30 Best Harlequin Romance Novels – Ultimate Guide

If you love sweet yet dramatic romance novels and are on the hunt for more, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best Harlequin romance novels to get you started.

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30 Best Harlequin Romance Novels - Ultimate Guide

Harlequin was founded in Winnipeg, Canada in 1949. They’re best known for their wide variety of romance and women’s fiction novels, and since starting out, Harlequin has grown to be the largest publisher of romance in the world.

Harlequin has tons of romance themes to choose from. From second chances to LGBTQ relationships to historical romance and even graphic novels, Harlequin publishes romance for everyone to enjoy. We’ve sprinkled some of everything into this list that’s in no particular order, so hopefully you will find some stories that interest you.

Best Harlequin Romance Novels

The Price of a Bride by Michelle Reid

The Price of a Bride: A Secret Baby Romance

Mia Frazier’s father is forcing her to marry Alexander Doumas, a Greek millionaire in who she isn’t interested. The marriage will benefit both men, getting Mia’s father a grandson and getting Alex his family’s island back.

Alex believes that Mia married him for money, but only Mia knows the real reason for her agreeing to the marriage. Now that she is pregnant and falling for Alex, Mia doesn’t know how much longer she can afford to hide the truth.

You can read The Price of a Bride by Michelle Reid here.

D’Vaughn & Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins

D'Vaughn and Kris Plan a Wedding

Kris and D’Vaughn have 6 weeks to plan a wedding, but it’s all fake. Kris wants to be an influencer and knows the reality TV stunt could really help her, and D’Vaughn is using it as an excuse to finally come out to her mom and go out of her comfort zone.

Kris and D’Vaughn have to convince everyone that they really are getting married, otherwise, the whole scheme will be ruined. Luckily they have lots of chemistry, so it turns out to be easy. But when they start falling for each other for real, the two fiancés wonder if a wedding is the best way to begin a relationship.

You can find D’Vaughn & Kris Plan a Wedding by Chencia C. Higgins here.

After Hours on Milagro Street by Angelina M. Lopez

After Hours on Milagro Street: A Novel

Jeremiah Post is the upstairs tenant in one of the rooms above Alex’s grandmother’s bar. Alex wants to help the bar grow into a bigger business, and when she finds out that Jeremiah wants the bar for himself, she won’t let him stand in her way.

Jeremiah has grown to love the Torres family, and he doesn’t think that Alex is taking over the bar out of selflessness for the community. He fears that Alex only wants to help herself, so he stands up to her.

But when the bar suddenly becomes threatened, Jeremiah and Alex have to work together to solve the issue, all while trying to ignore their attraction to one another.

Find After Hours on Milagro Street by Angelina M. Lopez here.

The Best Laid Plans by Sarah Mayberry

The Best Laid Plans (Mills & Boon Cherish)

Alexandra Knight is a lawyer who lives a chaotic life and strives to stay professional and keep boundaries up. But lately, she’s been having a hard time maintaining her limits and she blames it on her coworker, Ethan Stone. 

Because Alexandra is getting older and running out of time to have kids, Ethan has offered to be the father of her child. Ethan tends to avoid commitment, and Alexandra knows it might not be the best idea. Not to mention the two are super attracted to each other, and there’s a lot on the line if things don’t work out…

The Best Laid Plans by Sarah Mayberry can be found here.

Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham

Bond of Hatred

Sarah Hartwell’s nephew is left without a mother when Sarah’s sister dies during childbirth, so Sarah takes him in. She’s determined to keep the baby safe, and when Alex Terzakis shows up to take his brother’s child, she won’t let him get the kid that easily.

Sarah wants to get rid of Alex, so she tells him that if he wants the baby, he’ll have to marry her. Alex is surprised by the proposal but he accepts, and suddenly Sarah is thrown into a marriage with a man she just met.

Bond of Hatred by Lynne Graham can be read here.

Mistress of the Groom by Susan Napier

MISTRESS OF THE GROOM (Scandals! Book 4)

Jane’s best friend is getting married to Ryan Blair, and Jane knows it’s not a good idea. Ryan is too rich and powerful to marry, and Jane thinks her friend would be making a horrible mistake by marrying him.

At the wedding, Jane decides to get up and declare that she has been having an affair with Ryan. Her plan works and the marriage is ruined, but Ryan wants to make Jane pay for what she did, and he’s determined to now make her his actual mistress. 

