The 20 Best Alpha Werewolf Romance Books of All Time

Alpha werewolf romance novels have gained much traction these last few years. There is something very enthralling about these passionate stories that attract plenty of readers! You can find various werewolf romance books to fulfill just about any appetite. 

The 20 Best Alpha Werewolf Romance Books of All Time

Are you looking to add some spicy alpha werewolf romance books to your TBR? We’ve got you covered. Here are 20 of the best alpha werewolf romance books of all time (If you want werewolves without all the romance, find our favorites right here)!

Feral Sins– Suzanne Wright

Feral Sins (The Phoenix Pack, 1)

To kick off our list is Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright. In this novel, we meet a female wolf shifter by the name of Taryn Warner. Taryn encounters Trey Coleman, an alpha male wolf shifter who defeated his own father to become alpha at just fourteen. Trey’s got a very dangerous reputation, but Taryn can’t help but find herself enthralled with his assertive demeanor and captivating blue eyes. 

When the two decide to form an alliance and trick their respective packs into thinking they’ve chosen each other as mates, it seems both wolf shifters will be in for much more than they bargained for. Get your copy here.  

Cry Wolf– Patricia Briggs

Cry Wolf: Alpha and Omega: Book 1

After Anna survives a violent wolf attack, she finds herself permanently changed. After three years of surviving at the bottom of the pack (and suffering plenty of abuse from her pack members), Anna is singled out by Charles Cornick, a 200-year-old powerful wolf. 

Charles identifies Anna as an omega, a rare form of wolf that has the qualities of alpha without violent tendencies. This is just the beginning of a passionate adventure for Anna! Check out this intriguing book here

Tattered Loyalties– Carrie Anne Ryan

Tattered Loyalties (Talon Pack)

Through tragedy, Gideon becomes the alpha of the Talon Pack. When the pack is threatened and Gideon is forced to take a mate, he’s surprised that it’s the daughter of the Redwood Pack’s Beta. 

Brie is shocked to discover who her new mate is, as she is a submissive in the pack. However, this arrangement will thrust the pair into a whirlwind of events that will test their loyalties. Find a copy here!

The Dark Divine– Bree Despain

The Dark Divine

Grace Divine, the local pastor’s daughter, knows something terrible happened the night Daniel Kalbi disappeared. This was also the same night she discovered her brother Jude collapsed on the porch and covered blood. 

A few years later, Grace runs into Daniel. He is now enrolled in her and Jude’s high school. Grace finds herself drawn to him. However, there is a darkness that Daniel harbors, one that affected Grace’s family all those years ago. It may cost Grace everything, but she will sacrifice it all for the people she loves. Enter this compelling world by getting your copy here

Alpha Wolf– Ruby Knoxx

Alpha Wolf: An Enemies to Lovers Paranormal Romance (Silvercoast Wolves)

This enemies to lovers romance tells the story of Mila, whose new alpha is none other than her childhood bully. Though Mila has grown up into a beautiful young woman, she still has feelings of resentment. 

Ryle, her tormentor and new alpha, is captivated by her the minute he sees Mila. Will Mila give in to her new alpha? Find out by grabbing your copy!

The Alpha’s Silent Mate– Eve Bale

The Alpha's Silent Mate (Wolfkeep Book 1)

When alpha Shay finds pup Lexi in the woods, a heart-wrenching story begins of two fated wolf mates. Lexi’s pack has been slain, but Shay takes Lexi under his wing and offers her protection and love. 

Will the pair find comfort in each other? Or are even these destined mates meant to overcome larger obstacles than they think? Get your copy here.

Her Viking Wolf– Theodora Taylor

Her Viking Wolf (Alpha Kings, Book 1): 50 Loving States, Colorado

After being abandoned as a child by her shifter parents, Chloe Adams has reinvented herself as a DIY domestic queen. She’s done pretty well for herself, now engaged to the most eligible alpha in Colorado. 

However, things take a turn when a red-haired and buff time-traveling viking werewolf appears before her, claiming she’s his fated mate. If you’re a fan of steamy scenes and buff viking alpha wolves, you’ll want to grab this book here!

Broken Mate– Jen L. Grey

Broken Mate

Sterlyn is the last of the Silver Wolves pack. While Sterlyn was away, her pack was brutally attacked, and it was her alpha father’s dying wish that Sterlyn meet Atticus, the only other alpha Sterlyn could trust. While traveling to find Atticus, Sterlyn is chased by the very pack that attacked her own. 

Her savior comes in the form of Killian, another shifter who happened to be fishing in the area. Killian offers her protection, and the two pretend to be in a relationship to ward off danger. However, Killian’s best friend, Griffin, becomes involved when he tells Sterlyn she is his fated mate. Sterlyn is thrust into a love triangle while trying to keep her head low. Get your copy here

Filthy Wolf– Aidy Award

Filthy Wolf: A Curvy Girl and Wolf Shifter Romance (Alpha Wolves Want Curves)

Key Cross finds herself cursed with psychic visions after being bitten by a wolf. Because of this, she wants nothing to do with shifters, until Mik Volkov marks her as his. 

Mik is dealing with a curse of his own, as he finds himself unable to shift away from his wolf form. His mind is overpowered by animalistic thoughts and violence, but Key may be what tames him. Lose yourself in this simmering romance here

Defiant– Ann Denton

Defiant (The Feral Princess)

After discovering her wolf for the first time, Elena loses control and runs elated through the forest, crashing into her pack leader. Black Maddox doesn’t believe that Elena is part of his pack, in fact, he believes she’s from an enemy pack and keeps her hostage in his basement. 

