10 Of The Best Books For A 10 Year Old

As a parent, it can be difficult to know which books your young children will enjoy reading.

There’s such a wide selection out there, that it can also be very tricky to decide which ones might appeal.

10 Of The Most Entertaining Books For 10 Year Olds

Whether you’re trying to get a reluctant reader to engage more with books, or you have an avid little bookworm on your hands, choosing the right book is hard. 

Thankfully, this is where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most entertaining books for 10 year old readers.

By determining the books suitable for this particular age group, you don’t have to do any of the searching yourself.

All you have to do is choose the genre that you think they’d most like to read. 

To find some inspiration, simply keep reading below, as we take a closer look. 

Harry Potter By J. K Rowling

Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7)

Now, we could hardly start a list of books suited for younger readers without mentioning J.K Rowling first, now could we?

This book, which is the children’s literature bestseller of all time, is the one which started all of the excitement and hubbub surrounding the franchise. 

It follows the story of a young boy called Harry, who lives with his incredibly oppressive family, the Dursleys.

He wants nothing more than to escape their clutches, and one says, his wish comes true. 

He gets visited by a half-giant, half-man called Hagrid, who tells him that he’s not just any ordinary boy.

Nope, he’s actually a wizard and is actually predicted to be the greatest wizard of all time.

Harry is swept away to a magical land, where he attends school in a place called Hogwarts.

Here, they all have magic lessons that teach them all they need to know about using a wand, flying a broomstick, and caring for magical creatures. 

If they’ve not already delved into the Harry Potter series, young readers will absolutely adore these books.

They’re full of fun, friendship, and magic, and will leave them wishing that they could attend Hogwarts too. 


  • Magical – The best element of this novel is the magic that spills onto the page, and will leave your children enthralled. 
  • Depiction Of Friendship – Harry Potter gives a great depiction of the importance of friendship. 
  • Page Turner – We think that these books could transform even the most reluctant reader into an avid book lover. 


  • Lengthy – The only drawback about these books is that they’re incredibly lengthy and have a lot of pages. This might be intimidating for young readers, and they might be put off by the size of the books. 

Matilda By Roald Dahl


You will see a few mentions of Rohald Dahl on this list, and that’s because he’s so good at catering to younger readers.

If your children have seen the movie Matilda, why not try introducing them to the book of the same name? 

This story follows a young girl called Matilda. She has a very difficult and bleak home life, as she’s raised by a family called the Wormwoods.

Although they are her biological parents, Matilda has always felt different from the rest of them. 

Her father likes nothing better than scamming customers with shady car deals, and her mom cares more about attending her next hair appointment than giving her daughter any attention.

Matilda finds a great deal of escapism from reading books, this is her favorite pastime, a pastime which brings her together with Miss. Honey, her teacher. 

Miss Honey finds many similarities between herself and this young girl, and one day, she actually discovers that Matilda has magical powers.

She is able to levitate and move things with her mind.

With this newfound power, Matilda seeks to fight back against the oppressive forces of the school’s headmistress, Miss. Trunchbull, and her parents. 

The result is a highly witty and heartwarming story about personal power, perseverance, and friendship. 


  • Relatable – Any kid who has ever felt just a little bit different from everyone else will be able to relate well with Matilda’s character. 
  • Wish Fulfillment – This book will grant younger readers a feeling of wish fulfillment, as they’re able to play out what it would be like to have magical powers through Matilda’s character. 
  • Chosen Family – This book is great at depicting the importance of friendship and chosen family. 


  • Short – This book is very short, which isn’t necessarily a con, but might leave younger readers wanting to hear more about Matilda’s adventures. 

Redwall By Brian Jacques

Redwall: Redwall, Book 1

If you have younger readers who are absolutely obsessed with the fantasy genre, then we’d definitely recommend introducing them to the Redwall series, written by Brian Jacques.

These are known as being some of the best and greatest fantasy books of all time and are enjoyed by all age groups. 

They follow a group of anthropomorphic animals in their battle between the forces of good and evil.

The moles, hares, badgers, and mice are incredibly peace-loving creatures and love nothing more than carrying on with their lives in peace in the midst of the woods. 

But, one day, their lives are threatened by the evil rats and foxes, who want to usurp their woodland kingdom.

As a result, these creatures must take up arms in order to defend themselves and their families.

It’s an incredible series and is very exciting for young readers.

There are also a ton of books in the series, so there’s plenty for them to get their teeth stuck into if they enjoyed the first. 


