simplistic writing style
  • Poor audiobook voice over
  • Relies on slut shaming as a motivator

Themes: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Vampires, Romance

Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins: Phoenix Pack, Book 1

Suzanne is also a romance writer in the fantasy genre, however, her novels also contain a lot of humor.

If you want to read something steamy, you should start with The Phoenix Pack series. Beginning with Feral Sins, these books aren’t really an omegaverse story as both main characters are alphas.

The tale starts with Taryn, a latent shifter who has been forced into mating with someone her father chose.

Desperate to run away, Taryn agrees to follow Trey instead. Two outcasts in a world of packs, Trey’s territory is about to be reclaimed. The two form an unbreakable bond that neither can fight, but war is coming.

If werewolves aren’t your thing, but demons are, you may prefer the Dark In You series. Starting with Burn, this witty series is less intense but still delivers passion.

Knox Thorne chooses Harper Wallis to be his anchor or psychic mate, but Harper isn’t convinced. She lives a quiet life for a demon, and although Knox is rich she has no idea what type of demon he is.  

This is a story of possession, demons, and self-control.


  • Creates interesting character dynamics 
  • Create intense scenes


  • Very sensual writer
  • Some of her jokes are child-like or past their time
  • Her novels are often more erotica than plot.

Themes: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Werewolves, Omegaverse 

Final Thoughts

Thea Harrison is a romantic novelist whose stories are steamy and fantastical, and tear the characters apart through temptation. 

If you want to continue reading this type of genre, you should consider Kresley Cole, Ilona Andrews, Jeaniene Frost, and Suzanne Wright.

Each of these writers specializes in fantasy-based romances and while some are more passionate than others, each of them has a compelling story for you to dive into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dragon Bound A Series?

Yes. Dragon Bound is the first of 9 books in the Elder Races series.

What Should I Read After Dragon Bound?

The second book in the Elder Races series is Storm’s Heart.

If you have completed all the books in the Elder Race series, you should start reading the Immortals After Dark series by Kresley Cole.

What Is Pia In Dragon Bound?

Pia is half-human half-Wyr. Wyrs can shapeshift, and mate for life. If their partner dies, a Wyr will not last much longer.

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