The 20 Best Baseball Romance Books – Ultimate Guide

Whether proposing to your beloved on the jumbotron or sneaking a smooch during The Kiss Cam, romance has become woven into many beloved traditions surrounding America’s pastime.


So, it makes sense that the curveball isn’t the only thing that heats up before the seventh-inning stretch, making this game pitch-perfect for fans of sports romance books. Here are the best baseball romance books, sure to hit a sexy, sporty home run with every read! 

The Fireballer: A Novel by Mark Stevens

The Fireballer: A Novel

Frank Ryder is a formidable player in the field because his pitches come quicker than a player can swing. He established a reputation as an impactful pitcher thanks to his unrivaled talent. Moreover, he aspires to be the greatest but gets constrained by the guilt he bears due to a tragic episode haunting his past. In The Fireballer, Frank travels back to where his life alters drastically as part of his quest for redemption.

Throw Like a Girl by Sarah Henning

Throw Like a Girl

Softball standout Liv Rodinsky misses her scholarship to her posh private school and loses both her boyfriend and her teammates all at once after she makes one reckless punch while playing the most crucial game of the season. 

Consequently, in Throw Like a Girl Liv has no choice but to transfer to Northland, the closest public school, where she will meet the injured star quarterback Grey, who may not be as flawless as he looks. Now, she will have to persuade Northland’s softball team coach that she deserves to be on it while also dealing with her ex and the teammates of the girl she hit. – Will she find her way?

Saving Maverick by Debra Elise

Saving Maverick

Saving Maverick chronicles the tale of baseball’s ultimate bad boy and the one woman who is impervious to his magnetism – or is she simply adept at acting?

The owner of the Idaho Outlaw, who also happens to be Kelsey Sullivan’s childhood buddy, hires her to assist in repairing the star pitcher Maverick Jansen’s badly tarnished reputation. When an impetuous kiss is captured on tape and goes worldwide via social media, the team owner forces them into a sham relationship. Can Mav get past his reservations about commitment and convince Kelsey that love can save them both now that he knows his feelings for her go beyond their heart-wrenching chemistry?

The Third Baseman by Lulu Moore

The Third Baseman: A sizzling Second Chance Baseball Romance (The New York Lions Book 1)

Jupiter Reeves? A fake. It is not that what has gotten claimed about his character is false. The facts are clear; Jupiter Reeves gets regarded as the finest third baseman of his generation and is quickly rising in the ranks well enough to earn the title of best third baseman of all time. Yet, his surly demeanor and coat of tattoos make him seem completely unapproachable. To the rest of the world, he must play the bad boy of baseball. But when the curtains get drawn, and it comes right down to it, he is just a guy who had his heart broken too soon and had no chance of recovering it. That is, up until he got presented with an opportunity.

The Third Baseman has set a goal to recapture the first and only lady he has ever loved before the year is out and persuade her to stay in addition to winning the Commissioner’s Trophy.

Going the Distance: A Novel by Michael Joyce

Going the Distance: A Novel (Excelsior Editions)

A former pitcher goes home to face a life-or-death family affair after having his ambitions of playing major league baseball destroyed.

Pitcher John “Jack” Flynn had the potential to be an all-star in the major leagues. However, one unexpected day of the 1979 All-Star game, he returned to the North Country of New York, where he was born, as an injury had halted his career. With no memory of how he got there, the only clue available to him was a stunning woman he does not remember sitting next to him in the passenger seat.

He faces what may be the most difficult choice a person will ever have to make while on a quest to both reclaim his history and seek refuge and the opportunity to begin life from scratch.

Will Jack succeed in Going the Distance on the field and in love?

The Lies We Tell by Katie Rae

The Lies We Tell: Workplace Romance

People would treat you in one of two ways when your brother is the best football player in the NFL: either they use you to become close to him or give you anything you desire – to get close to him. There is no middle ground.

When she got the chance to get away, the lies started coming. Two small white lies emerged from one. Then another. And another. However, the stakes of her small lies rose the second Chase Turner entangled her in his deceit. She was merely trying to avoid having her skull explode during spring training.

Who would have guessed that the biggest of The Lies We Tell,— concerning her affection for Chase—would bring her the peace she longs for?

