Captured by Love: 20 Best Romance Books With Pirates

Pirate romances have something special that draws people in and is intoxicating. Now in the real world, pirates were known to be mean, corrupt, filthy, and diseased. However, book pirates are different species, aren’t they? They’re fit, tender, rough around the edges and capable of winning any woman’s heart. 

Captured by Love: 20 Best Romance Books With Pirates

Additionally, you get to experience the ride of being one with the seas while having high-flying adventures. Everyone imagines what it would be like to fall in love in dangerous situations and have something bring two people together in a world that wishes them to stay apart. This is the perfect setting for love. 

However, one of the main reasons that make these stories a good read is that it’s an exciting time that will have you racing between the pages to see if your favorite characters get a happy ending. 

Across A Moonlit Sea By Marsha Canham

Across a Moonlit Sea

Pirates can be deceiving fellows, and Simon is no different. After a damsel rescues him from the sea, she discovers the man to be a ruthless pirate who promptly takes control of her ship! Rude right? However, he has ulterior motives. He doesn’t want her boat. He wants her heart.

Across A Moonlit Sea is a swashbuckling tale that keeps you engaged the entire time you read it and offers a great experience. 

The Captain Of All Pleasures By Kresley Cole

[Captain of All Pleasures] [Author: Cole, Kresley] [July, 2003]

An American sea captain raises Nicole. She is a free spirit and thinks she can do anything she wishes. When she meets Captain Derek, things change. His kisses ignite her heart. After sharing a beautiful moment, his disdain breaks her heart, and she vows revenge. Her plan? To help her father in a competition. The race from England to Australia. 

This plan is made difficult when her father is imprisoned wrongly, but she takes to the high seas on her father’s ship. 

The Captain Of All Pleasures shows how far a woman is willing to go when you’ve done her wrong. 

Catherine And The Pirate By Karen Hawkins

Catherine and the Pirate

Catherine was born to a prominent family, and she’s challenging to take. She’s stifled by her life and is bored with all of the rules of society. She longs to be free to live her own life. When her brother is kidnapped, she risks everything to deliver the ransom herself. She enlists the help of the pirate Derrick. He lives on the edge, haunted by the memory of his dead father. 

Catherine And The Pirate is a fantastic story that will have you rooting for the power of love and letting go of what others have planned for you instead of yourself. 

The Wind And The Sea By Marsha Canham 

The Wind and The Sea

The Wind And The Sea will take you on an action-packed adventure that explores romance and revenge. In the eighteen hundreds, the U.S. Navy is destroying and attacking the pirate strongholds on the Barbary Coast. Courtney is the daughter of the most successful corsairs. Lt. Ballantine captures her. He is determined to tame her, and they become reluctant allies to learn who is selling out the other pirates and her father. Will they discover who is behind the plot that could ruin her life? 

Sea Of Roses By Opal Reyne 

Sea of Roses: A Pirate Romance Duology : Book One

Captain Alistair of Sea Of Roses is a pirate through and through. He gets joy through murder and sinking ships and is entirely ruthless. His boat is the deadliest in the sea. However, when a woman steals his ship, he wants revenge, and he wants it now. Unfortunately, he ends up falling for her. However, she holds dark secrets. Can he handle them, or will he lose everything to the woman he wants to love?

Perils Of The Heart By Jennifer Ashley 

Perils of the Heart

Aurora is sent to seduce the captain of a merchantman. However, Perils Of The Heart quickly shows us that missions of this nature never end how we think they will. Aurora falls for her target, with him feeling precisely the same way. They must figure out what to do when the world is against them. 

Once A Pirate By Susan Grant 

Once a Pirate

Once A Pirate is a beautiful pirate romance with a twist. In this book, we’re going to time travel. We come across an outlawed pirate who has one goal. He’s going to ruin the duke who took his life away. His niece will be the leverage the pirate uses, but he doesn’t know that she’s from an entirely different century. Does she have the power to melt his heart and stop his vengeance?

Island Flame By Karen Robards 

Island Flame

Island Flame is the story of Lady Catherine. She was traveling to London when pirates attacked her ship. Surprisingly, the captain of the pirates saves her from his men and declares that she is his. They quarrel and challenge each other, and Catherine refuses to be treated like a chattel. However, she wants to surrender her heart to the charming pirate. How dangerous will their love be? Will it kill them or nurture them?

The Pirate Lord By Sabrina Jeffries

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The Pirate Lord follows a pirate named Gideon who comes upon a shipload of women and thinks if he saves them, they’ll be so grateful they’ll marry all of his men, and they can settle down and have a new life. What could go wrong? 

Sara doesn’t want to marry a pirate and thinks Gideon has lost his mind. She is appalled and demands that he court her properly for a month. Refusing to give in, he finally decides the men will court the women in two weeks. Sara proves she can be demanding, but Gideon begins proving he can be passionate. As time goes on, she starts wondering if fighting against him is genuinely what she thinks is the best idea.

Lady Pirate By Lynsay Sands 

Lady Pirate

Valoree no longer needs to pretend she’s her murdered brother. That also means she no longer has to command his men. Instead, she has been named heir to a castle. Unfortunately for her, they won’t give her the castle because she’s an unmarried pirate. So the only solution is to find a man and start a family. 

She wants to return to the ocean when she learns this, but her crew won’t let her. They suggest she fools people, and they can all benefit. She agrees out of loyalty and love for the crew but secretly promises herself that her husband must be a man that can ignite her heart and not be afraid of her for being a pirate. 

Lady Pirate has moments of pure comedy and a story that will make you wish for a love of your own. 