Purchase Mistress of the Groom by Susan Napier here.

Miss Murray on the Cattle Trail by Lynna Banning

Miss Murray on the Cattle Trail (Harlequin Historical Book 503)

When city girl Alexandra Murray shows up in town, cowboy Zacharia Strickland doesn’t think she’ll be able to handle it. Still, he has to saddle up and take her on the cattle trail with him. 

As they spend time together, Alexandra shows that she can handle the wild west, and Zach gets more infatuated with her by the day. Soon, he thinks that she might be exactly where she belongs after all. 

You can read Miss Murray on the Cattle Trail by Lynna Banning here.

For Butter or Worse by Erina La Rosa

For Butter or Worse: A Rom Com (The Hollywood Series Book 1)

Nina Lyon is a chef who wants to inspire young women to get into the cooking industry, and she finally has a chance to make it big when she becomes the co-host of a competitive cooking TV show. But her screen partner happens to be Leo O’Donnell, a smart-mouthed jerk.

Leo doesn’t mean to bother Nina, but it always ends up happening. His anxiety and stress seem to make him do things that don’t sit well with Nina, but when she ends up quitting on live TV after he takes a joke too far, Leo is shocked.

Then a photo shows up from the paparazzi that makes them look like they are in a secret relationship, and the two have to play along to save their careers. 

For Butter or Worse by Erina La Rosa can be purchased here.

Her Hometown Man by Shannon Stacey

Her Hometown Man (Sutton's Place Book 1)

Gwen Sutton is an author who enjoys her peaceful and quiet life, and when she’s called back home to help the family brewery, Gwen makes it clear to her mom and sisters that she won’t be staying. 

But then Case Danforth, Gwen’s crush, shows up to help. Soon they are both falling for each other, and Case is left figuring out how to convince Gwen to stay in the town with him.

Her Hometown Man by Shannon Stacey can be found here.

Shattered Trust by Jacqueline Baird

Shattered Trust

Ever since Nick left them, Abby has been living with their child, Jonathan, and building a good life. But now Nick is back, and he wants Jonathan so bad that he is blackmailing Abby.

Abby won’t let Nick get everything he wants like usual, and she is going to stand in his way with everything she has. But since his return, it’s been obvious that the two still have feelings for each other and it makes the situation more complicated than ever. 

You can read Shattered Trust by Jacqueline Baird here.

The Prince’s Mistress by Day Leclaire

The Prince's Mistress (The Royals)

Prince Lander is an eligible man who was just spotted dancing with a mysterious woman at a ball. Not much is known about Juliana Rose, so people quickly jump to conclusions and gossip spreads about how being with Juliana could hurt the Prince’s reputation.

Prince Lander is very well respected but has recently been slacking on his duties, and people are suddenly wondering if the mysterious Juliana could be to blame.

You can find The Prince’s Mistress by Day Leclaire here.

A Show For Two by Tashie Bhuiyan

A Show for Two

Mina Rahman can’t wait to get into her dream school and leave New York City in her past. Then Emmitt Ramos, an indie film star, shows up at Mina’s high school undercover. Mina asks him to be in her short film for a competition she is entering, and he agrees as long as Mina shows him around NYC.

As Mina experiences the city with Emmitt, she starts to fall in love with it and wonders why she ever wanted to leave in the first place. Her dreams change before her eyes, and soon Mina doesn’t know what she wants anymore.

A Show For Two by Tashie Bhuiyan can be purchased here.

The Marriage Arrangement by Helen Bianchin

The Marriage Arrangement

When Hannah and Miguel get married, it’s the perfect arrangement. They get to share a glamorous life together and experience the perks that marriage has to offer for their business, and they aren’t actually in love.

But when a woman named Camille starts being flirtatious with Miguel, Hannah finds herself getting jealous. This challenges their relationship, and Hannah and Miguel are forced to look inward to figure out if love has been with them all along.

Read The Marriage Arrangement by Helen Bianchin here.

The End of Faking It by Natalie Anderson

The End of Faking It (His Very Personal Assistant)

Penny Fairburn has known to stay away from falling in love ever since a relationship went wrong when she was a teenager. When she starts a fling with Carter Dodds, Penny vows to keep it casual.

Carter usually likes the no strings attached kind of relationship, but he finds himself falling for Penny. Carter knows that Penny reciprocates these feelings, but getting her to admit it proves to be quite the challenge.

You can find The End of Faking It by Natalie Anderson here.

