The 20 Best MC (Motorcycle Club) Romance Books

Intro to Motorcycle Club Romance Books

Hot bad boys, tattoos, sleek leather, and shiny bikes rumble through the pages of these must-read motorcycle club romance books. Danger radiates from the gritty plots and steam sizzles in this popular romance sub-genre that showcases well-loved tropes, including spice, passion, protection, loyalty, and bad boys who seek ownership over the strong women they fall in love with. Motorcycle club romances are all about the thrills and bonds of fierce loyalty and protection between lovers and club brothers alike.

The 20 Best MC (Motorcycle Club) Romance Books

In this list, we explore some of the most well-known and beloved motorcycle club love stories with the hope you’ll find your next grand adventure on the backs of one of these MC studs’ bikes. 

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The Best MC (Motorcycle Club) Romance Books

It Ain’t Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

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Two children who met serendipitously grow up in entirely separate worlds and cross paths again later in life. Salome lives in a strict commune under Prophet David’s command until she’s set free after a terrible event. Styx’s world is anything but calm at twenty-six years old. Bikes, leather, reputations, and drugs are his usual, and he vows to keep everyone at an arm’s distance to protect himself. But then he finds an injured Salome and can’t bring himself to keep his word. Not when it comes to her. 

You can find It Ain’t Me, Babe, the well-loved and popular MC novel by Tillie Cole, here!

Down & Dirty: Zak by Jeanne St. James

Down & Dirty: Zak (Dirty Angels MC® Series Book 1)

A former motorcycle club president, Zak, has spent the last ten years of his life behind bars, and now that he’s out, he’s ready to get back what he’s lost. Loyal brothers, sex, parties, all of it is on his list. Then he mistakes Sophie, a gorgeous woman in the bakery business who happens to be delivering a cake to the club, for a stripper.

Despite the misunderstanding, the passion between them heats up, even amid territory wars threatening to tear them apart. You can get Down & Dirty: Zak by Jeanne St. James here

Scar by Liv Brywood

Scar (Underground Vengeance MC Romance, Montana Chapter Book 1)

Scar is the president of an MC when Julia shows up at the club in desperate need of protection. What she doesn’t realize is the protection he offers from the outside world doesn’t extend to the safety she may need from him. He wants her, but he knows everything he touches crumbles into ruins. 

You can get this hot MC book by Liv Brywood here!

Wreck & Ruin by Emma Slate 

Wreck & Ruin (Tarnished Angels Motorcycle Club Book 1)

Mia is a shell of a person while grieving, and the first person to make her truly feel again is Colt, the President of the MC gang, the Blue Angels, also known as the rival gang of the Iron Horsemen. When Mia gets caught between her boss and the President of the Iron Horsemen, she runs to Colt and his gang for protection, falling for the man with a tough exterior but a soft heart. 

You can get Wreck & Ruin by Emma Slate here!

Slow Burn by Autumn Jones Lake

Slow Burn (Lost Kings MC® #1): A Motorcycle Club President Romance

In this steamy romance, the President of the Lost Kings MC, Rock, is represented by the sweet, innocent lawyer who makes him feel things like never before. But she’s happily married, and their connection only brings dangerous complications. 

This forbidden MC romance is hot, heavy, and emotional. You can get the first book in the Lost Kings MC series here

Crimson Chaos by Jena Doyle

Crimson Chaos: A Motorcycle Club Romance (Steel Roses Motorcycle Club Book 1)

A cam girl with needs no man has ever been able to meet encounters a sexy biker and strikes up a business deal. Jericho recognizes Alba the moment he sits next to her at a party and can’t help but imagine how his tattoos look pressed against her skin. But once he starts, he won’t be able to stop, and love wasn’t part of the business deal. 

You can get Crimson Chaos by Jena Doyle here!

Incandescent by River Savage

Incandescent (A Knights Rebels MC Book 1)

Filled with high tension and simmering sexiness, Incandescent follows Kadence Turner, a teacher, and Nix Knight, a president of an MC and the father of one of Kadence’s students. 

