Dragon Book Series: 13 Best Dragon Book Series To Transport You To A Different World

For thousands of years, Dragons have been mentioned in lures and legends in cultures across the world.

They have been depicted in various forms such as large lizards, flying serpents, and fire-breathing birds. Regardless, they are simply cool.

Dragon Book Series 13 Best Dragon Book Series To Transport You To A Different World

Today, tales of dragons are some of the most popular books on the market.

And with the launch of the hit TV series Game of Thrones, fantasy books are larger than ever.

However, deciding which dragon book series is worth your time and money can be a little confusing.

Surely, any book involving dragons would be awesome right? Well, that is not always the case.

13 Dragon Book Series To Check Out

In this article, we have 13 of the best dragon book series that have everything you are looking for.

You can enter a whole new world of chaos, friendship, and the most exciting part, Dragons!

Let’s get into it!

Wings Of Fire By Tui Sutherland

Wings Of Fire: The Complete Collection Series Set (Books 1-15)

Although they exist in the universe of Wings of Fire, humans are not the focus of the narrative.

Instead, it is solely focused on sentient dragons, each of which has its own society and, as a result, its own fights.

It’s shockingly violent and tense for a middle school series.

Because it’s a middle school series, the action moves at an incredible clip yet doesn’t feel hurried.

This fantasy series is filled with understanding, empathy, acceptance, and personal growth.


  • Easy To Read.
  • Excellent themes for young kids.


  • Series can be expensive to keep up with.

The Rain Wild Chronicles By Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb The Rain Wild Chronicles Trilogy Collection 4 Books Set Pack NEW

Within the Rain Wild Chronicles, dragons have incredible abilities.

They emerge from their cocoons as what most people associate with dragons, yet they are actually sea serpents at birth.

Dragons can form a psychic connection with humans, but they more often use this connection to control people than to become friends.

Made up of four books, this series continues on years after the Liveship Traders series. With themes of vengeance, survival, freedom, and friendship.


  • Can be read with or without reading the previous series.
  • Modern themes despite authentic regency era.


  • Books don’t always flow together.

Dragon Jousters By Mercedes Lackey

Dragon Jousters

Lackey expertly brings together cultures of Ancient Egypt and the magical Atlantis in the remarkable Dragon Jousters series.

A collection of four books that are full of thrilling action and one of the most believable portrayals of dragons.

Dragon Jousters does have strong themes of slavery and fantasy as the main character Vetch is considered a serf: someone lower in status than a slave who is tied to the land they work on.

However, as Vetch works to free himself and raise his dragon, you can’t help but become attached.


  • The portrayal of mystical dragons is excellent.
  • Strong themes remain informal and easy to read.


  • The story is slow in the beginning.

The Inheritance Cycle By Christopher Paolini

The Inheritance Cycle 4-Book Collection: Eragon; Eldest; Brisingr; Inheritance

First published in 2009, The Inheritance Cycle has been a fan favorite for over a decade.

Following the tale of a young farm boy, Eragon when he finds a polished stone in the forest.

His life is quickly turned upside down as he discovers his own destiny, and he could be the one to save his people from the King’s evil ways.

Throughout the series, there are strong themes of good vs evil, identity, and most importantly friendship.

The bond between dragon and rider is an unbreakable one.


  • A full world is brought to life through the series.
  • Epic battle scenes in each book.


  • References to other novels are obvious and overused.

On Dragonwings Trilogy

On Dragonwings: Three Thrilling Novels of Pern in One Volume! Dragonsdawn, Dragonseye, Moreta (Pern: On Dragons)

During this trilogy, readers are invited to the mystical planet Pern.

When deadly spores begin to turn this paradise into hell, colonists must team up with the world’s dragons to save their planet.

After all, a dragon’s fire is the only thing to kill the spores.

The history of Pern’s early generations is told in On Dragonwings.

These three books take readers on a courageous journey to defend a stunning and fascinating world, starting with the colonists who originally created the fire-breathing dragons for protection and ending with the rise of the Dragonriders.

On Dragonwings is a cult favorite within the dragon fantasy genre and is sure to have you excited with the turn of every page.