Night…Nine Month Scandal by Sarah Morgan

One Night . . . Nine-Month Scandal

Kelly is a teacher in a small English village. Alekos Zagorakis, Kelly’s ex, has just returned after he left her at the alter 4 years ago. Now he’s come back to have one more night with Kelly, but what’s supposed to be one night suddenly turns into a 9-month debacle. 

One Night…Nine Month Scandal by Sarah Morgan can be read here.

The Gentleman’s Book of Vices by Jess Everlee

The Gentleman's Book of Vices: A Gay Victorian Historical Romance (Lucky Lovers of London 1)

It is 1883, and Charlie is married to a woman that he cannot love. Charlie has a collection of explicit novels, and he wants to meet his favorite author of all time. 

Miles Montague has a bookstore that is in danger of going under, but he does okay with the money from his books. When Charlie shows up knowing Miles’ real name (and not the pen name that he uses for his stories), Miles assumes Charlie is bad news. 

But it turns out Charlie is just a big fan, and though Miles has a secret past and Charlie’s future is on thin ice, an affair soon starts between the two. 

The Gentleman’s Book of Vices by Jess Everlee can be purchased here.

Dark Illusion by Patricia Wilson

Dark Illusion

Joanna loves another man, but Nick won’t stop pursuing her. It was easier to ignore him in England, but now that they are on a small Caribbean island, he seems to be everywhere she turns. 

Things get even more complicated when Joanna realizes that though she is fighting Nick’s efforts, she is falling for him at the same time.

You can purchase Dark Illusion by Patricia Wilson here.

From Feuding to Falling by Jules Bennett

From Feuding to Falling: An enemies to lovers, faking it romance (Texas Cattleman's Club: Fathers and Sons Book 4)

Carson Wentworth is the new president of the Texas Cattleman’s Club, and he’s determined to get the fortune that is owed to them. To do that, he has to bridge the gap between his family and the Langleys, so Carson proposes to Lana Langley that they get fake married.

Lana doesn’t know how they will sell it to their families considering that they’ve been enemies for a very long time, but it does help that there happens to be some chemistry between them already.

You can read From Feuding to Falling by Jules Bennett here.

The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy

The Wrong Mirror: Harlequin comics

Before Kristy died, she had a child with her boyfriend Hal. When she told him about the baby, Hal didn’t want anything to do with marriage or a kid. Now, Kristy’s twin sister Karen is taking care of the child, and Hal has suddenly changed his mind. He wants to marry Karen and take care of the baby, and Karen is suspicious of his change in heart.

The graphic novel The Wrong Mirror by Emma Darcy can be purchased here.

The Magnate’s Indecent Proposal by Ally Blake

The Magnate's Indecent Proposal (Taken by the Millionaire Book 9)

When Chelsea meets her sister at a fancy restaurant, they have to hand over their phones at the front door. But when Chelsea leaves, she ends up accidentally swapping phones with Damien Halliburton, an incredibly wealthy magnate.

Chelsea goes to meet Damien, and despite having sworn off men a long time ago, she can’t resist him once they’re together.

Find The Magnate’s Indecent Proposal by Ally Blake here.

Sand Dollar Lane by Sheila Roberts

Sand Dollar Lane: A Novel (A Moonlight Harbor Novel Book 6)

Brody is a real estate agent who was recently left by his fiancé, Jenna, and she promptly got married to another man. Jenna feels bad about her problems with love and wants to help Brody find someone else, but Brody is done with serious relationships for now and just wants something casual.

When Lucy catches her husband cheating on her, she moves away and starts a real estate business by herself. Moonlight Harbor is a small town with only one real estate agency, and Lucy doesn’t think it will be harmful to have some competition. But she doesn’t realize how much this feud will change her life.

Sand Dollar Lane by Sheila Roberts can be read here.

Summer Escape With the Tycoon by Donna Alward

Summer Escape with the Tycoon: Get swept away with this sparkling summer romance! (Destination Brides Book 1)

Molly is a divorce lawyer who is going on the trip of a lifetime, paired with a tycoon named Eric. The two are going out of their comfort zones, and soon this vacation turns into a fling. But as their time together comes to an end, Eric and Molly are forced to decide what could be next.

You can read Summer Escape With the Tycoon by Donna Alward here.