You can get this popular MC romance by River Savage here

Craving Constellations by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Constellations (The Aces Book 1)

Brenna has spent the last five years running away from her past and the motorcycle club she left behind. But she can’t run forever, and Brenna finds herself headed right back to the MC and away from her husband into the arms of the man she abandoned. 

Secrets are exposed in Nicole Jacquelyn’s Craving Constellations. You can get the first novel in The Aces series here

Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley

Own the Wind: A Chaos Novel (The Chaos Series Book 1)

Tabitha Allen, the princess of the Chaos Motorcycle Club, grew up protected as the daughter of the club’s leader, and by her side, helping her in every tricky and dangerous situation, is Shy Cage, a loyal member of the MC and her father’s close friend. 

You can get this wicked hot romance novel by Kristen Ashley here!

Reaper’s Property by Joanna Wylde

Reaper's Property (Reapers Motorcycle Club Book 1)

In Reaper’s Property, the first book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club series, Marie is recently divorced from her abusive ex-husband when she meets Horse, a sexy biker who works with her brother. Horse is immediately entranced with Marie, but she’s unsure about getting involved with someone in an MC. But when her brother steals from the Reapers, Marie agrees to give Horse whatever he wants, wherever he wants it, in exchange for saving her brother. 

You can get this steamy novel by Joanna Wylde here!

Ravage Me by Ryan Michele 

Ravage Me (Ravage MC #1): A Motorcycle Club Romance

In this passionate, sensual MC romance about revenge, Harlow has spent two years paying for a crime she didn’t commit. Once out, she vows vengeance. Cruz is a former marine and a single father in the Ravage Motorcycle Club when Harlow, also known as Princess, shows up. 

The fire between them is blazing and consuming, but dangers lurk around corners in this suspenseful and gripping novel by Ryan Michele. You can get the first book in the Ravage MC series here

Breaking Dragon by Jordan Marie and Letitia Hasse

Breaking Dragon: Savage Brothers MC

In Breaking Dragon, a strong good girl who grew up rich challenges and falls in love with the bad boy president of the Savage Brother MC. Nicole and Dragon’s story is heated, spicy, and full of tension. You can get this opposites attract MC romance novel by Letitia Hasse here!

Devil’s Dance by Garrett Leigh

Devil's Dance (Rebel Kings MC Book 1)

In Devil’s Dance, Cam O’Brian is born into the position of MC president, and Saint Malone has been there as his loyal and trusted second with the potential for more. When Cam has an unforgettable one-night stand with snarky Alexei Ivanov, Cam’s wildest physical dreams come true, but something’s missing. Saint. 

This polyamorous LGBTQ+ motorcycle club romance by Garrett Leigh is full of danger and passion. You can get the leather-filled romance book here

Craving Redemption by Nicole Jacquelyn

Craving Redemption (The Aces Book 2)

Asa and Callie are complete opposites who cross paths on an unexpectedly dangerous night. Asa was brought up in the Ace club, loyal and dedicated to his MC. Callie knows little of the outside world and defies her parents the night she meets Asa when he saves her. After the tragedy of that night, Asa and Callie navigate the tenuous circumstances of their complicated relationship. 

You can get Craving Redemption, the second book in The Aces series by Nicole Jacquelyn, here

Sting by Marteeka Karland

Sting (Iron Tzars MC 1): A Bones MC Romance

Iris only has one thing on her mind: protecting and getting custody of her younger sister, Jerrica, after the death of their mother. But when she finds Jerrica is already adopted and suspects sinister threats, she turns to Jerrica’s friend at the Iron Tzars MC and meets Sting, the club’s future president. 

Sting values loyalty above all else and puts the club above everyone, and anything, until Iris comes along. He wants to protect both sisters, but doing so comes at the expense of the motorcycle club he’s to inherit. 

A decision of head versus heart is made in Sting, the first book of the Iron Tzars MC series by Marteeka Karland. You can get the book here

Annoyed at First Sight by Lani Lynn Vale 

Annoyed At First Sight (Gator Bait MC Book 4)

Alice has lingered in the periphery of Cassius’s eyes for a long time, but he’s always known better than to get tangled up in daydreams of her. But after losing everything and finishing a prison sentence, Cassius can’t stay away anymore, especially when Alice finds herself in a dangerous situation. He’ll protect her, and the heat between them explodes into passionate love and fierce loyalty. 

