The 20 Best Romance Novels About Vikings – Ultimate Guide

When we think of Vikings, our first thought may be big, burly fighters or many sailings. Whatever we think of, we have decided to add romantic sides to all that intensity.

The 20 Best Romance Novels About Vikings - Ultimate Guide

We love a good romance story, especially if they involve Vikings. Love is enduring, and we are grateful that these authors have decided to write about their passionate sides. 

These books make us wish to return to the ninth or eleventh century to join them. Whether you are looking for a good romance, are intrigued by history, or want a new romance book, each book was curated to ensure maximum enjoyment as you prepare for an epic journey.

The Reluctant Viking by Sandra Hill

The Reluctant Viking

Probably one of the most famous books on this list about Vikings, we have a book about adventure, time travel, and love. 

Ruby is reclining on a chair one minute, listening to a tape after her husband Jack walks out on her, and the next, she is in 925 AD with Jack posing as a Viking named Thoryk, who coincidentally has two sons. Confusion sets in, and all attempts to explain the situation prove futile. She has to stay in a strange land even as she tries to figure out what specifically brought her into this time verse. 

The Reluctant Viking is a fantastic love story, and its inclusion on this list is a testament to that. Sandra Hill is impeccable, and we can read the confusion and every other emotion, even as we see Ruby trying to help herself desperately from falling in love with Thoryk. We loved this story, and we guarantee that you will. 

Danegeld by Susan Squires


We may be obsessed with book series and Viking men, but who is judging? The title of this book should not be confused with the tax paid by villages to Viking Raiders for protection against ravage. This entry is a love story, and hence much different. 

All Britta wants to do is avenge her parent’s murder and get revenge against the man who raped her, taking her virginity in the process and a special gift. All Karn wants to do is carve a place for himself in the world as a fourth son. This, unfortunately, proves difficult as he gets captured by Britta’s rapist, Offa. Their paths cross when Britta tries to heal him but can’t heal him completely. 

Throughout their journey, we gain so much respect for Karn and Britta and enjoy as they curiously explore each other’s feelings amid adversity. Though the bloodshed scenes can be highly graphic for some readers, if a love story from inner strength, understanding, and mutual respect intrigues you, then Danegeld is the right choice for you. 

Norse Jewel by Gina Conkle

Norse Jewel (Norse Series)

This is an excellent example of a Viking story done astonishingly well. We may also need to meet a Viking under extraordinary circumstances, which turns to love. 

Helena will do whatever it takes to go back home. After being captured by marauders and sold to the Viking warrior, all she plots is her escape back to France. 

Hakan is cold after numerous betrayals. He cannot trust anyone (which seems to be a recurring theme with Viking men), but something about this maid tugs at his heart. Will he allow his heart to open to her and keep his promise to return her home? Find out in the love story of Helena and Hakan. 

Defiant Captive by Joyce Carlow

Defiant Captive

Apart from time travel novels? We also adore stories about enduring love, and we doubly love them if they happen to have Vikings in them who come to conquer and end up conquering love. 

The story follows Brand, who meets his destiny in Princess Deirdre. We might have a thing for stories where our heroines save our heroes (but can you blame us)? Deirdre is to wed another man, and Brand is in prison and arranged to be killed. What happens in this story reminds us that romance novels are our escapism into another world. 

From healing herbs to falling in love, Defiant Captive presents this love story uniquely and captivatingly to ensure that it appeals to readers. We read through the adventures of Brand and Deirdre and sometimes wish we could be a party to all of that. 

The Temperate Warrior by Renee Vincent

The Temperate Warrior (Warrior Sagas, Book 1)

One thing about the women our Vikings have chosen to love? They will endear themselves to our readers, possibly more than our heroes.

Living by the sword and dying by the sword was Gustaf’s mantra. A thorough warrior who does not care about anything except fighting and starting a family with the only maiden can do this task. He only wants her heart from her and will do anything to show her he cares. The Temperate Warrior is a captivating tale about love and happiness, even in the strangest places. 

Fires of Winter by Johanna Lindsey

Fires of Winter (Viking Haardrad Family Book 1)

We should consider why Vikings waged wars on other countries. Was it the armor? Was it the adrenaline? We may never know, but our next story starts with an abduction. 

