Discover The 30 Best Romantic Billionaire Books

Love is a tale as old as time. Two lovers destined to travel through life together eventually. Songs have been written about love. Books and memoirs concoct the story of a thing so enduring and everlasting that it transcends time. 

Discover The 30 Best Romantic Billionaire Books

Romantic books are beautiful. They provide us with a world full of escapism. It’s no coincidence that the romance genre is one of the best-selling genres ever written. People want love. A well-written romantic book elicits those emotions from readers. From falling in love in reality to reading about love that so many might think is impossible, the romance genre exists to prove that you can always find whatever you are looking for. 

Who doesn’t want a bit of glamor in their lives when the reality might pale in comparison? Who wants to avoid traveling across the world with their loved ones? Let us introduce you to the world of these extraordinary men. Let us give you refined tastes and show you the possibilities beyond your wildest imaginations. 

We have curated thirty fantastic love stories to keep you company on the days you doubt true love exists. 

“Love is the prism through which I view the world. I truly believe it binds and propels us. This isn’t a naive denial of the darkness that we know exists in the world; instead, it is a refusal to allow the devastation, horror, or heartache to consume us. It affirms the knowledge that there is light. Love is that light. Romance sweetens the casual bitterness we can encounter; it heightens the mundane and makes the terrestrial supernatural. The time it takes for two pairs of lips to meet could be milliseconds, but it can feel as if time has stretched indefinitely; you are transposed into a different world, your world, just for you and the one who holds your affection. It makes you uniquely aware of your body and spirit, grounds, and raises you up. Love enriches the world we inhabit.” – Love in Color by Bolu Babalola. 

Fifty Shades of Grey by E. L. James 

Fifty Shades Of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades of Grey Series, 1)

Starting off our list, we have what could be the most famous book on this list. This book not only sparked global recognition for the author and became one of the bestselling books of the 21st Century. The two sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were all made into movie adaptations. 

We are introduced to Anastasia Steele, who, by some stroke of luck (her roommate was sick, needed to interview Christian, and instead sent Ana so the interview could happen), meets Christian Grey, who is instantly attracted to her. Did we also mention he is a billionaire? Forgive us if we didn’t. 

What happens next is a story that makes us wish we lived in Seattle with Ana and Christian. We see Christian in the first installment give off everything that we have come to expect from a man who claims to be in love. From attending her graduation and flying to see Ana when she visited her mother, Christian Grey was a man in love. 

Not exactly what people would call a conventional romance, Fifty Shades of Grey is the perfect introduction to billionaire romance. He might not be the richest on this list, but we adore how he loved Ana. 

Terms and Conditions by Lauren Asher

Terms and Conditions: The TikTok sensation! Meet the Dreamland Billionaires...

Not the last entry by Lauren Asher that will be mentioned on this list. Terms and Conditions is the second novel of the trilogy written by Lauren Asher for the Dreamland Billionaires series. 

We meet Declan, who is about to become the next CEO of his family’s empire. Why would his grandfather add a clause in his will that stipulates he must get married and have an heir before the empire can pass to him? 

Here comes Iris, his assistant. He has one rule. Not touching anyone who works for him, but desperation seeps in, and that one rule is betrayed. He intends to marry, have a baby, and divorce her after a while.

It turns out Iris has always had her eye on him. What happens next between these two lovers are sparks that could burn readers. The undeniable chemistry is evident from the beginning and leaps off the pages. 

The Billionaire by Marni Mann

The Billionaire

Take it from us, forbidden romance with stunning men is the first thing to look out for in a billionaire romance novel. Sexy, hot, wealthy men that you are not supposed to touch? Count us in. The Billionaire expertly delivers on this.

Here, we meet the billionaire attorney Jenner who goes on a work trip, meets Jo, and, despite his initial reservations, falls deeply in love with her. The only problem is that Jo is twenty-two and much too young for Jenner, but who says love is a respecter of age gaps? The other problem? Jenner is a colossal playboy who doesn’t see anything wrong in his ways. 

At first, we see that Jenner is reluctant to open his heart even though he is smitten with Jo. We witness his emotional battle against falling in love before finally deciding to receive and give back his love. Watching these two try to navigate a long-distance relationship, a considerable age gap, and differences in their lifestyles will melt your heart.

We rooted for them to overcome their struggles and want you to root for them too.

Bad Boss by Stella Rhys

Bad Boss (Irresistible)

A great romance starts from desperation; you can’t convince us otherwise. Bad Boss fits into this category, and we see Sarah, who needs a job and accepts an offer from Julian, a self-made billionaire. 