You can get Annoyed At First Sight, the Gator Bait MC book by Lani Lynn Vale, here!

Always Someone’s Monster by Lani Lynn Vale

Always Someone's Monster (Battle Crows MC Book 1)

Haggard Crow is a complicated man with a problematic past and a closed heart in this forbidden romance featuring an age gap among adults. He never expected to get involved with his best friend’s daughter and daughter’s best friend, Sophia, but the pull between them is too alluring to resist. 

With complex characters featuring tragic backstories, this steamy romance is full of intense emotions. You can get the novel by Lani Lynn Vale here!

Dark Pharaohs by Ivy Black

Dark Pharaohs MC: The Complete Collection (Motorcycle Club Romance)

In this collection of all five Dark Pharaohs MC books, dangerous men and gritty plots combine for a hot read involving rivals, romance, loyalty, and suspense. Meet the five men–Monk, Domino, Spyder, Nitro, and Volt–and their stories, each one showcasing different, popular MC tropes. 

You can get the complete collection of this sexy series by Ivy Black here!

Under Locke by Mariana Zapata

Under Locke

In this slow-burn MC romance, Mariana Zapata writes about Iris Taylor, who moves to Austin, Texas, and works under Dex Locke. Dex, her new infuriating boss, is in the same motorcycle club as her father, Iris’s brother’s friend, and a massive jerk who grinds all her gears. 

And yet, something unexpected ignites between them. You can get Under Locke here!

Precarious by Bella Jewel and Lauren McKella

Precarious (Jokers' Wrath, Book 1)

The day Ash, a tough and dedicated prison guard, meets Beau “Krypt” Dawson, a new inmate, mysteries compound, her life changes, and everything turns upside down. 

Krypt is silent and dangerous, maybe even deranged, and things go awry when he switches to a high-security prison Ash guards. Suddenly she is taken along with Krypt and forced into the mountains. The motorcycle club responsible decides she knows too much and is unwilling to let her go, and to survive, Krypt and Ash must work together. 

You can get the first Jokers’ Wrath MC book here

Final Thoughts

Forbidden love, high stakes, dangerous circumstances, and biker brothers fill the pages of these MC romances. Fall for the dangerous boys on bikes, choose where your loyalties lie, and root for the strong female characters in these selected novels. We hope you find your favorite motorcycle club romance as you ride through this list! 


What are MC romance books?

MC romance books are motorcycle club books similar to books in the dark romance subgenre. Tough topics are often explored in these books and feature intense, gritty storylines with a love story at the center of the plot. Familiar tropes include brotherhood, bad boys, tattoos, loyalty, and one of the main protagonists needing protection/safety.

What does MC in books stand for?

MC in books stands for “main character” or “motorcycle club,” a subgenre of romance books. 

What are dark romance novels?

Dark romance novels are not for the weak of heart or sensitive readers. These books typically handle content that requires warnings and are for mature audiences. Violence, sex, complicated characters, and more are common topics explored in the pages of these types of books. 

What is a motorcycle club romance? 

A motorcycle club romance is a subgenre featuring sexy main biker characters and the fierce way they fall in love.

What kind of romance novels are most popular?

Dark romance, contemporary romance, erotica, historical romance, religious romance, young adult romance, and regency romance novels are some of the most popular subgenres in the romance genre overall. 

What themes are typically included in biker romances?

This subgenre is normally a little more gritty than other romances. It includes characters that are rough around the edges – tattooed, leather-wearing bad boys. Themes in this subgenre include loyalty, brotherhood, violence, and love.

Are the bikers in this genre all men?

No, not necessarily, women can be bikers too. However, many readers enjoy reading novels driven by this bad boy character, so many of the books in this genre feature a male biker.

What are some examples of biker romance books?

Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley, Under Locke by Mariana Zapata, Move the Sun by Susan Fanetti, and Hell’s Knights by Bella Jewel are all great choices.

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