Getting rescued by a Viking might not be bad, but for Lady Brenna, it was the worst thing in the world. She refuses to celebrate her rescue and vows vengeance. 

Yet, Garrick makes her weak in the knees. She cannot control herself around him and hates that. She begins to understand his deep hold on her when he finally claims her as his. Fires of Winter is an enjoyable read. The banter with our main characters is impeccable, and the author does an excellent job of ensuring that we follow the story with curiosity. 

Odin’s Shadow by Erin Riley

Odin's Shadow

Specific themes, like obsession, betrayal, revenge, and redemption, are not peculiar to this century as they date farther back. 

Our next story focuses on Selia, who is on the verge of womanhood in the nineteenth century. She is frustrated and resentful of the freedom her brother can freely boast about. She longs for an escape, and when she sees a way in the form of Alrik, she marries him within a day. 

We love hasty heroines, and when Selia discovers a secret that threatens her recent marriage, she reconsiders her decision to marry. A good romance story and a love triangle? Check out this book

A Hawk Enslaved by Venetia Green

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Ragnar must find a mistress for his king. Being enslaved, he can think of only one person to fulfill that wish, and it happens to be Isolde. A Hawk Enslaved is an excellent book. 

Isolde does not take kindly to slavery and makes that known to Ragnar. Isolde might be essential to whatever is brewing in court, but her eyes lie on the dark, quiet man who insists that she should consider this an honor. Ragnar takes “for king and country” as an oath and will ensure Isolde bows to it even if it means quenching his desires towards her. 

Valkyrie’s Revenge by Suzie Grant

Valkyrie's Vengeance (Maidens of the Shield)

If you’ve followed our lists, our next entry won’t surprise you. Vikings and Saxons didn’t always get along, so when Tyra is stranded, saved, and raised by a Saxon woman who later gets killed, she decides to plot revenge by kidnapping a Viking. The story that follows is heartbreaking and yet, hopeful. Reading as Tyra and Rorik navigate the differences in their lives as they fall in love is bright and endearing. Valkyrie’s Revenge is full of witty banter, pure romance, and beauty. 

The Bewitched Viking by Susan Hill

The Bewitched Viking (Wink & A Kiss, 1)

The second book by Susan appears on this list, and if there’s another thing we love after Vikings? It’s the authors who write tirelessly about them. 

Tykir has a lot of bad days, but recently it seems that all of his days have been bad. Chasing after a witch who appears to have hexed his King might intrigue others, but it does nothing for Tykir. He hates the commotion the witch is causing to his household. Realizing that he is also not immune to her charms, will he decide to fall in love or fight against the feelings?

The Winter Serpent by Maggie Davis

The Winter Serpent

The Vikings must have liked to raid. The daughter of a Scottish chief, Dorieann, is beautiful and has made it known that she won’t submit to any man. She remains unmarried until Vikings raid her home. She is sold to Thorsten, and as a brave girl, she tries to face the humiliation and promises to escape. This proves hard as Thorsten is determined to make her bend to his wishes. What happens when she doesn’t bow to his wishes even though she wants to? 

Lord of the Runes by Sabrina Jarema

Lord of the Runes

Erik has vowed to find and avenge the one who killed his father, and as others threaten an invasion of all he has known, he decides to leave everything he loves and holds dear to his heart. 

As he lay freezing in a storm, he dreamt of being saved by an Angel. When he awakens, he discovers that the Angel is genuine and chooses her to embark on this journey with him. 

Lord of the Runes is a love story that tests our main characters. Our main characters will need great resolve, strength, and potential, which this book delivers on. 

The Runes of Destiny by Christina Courtenay

The Runes of Destiny

Linnea loves Viking mythology, and after a recent event, she decides to indulge fully in her fascination. After reading the inscription, she found a brooch and blacks out to find herself in the 9th century. 

Transporting back in time is a fun genre, and this book explores that. Linnea meets Hrafn and bonds with him, even as she tries to find her way home. She must decide whether to return to her time or stay with Hrafn and explore their newly discovered love. 

His Viking Bride by Olivia Norem

His Viking Bride

An afternoon of adventure turns into an abduction for Aestrid. Mistaken as a runaway slave, she is captured by Viking Veileif and his men. When her identity is cleared up, she demands to be taken home. 

