Best Mariana Zapata Books – All Her Novels Ranked

If you’re a fan of the romance genre, you’ve probably heard of Mariana Zapata, whose novels are known for their heartwarming, slow-burn romances and realistic portrayals of two people head over heels for one another!

Best Mariana Zapata Books

But if you’re between reads, you may be wondering which of her novels to dig into next.

Whether you’re a fan who’s already familiar with Zapata’s work or a newcomer just looking to delve into her works, this ranking should help you find the best Mariana Zapata books for you!

About Mariana Zapata 

Mariana Zapata is a beloved author among millions of romance readers worldwide. She began writing at a young age and published her first novel, Lingus, in 2012. 

Since then, her books have become known for their slow-burn romances, which include three-dimensional relationships between lovable and relatable characters. While her novels tend to tackle serious themes, they also contain witty and lighthearted humor.

If you’re a fan of her novels–or interested in becoming one–then keep reading to find out what the best Mariana Zapata books are!

Best Mariana Zapata Books – All Her Novels Ranked



In Kulti–one of Zapata’s most well-written, charming, and humorous books–Sal Casillas is excited when the soccer icon she admired as a child becomes her coach, but the excitement doesn’t last long.

Reiner Kulti is a quiet, reclusive man who’s only a shell of the man he used to be. And even worse, he knows just how to get under Sal’s skin. But as she gets to know him, her feelings for him begin to shift as her attraction to him grows. 

Sal is in for a tumultuous soccer season as she struggles to control her feelings for him.

You can find Kulti here.

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me

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Easily one of Zapata’s most popular and best-known novels, The Wall of Winnipeg and Me contains all our favorite tropes! Grumpy/Sunshine, forced proximity, and–best of all–fake marriage!

Personal assistant Vanessa Mazur quits her job working for top NFL defensive end Aiden Graves to pursue her own dreams after working for him for two years with zero appreciation. However, she’s in for a surprise when Aiden unexpectedly shows up at her door, begging her to come back.

This time, her ‘personal assistant’ job is about to get a whole lot more personal, and Vanessa is about to see a softer side of Aiden that she’s never witnessed before.

You can find The Wall of Winnipeg and Me here.

From Lukov with Love

From Lukov with Love

Continuing with another book in the beloved sports romance genre, From Lukov with Love follows Jasmine Santos, whose time as a competitive figure skater is soon coming to an end after seventeen years. 

She’s older now and has suffered from countless broken bones and broken promises, so she has no high hopes. But then she receives the offer of a lifetime from the arrogant man she’s been daydreaming about pushing in front of a bus for the last decade.

Suddenly, she has to reconsider everything. Even Ivan Lukov.

You can find From Lukov with Love here.

All Rhodes Lead Here

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In this heartwarming and fiercely entertaining novel, Aurora returns to her childhood town in Colorado to start over after a nasty breakup with the famous ex she’d spent a decade and a half with. 

She rents a garage apartment, but it turns out the owner had no idea about it since his son rented it out without his permission. 

Tobias Rhodes is an incredibly private man who seems cold at first as he makes it clear that Aurora must leave as soon as her month-long rental agreement is up, but as Aurora gets to know him, she realizes that he’s caring, protective of those he loves, and capable of showing her the love she deserves.

You can find All Rhodes Lead Here here.

Under Locke

Under Locke

Fans of motorcycle clubs will love Under Locke

Iris Taylor takes a job at a business owned by Dex Locke, a widow, ex-felon, a man who has a reputation for casually dating multiple women, and her brother’s best friend. 

They aren’t each other’s biggest fans, but it was either work in the tattoo shop owned by a member of the same motorcycle club her estranged father used to belong to or work in the strip club. Iris wished she’d chosen the strip club.

But despite their initial clash of personalities, Iris finds herself becoming attracted to Dex, and Dex falls for her too. 

However, an unexpected twist complicates their relationship even further. Were the two of them meant to be, or was their relationship destined to fail?

You can find Under Locke here.

Wait for It

Wait for It

An excellent choice for those looking for some angst, age-gap romance, and the found family trope, Wait for It follows Diana Casillas, who is struggling to navigate adulthood and parenting her two young nephews after the sudden death of her brother.

Despite her loss, she moves to Austin for a fresh start and has almost everything she could ask for–a beautiful new house, a great, big dog, a job that she loves, and plenty of friends and family–but she doesn’t have a boyfriend, or better yet, a husband. 

Then comes Dallas, a former military man who hides his kind heart behind a hardened exterior and who may just change Diana’s life forever. 

You can find Wait for It here.

Luna and the Lie

Luna and the Lie

Another well-written and pungent novel with the found family trope, Luna and the Lie, follows Luna Allen, who’s managed to overcome a difficult childhood filled with neglect and abuse and build a life for herself while taking care of her three younger siblings.

She’s found her calling at a repair garage where she paints cars and considers Mr. Cooper, the owner, to be like the father figure she never had before. 