Caught Looking (Book 4) by Anita Knight

Caught Looking: A College Baseball Romance (College Sports Series Book 4)

Caught Looking follows the story of Cassy, the lone female player on the Tempt University men’s baseball team. However, being the only girl has never hurt her gameplay; she can withstand the pressure to perform. Her life revolves around baseball, and she has never had trouble keeping up with her other teammates, until now. It turns out that when one is deeply fascinated with an attractive teammate, it can be a little challenging to kick ass on the field.

Before the Coach’s accusation that he was flirting with Cassy Jones, Garrett assumed she was just a feisty teammate. It was all a falsehood until it caused him to perceive Cassy differently. All of a sudden, he was drawn to her. Yet, she veers away the more he approaches. He’s going crazy about this girl, I tell you.

Unforgettable by Melanie Harlow

Unforgettable: A Small Town Second Chance Sports Romance (Cloverleigh Farms Book 5)

He was drafted in the first Major League Baseball draft round during his senior year and received a two-million-dollar signing bonus. Up until one day, he was unstoppable.

After ruining his career, the star player did not want to return to his hometown, so when his sister dragged him there for her wedding, he promised to leave as soon as possible. – Then, he encountered the Unforgettable April Sawyer.

The Perfect Game: Catching Caden by Samantha Christy

Catching Caden (The Perfect Game)

His home run ball broke her face and her modeling job.

So he made it his job to assist her in putting her life back on track and teaching her to love the sport she despises, which rules his life both on and away from the field. However, he feels concerned about her becoming another victim of his three-strikes policy once the boundaries of their friendship blur. In Catching Caden, his heart, finances, and future are protected by this rule, as a girl has never shattered it. He has never desired one, either…until now.

Caught Looking (Dallas Longhorns Book 3) by Tara Wyatt

Caught Looking: A Forbidden Love Baseball Romance (Dallas Longhorns Book 3)

Abby Gossman can do no wrong. She was an Olympic champion and was the first female coach for an MLB team, breaking new ground for women in baseball. Although one of her dreams must remain hidden, the rest shine brightly and quickly gain momentum. She was dating Jake Landon, an All-Star catcher from another team, and if anyone discovered it, it would damage her image.

Nevertheless, secrets have a way of coming out, and in Caught Looking, when their illicit love is exposed, Abby will have to decide between Jake and the job she has given up everything for.

Checked Swing by Haven Hadly

Checked Swing (Espen Emperors Book 1)

With a launcher for an arm, a great swing, and unbelievable reflexes, Callen found every lady desired him, yet he was not keen on any of them. Callen gets desired for his on-field prowess to become legendary, but everything shifted when a season-ending accident sidelined him.

His physical therapist, Spencer Matson, grew his business into one of the most respected in the neighborhood. Spencer’s hardest case to date was Callen. He, fortunately, understood the best way to get their dude back in action for the Espen Emperors. Yet, neither of them predicted the other or the Checked Swing that would hit their relationship out of the park.

Perfect Catch (Bringin the Heat Book 3) by Carly Keene

Perfect Catch: A Short Sweet Instalove Baseball Romance (Bringing the Heat Book 3)

Luis is having a fantastic season as a starter with the Rivertown Rowdies. He is approaching 28, though, and catchers’ knees endure great stress. Will he still be able to hack it?

Adera and her companion Violet live together in an apartment. Then, she ran into a man with an amazing physique in the apartment’s laundry area. When they realized they were neighbors, they were both appalled.

Will they make the Perfect Catch or crack under the professional and passionate pressure that continues to mount between them?

Offside: Rules of the Game Book 1 by Avery Keelan

Offside (Rules of the Game)

After getting dumped on her 21st birthday, Bailey James immediately finds solace in Chase Carter, the biggest rival of her ex. Chase’s relationships with his team and the domineering coach get strained due to controversies and poor grades. But it is hard to resist the temptation in Offside when a stunning stranger approaches him one night.

Jock Blocked by Pippa Grant

Jock Blocked (Copper Valley Fireballs® Book 1)

Do you know those tales where an awesome twist intervenes to prevent a motley crew of lovable losers from maintaining their position as the worst team in baseball history? Classic, right? The latest player, Brooks Elliott, is baseball’s hottest wildcat and should have been the hero they yearn for. But in Jock Blocked, when his true motives get revealed, it becomes clear that he must be stopped.

