Discover the 6 Best Mitsuru Adachi Books

Mitsuru Adachi is a Japanese manga artist who has garnered widespread critical acclaim for his works across multiple genres. Known for his unique storytelling style and art, Adachi has created many popular series, delighting fans with his endearing characters, innovative plotlines, and exceptional artwork. In this article, we will delve into the life and career of Mitsuru Adachi, explore his unique style and take a closer look at some of his top manga works that you definitely cannot miss out on.

Discover the 6 Best Mitsuru Adachi Books

The Life and Career of Mitsuru Adachi

Born on February 9, 1951, in Isesaki, Gunma, Japan, Mitsuru Adachi showed a keen interest in drawing from an early age. After graduating from high school, Adachi went to Nihon University College of Art and majored in music. However, his passion for drawing and storytelling never left him, and he eventually began his career as a manga artist, debuting in 1970 with Kieta Bakuon.

Early Life and Inspiration

Adachi’s childhood was filled with inspiration from his older brother, Tsutomu Adachi, who was also a talented manga artist. The two brothers would often spend hours drawing together, and Tsutomu would encourage Mitsuru to keep pursuing his passion for art and storytelling. This support from his brother was a significant factor in Mitsuru’s decision to become a manga artist.

As a child, Mitsuru was also a big fan of baseball, which would later become a prominent theme in his manga. He would often watch games with his family and friends, and he even played on a local team during his school years. His love for the sport, combined with his artistic talent, would eventually lead him to create some of the most beloved baseball-themed manga series in Japan.

Career Milestones and Achievements

Adachi’s career as a manga artist spans over five decades, during which he has created numerous critically acclaimed and popular series. One of his most significant achievements was winning the Shogakukan Manga Award for shonen manga three times – for his baseball-themed manga H2 (1992), Cross Game (2010), and Mix (2019). This award recognizes outstanding manga works published in a shonen manga magazine.

Adachi has also won several other awards throughout his career, such as the Kodansha Manga Award and the Osamu Tezuka Cultural Prize. These awards recognize his significant contributions to the manga industry and his influence on the medium.

Adachi’s manga series have been adapted into anime, live-action dramas, and even stage plays. His works have been beloved by fans of all ages and have inspired countless artists and creators. Adachi’s unique storytelling style, combined with his beautiful artwork, has made him one of the most respected and influential manga artists in Japan.

The Unique Art and Storytelling Style of Mitsuru Adachi

Adachi is known for his distinctive art style, which features a balance of action, realism, and humor. He uses simple lines and tones in his drawings, often focusing on the characters and their emotions. Adachi’s storytelling is also a hallmark of his works, and he is known for creating relatable characters that readers can easily connect with.

Artistic Evolution Over the Years

Adachi’s art style has evolved over the years, starting from the cute, chibi-like characters in his early works to a more mature and realistic approach later on. His evolution as an artist is a testament to his dedication to his craft and his willingness to experiment with different styles.

One notable example of Adachi’s artistic evolution is his use of watercolor painting. He experimented with this medium in his later works, creating a more sophisticated and delicate style in his art. This use of watercolor added a new dimension to his art and allowed him to highlight the emotions of his characters in a more nuanced way.

Recurring Themes and Tropes

One of the most notable themes in Adachi’s works is the focus on sports, especially baseball, and the coming-of-age journey of his characters. Adachi’s works are known for their engaging plotlines, featuring underdogs who work hard to achieve their goals.

Adachi’s love for baseball is evident in many of his works, such as “Touch” and “Cross Game”. His attention to detail in the sport, from the equipment to the strategies used in games, adds a layer of authenticity to his works and makes them enjoyable for sports fans.

Another common trope in his works is the exploration of relationships and the dynamics between different characters, whether it be romantic or familial. Adachi’s characters are often flawed and face challenges in their relationships, making them relatable to readers who have experienced similar struggles.

Overall, Adachi’s unique art style and storytelling abilities have made him a beloved figure in the world of manga. His works continue to inspire and entertain readers around the world.

Top Mitsuru Adachi Manga Series

Touch – A Classic Coming-of-Age Story

Touch - Tome 01

Touch, one of Adachi’s most well-known works, centers around the lives of twin brothers, Tatsuya and Kazuya Uesugi, who are both gifted baseball players. The story follows the brothers as they struggle with competition, love, and family relationships. Considered a classic coming-of-age story, Touch has been adapted into an anime series, a movie and a live-action drama.

The manga beautifully captures the essence of adolescent life and the struggles that come with it. The characters are relatable and their emotions are raw and genuine. The story is not just about baseball, but also about the bonds of family, love, and friendship. The rivalry between the brothers and their love interests is intense and captivating. The artwork is simple yet elegant, and the baseball scenes are drawn with great detail, making the game come alive on the pages.

Cross Game – A Tale of Love and Baseball

Cross Game, Vol. 1

Cross Game, another popular baseball manga, tells the story of Kou Kitamura, a skilled pitcher who falls in love with Wakaba, the daughter of a local batting center owner. The manga follows Kou as he overcomes various obstacles to achieve his dreams while dealing with loss and heartbreak.