The Pirate Prince By Gaelen Foley 

The Pirate Prince (Ascension Trilogy Book 1)

Allegra Monteverdi is the daughter of a pirate prince’s worst enemy. He agrees when she throws herself at his mercy and begs him not to kill her family. Because he only has her best interests in mind, right? After she sails away with him, she realizes that he’s not as bad as she thought, but she still won’t let her guard down. She also realizes that though she loves him, bringing peace to the families will take more than that. Only then can the pair fulfill their destiny and join two worlds. 

The Pirate Prince is a story that portrays the journey of Lazar and Allegra. Two characters that become friends and more. They deal with pain and past demons on their journey, but the pair’s romance is well done.

Savage Of The Sea By Eliza Knight 

Savage of the Sea: Pirates of Britannia (Pirates of Britannia: Lords of the Sea)

A highland pirate prince named Shaw was invited to a deadly feast. What he needed to know was that Lady Jane would be there. She was widowed at a young age and needed help to survive her departed husband’s enemies. She pleads with him to help her, and when she sees he needs convincing, she offers him a treasure he never thought he could have. 

Savage Of The Sea is a story that has a unique take on pirates and takes you on an adventure you won’t soon forget. 

Ship Of Dreams By Elaine Leclaire 

Ship of Dreams: A Caribbean Pirate Romance Novel

Ship Of Dreams is balanced well between the plot and the action scenes. Lady Rosalind becomes a pawn in a legendary pirate’s game. Now she has to decide whether to surrender to love and a new life or fight for the one she left behind. 

Many fans have appreciated the author’s time and effort with this book because it was clear that she tried to be as thorough as possible with her research. 

Pirate By Connie Mason 

Pirate (Leisure Historical Romance)

Guy was devastated by his love’s betrayal and nearly destroyed by the assassin that stole his eye. He’s now a pirate. You can’t miss his look, or his stare penetrates your mind. When he sees his lost love Bliss, he takes her to his island, hoping for revenge. However, passion gets in the way, and he may no longer want that. But can he forgive her for devastating him so severely?

Pirate is a historical romance that deals with themes that are beautiful and haunting at the same time. It’s a book that finds its way on many shelves. 

The Rogue Pirate’s Bride 

The Rogue Pirate's Bride (Sons of the Revolution Book 3)

After escaping the country on a privateer’s ship, Sebastien becomes a pirate. After meeting the daughter of an admiral, they battle with blades. Raeven wants to avenge her fiance’s death, but vengeance can become passionate. Will she give up her plans or fall in love?

The Rogue Pirate’s Bride has love, loss, and the journey to finding the one you’re meant to be with. 

Master Of Seduction By Kinley MacGregor 

[Master of Seduction] (By: Kinley MacGregor) [published: June, 2005]

Master Of Seduction is a book that has tension, banter, and an incredible array of side characters that make this story pop out. Jack has never encountered a ship he couldn’t conquer; the same is true with women. However, when he meets Lorelei, this may not be true. She’s fearless and believes that she needs to bring him to justice. However, she loses to him when he realizes her trap, and now she’s at his mercy. Now he wonders if he is trying to conquer her like all the other women or if he is hoping she falls in love with him and sticks around.

The Iron Rose By Marsha Canham

The Iron Rose

The Iron Rose is book two in the Pirate Wolf series. When a Spanish galleon attacks an English merchant ship, Varian is shocked to learn the captain is Juliet Dante. She is Pirate Wolf’s daughter, a legend in their world. The king had sent Varian to tell her father about a peace treaty, and Juliet refused unless Varian went as her prisoner. The stakes are high, and the danger of the sea is more serious. Who will win the match, piracy or love?

Thief Of Hearts By Teresa Medeiros 

Thief of Hearts

Thief Of Hearts is a genuine adventure, and our heroine’s claws will have you laughing well into the night. Lucinda is innocent, pampered, and extremely prim. She finds herself kidnapped by Captain Doom. He’s ruthless and loves mocking her, but he can be tender. When she finds her way safely home with nothing but a kiss for her experience, she has a new bodyguard, Mr. Claremont. 

Everything he does makes her want to rebel. It becomes evident that he understands the short leash her father keeps her on, and as they become closer, she claims that she will never forget Doom. 

The Game By Brenda Joyce 

The Game (The DeWarenne Dynasty Book 3)

Katherine has been released from the sanctuary and sails to Ireland. What ends up happening is that the Master of the Seas kidnaps her. He’s an infamous pirate in the Elizabethan era. The heroine of The Game is strong-willed and stubborn and has a wonderful character arc, while women everywhere love the dastardly pirate that would kill anyone who dared to hurt his woman. 

A Lady At Last By Brenda Joyce 

A Lady At Last (Super Historical Romance)

The Lady At Last is about a woman named Amanda who goes on a unique journey. Amanda is a pirate’s daughter. She is alone until she’s rescued from her father’s hanging. Now she’s being forced to find a mother she never knew. Her rescuer has made her blush and brings out a side of her she didn’t know. They both deny the attraction as he focuses on getting her to her debut. When she decides to take things into her own hands, they realize everything is about to change. 

Final Thoughts 

The list of books that we’ve given here will take you to different lands and periods while showing you that pirates have good hearts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Period Do Pirate Romances Exist In?

The truth is that a pirate romance can take place at any time. You’ll find that many are in the regency era, though many also take place in medieval times or royal time periods.

Are There Pirate Romances That Have Female Pirates?

Yes! There are many of them, and it can be an excellent read to see things from the opposite point of view, where it’s the female who is in the Captain role.

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