  • Anthropomorphic Animals – We absolutely loved the concept of this novel, and the anthropomorphic animals in the book. 
  • Short – The books in this series aren’t too long, so readers won’t get bored of them easily. 
  • World Building – We think that Jacques does a great job of world-building, and really making us feel as though we are in the Redwall universe ourselves. 


  • Language – Younger readers might encounter a few new words that they’re unfamiliar with. 

The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe By C. S Lewis

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

If you’re looking for a classic novel for your young readers, then make sure to pick up a copy of The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe.

This is the book that inspired the epic Narnia chronicles, which were multi-million blockbuster hits when they emerged on screens. 

This follows a group of three young siblings, who are made to stay in a very large, country house during the wartime evacuation.

This manor house that they’re staying in appears to be very boring and stuffy, that is until they discover a strange wardrobe lurking in one of the rooms upstairs. 

Lucy is the first to enter the wardrobe, and she does so whilst her siblings are playing elsewhere.

She finds herself transported to a land that she never knew existed, a land called Narnia.

Here, the ground is covered in perpetual snow, and she meets all manner of interesting creatures. 

The first one she meets is called Mr. Tumnus, who is particularly strange as despite the fact that he has a human face like any other man, is actually half goat on the bottom, complete with hooves. 

When Lucy initially tells her siblings about this magical world, they don’t believe her.

After they too enter the magical world of Narnia however, they get much more than they bargained for and eventually find themselves in a battle between good and evil in order to save this fateful land. 


  • Setting – We absolutely loved the snow-covered setting of Narnia in this novel, which was beyond magical to read about. 
  • Fun – This novel was an incredibly light-hearted and fun read, great for children and adults alike.
  • Atmospheric – The snow-covered land of Narnia provides the perfect atmosphere for the book, and helps to facilitate all of the otherworldly magic that takes place. 


  • Christian Allegory – This book is full of Biblical references, with the Lion being depicted as the reincarnation of Jesus. This might be a problem for some depending on your faith. 

The Secret Garden By Frances Hodgson Burnett

The Secret Garden (Wordsworth Collector's Editions)

This is known as one of the biggest classics when it comes to children’s literature.

It’s set at the beginning of the 20th century, when Mary Lennox, a young girl, is placed in the care of Archibald Craven after her parents die.

She has had a difficult life up till this point, as even before her wealthy parents died, they neglected her and openly displayed that they had no desire for children. 

Things are about to change for Mary for the better, however, as she befriends one of the maidservants.

As time goes on, the maid divulges that there is actually a secret garden lurking on the property.

Archibald closed it off years ago, however, after a terrible accident befell somebody there. 

Mary, however, headstrong as ever, decides that she’s going to find the secret garden, and take a look at it herself.

When she finally makes it there, she is in absolute awe of its beauty. 

She decides that one day, she’s going to take her newfound friend Colin to this garden.

Colin is a young crippled boy who must spend all of his time in a wheelchair, and as a result, feels very miserable.

But, when she takes Colin to this secret garden, something magical begins to happen. 

All of a sudden his symptoms begin to clear up, and he finds that he’s able to walk again.

One day, Archibald hears voices coming from the garden, at first believing it to be his imagination.

As he enters the garden, he is stunned to find Colin with Mary, walking and running as normal. 


  • Disability – This is a good book for introducing young readers to people with physical disabilities, and can prompt some questions and discussions. 
  • Beautifully Descriptive – The way that Burnett describes the garden, and the idyllic setting of the tale is truly beautiful. 
  • Teaches An Important Lesson – This novel teaches some important life lessons about the qualities we should aspire to possess as human beings. 


  • Protagonist – Some readers might find that they dislike the protagonist, Mary. She begins the tale as being very spoilt and privileged, even going so far as to slap her maid. 

Anne Of Green Gables By L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables

If you haven’t introduced your children to the Anne of Green Gables books yet, then let us remind you of these classic childhood favorites.

L. M. Montgomery is a master of her art, and nobody can mix such beauty and poignancy so effortlessly on the page. 

Her descriptions of nature are completely unrivaled in terms of authorship, and the setting of Green Gables is one that will stay with your children throughout the years.

The Anne Of Green Gables book covers the story of Anne Shirley. Anne has recently moved to Green Gables, on account of being adopted by a family there. 

She quickly settles into the town, and even makes a best friend or two along the way.

The trouble is, Anne has an incredibly fiery temper and a talkative personality that often gets the better of her. As a result, she finds herself in all manner of sticky situations. 

This book deals with lots of different themes that might be pertinent to younger readers, including grief, friendship, and parental love.

In addition, there are several more books in the series where we watch Anne grow up, and readers can enjoy following her journey as they grow and mature too. 