The manga is a beautiful portrayal of love and loss. The story is not just about baseball, but also about the characters’ personal growth and their relationships. The characters are well-developed and their emotions are portrayed with great depth. The artwork is simple yet effective, and the baseball scenes are drawn with great detail, making the game come alive on the pages.

H2 – Another Home Run in Baseball Manga

H2, a continuation of Touch, is another baseball manga that follows the lives of high school baseball players. The story focuses on the rivalry between two teams as they compete to reach the national championships. Known for its complex characters and exciting gameplay, H2 is a must-read for fans of sports manga.

The manga is a thrilling continuation of the story of Touch. The characters are well-developed and their relationships are intense and engaging. The baseball scenes are drawn with great detail and excitement, making the game come alive on the pages. The story is not just about baseball, but also about the characters’ personal growth and their struggles with love, friendship, and family.

Katsu! – A Knockout Boxing Manga

Katsu! T01

Katsu!, a boxing-themed manga, follows the journey of Satoshi Ookawa, a high school student who trains to become a professional boxer. The manga is known for its realistic portrayal of boxing and its portrayal of Ookawa’s struggles and victories as he works to achieve his dreams.

The manga is a gripping portrayal of the world of boxing. The characters are well-developed and their emotions are portrayed with great depth. The boxing scenes are drawn with great detail, making the fights come alive on the pages. The story is not just about boxing, but also about the characters’ personal growth and their relationships with their trainers and opponents.

Mix – A New Generation of Baseball Players

Mix T01

Mix, the latest baseball manga from Adachi, is focused on a new generation of players. The plot follows the lives of two stepbrothers who are both aspiring baseball players. The manga delves into their struggles with the game, their relationships with their teammates, and their journey to the national championships.

The manga is a fresh take on the world of baseball. The characters are relatable and their struggles are portrayed with great depth. The baseball scenes are drawn with great detail and excitement, making the game come alive on the pages. The story is not just about baseball, but also about the characters’ personal growth and their relationships with their stepfamily and friends.

Standalone Mitsuru Adachi Works Worth Reading

Mitsuru Adachi is a well-known manga artist and writer who has created many popular series such as Touch, H2, and Cross Game. However, in addition to these longer series, Adachi has also created several standalone works that are worth reading. Here are a few of them:

Short Program – A Collection of Short Stories

Short Program, Volume 1

Short Program is a collection of short stories that showcases Adachi’s writing and drawing skills. The stories range from romance and comedy to mystery and suspense, and they are all different in their approach. One story, for example, is about a young girl who is trying to find the courage to confess her love to a boy she likes, while another is about a man who discovers a mysterious camera that can predict the future. This manga is a great way to get a taste of Adachi’s works without committing to a larger series.

One of the standout stories in Short Program is “The Visitor,” which is about a young girl who is visited by a mysterious boy from another world. The story is full of suspense and mystery, and it has a surprising twist ending that will leave readers thinking.

Q and A – A Supernatural Mystery

Q and A is a mystery manga that follows the lives of two high school students who are investigating a series of supernatural occurrences. The manga combines elements of horror, suspense, and romance and is known for its unique storytelling. The two main characters, Atsushi and Kohei, are both likable and relatable, and their interactions drive the story forward.

The mystery in Q and A is engaging and well-written, and readers will be kept guessing until the very end. The supernatural elements add an extra layer of intrigue to the story, and the romance between Atsushi and Kohei is sweet and well-developed.

Rough – A Love Story Set in the World of Swimming

Rough - Tome 01

Rough is a love story that centers around swimming. The story follows two high school students, Keisuke and Ami, who train together to become great swimmers while developing a romantic relationship. The manga is known for its detailed art, realistic portrayal of the swimming world, and touching story.

One of the things that makes Rough stand out is its focus on the sport of swimming. Adachi clearly did his research, and the manga is full of accurate and detailed depictions of swimming techniques and competitions. This adds an extra layer of realism to the story and makes it more engaging for readers who are interested in the sport.

The romance between Keisuke and Ami is also well-written and believable. The two characters have great chemistry, and their struggles to balance their love for each other with their love for swimming make for a compelling story.

Overall, these standalone works by Mitsuru Adachi are all worth reading for different reasons. Whether you’re looking for a collection of short stories, a supernatural mystery, or a love story set in the world of swimming, Adachi has something to offer.


In conclusion, Mitsuru Adachi is a talented mangaka whose works are known for their endearing characters, innovative plotlines, and exceptional artwork. From his early works to his latest, Adachi has remained a master of his craft, inspiring readers with his unique style and storytelling. If you are a fan of manga or sports stories, we strongly recommend giving Adachi’s books a read.


What is Mitsuru Adachi’s best-known series?

Known for creating romantic comedies that feature sports as a central theme, Adachi’s most popular series include Touch, Hiatari Ryoko!, and Slow Step.

Is Mitsuru Adachi still writing manga?

Adachi’s latest manga series, Mix, has been running since 2012 and continued to appear in Monthly Shonen Sunday until February 2023 when it was compiled into 20 volumes. The manga is a sequel to Touch, set thirty years after the original story

What is Mitsuru Adachi known for?

The signature of Adachi’s manga is the playful dialogue and his beautiful depictions of routine aspects of everyday life.

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