Black wants Elena, but so do other shifters. How far will Black go to ensure Elena’s marked as only his? Find out for yourself by grabbing the book here

The Alpha’s Saviour– Reece Barden

The Alpha's Saviour: Shifters of Grey Ridge: Book 1

Haley is on the run from her stalker, an abusive ex by the name of James. When she saves Cooper, she doesn’t know that he is an alpha wolf. Upon meeting her scent, Cooper knows Haley is his mate. 

Haley’s blown her cover to save this stranger, but she doesn’t even know the half of it. Cooper will do anything to protect and have her. Get your copy of this enthralling book here

Pack Challenge– Shelly Laurenston

Pack Challenge (Magnus Pack)

After an encounter with Zach, who she believes is simply a sexy biker, Sarah finds herself going through dramatic changes. Her body, her strength, and a snarl she’s never done before. 

All Zach wanted to do was become the alpha wolf of his pack, but he didn’t expect to be pursued by Sarah. He’s changed her completely, and she knows just how to get his attention. An alpha male and alpha female? Who knows what will happen next? Find out for yourself by getting your copy here!

War of Hearts– S. Young

War of Hearts (True Immortality)

Alpha wolf Conall McLennan leads the last werewolf pack of Scotland. With his sister dying of a lycanthropic disease, Conall makes the decision to complete a job for a powerful businessman in exchange for a cure. 

His task? To find the key to the cure: Thea Quinn. Meanwhile, Thea is on the run from a megalomaniac, plagued by the abilities she’s had since she was a child. Will Conall be able to capture Thea? Or will emotions get in the way? Find a copy here

Bitten– Kelley Armstrong


Elena is the only female werewolf in the world, and she uses her powers to hunt rogue werewolves. When she gets a call from her old pack, she must travel back to the base and meet up with the alpha and her ex, Clay. 

The pack needs Elena’s help to hunt down a rogue “mutt” threatening their secret existence. Elena finds herself having to work with Clay once more, but will this be a simple job or will feelings get in the way? Enter this compelling story here.

Shifter Wars– Kelly St. Claire

Shifter Wars: Supernatural Battle (Werewolf Dens)

After the death of her mom, Andie is left with her massive debt and a lot of secrets to uncover. She travels to the tiny town of Deception Valley, where she meets her mom’s second family and Alarick. 

Alarick is a werewolf who becomes possessive

 of his mate, Andie. However, Andie is not a fan of Alarick’s advances, and she has the mystery of her mother to solve. If you’re looking for steamy scenes and plenty of action, grab your copy here.


Wolf King– Bella Jacobs

Wolf King: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance (Wolves of New York)

Willow is on the run from her abusive selected mate. When Willow runs into mafia boss Alpha Maxim, the two strike up a deal: Maxim will offer protection from Willow’s ex and pack, in exchange for Willow. 

Though Willow expects this to be an agonizing exchange, the result is anything but. Willow finds herself drawn closer to Maxim with each passing encounter. Will danger get in the way of these two mates? Grab your copy of this seductive alpha werewolf romance here!

Wolf Girl– Leia Stone

Wolf Girl

Demi and her family live banished from Wolf City, their powers snuffed. Demi attends school among witches, faes, and other beings, but she is often bullied for her wolf nature. When it’s time for future Alpha Sawyer Hudson’s mating season, Demi is picked to be a part of the contestants. Will Demi survive this brutal contest and win Sawyer’s affection? 

Part Werewolf Bachelor, part enthralling romance, this is one novel you will want to add to your bookshelf. Find the book here

Shiver– Maggie Stiefvater


For years, Grace has watched the wolves behind her house. There is a certain yellow-eyed wolf that she’s coined her wolf. 

When she meets Sam, a yellow-eyed boy, the resemblance is uncanny. That’s her wolf. Sam only gets the gift of humanity during the summer, but when winter nears, he will fight to stay human or risk losing Grace and himself forever. Get your copy of this captivating romance here.

A Hunger Like No Other– Kresley Cole

A Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

Having endured years of torture from the vampires, werewolf Lachlain MacRieve, is livid to see his predestined mate is part vampire. Emmaline Troy is part valkyrie and part vampire, and she is thrown off when Lachlain, leader of the Lykae Clan, appears to claim her as his mate. 

When a powerful ancient evil threatens the pair and their world, it will be up to Lachlain and Emmaline to work together, with Lachlain having to surrender his pride and Emmaline having to become a tougher fighter. Find your copy here.

Wolf Signs– Vivian Arend

Wolf Signs: Granite Lake Wolves #1 (Northern Lights Shifters)

After her brother cancels their ski trip, Robyn Maxwell decides to take the trip on her own. Often underestimated due to her deafness, Robyn’s wilderness skills are pretty sharp. However, after running into wilderness guide Keli Lynus, it’s not the wilderness Robyn should be focused on. 

Keli Lynus aimed to go on a relaxing retreat before challenging the Alpha position of his pack. After meeting his predestined mate, Robyn, it seems peace and quiet won’t be in the cards. Check out this steamy alpha romance here!

If you’re looking for steamy werewolf romances to set your heart ablaze, look no further! The novels mentioned above contain everything you would want, from compelling storylines, strong protagonists, and of course, hunky Alphas!  Which one will you pick up next? 


What is a shifter romance?

Shifter romances can often be used to describe werewolf romances, because this subgenre of paranormal romances encompasses stories in which one or both love interests can shift into another form. This can mean shifting into an animal or other mythological creature.

When did werewolves become popular?

In the 20th century, there was a big surge of werewolf novels and short stories published in both England and America. 

Who is the alpha wolf?

The alpha wolf is the leader of a pack.

Can werewolves have more than one mate?

No, werewolves will always have one mate for life. They are very loyal beings, and in alpha werewolf romances, we can see this in how they protect their mates.

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