The chemistry with these two? We could touch it. There is so much to love about these duo, from their first cute meeting in the elevator to the banter between them. Julian would be the frontrunner if we could pick a perfect leading man for ourselves. 

An office romance with a boss and his assistant? An offer of pretend marriage? We want you to fall in love with Julian and Sarah as we did.  

Bad Billionaire by Julie Kriss

Bad Billionaire (Bad Billionaires)

We are curious why all the good-looking billionaire men seemed to share a common trait of being bad guys. Well, don’t let the title deceive you. Devon is anything but, or so Olivia thinks. 

A former mechanic who doubles as a thief, Devon runs into the wrong hands one night and gets surprising help from his neighbor Olivia. He vows to repay that help. 

Fast forward, and Devon is a billionaire. Devon is not like other billionaires on this list because, for one, he couldn’t care about money. He only cares about Olivia and would do whatever it takes to get her. 

Now, Bad Billionaire is unlike other entries on this list. It has an odd yet refreshing take on romance that keeps readers flipping. The comedic relief offered by Devon and Olivia, coupled with how he tries to impress Her, is cute. 

The Billionaire Bachelor by Jessica Lemmon

The Billionaire Bachelor

We secretly love reformed playboys who swear undying love to their significant others. Argue all you want, but they meet the best partners, and our next entry is similar.

Meet Reese, an unreformed playboy who never thought his bad reputation would affect his performance at the corporation. Shareholders are calling for his resignation, and he needs to prove that family is essential. 

A marriage of convenience between two strong personalities? Chemistry? Sparks? We watch the unanticipated love as it grows between Reese and Merina. Sit down in the front row as they navigate a fake marriage turned real. 

Mating Theory by Skye Warren

Mating Theory: A Trust Fund Standalone Novel

If you’ve seen the iconic movie Pretty Woman, picking up this book would make you think you are on the film’s set, but this entry has a twist. 

It is wise to tell people how you feel about them when you can, and when you can’t, you watch them get married while drinking yourself into a stupor. The above line is essentially the summary of the beginning of this book. The author introduces us to Sutton with a sob story to elicit pity.

The love of his life gets married, he gets drunk, meets a sex worker, takes her home, and falls in love with her—a fairytale romance. Sutton is lovely, which works in his favor as he wins his love interest. 

Lush Money by Angelina Lopez

Lush Money: A Royalty Romance (Filthy Rich, 1)

We maintain that women are held to ridiculous societal standards and stand firm in that belief. That’s why we love this particular entry. We told you earlier that desperation is one of the many ingredients for a good romance novel. 

Roxanne is a self-billionaire who needs a baby immediately. Who else but the bankrupt Principe Mateo? A marriage of convenience to have a baby? Saving the Principe’s business? Sparks igniting? Where can we sign up? 

The twist of Roxanne being the one proposing is a beautiful twist (if you see what you like, pursue it), and as always, love that is enduring and unanticipated is the best kind. Lush Money was interesting to read, and we know it would be that perfect addition to any billionaire collection. 

Burn For You by J.T Geissinger

Burn for You (Slow Burn, 1)

“I burn for you.” I bet we all know where that specific line is from. While no Dukes are swearing to burn for their Duchesses, there is still a lot of heat in this entry, and we could even say more heat than whatever the Duke of Hastings promised. 

Like the Duke, our billionaire is arrogant and believes himself immune from the charms of love. All of that changes when he meets Bianca. 

While we can garner sympathy for our billionaire, we can understand why Bianca loves him, and though he comes off as rude, we see through the hurt. We also watch him soften up and open his heart to Bianca.

The Contract by Melanie Moreland

The Contract

Fast playboy Richard meets his match with his assistant. This leads us to ask if there sincerely is a correlation between Billionaires and their assistants. 

Katherine despises Richard with all her heart, or does she? All that changes when he asks her to change roles from his enduring assistant to a fiancée. At first, she thinks of refusing, but how could she ignore the look in his eyes? 

However, how could they live together and pretend to be in love when they hate each other? The Contract is one of the most beautiful love stories on this list. We witness the struggle of our characters even as we hope they make it past their differences. 

The Takeover by T.L Swan

The Takeover (The Miles High Club, 2)

Why do billionaires have to be cold and heartless? Claire never sells her late husband’s business to the brutal media vampire Tristian Miles. 

