3 Authors Like Z. A. Maxfield

Z. A. Maxfield is a successful author who has written a staggering 72 books since she got started. She initially began writing as a dare from her children, but has become a successful author in the last decade.

3 Authors Like Z. A. Maxfield

This author is known for her touching and thrilling gay and lesbian romance plots, ranging from cowboy lovers to homoerotic vampire journals, Maxfield covers a wide array of romance.

Maxfield is probably most known for her St. Nacho’s series, as well as Men of St. Nacho’s (A Much Younger Man; A Flighty Fake Boyfriend; and A Reluctant Boy Toy), and The Cowboys. However, she has also released books such as Fugitive Color, When Angels Fall, and Secret Light.

If you love her gay and lesbian romances, and have gotten through all her books, you are probably booking for more similar authors! Lucky for you, there are a handful of authors out there whose works you will fall in love with in no time.

If you love Z. A. Maxfield’s romance books, and want similar stories to get immersed in, take a look at other authors such as Josh Lanyon, Kiera Andrews, and Mary Calmes. There will be plenty for you to fall in love with!

Books By Z. A. Maxfield

Z. A. Maxfield is renowned for writing compelling romance books, specifically gay and lesbian romance. She has written a number of series, as well as some standalone books. Standalone books include Family Unit, The Long Way Home, and Drawn Together

Her series include The Brothers Grime, The Deep, The Cowboys, Crossing Borders and St. Nacho’s. Books in The Brothers Grime include Jack: Grime and Punishment; Eddie: Grime Doesn’t Pay; Gabe: Partners in Grime; and a novella called The Vengeful Valentine Job.

The Deep is a gay vampire romance that will surely draw in every reader. This series is made up of three books, namely Deep Desire, Deep Deception, and Deep Deliverance. Z. A. Maxfield’s third series, The Cowboys, consists of five books.

This is another gay romance, which takes place in a cowboy setting! The books in this series include My Cowboy Heart; My Heartache Cowboy; My Cowboy Homecoming; My Cowboy Promises, and My Cowboy Freedom.

The Crossing Borders series is another gay romance, and only consists of two books: Crossing Borders and What Child Is This? The final series Z. A. Maxfield has written is St. Nacho’s, another great gay romance.

This series follows different gay romances in the town of St. Nachos, and the books are as follows: St. Nacho’s; Physical Therapy; Jacob’s Ladder; The Book of Daniel, and Winter Solstice in St. Nacho’s.

Maxfield has 72 books listed on Goodreads, and she has eight series in total. Be sure to check out some more of her works via sites like Goodreads or Amazon.

Authors Like Z. A. Maxfield

Josh Lanyon

Murder at Pirate's Cove: An M/M Cozy Mystery (Secrets and Scrabble)

Josh Lanyon has an impressive catalog of books, with close to 200 releases listed on Goodreads. Her books are popular enough to be translated into 11 different languages, with the focus of these books being lesbian and gay romance, with a sprinkling of thrillers and mystery.

Popular books by this author include the Secrets and Scrabble series (Murder at Pirate’s Cove; Secret at Skull House; Mystery at the Masquerade; Scandal at the Salty Dog; Body at Buccaneer’s Bay; Lament at Loon Landing; Death at the Deep Dive, and Corpse at Captain’s Seat), The Adrien English Mysteries (Fatal Shadows; A Dangerous Thing; The Hell You Say; Death of a Pirate King, and The Dark Tide), Dangerous Ground (Dangerous Ground; Old Poison; Blood Heat; Dead Run; Kick Start, and Blind Side), and Bedknobs and Broomsticks (Mainly by Moonlight; I Buried a Witch; Bell, Book and Scandal; Hex in the City).


  • Strong romantic plot lines in many of the books
  • Added mystery and thriller
  • Fantastical elements added to some series


  • Some readers find the main characters unlikable

Themes: romance, lesbian and gay romance, thriller, mystery, fantasy

Keira Andrews

Wed to the Barbarian

Keira Andrews has published 60 books with a focus on gay and lesbian romance. Some of her most popular releases include the Barbarian Duet (Wed to the Barbarian and The Barbarian’s Vow) and Love on the Ice (Kiss and Cry; Only One Bed; Cold War, and The Next Competitor).

Her books are known for the use of all the best tropes, from enemies to lovers and age gaps to forced proximity. Being a romance, you can always rest easy knowing that there are happy endings.


  • Wide variety of mixed-genre types, including holiday escapism and pirates
  • Well-written characters


  • You always know how the series or book is going to end

Themes: romance, gay and lesbian romance, figure skating

Mary Calmes

A Matter of Time: Vol. 1 (1) (A Matter of Time Series)

Mary Calmes has published 117 books, all with the theme of gay or lesbian romance. She is known for her romance series such as A Matter Of Time Volume 1, A Matter Of Time Volume 2, Bulletproof, But For You, and Parting Shot.

Another fantastic gay romance series is Change of Heart (Change of Heart; Trusted Bond; Honored Vow; Crucible of Fate, and Forging the Future).


  • Well thought out plots
  • Lots of great humor throughout books
  • Fantastical elements


  • Not all characters are likeable in the stories

Themes: romance, gay and lesbian romance, fantasy

Final Thoughts

If you love Z. A. Maxfield’s ability to bring romance to life, then you are going to love the authors we suggested for you in this article. Whether you want pure romance, or something extra added in like fantasy or pirates, these authors have a lot to offer.

Just follow the links and take a look at the works of literature – they are all worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Did Z. A. Maxfield Start Writing?

She started writing as a dare from her children! Only, once she got started, she never looked back, and is now a successful author.

How Many Books Has Z. A. Maxfield Published?

Z. A. Maxfield has published 72 books so far, with more in the works!

What Genre Does Z. A. Maxfield Write?

She writes romances – specifically gay and lesbian romance.

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