Perfect for teenagers and adults to submerge themselves into a world of dragons and unity.


  • Writing style submerges readers into the world.


  • Language can be difficult to understand.

Seraphina By Rachel Hartman


Seraphina is the youngest and newest member of the royal court of Goredd.

A kingdom that is peaceful on the surface, while war and outrage brew in the depths.

When a royal member of the court is murdered, Seraphina and the handsome Prince Lucien are thrown into the investigation.

In a world of political chess, secrets, and deceit, can Seraphina keep her secret safe?

This 2-book series is engaging and filled with suspense, romance, and of course dragons.


  • Characters are well-rounded.
  • Dialogue is entertaining without being cheesy.


  • The murder plot is neglected throughout the novel.

Enchanted Forest Chronicles By Patricia C. Wrede

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: [Boxed Set]

Cimorene is a princess tired of being controlled. She wants to experience freedom and maybe have a bit of adventure in her rather dull life.

Leaving behind the safe walls of the palace, Cimorene enters the enchanted forest.

Here she finds a dragon and together they go on some incredible adventures that one can only dream about. Or read about.

Filled with hope, excitement, and freedom, the Enchanted Forest Chronicles are great for anyone to enjoy.


  • Tales are great for any age group.
  • Recusing knights adds humor and comedy.


  • The lack of battles makes it childish.

Eon By Alison Goodman


Eon is 16 and has been working to be a sword and magic master.

With hopes of being chosen to be a Dragoneye, Eon must keep his secret hidden. Eon is actually Eona, a 16-year-old girl.

If anyone discovers her true identity, she is sure to meet her death.

And when a battle commences for the throne, Eona must find her inner strength and learn to control her power. Her life and magic depend on it.

This dystopian fantasy is diverse and deals with themes of feminism, gender identity, and strength.


  • Combines elements from Chinese and Japanese mythology.
  • Refreshing plot for the fantasy genre.


  • It is a slow burn with lengthy chapters.

Scorched By Mari Mancusi

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Trinity Foxx is accustomed to her grandfather’s bizarre tales and doesn’t think the most recent artifact he brought back to their failing West Texas museum is actually a real dragon’s egg.

Not until Connor Jacks -a dragon hunter from the future- warns Trinity that unless they discover a method to halt the blazing dragon conflict, the planet is about to be destroyed.

With so many voices in her head, Trinity must choose who to believe and how to save the world she loves. Action, trust, and self-discovery are all themes in this thrilling series.


  • Told through the POV of the 3 friends.
  • New language is used without being confusing.


  • The love triangle is an unnecessary plot within the story.

Temeraire By Naomi Novik


This novel series centers on a pilot named Captain Will Laurence in a world that is at war and where something priceless has come undone.

Soon after hatching, a dragon chooses this unique person, Will Laurence, to be its handler.

Each book in this 9 novel long series is connected. When the British Aerial Corps learn about the dragon, they do everything they can to ensure it remains on their side.

With themes of loyalty, connection, and military fantasy, you can expect an epic tale in each book.


  • Dragon is more than a cause of destruction in this series.
  • Readers can relate to characters throughout the series.


  • The plot can be confusing at some points.

Iskari By Kristen Ciccarelli


The Namsara, a spirit child who brought joy and love wherever he went, existed before the beginning.

However, where there is light, there must also be darkness. Iskari represents death, considered the offspring of blood, the cause of death.

Over the course of this trilogy, Iskari grows into her destiny.

Conquering every dragon she comes across at the King’s will, she is kept in chains. And offered a chance at freedom, she grabs it with both hands.


  • The plot is action-packed from the beginning.
  • Twists and turns keep the series engaging.


  • Locations are not named.

A Natural History Of Dragons By Marie Brennan

A Natural History of Dragons

This one’s for you if you like your dragon fiction with a little more academic rigor.

It is presented as the autobiography of Isabella, a Victorian aristocrat who defied patriarchy to become a world authority on dragon science.

A wonderful blend of coming-of-age and an assessment of social conventions. Bringing dragons into our world, it is thrilling and makes you wish they really were roaming around.


  • Blends fantasy and reality together.
  • Easy to read.


  • Writing style can be tiring.