However, when Lucas Ripley, a cold, demanding, and harsh new co-owner of the business, comes along, things get complicated quickly.

Luna becomes attracted to him but knows her feelings for him can’t be acted on since he’s her boss, but the friendship they manage to form soon turns into something more, although unspoken truths and blatant lies threaten their newfound happiness with one another.

You can find Luna and the Lie here.

Dear Aaron

Dear Aaron

In this military romance, Ruby Santos signs up for a program that allows her to exchange messages with a deployed soldier, Aaron Tanner Hall. 

For almost half the book, they communicate strictly through written letters, emails, and Skype calls that leave them both wishing for more. Things between them start off a little rocky, but suddenly, nine months have passed, and Ruby has fallen head over heels in love with Aaron.

When Aaron is able to go home on leave, the two meet face-to-face for the first time. 

Misunderstandings and miscommunications leave Ruby wondering whether they’re meant for each other or if her feelings are more one-sided than she originally thought.

You can find Dear Aaron here.

Hands Down

Hands Down

Somewhat of a second chance romance and former friends to lovers read, Hands Down follows Zac Travis, an NFL quarterback, and Bianca Brannen, his former best friend.

For two years after he left for college, Bianca tried to message him only to receive no response. 

Heartbroken, she stopped trying to contact him completely until a tragic incident had her reaching out to him again, and this time, she was willing to drop by his house if he couldn’t pick up his phone.

Bianca isn’t expecting them to stay in contact for long, but after reconnecting, their complicated relationship blooms into more than just the friendship it once was.

You can find Hands Down here.

Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin

Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin

Looking for a rockstar romance? Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin is the perfect book for you!

Gaby Barreto is invited by her twin brother to go on tour with his band as their merch girl, and she isn’t exactly excited about it, but why shouldn’t she do it? 

She’s still living in her parent’s house with no job opportunities knocking on her door, and she’s much too close to an annoying ex-boyfriend that she’d like to get away from, so she figures she might as well join them.

Ninety-plus days, three continents, two bands, and one tour…No big deal, right?

But nothing in Gaby’s life can ever be easy. The sexy, tattoo-covered, charming bad-boy lead singer of the headlining band makes sure of that. 

You can find Rhythm, Chord & Malykhin here.

When Gracie Met the Grump

When Gracie Met The Grump

A grumpy superhero and a heroine who’s on the run to avoid an angry drug cartel. What more needs to be said?

Gracie lives a lonely life on the run with her grandparents after her parents stole from a cartel. She doesn’t make friends or interact with other people for her safety and because of her refusal to lie to other people.

But when the injured superhero, Alex, also known as The Defender–and one of the Trinity, superhero-esque individuals that have been popping up all around the world recently–crash-lands in her yard, Gracie takes him in and tries to help him recover even though she knows he could put her safety at risk.

The more they get to know each other, the more they realize they have much more in common than they originally thought, and soon, they have to wonder whether their sudden meeting was actually a coincidence.

You can find When Gracie Met the Grump here.



This strangers-to-friends-to-lovers romance follows Kat Berger–a responsible girl with a big heart, a loyal friend and natural caregiver, and a fierce lover of porn–who is dragged to a porn convention by her best friend.

Robbie Lingus–otherwise known as Tristan–is soon to be a law-school graduate. He also happens to be a pornstar so down to earth that Kat can’t help but accept his request to become friends after they meet at the porn convention.

Naturally, their feelings begin to grow into something more than just that of friends, but could their relationship ever work out?

You can find Lingus here.

The Best Thing

The Best Thing

The Best Thing is a second-chance romance that is sure to have you swooning!

On vacation in France, Lenny met Jonah, a Rugby player who ended up cutting off the world after getting an injury, disappearing for two years, and not responding to any of Lenny’s messages.

When Jonah finally decides to contact her again, it’s by popping up at her family’s gym in Houston. He’s in for the shock of his life when he finds out that Lenny’s had the baby girl he had no idea she was pregnant with, and he missed out on it.

Lenny wants nothing to do with Jonah now, but she does want Jonah to have a relationship with their daughter. Will they be able to form a proper family now that he’s back in the picture?

You can find The Best Thing here.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s the slow burns that you love, the sports romance, or the striking characters that you love, with so many great Mariana Zapata books to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. 

But I hope that with the help of this ranking of her novels from best to worst–with even the ‘worst’ of her novels being a solid three stars–you’ll have all the information you need to pick your next favorite read!


When did Mariana Zapata publish her first book?

After reading romance since she was a little kid and writing romantic fanfiction well into her twenties, she was encouraged by her significant other to pursue a writing career. She did just that, publishing her first book, Lingus, in 2012.

Is Mariana Zapata still writing?

Yes, she still writes novels. Her latest one, When Gracie Met the Grump, was released in 2022.

What is the When Gracie Met the Grump page count?

When Gracie Met the Grump is a full-length novel with 570 pages.

What Genres does Mariana Zapata write in?

Zapata most often writes Contemporary Romance in the New Adult genre. She’s also known for writing Sports Romance.

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