  • Portrayal Of Grief – Anne experiences a big loss in this book, and Montgomery’s depiction of grief is incredibly poignant. It shows the realities of loss, as well as the beauty that can be found in painful times. 
  • Great Protagonist – Anne is incredibly likable, and makes a great protagonist for younger readers. 
  • Poetic – The language in this book can truly be described as being poetic in nature, and is a real pleasure to read. 


  • Gender – Some might find that this book appeals more to young girls than boys. 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events By Lemony Snicket

The Bad Beginning (A Series of Unfortunate Events #1)

Those who are fans of the film simply have to check out the books on which they were based upon.

These books follow the lives of three incredibly unlucky young children as they try to navigate their way through the world. 

The book starts out with their parent’s death from a terrible fire, and as a result, they’re forced to go and live with their murderous relative, Count Olaf.

He is the primary antagonist of the novel and will stop at nothing to prevent the children from receiving their inheritance, which they are to inherit once they reach a certain age. 

If he manages to foil the children, and ultimately, kill them before they are of age, all the inheritance will pass over to him instead.

With some of his accomplices, Olaf manages to cause all manner of unfortunate events for the children, with several booby traps along the way. 

The children always appear to be two steps ahead, however, and manage to foil his evil plans. 


  • Gripping – We think that young readers will find these books to be very gripping reads. They’re full of twists and turns, as the children plan to foil Olaf’s evil plans. 
  • Humorous – Despite the slightly darker plotline, this book is ram packed with lots of humor that will keep your sides splitting. 
  • Part Of A Larger Series – If you’re looking for some books which are part of a wider series, then we’d recommend this one for readers. There are a total of 13 books in the series. 


  • Lots To Get Through – For the same reason that this may be a pro for some, the fact that there are so many books in the series might be a con for others, who prefer to read short, stand-alone novels. 

Peter Pan By J. M. Barrie

Peter Pan (Illustrated): The 1911 Classic Edition with Original Illustrations

If you’re looking for a tale seeped in adventure and fantasy elements, then we’d recommend that you introduce your children to this classic tale by J. M. Barrie.

All of us are familiar with the Disney film it was based upon, but the novel itself is highly underrated and debatably better. 

The book follows the story of the Darling children, Wendy, Michael, and Peter.

Each night, they enjoy telling each other tales of Peter Pan’s adventures, a truly magical boy who is able to fly.

They tell of his great adventures, and iconic rivalry with Captain Hook, his pirate arch nemesis. 

The children hope that one day they will get the chance to visit Neverland, which is the place beyond the stars where Peter lives.

One fateful night, whilst their wealthy parents are away at a soiree, the children are swept into an adventure of their own, as Peter finally emerges through their bedroom window. 

The children are told with a little bit of faith, trust, and fairy dust, they too can fly high above the stars.

As they drift over London, they find themselves headed straight for Neverland.

Here, they take part in all manner of adventures, including meeting some of the Natives of the land, fighting against the unruly pirates, and living life without a care in the world. 

This book is a true classic that all children should read, and it teaches a poignant lesson about the difficulties of adulthood, and to be appreciative of our youth whilst we have it. 


  • Adventure – We adore the adventure aspects of this novel, and it’s jam-packed with all manner of excitement. 
  • Comforting Read – This is one of those comfort reads that your children will enjoy reading again and again in order to revisit the world of Neverland. 
  • Nostalgic – This is a very nostalgic book, and we think parents will enjoy reading this one just as much as their children. 


  • Violent Aspects – Bear in mind that there are a few depictions of violence in this novel, during the pirate fights. These aren’t graphic by any means, but if it’s a problem for you, then you might want to keep this in mind. 

George’s Marvelous Medicine By Roald Dahl

George's Marvelous Medicine

As we mentioned earlier on in our list, Matilda wouldn’t be the first time that we mentioned Roald Dahl on our list.

He’s known as one of the greatest children’s literature authors of all time, and it’s really not hard to see why. 

This particular story takes place in a very ordinary setting, which is George’s living room.

His parents have gone out for the day, and to George’s dismay, this means that he’s going to have to stay with his horrible grandmother, who gives him nothing but trouble each time she stays. 

George feels fearful of his grandmother and even suspects at one point that she might actually be a witch.

She keeps badgering George throughout the first portion of the book by asking for her medicine. George compiles, but not in the way she expects. 

George decides that he’s going to create a medicine for his grandmother that’s so powerful, she’ll actually explode after consuming it.

So, he sets to his task. We observe George as he moves around his house, collecting various liquids and ointments to place in the medicine. These range from floor polish to deodorant, so make sure that you tell your kids not to try this at home! 