Age Of Fire By E. E. Knight

The Age of Fire

Hidden deep in the mountains, a brood of dragons is born.

The last of a dying breed, these four babies are the only hope for the survival of dragons.

And when they are captured by slave traders, all hope may be lost.

The youngest dragon, Auron is the only one to escape and with nothing but his claws, he is determined to get back to his family.

With themes of slavery, determination, and coming of age, this tale is magical and truly outstanding.


  • 8 Books in the series.
  • Told from the dragon’s POV.


  • Hero lacks substance.

Buyer’s Guide For Dragon Book Series

When it comes to selecting an invigorating dragon book series, there are a few things to consider:


Much like any other genre, dragon fantasy books have tropes that can either make or break a book and its entire lineage.

Popular tropes in dragon books are:

Free Roaming Dragons

Often in fantasy books, dragons have been around for thousands of years making them mysterious and powerful.

And often isolated. They are portrayed as flying around in the mountains until the main character bonds with them and becomes their rider.

Dragon Shifter

Another common dragon trope is a dragon shifter, This is a human that can shift into a dragon much like a werewolf.

This trope is commonly used in fantasy romance books and can either give the character a mysterious backstory or come off as cheesy.

Dragon Hoard

It is difficult to locate an ancient Anglo-Saxon, German, or Norse dragon that doesn’t defend gold, demonstrating how deeply established this myth is in Germanic Mythology.

Strangely, there is no general agreement on why dragons act in this way.

The reasons given in-story for why a dragon resides on a hoard, as well as the origins of both the hoard and the dragon, differ greatly.

Dragon Riders

The typical traits of dragon riders include a bond with the animal they are riding that results in a synchronous interaction between the two, a telepathic connection, and no chance of the two ever being separated without negative effects.

They need to get used to being around each other because they will be together forever!

Dragons Prefer Princesses

One of the earliest tropes is this one. Everyone is familiar with the standard dragon myth.

A princess is either taken by a dragon or offered to it as a sacrifice.

The beginning is where the trope rests, but it’s not always obvious where the story proceeds from there.


As you read more and more novels pertaining to dragons and the world of fantasy, there are a few common themes to be aware of:


This is a common theme when the Dragon Rider trope is involved.

Riders must bond with the dragon in order to ride and connect with the dragon.


Dragons are often a sign of battle and due to their size and fire-breathing abilities, war tends to play a large part in the story.


The main character sets on a journey of self-discovery, whether it is inner strength or their own destiny.


Either the dragon, the main character, or both are kept as slaves in some form and must fight to break free.

Fantasy books are excellent for all ages to enjoy.

However, if you are selecting dragon books for younger children, you may want to consider lighter themes such as friendship and adventure.

Some dragon books may contain themes that are too intense for children.


There are thousands of dragon book series on the market.

From completely new worlds to dragons roaming around the Earth, you can transport yourself to a hidden land and enjoy a story of destiny and magic.

Not sure where to start?

Above are 13 dragon series ranging from intense battle, and sword-wielding tales to friendship and empowerment.

Whatever your preference is, you are sure to find something that you get to sink your teeth into.

Some series are more intense than others but one thing is always guaranteed, there is a dragon flying around somewhere.

And if you are a princess, you may want to hide in a locked castle for protection.

Check them out and prepare yourself to be taken on a journey of thrilling action and bewildering magic.

Just remember to put it down and take regular breaks. No one wants to get no sleep because the dragon finally bonded with its rider!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Female Dragon Called?

A drakaina (Ancient Greek: v) is a female snake or dragon from Greek mythology, occasionally with human-like features.

What Is A Dragon Human Hybrid Called?

A dragon-human hybrid is called a Dracotaur and this was first coined in Dungeons & Dragons.

It is now a popular form within fantasy books and makes regular appearances throughout various films, books, and TV shows.

Who Is The Dragon God?

The dragon god Io is the parent of Bahamur and he is also known as the Lord of the North Wind or the God of Dragons.

The chief draconic deity Io is joined by his offspring Aasterinian, Bahamut, Chronepsis, Faluzure, Sardior, and Tiamat in numerous campaign settings.

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