10 Best Enemies to Lovers Romance Audiobooks

For many readers, romantic fiction is a way to escape from reality, to indulge in fantastical stories and swoon-worthy characters. One of the most popular romance tropes in recent years is the enemies to lovers trope, which involves two characters who start off disliking each other but eventually fall in love. Here, we’ll take a closer look at this beloved trope and highlight the top 10 enemies to lovers romance audiobooks that you won’t want to miss.

10 Best Enemies to Lovers Romance Audiobooks

Understanding the Enemies to Lovers Trope

Before we dive into the best audiobooks in this genre, let’s first examine what exactly the enemies to lovers trope is all about. At its core, this trope is about two characters who have a strong dislike for each other at the beginning of the story. This can be due to a variety of reasons: perhaps they have opposing values, they work together but clash on everything, or they simply can’t stand each other’s personalities.

Despite their initial enmity, over the course of the story, these characters gradually begin to see a different side to one another, and eventually fall deeply in love. This trope is incredibly popular among romance readers because it allows for plenty of tension and conflict, as well as swoon-worthy moments of vulnerability and tenderness.

What Makes This Trope So Popular?

One reason why the enemies to lovers trope is so beloved among readers is that it’s incredibly relatable. After all, who hasn’t at some point had a difficult relationship that eventually evolved into something positive? This trope also allows for dynamic character development, as each character is forced to examine their beliefs and behaviors in order to overcome their differences and embrace their feelings for one another.

Furthermore, the enemies to lovers trope is not limited to just one genre. It can be found in romance novels, of course, but also in other genres such as young adult fiction, fantasy, and even mystery novels. This versatility allows for a wider range of readers to enjoy this trope and its many variations.

The Evolution of Enemies to Lovers in Romance

The enemies to lovers trope isn’t a new concept in the world of fiction – in fact, it’s been used in literature for centuries. One classic example is William Shakespeare’s play “Much Ado About Nothing”, where the characters Beatrice and Benedick start off as enemies but eventually fall in love.

However, it’s gained a special significance in modern romance novels, where it’s become a staple of the genre. Part of the reason for this trend is the changing attitudes towards romance in general. In the past, romantic relationships were often depicted as simple and straightforward – boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, happily ever after. But in recent years, readers have increasingly looked for more complex and nuanced portrayals of love and relationships, and the enemies to lovers trope fits the bill perfectly. It allows for a more realistic depiction of the challenges and difficulties that come with falling in love, as well as the rewards that come from overcoming those challenges.

Moreover, the enemies to lovers trope has evolved to include more diverse and inclusive representations of love. It’s no longer limited to just heterosexual relationships, but can also include LGBTQ+ relationships, interracial relationships, and relationships between people from different cultures or backgrounds. This evolution has allowed for a wider range of readers to see themselves represented in this trope and has made it even more popular and beloved.

Top 10 Enemies to Lovers Romance Audiobooks

There’s something undeniably enticing about the enemies to lovers trope in romance novels. Watching two characters who can’t stand each other slowly fall in love is a deliciously satisfying experience, and when you add in the intimacy of an audiobook, the effect is even more powerful.

Now that we’ve discussed the appeal of this trope, let’s delve into the best audiobooks that showcase it.

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

The Hating Game: A Novel

The Hating Game tells the story of Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman, two coworkers who engage in an intense rivalry. When a promotion comes up, their competition heats up even more – and so do their feelings for each other.

Thorne’s writing is sharp and witty, and the audiobook is expertly narrated by Katie Schorr, who captures the tension between Lucy and Joshua perfectly.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll find yourself rooting for Lucy and Joshua to put aside their differences and embrace their undeniable chemistry.

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

From Lukov with Love

Told from the perspective of Jasmine Santos, a talented ice skater who is approached by her longtime rival to become his partner, From Lukov with Love is a slow-burn romance that’s both sweet and steamy.

What sets this audiobook apart is the incredible performance by Callie Dalton, who perfectly captures both the vulnerability and the strength of Jasmine’s character.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be drawn into the world of competitive ice skating and the complex relationship between Jasmine and Ivan.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren

The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners centers around Olive and Ethan, two polar opposites who are forced to go on a honeymoon together after their siblings’ wedding ends in disaster. Though they initially can’t stand each other, as they navigate the complications of their journey, they find themselves drawn to each other.

Bailey Carr’s narration of this audiobook is lively and engaging, bringing the humor and heart of the story to life.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be swept away by the gorgeous scenery of Maui and the sizzling chemistry between Olive and Ethan.

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue: A Novel

Red, White & Royal Blue is a queer enemies to lovers romance that’s as charming as it is swoon-worthy. The story follows Alex, the son of the US President, and Henry, the Prince of Wales, as they initially clash at a royal wedding but eventually fall head over heels in love.