What should a lady do when deciding between the person she loves and her team?

Worth the Chance by Evey Lyon

Worth the Chance: A Small Town Enemies to Lovers Sports Romance (Lake Spark Book 2)

Baseball sensation Spencer Crews knows April could not stomach him, so his suggestion of briefly living together constitutes the greatest curveball of his career.

The next revelation is that Spencer is discreetly a single dad to a little girl, and the quiet village by the lake appears to draw them all closer. Ultimately, April starts to wonder if she or Spencer is attempting to persuade her that they might be Worth the Chance.

Stealing a Second Chance by Kristin Lee

Stealing A Second Chance: Steamy Brother's Best Friend Romance (Sarasota Sharks Series)

Wils have everything, at least to the commoner. A multi-million dollar baseball agreement, four mansions, and, if he so chooses, his choice of any stunning woman. The only difficulty? When they were teenagers, the one lady he needed entirely blocked him from her memory.

Despite how badly she wants to, in Stealing a Second Chance, Kenni realizes she must stop avoiding her history. She recognizes that he still loves her the instant their eyes lock again, but she knows she cannot betray her brother.

Wild Card by Tara Wyatt

Wild Card: A Marriage of Convenience Baseball Romance (Dallas Longhorns Book 2)

When Hunter Blake awakens next to Marlowe Story, he chooses not to flee the repercussions of his deeds for once. Despite the fairy tale love stories that Marlowe Story sings about in her country music, Marlowe does not think love always triumphs. The marriage was only for publicity. However, Marlowe understands one straightforward rule she must abide by to endure this situation: never to become attached to the Wild Card, Hunter Blake. 

Bad Boy of Baseball by Hope Ford

Bad Boy of Baseball (Player Loves Curves Book 6)

He demeans everyone in his way, upsets the team, and abuses alcohol. Although he tries to put his past behind him, it follows him everywhere. Then, the woman who devastated him reappears just as he is about to reach rock bottom, surrender, toss in the towel, and let it all be over.

Can the Bad Boy of Baseball get his career back on track, while also managing to get the girl?

The Rookie and The Rockstar by Jiffy Kate

The Rookie and The Rockstar: A Baseball Romance (New Orleans Revelers Book 1)

Bo Bennett, a young third baseman for the New Orleans Revelers, only wants to leave when he enters a benefit event. The last thing he needs is a distraction when Spring Training is about to conclude. Then he suddenly spots her.

Charlotte “Lola” Carradine has spent her life in the glaring, unforgiving gaze of the public eye. Finding her muse is all she needs to finish her upcoming album. Then, in The Rookie and the Rockstar, she encounters him.

Moon Shot by Tara Wyatt

Moon Shot: An Enemies to Lovers Baseball Romance (Dallas Longhorns Book 4)

Javi Flores, the manager of the Dallas Longhorns, has a limited list of people he despises, but Aerin Stone is at the top. She works hard defending her clients as an accomplished sports agent at the peak of her profession.

One evening is not enough, even though they both detest how amazing being in each other makes them feel. Javi desires more. And despite their hostility, Aerin might be the ideal match for him if she’s prepared to let herself fall again.

Moon Shot is a great baseball romance that brings the heat on and off the field.


What are trashy romance novels called?

Trashy romance novels are often called “bodice-rippers.” Some in the literary community restrict this particular term to historical genres, but it is not exclusively the case. (After all, any avid romance reader knows many modern and futuristic romance genres can pull off a good bodice rip just as well as any historical prose.)

Do Barnes and Noble have a romance section?

Of course, Barnes and Noble have a romance section. Not only do they have a romance section, but Barnes and Noble also have genre-specific romance sections to help every reader find the trope and triumph that causes their heart to flutter.

What are “open door” romance books?

Open-door romance books are the type of romance books that let you see inside the bedroom, detailing all the good stuff; if you’re into that kind of thing. Otherwise, you can read closed-door romance books, which leave more to the imagination without extinguishing the passion.

Do libraries have romance books?

Yes! Like Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and local bookstores (swoon, my fave), libraries usually have many romance books available throughout many different genres.

Is reading a book together intimate?

Yes, reading a book together can be extremely intimate. It depends on the type of romance book and the intimacy you and your partner enjoy. However, if you are both willing to try it, reading a book together can be an extremely rewarding experience.

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