The 10 Best Office Romance Books You Will Love

I’m often asked what my favorite types of romance novels are, and some people are often surprised that I tell them that I really enjoy office romance novels.

Considering how grounded in reality the plot normally is, it’s usually very easy to relate to the characters.

The 10 Best Office Romance Books You Will Love

Of course though, like other romance novels, there are so many out there that you can choose from, you might struggle to find the very best available to you.

Luckily though, I’ve done the hard work for you and I’ve compiled a list of the 10 best office romance books that you’ll absolutely love.

So, if you’re ready to find out what they are – then read on and have your questions answered!

10 Best Office Romance Books

Without further delay, let’s look at my picks for the best office romance books!

L.J. Shen: Dirty Headlines

Dirty Headlines: A Grumpy Boss Romance

I’ll kick off my list with a fantastic office romance novel that is set in a newsroom.

It offers a classic enemies to lovers plot, but the way in which L.J. Shen writes this story is so relatable.

I found myself thinking of similar stories I’ve heard before in my own life, and I’m sure you will too.

The plot revolves around a woman called Jude, who has one magical night with a man called Celian – who unbeknownst to her – is going to be her new boss!

If you think that might make things a little awkward at work though, Jude made it worse by clearing out Celian’s wallet before she left the morning after.

As you can imagine – this story has many twists and turns on the way to the conclusion!


  • Funny and witty
  • Relatable characters and plot
  • An easy read


  • Not suitable for younger readers

Themes: Romance, Work environment relationships, Secrets

Christina Lauren: Dating You/Hating You

Dating You / Hating You

This story is one of my favorites. It revolves around two Hollywood talent agents who met in funny, yet romantic circumstances at a party.

They later develop a much stronger relationship but are not technically in an official relationship.

However, as the saying goes – all is fair in love and war – and the story progresses to a significant war!

When both of their talent agencies merge together, the two must fight for one available job vacancy.

As you may imagine, they don’t always play fair and both parties will stop at nothing to get what they want!


  • Popular plotline
  • Funny characters
  • Can read in one sitting


  • Not a book for everyone

Themes: Romance, Personal battles, Job competitiveness

Lauren Layne: Huge Deal

Huge Deal (21 Wall Street Book 3)

Huge Deal is a classic tale of jealousy in the office space.

Set in a massive New York City investment banking firm, we are introduced to one of their best men – Kennedy.

Kennedy has an assistant called Kate and it’s clear to everyone how much chemistry the two have.

Both characters have feelings for each other, but they, for many reasons, have kept these feelings under wraps.

The problem is, Kennedy’s brother comes onto the scene and takes a liking to Kate.

When jealousy starts to creep in, the Kennedys find themselves at loggerheads – but will either of them win the heart of Kate?


  • This a brilliant take on jealousy
  • Relatable story
  • Enjoyable read


  • Predictable at times

Themes: Jealousy, Love, Family vs the one you love

Vi Keeland: Bossman


Bossman’s plot centers around Chase Parker, a new employee of a company, where she meets a man called Reese, who takes us through his story too.

The two hit it off, even before Chase knows that Reese is the CEO of the company.

This is a great story about how an office relationship can work in practice when love and more gets in the way of productivity.

Can you really work for a person who is your lover?


  • Spicy story
  • Keeps you guessing throughout
  • Easy to understand the plot


  • Likely not suitable for younger readers

Themes: Romance, Work/love dynamic, The luck and bad luck in love

Sarina Bowen: Brooklynaire

Brooklynaire: A Billionaire Romance (Brooklyn Hockey Book 1)

I think that some of the best love stories are the ones that have “out of the box” characters.

It makes them more relatable in the real world. This is certainly the case with this book anyway.

The male protagonist is called Nate, and he’s what you would call a tech nerd. He is incredibly intelligent but also very attractive physically.

Not to mention the fact that he’s a billionaire who owns a hockey team!

However, as he often remains quiet – what many people in the office do not realize is that he secretly is in love with a woman called Rebecca.

She’s one of his employees and she helps him out with the hockey team.

These two characters are so perfect for one another, but neither of them has the courage or confidence to admit their feelings.