The audiobook is narrated by Ramon de Ocampo, whose performance perfectly captures the humor and heart of McQuiston’s writing.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be swept up in the whirlwind romance between Alex and Henry, and you’ll find yourself rooting for them to overcome the obstacles in their path.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient: A Novel

The Kiss Quotient follows Stella, an autistic woman who hires an escort named Michael to teach her about relationships and sexuality. Despite their initial awkwardness with each other, the two fall deeply in love.

Carly Robins’ narration of this audiobook is pitch-perfect, bringing both the sensuality and the emotional depth of Hoang’s writing to life.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be moved by the tender love story between Stella and Michael, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be on the autism spectrum.

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle

You Deserve Each Other

When Naomi and Nicholas decide to call off their wedding, they’re left stuck in a toxic relationship with each other. However, as they undertake a series of escalating pranks against each other, they begin to rediscover why they fell in love in the first place.

As narrated by Taylor Meskimen, You Deserve Each Other is both funny and heartwarming, and perfectly captures the ups and downs of a rocky relationship.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be entertained by the hilarious pranks Naomi and Nicholas play on each other, and you’ll be touched by the way they learn to appreciate each other’s quirks and flaws.

The Simple Wild by K.A. Tucker

The Simple Wild: A Novel (The Simple Wild, Book 1)

Set in the rugged wilderness of Alaska, The Simple Wild follows Calla, a city girl who moves to the countryside in order to reconnect with her estranged father. There, she meets Jonah, a surly and handsome pilot – and the two of them clash almost immediately.

The audiobook, narrated by Rebekkah Ross, is both atmospheric and romantic, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cozy, heartfelt listen.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be transported to the stunning landscape of Alaska and swept up in the tension between Calla and Jonah.

Beach Read by Emily Henry

Beach Read

Beach Read is a charming enemies to lovers romance that features two writers who are forced to swap genres for a summer. After initially clashing over their different approaches to writing, they begin to fall for each other in unexpected ways.

As performed by Julia Whelan, the audiobook is both funny and poignant, and her narration of the witty banter between the characters is spot-on.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be charmed by the quirky and endearing characters, and you’ll appreciate the way the story explores the complexities of grief and healing.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

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The Wall of Winnipeg and Me is a slow-burn romance that features two former football players who were once enemies, but who find themselves drawn to each other years later. Though it takes some time for their relationship to develop, the payoff is well worth it.

The audiobook, as narrated by Callie Dalton, is both romantic and emotionally resonant, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be captivated by the slow, steady build of the relationship between Vanessa and Aiden, and you’ll appreciate the way the story explores themes of forgiveness and redemption.

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

The Bride Test

The Bride Test tells the story of Khai, a young man on the autism spectrum who is convinced he can’t fall in love, and Esme, a Vietnamese woman who comes to America to meet him after his mother has arranged a marriage for him.

The audiobook, narrated by Emily Woo Zeller, does an incredible job of capturing both the humor and the pathos of the story, making it a standout among audiobooks in this genre.

As you listen to this audiobook, you’ll be moved by the way Khai and Esme learn to understand and appreciate each other, and you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by those on the autism spectrum.

The Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

Of course, what makes all of these audiobooks so enjoyable is the fact that they’re expertly performed by skilled narrators who bring the stories to life. Listening to audiobooks can be a great way to enhance the reading experience, whether you’re listening during a long commute, on a road trip, or just at home while doing chores.

Enhancing the Reading Experience

One of the biggest benefits of audiobooks is that they can help elevate the emotional impact of a story. A skilled narrator can bring out the nuances of the writing, making the characters feel more alive and multidimensional.

Convenience and Accessibility

Another advantage of audiobooks is that they’re incredibly convenient and accessible. You don’t need to carry around a physical book, and you can listen to them while doing other activities.

Boosting Comprehension and Retention

Finally, research has shown that listening to audiobooks can actually boost comprehension and retention of a story. This is because listening to something allows your brain to more easily recognize patterns and make connections between different plot points and characters.

So, whether you’re a die-hard romance reader or just looking for a fun and engaging story, these enemies to lovers romance audiobooks are sure to capture your heart – and your ears. Happy listening!


Why do enemies turn to lovers?

In many novels, the relationship between enemies is already charged with emotion and passion. The turn typically happens when each character realizes why the other is their enemy, learns more about their past, or accepts their flaws.

What are the best enemies to lovers romance books?

Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, Beach Read by Emily Henry, Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin, and The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas.

What is the most famous enemies to lovers book of all time?

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is one of the most influential enemies to lovers books in literary history.

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