This proves futile as the High Chief decrees that Veileif must marry her. Aestrid is determined to torment him for his mistake, while Veileif plans to seduce her.  This book and the love story are hilarious, especially as Aestrid struggles to accept her affection for her captor. 

Nena by Ann Boelter

Nena (The Viking Treasure Huntress Series)

Captain of the Treasure Huntress, Jarl, is a Viking warrior whose sole goal is to conquer, take captives and anything of value. On his journey to the Caspian Sea, he meets Nena, an accomplished warrior whose tribe has dominated the territory for decades.

Though he succeeds in invading her home, he finds himself in unfamiliar territory as he wants her, and she hates him. They are both torn about their attraction, and though they are sworn enemies, a love story brews. Nena is a fantastic enemies-to-lovers story, and we are here for it. 

Immortal Warrior by Lisa Hendrix

Immortal Warrior (Immortal Brotherhood Book 1)

Cursed by an evil sorceress to roam the earth for all eternity, Ivar is content to live a solitary existence until his King orders him to marry. He has no choice and decides to marry Alaida. 

He fears that she will discover his secret after a vision given to him by a seer, and after their wedding night, he decides to stay away from her. However, he can’t get the thoughts of Alaida out of his mind. He wants Alaida and might be surprised by her powers. 

Viking’s Desire by Catherine Sharp

Viking's Desire: Sexy-Romance Novel: A Viking Love Story

A sexy love story that takes the reader from England to the remote terrains of the Vikings, this book is an adventure from start to finish. 

Stubborn, independent Lillian agrees to accompany Eriik and his raiders back to his homeland after they invade her home. She soon loses her heart to Eriik, but she fights intensely to avoid going that route because she considers an act like that a betrayal to her family. 

The Irish Devil by Donna Fletcher

The Irish Devil (Irish Duo)

Born to a Viking father and for his services to the King of Ireland, Eric is promised a bride. He  has a choice between the three daughters of a certain Lord. 

Only Faith appeals to him, as she is kind and beautiful. Her family also shuns her for surviving an attack that left her with a scar. Eric does not mind and decides to take her as his bride. Will Eric live up to his nickname as the Irish Devil, or will he let Faith heal him and accept her love? 

The Bear and The Bride by Jianne Carlo

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Jarl sees the widow Ainslin and immediately wants to marry her. He doesn’t care who he has to defeat and manœuvres his way into marrying her

At last, Ainslin is his wife, but how does she explain she is a virgin with two sons? When the man Ainslin is supposed to marry arrives, trouble spells for our otherwise happy couple. 

Viking’s Prize by Tanya Anne Crosby

Viking's Prize

Finally, we have our last story. Our story starts with Alarik and his abduction of Eleanor. Despite how they met, they have an instant, overwhelming attraction to each other. 

Eleanor has prophetic dreams and fears Alarik will meet his death if she isn’t nearby. She has mixed feelings towards her captor until she realizes she deeply loves him. The beginning and end exceeded expectations, and if you are into Viking romances, try this one. 


Viking, as a word, originated from the act of sailing and pillaging other countries. Whether our heroes and heroines are abducting others, falling in love, or revealing unknown sides to us, we are here to root for them. We have carefully crafted this list with the hopes that our readers enjoy previously existing worlds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vikings still existing?

Though we have people from countries like Iceland, Denmark, and Norway who can trace their ancestries to Vikings, international laws ensure that anybody caught ravaging will be duly executed by law. 

What did Vikings look like?

Vikings came in wide ranges of hair and eye colors. Though there are stereotypes of blue eyes and muscular stature, genetics has a huge role to play.

Did the Vikings invade England?

Yes, the Vikings invaded England, but the first Viking raid occurred in 793 when they attacked a monastery in Saxon territory (England). Sources are different on when the first invasion happened, but the aforementioned was the first recorded attack on England. A European city was also founded after Viking, modern-day Dublin in  Ireland.

From what part of the world did Vikings originate from?

The Vikings originated from Northern Europe and the Viking age from 800 – 1100. Vikings used shells as currency, and their women had some rights which were more advanced and progressive than other counterparts.

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