After he’s gathered everything he can think of to include in his grandmother’s potion, he finally re-enters the living room to feed it to her.

Something highly unexpected happens, however, and his grandmother grows, and grows, and grows until her legs are poking out of the house’s windows.

Whatever will George do to fix this before his parents return home? 

Like all of Dahl’s books, this is an incredibly charming story, and he is the master of transforming the mundane into magic. 


  • Masterful – The way Dahl conducts his storytelling is truly masterful. 
  • Incredibly Fun – This is an incredibly fun tale, and we loved seeing George traverse through each of the different rooms in the house, concocting his magical potion. 
  • Prose – We love the language used in this book, which is a real pleasure to read, especially out loud. 


  • Short – This is one of Dahl’s shortest tales, and may leave readers feeling as though they want more. 

The Phantom Tollbooth By Norton Juster

The Phantom Tollbooth

This is one of the most underrated books on our entire list but is truly one of the very best. We’d say that this one deserves to be regarded as a modern-day classic.

First published in 1961, it follows the story of a young boy called Milo.

Milo’s life is about to change forever, as he finds himself passing through a mysterious tollbooth on his thirteenth birthday. 

As he passes through this tollbooth, he finds himself transported to a different world, where he is accompanied by a dog named Tock, who literally has a clock attached to the side of his body. 

He finds himself in the middle of a perilous quest, where he must save the two exiled Princesses of the land, called Rhyme and Reason.

He has to use his own wits and knowledge to navigate his way through this difficult journey, and learns the importance of intellect. 

This book teaches a fantastic moral lesson, and that’s to be appreciative of all things ordinary.

As Milo goes through perilous journey after a perilous journey in the land of the tollbooth, he learns to appreciate the mundanity of everyday life, and the safety it brings him. 


  • Wordplay – The wordplay in this book is truly unrivaled, and is incredibly engaging and fun for young readers. 
  • Attention Grabbing – This is a real attention grabber of a book, as some adventure or another happens on each page. 
  • Good For Reluctant Readers – We’d say that this book is great for children who aren’t that interested in reading, as it’s highly engaging and absorbing. 


  • Allegorical – Sometimes the characters feel as though they’re just that, characters in a book instead of real tangible people. 

Buyers Guide 


We’d say that one of the most important things to look out for when choosing a book for your young reader is genre.

Each child will be different and have some genres that they are more interested in than others. 

If you’re finding it difficult to determine what they like, why not think of what their favorite TV shows or movies involve, to help give you a better idea? 

Book Length 

This is also a very important thing to look out for, especially when choosing the perfect book for younger readers.

When selecting a book, make sure that you’re always paying attention to its length.

You don’t want it to be too long, as this can be incredibly off-putting for a 10 year old, especially if they’re not accustomed to reading a lot in their spare time. 

You do, however, want to find one that’s lengthy enough to keep them interested and provide a little bit of a challenge for them. It’s all about achieving the correct balance. 


Your children are still at that stage where they like to have some illustrations to accompany each chapter.

The majority of the books listed above have some pictures here and there that can help to engage them with the story. 

Accessible Vocabulary 

You want to make sure that you’re choosing books that have an accessible vocabulary that your children will be able to read without stumbling over every word.

Make sure that it provides enough new, interesting words too however, in order to expand their vocabulary. 

Although you yourself might feel bored of seeing the same words repeated over and over on the page if you’re reading with your children, bear in mind that it’s this repetition that’s ultimately helping their brains to become accustomed to these new words. 


Make sure also that you’re taking a look at the type of words on the page.

This isn’t something that occurs to every parent, as after all, it doesn’t matter to us when we’re choosing a book for ourselves how small the print is. 

It is imperative, however, that when choosing an appropriate book for your young reader, you pick one that has a large enough type print so that they’re able to easily read the words as they appear on the page. 

Most of the books on our list will have editions that have large types in the book.

With some of the more famous books, however, there can be countless different editions in circulation.

It’s therefore important to always choose an appropriate edition for your young readers. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, there are a whole host of brilliant books out there for your 10 year old reader.

Sometimes it can feel a little tricky purchasing for this age group, as they’re gradually becoming more independent, and eager to read by themselves. 

There are, however, lots of great books to choose from the list above.

Whether you want something adventurous, something heartwarming, or something seeped in fantasy, there’s something that will interest every young mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Most Read Children’s Book? 

The most widely read children’s book the world over is The Hungry Caterpillar. 

What Is The Number 1 Best-Selling Children’s Book Of All Time? 

The best-selling children’s book of all time is The Little Prince. 

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