This one is for lovers of “will they, won’t they” types of romance books.


  • Incredibly popular characters
  • Enjoyable plot
  • Heartwarming


  • Difficult to relate to billionaire geniuses with perfect bodies!

Julie James: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect (Berkley Sensation Book 2)

The plot of this story is very similar to Loving You/Hating You, in that it centers around two new lovers who both must battle for one spot in order to advance their careers.

However, instead of Hollywood talent agencies, they both work as lawyers and are looking to make partners at their firm.

I do however like the way in which the characters adapt and eventually come to their own conclusions about what matters to them.

But will they choose each other or will they choose their careers?


  • Easy to follow plot
  • Enjoyable read
  • Great characters


  • Sometimes feels like you’ve read the same book elsewhere

Themes: Career vs heart, New lovers, The meaning of life

Sawyer Bennett: Legal Affairs

Legal Affairs: McKayla's Story

I really enjoyed reading this book, as the story is more unique than other office romance books.

It follows two characters; McKayla and Matt.

McKayla, after being dumped by her boyfriend, is having a hard time.

However, her friend convinces her to go on a night out at a club that offers a date with a stranger.

Their night goes very well, but the stranger turns out to be Matt – who is going to be McKayla’s boss at the law firm she has recently just joined.

But will this relationship work in the office environment?


  • Enjoyable to read
  • Easy to understand plot
  • Written by a former lawyer, so it’s grounded in knowledge


  • Not suitable at times for younger readers

Themes: Difficulties with relationships, Hidden truths, Career vs heart

Emma Chase: Tangled

Tangled (The Tangled Book 1)

In the cut-throat setting of a New York investment firm, Drew Evans finally meets his match when he’s introduced to his new colleague Kate Brooks.

Drew makes multi-million dollar deals every single day and he comes across to everyone as a ladies’ man, with more money than he knows what to do with – and he’s physically perfect.

So, why does he hide in his penthouse for days on end? His claims of the flu are bought by some, but others are more skeptical.

Kate is able to break his resolve and the reader finds out so much more about this man who puts on a mask every day.


  • Highlights the difference between reality and the hidden truths
  • Very powerful story
  • Ties in romance perfectly


  • Can be triggering for some

Themes: Romance, Reality vs fiction, Difficulty keeping up appearances

Sally Thorne: The Hating Game

The Hating Game: A Novel

This story follows two assistants who get on together really well, but they must put their wits to the test when a promotion becomes available.

Of course, the problem is – they both have feelings for each other, but they just don’t know it yet!

This story is funny at times and will make you laugh at how relatable the story is!


  • Relatable
  • Funny
  • Easy read


  • Not a unique story

Themes: Enemies to friends, Hidden feelings, Career vs personal life

Christina Lauren: Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard (The Beautiful Series Book 1)

This story is not one for younger readers – at all!

But for adults, this is your classic take on the intern and boss plot. Chloe, our protagonist, is a very intelligent woman who is working towards her MBA.

Bennett, her boss, is a real alpha male and obnoxious at times.

But the two go from enemies to lovers in a very organic way – but can this last?


  • Strong female character
  • Perfect for fans of a powerful romance
  • Funny at times


  • Not suitable for younger readers

Themes: Career advancement, Lovers and enemies, Hidden personalities

Buyer’s Guide

It’s a good idea that I give you some advice when you’re looking to buy an office romance book.

The primary thing to think about is what sort of plot you are looking for.

Some of the books that aren’t suitable for younger readers can often be a little tough to read for adults too, depending on your tastes.

Second, I would advise you to try to read books from multiple authors but with different plots.

That way, you will keep reading and add to your book collection too!

The Bottom Line

Office romance books are hugely popular and if you read some of these books, you will definitely agree with that sentiment.

I hope you can find your next favorite office romance book from my list’s top romantic selections!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Office Romance Books Suitable For Children?

You may find some, but in general, I would advise against this genre for them.

Why Is This Genre So Popular?

I believe it is because of its relatability to our own lives. Many of us work in the office environment and some of us would admit to having feelings for a colleague! This is a way to experience your own fantasies too.

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