Apple Orchard Bride by Jessica Keller

Apple Orchard Bride (Goose Harbor Book 5)

Toby is a bachelor who doesn’t know the first thing about kids, but suddenly he is the guardian of his cousin’s daughter, Kasey. They move to the small town where Toby grew up and he takes a job at an old friend’s apple orchard. 

Toby knows that he wronged Jenna years ago, and Jenna isn’t ready to forgive him yet. But he needs her help raising Kasey, and he’s determined to make it up to Jenna. She and Kasey begin to form a bond, but it will take some convincing from Toby to bring her into their lives for good.

You can purchase Apple Orchard Bride by Jessica Keller here.

All the Way Happy by Kit Coltrane

All the Way Happy

Jack and Theodore used to be enemies, but they now share a past of passion. 17 years later, they meet again when they’re dropping their sons off at school. Theodore wants to confront the past that they share and the way it’s been a secret between the two of them, hidden from their marriages.

But Jack is afraid of going back to the past and he doesn’t want to be hurt again.

All the Way Happy by Kit Coltrane can be found here.

Taken Over by Penny Jordan

Taken Over

Joel is an arrogant and egotistical man who Cassie has grown to hate. Joel wants to take over her computer game company, and just to bother him, Cassie makes sure he knows that she’s thinking of giving it to his closest competitor.

Joel thinks that the only way he can ensure that Cassie stays loyal to his company is by marrying her, and he makes it his mission to convince Cassie.

Taken Over by Penny Jordan can be read here.

Her Festive Flirtation by Therese Beharrie

Her Festive Flirtation

1 year after Ava’s wedding day went south, she is at another wedding as a bridesmaid. Her memories are painful, but Ava distracts herself with Noah, the best man and her first crush. Ava is still hurt from what happened between them years prior, and when she realizes she still has feelings for him, she is conflicted. 

You can find Her Festive Flirtation by Therese Beharrie here.

Lightning Strikes Twice by Elizabeth Hrib

Lightning Strikes Twice (Hatchet Lake Book 1)

Kate Cardiff is a livestock vet who is going home to help her family’s ranch after recently becoming single, and she’s definitely NOT looking for love. When she meets Nathan, the ranch hand, she immediately doesn’t like him.

Nathan thinks he can win Kate over, but he also lives on the edge, and Kate doesn’t know if she can go through another heartbreak.

Lightning Strikes Twice by Elizabeth Hrib can be found here.

No Rings Attached by Mona Schroff

No Rings Attached (Once Upon a Wedding Book 3)

Sangeeta Parikh is a wedding planner who has just fled her own wedding, not wanting to commit to a lifetime with someone. But she accidentally flies straight into Chef Sonny’s arms, and suddenly they are a viral sensation.

Sangeeta and Sonny decide to play off of the video and become fake engaged. The engagement will help Sangeeta save her reputation at work, and Sonny will get more people in the doors of his restaurant. No strings attached is just what they need, but soon the fake relationship starts to feel a little too real.

No Rings Attached by Mona Schroff can be purchased here.

Would You Rather by Allison Ashley

Would You Rather: A Novel

Mia is currently awaiting a kidney transplant, and when she gets the amazing chance to go back to school, it is painful to pass up. But if Mia takes the opportunity, she’ll lose the medical insurance at her current job that she needs for her kidney transplant.

Then Mia’s best friend, Noah, suggests that they get married. She would be able to go to school and still keep her health insurance. Mia agrees, and soon they are convincing everyone in their lives that they are in love.

You can read Would You Rather by Allison Ashley here.

Targeted in the Desert by Dana Mentink

Targeted in the Desert (Desert Justice Book 6)

When Felicia learns about a family she didn’t know she had, she’s suddenly wrapped up in a ton of legal drama. She’s in danger, and she has to turn to her ex, Sheriff Jude Duke, for help. Jude jumps on the case immediately, searching for answers as the spark between him and Felicia brightens again.

Targeted in the Desert by Dana Mentink can be found here.


Does Harlequin still publish books?

Yes! Harlequin has been publishing books since 1949 and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. You can go to their website here to find all of their new releases.

How many novels has Harlequin published?

It’s estimated that Harlequin has published over 4850 books, publishing roughly 700 a year.

How much does Harlequin pay for a romance novel?

Harlequin pays with advance and royalty payments. This means that they pay the author an advance upfront before the book is published, then they give the author a set percentage, or royalty, for each copy that is sold. From surveys done with romance authors, it’s estimated that Harlequin pays an average of 3,500-4,000 dollars for the advance on an author’s first book.

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