22 Best Linda Howard Books (Romance, Suspense, and More)

Are you a fan of romantic suspense novels or contemporary romance novels? Or perhaps you’re curious about paranormal romance novels? No matter what your preferences are, Linda Howard may just have the perfect book for you. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Linda Howard, her writing style, and her best works that you should add to your reading list.

22 Best Linda Howard Books (Romance, Suspense, and More)

Who is Linda Howard?

Linda Howard is a New York Times bestselling author born in 1950 in Alabama, USA. She began her publishing career in 1982, and since then has written over 50 novels, many of which have been translated into more than 20 languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide.

A Brief Biography of Linda Howard

Linda Howard was born as Linda Howington in 1950 in Alabama, USA. She grew up in a large family and was an avid reader from a young age. Her love for books led her to pursue a career in writing, but it wasn’t until her 30s that she began writing seriously. Despite being a mother of three, Howard found the time to pursue her passion and her hard work paid off when her first novel, “All The Queen’s Men,” was published in 1982 under the pseudonym Linda Howard.

From then on, Linda Howard became a prolific author, captivating readers with her unique writing style and engaging characters. Her books have been praised for their ability to transport readers to different worlds and keep them hooked until the very end.

Aside from writing, Linda Howard is also passionate about animals. She is a supporter of animal rights and has been actively involved in various animal welfare organizations over the years.

Linda Howard’s Writing Style and Genres

Linda Howard is known for her blend of romance and suspense. Her writing style is characterized by strong heroines and complex plots that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Howard’s books are often described as page-turners, with readers unable to put them down until they’ve reached the end.

Howard’s books span multiple genres, including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Her ability to seamlessly blend genres has made her a favorite among readers who enjoy a variety of different types of books.

One of the things that sets Linda Howard’s writing apart is her attention to detail. Whether she’s describing a character’s emotions or setting the scene for a suspenseful moment, Howard’s writing is always rich with detail that helps readers fully immerse themselves in the story.

Overall, Linda Howard’s extensive library of works is a testament to her talent as a writer. Her ability to create captivating characters and intricate plotlines has earned her a dedicated following of readers who eagerly anticipate each new release.

Top Linda Howard Books You Must Read

Linda Howard is a prolific author who has written over 50 novels in a variety of genres, including romantic suspense, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance. Her books have been praised for their compelling characters, intricate plots, and steamy romance.

Romantic Suspense Novels

Kill and Tell: A Novel (CIA Spies Series Book 1)

Fans of romantic suspense will enjoy Howard’s ability to create tension and suspense alongside romance. In “Kill and Tell,” a young woman investigates the murder of her father and uncovers a conspiracy involving a powerful military contractor. In “Mr. Perfect,” a group of friends are terrorized by a killer who seems to know all their secrets. “Open Season” follows a small-town police chief as she investigates a series of murders that seem to be connected to a local hunting lodge. And in “Cover of Night,” a woman and her husband stumble upon a deadly conspiracy while on a camping trip.

Contemporary Romance Novels

Dream Man

For readers who prefer their romance without the added suspense, Howard’s contemporary romance novels are sure to satisfy. In “Dream Man,” a woman falls in love with a man she’s never met after dreaming about him for years. “After the Night” follows a woman who returns to her hometown and falls for the man who once betrayed her. “Heart of Fire” features a woman who hires a treasure hunter to help her find a legendary diamond. And in “All the Queen’s Men,” a woman is recruited by the CIA to seduce a dangerous arms dealer.

Paranormal Romance Novels

Blood Born (Vampire Book 1)

If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, don’t miss out on Howard’s offerings in this genre. “Blood Born” follows a woman who discovers she’s a vampire and falls for a man who’s sworn to kill her kind. In “Kiss Me While I Sleep,” a female assassin falls for the man she’s supposed to kill. “Son of the Morning” features a fallen angel who falls in love with a mortal woman. And in “Sarah’s Child,” a woman falls for a man who claims to be the ghost of her dead husband.

Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, or paranormal romance, Linda Howard has a book for you. Her ability to craft complex characters, intricate plots, and steamy romance has made her one of the most popular authors in the genre. So pick up one of her books today and get lost in a world of love, danger, and passion.

Standalone Novels by Linda Howard

Bestselling Standalone Titles

Cry No More: A Novel (Howard, Linda)

Linda Howard has written many standalone novels throughout her career. These four titles are some of her bestsellers and for good reason. Each one is a masterful example of her storytelling ability and style and will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Hidden Gems in Linda Howard’s Collection

Almost Forever

If you’re looking for something a little off the beaten path, check out these hidden gems in Howard’s library. “Almost Forever,” “Come Lie With Me,” “Shades of Twilight,” and “Tears of the Renegade” are all excellent examples of Howard’s versatility as an author.

Linda Howard Book Series

The Mackenzie Family Series

Mackenzie Family Saga

One of Linda Howard’s most popular book series is the Mackenzie Family series. This series follows the lives and romantic adventures of the Mackenzie family. The series includes “Mackenzie’s Mountain,” “Mackenzie’s Mission,” “Mackenzie’s Pleasure,” “A Game of Chance,” and “Mackenzie’s Magic.”

The Rescues Series

Rescues - Kell Sabin series

Another series of books by Linda Howard is the Rescues series. This series is all about romantic suspense and follows the lives of tough, sexy men who are involved in rescue operations. The series includes “Midnight Rainbow,” “Diamond Bay,” and “Heartbreaker.”

The Blair Mallory Series

Blair Mallory

The Blair Mallory series is a lighthearted mystery series that follows the adventures of Blair Mallory, a sexy, successful boutique owner who always seems to be getting into trouble. The series includes “To Die For” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous.”

Awards and Accolades

RITA Awards and Nominations

Linda Howard has been recognized many times throughout her career for her contributions to the world of romance novels. Her awards and nominations include numerous RITA Awards from the Romance Writers of America. Some of her awards include the RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense for “All The Queen’s Men” in 1988, the RITA Award for Best Long Contemporary Romantic Suspense for “Mr. Perfect” in 2001, and the RITA Award for Best Contemporary Single Title Romance for “Dream Man” in 1996.

Other Recognitions in the Literary World

In addition to her RITA Awards, Linda Howard has also been honored with other recognitions in the literary world. For example, she was awarded the 2005 Distinguished Alumni Award from Gadsden State Community College, where she began her studies in the 1960s.


Linda Howard is a talented author with an extensive library of works that spans multiple genres. Whether you’re a fan of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, or paranormal romance, there’s sure to be a Linda Howard book that you’ll love. From her popular Mackenzie Family series to hidden gems like “Almost Forever,” there’s no shortage of great books to add to your reading list. So why not discover the best Linda Howard books to read now?


What is Linda Howard known for?

Linda Howington, known best by her pseudonym, Linda Howard, is a romance and mystery author who frequently experiments with style.

What are the best Linda Howard books?

Linda Howard has written numerous romance novels and paranormal mysteries. Her best titles include Mr. Perfect, Dream Man, Shades of Twilight, After the Night, Cry No More, and Kill and Tell.

Where is Linda Howard from?

She was born in Alabama and still resides there with her husband.

Is Linda Howard still writing?

Yes. She is currently working on the new title in her paranormal mystery series.

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