She has worked tirelessly to keep the business thriving while caring for her kids, so selling their legacy to Tristian is a no-no. 

Billionaires are known to be smooth talkers, but this particular one is not getting past her. What happens next takes us through a funny yet relatable love story (if you meet billionaires daily). The banter between these two is unmatched, and seeing them struggle to hide their attraction to each other is amusing. 

Bossman by Vi Keeland 


An office romance between two people who otherwise seemingly hate each other. In a hilarious enemy-to-lovers story, Bossman ensures we enjoy Chase and Reese as they play a banter-filled romance.  After several unfortunate encounters, Reese starts working for Chase, and we see the latter begin to chase her, which mostly proves futile. 

These two provided humor, and Vi Keeland was able to give us one of the best fictional boyfriends. 

A Not So Meet Cute by Meghan Quinn

A Not So Meet Cute

Remember what we said made for a good ingredient for the romance recipe? Desperation and, now, another element, rock bottom. 

Hitting rock bottom is difficult, but for Lottie, rock bottom is the starting point. She moves to a new neighborhood in search of a pretend husband, and as fate would have it, her new pretend husband also needs a fake wife

Whenever this fake couple kisses? Sparks fly, and readers might get zinged. So please be careful while reading this book.

Dirty Headlines by L.J Shen

Dirty Headlines

She is struggling with school and work, and after finding out her boyfriend (now ex) is cheating on her; Jude decides to let off steam by drinking. At the bar, she meets a stranger and lets loose for one night. 

What she doesn’t expect when she sees him again is that her elusive stranger is a billionaire who also happens to be looking for her. What happens next is a beautiful and sincere love story between Jude and Celiné. It’s no wonder Dirty Headlines is one of the bestselling books on this list. 

Fifty Shades Darker by E.L James

Fifty Shades Darker

In the second installment of the trilogy, by the famous James, we see Christian and Ana in a committed relationship with secrets slowly exposed. 

We find out Christian’s mother abused him as a child and the true story behind his adoption by the Greys. As Christian struggles with his demons, Ana makes a life-changing decision. In all of this, the love between Christian and Ana grows stronger, and the numerous adversity they overcome place them as one of the unique couples on this list. 

Fifty Shades Freed by E.L James

Fifty Shades Freed (Movie Tie-in Edition): Book Three of the Fifty Shades Trilogy (Fifty Shades Of Grey Series, 3)

The beauty of the trilogy is the story progression. In the first installment, Ana and Christian meet, argue, and decide to spend time apart. In the second installment, they are back together, Christian still wrestling with his inner demons but deciding to spend his life with Ana. 

The beginning of the third and final installment, Fifty Shades Freed, opens with a wedding between our lovers. Throughout the progression of each installment, we see Christian opening up to Ana and becoming more comfortable with the love they share. 

The final book gives us all the feels. Ana and Christian are happy with their bundle of joy, and Christian is still a billionaire. 

Black Lies by Alessandra Torre 

Black Lies

For all her life, Layana had one defined goal. Marry someone rich. Well, more like her parents’ goal. So when she meets billionaire Brant at her workplace and starts dating him, everything is going perfectly well. 

Until they aren’t, and something suddenly happens that sets Layana back. Unlike other love stories on this list, Black Lies is full of suspense and mystery. The plot twist at the end is worth the read. 

The Mogul and the Muscle by Claire Kingsley

The Mogul and the Muscle: A Bluewater Billionaires Romantic Comedy

An amusing bodyguard romance consistent with banter and humor. Cameron is a billionaire and the target of attempted fraud. She hires a personal bodyguard to guard and stop everyone around her from worrying too much. 

This proves effective, even as Cameron struggles to keep things professional. However, that changes when their chemistry says otherwise, and when they spend time together, they forget that they have a no-touching rule. The Mogul and the Muscle is crafted beautifully by the author. It’s one of the best billionaire romances

Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen

Brooklynaire (Brooklyn Hockey)

Nate might have it all, money, looks, and the envy of other men, but the one thing he doesn’t have is love, his unrequited love for Rebecca. He has nursed a passion for her and now might consider moving on. 

So when he discovers his love might not be unrequited, he doubles down on Rebecca to ensure she never gets away.  Rebecca proves stubborn, but what is love if we don’t need a little convincing? Watching Nate double down on professing his love is hilarious and beautiful. 

Friends into lovers trope will always win at the altar of genres, and Brooklynaire delivers on this particular trope. 

Been There Done That by Hope Ellis

Been There Done That: A Sexy Second Chance Romance (Leffersbee Series)

Groveling should work, especially when you need a second chance from the girl you walked out and disappeared years ago without an explanation. 

The last person she expected to see was him. He is back and determined to earn her forgiveness. When she lists what he’ll need to get done, he immediately starts on them, and now she is confused about how much of his groveling and trying to earn her trust back she can take. 

Second-chance romances are essential, and this self-made billionaire in Been There Done That, wastes no time convincing his love that he made a mistake. Initially met with pushback, he quickly proves he is here to stay until she accepts him. 

Dirty Billionaire by Meghan March

Dirty Billionaire (The Dirty Billionaire Trilogy)

Again, we love it when our sexy men get a taste and return for seconds, especially when they are billionaires like Creighton who can have whomever they want. 

Throw in that Creighton is an alpha male who only wants to protect Holly and never let her go, and then you have yourself at the beginning of a great love story. 

Creighton proves his dedication and devotion to Holly from the start. We love to see our billionaires hopelessly in love with their significant other, and Dirty Billionaire delivers on that trope. 

The Villain by L.J Shen

The Villain: A Billionaire Romance (Boston Belles)

Billionaires and bad reputations seem to go hand in hand. Our resident bad-boy billionaire Cillian (not to be confused with Cillian Murphy from the Order of the Peaky Blinders), definitely has a bad reputation. His cruel business tactics had earned him the nickname of a villain, but he didn’t mind. 

With one goal in mind, which is to maintain his wealth? He is invincible and likes that everyone is afraid of him. To Persephone, however, he saved her life, and she owes him eternal gratitude for that singular act. 

We love our tortured heroes, and The Villian promises readers this. Reading this book and seeing how the author captures the mythical story of Persephone and Hades is unique. 

The Dark in You by Suzanne Wright

Burn: Enter an addictive world of sizzlingly hot paranormal romance . . . (The Dark in You)

Our second series on this list, the story follows tattoo artist Harper who meets billionaire Knox. Knox is an alpha male, and Harper is an independent woman who believes in not taking instructions from anyone. 

The clash of their personalities and the subsequent stories in this eight-part series sees them fighting demons (literal and figurative), overcoming the powers of the supernatural, and saving young children from the darkness.

Another unconventional love story on this list, The Dark in You, is well-crafted to give readers that suspense and mystery alongside healthy doses of romance from the characters. 

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

On Dublin Street

Jocelyn tries to escape her past, but some things prove impossible, given prejudices and how the world views women like her. 

When she meets billionaire Scott, she immediately thinks he will judge her and promises to stay away from him. That proves impossible, as he is determined to remove the walls safeguarding her heart. 

Jocelyn finds herself in the middle of a life-altering choice. She could decide to continue hiding her past from him or open up and let Scott help her. As we read this book, we discover how much hurt Jocelyn had to endure, and we can’t help but feel sympathy for her while rooting that they end up together. 

The Stopover by T.L Swan 

The Stopover (The Miles High Club, 1)

Another novel that might make us question if billionaires deliberately go on work trips to meet the women they end up loving. This novel starts when an upgrade to first class, an error, puts Emily in the same category as Jameson. 

The attraction is instantaneous, and their stopover is fantastic to read. The night ends, and everyone goes home. Fast forward a year later, and Emily has a new job. 

The CEO is billionaire Jameson, the same one she met on the airplane and spent the night with. The Stopover is hilarious, and the chemistry between these two allows us to believe that we could meet our Mr. Right if we caught more flights. 

Alpha by Jasinda Wilder 


We are saving the steamier books for last, and Alpha does not disappoint. Imagine you are struggling financially, and suddenly, a check comes in the mail with enough money to offset your debts, care for your mother and pay your brother’s tuition. 

These checks continue to come in for a year anonymously, and you stop wondering who sends them. All that changes when the anonymous benefactor knocks on your door and demands you pay the debts. 

This is the story of Alpha. Kyrie has no choice but to devise a way to pay Roth (anonymous benefactor) the money she owes him.  Falling in love was not a part of the plan.

My Brother’s Billionaire Best Friend by Max Monroe

My Brother's Billionaire Best Friend (Billionaire Collection Book 2)

We do not make the rules now, but there is an unspoken rule that sisters are off-limits. Maybe that’s why Milo Ives never told his best friend how much he liked his sister. 

Now, finding out she likes him back is the game changer. Would he disregard the friendship code and chase his love or respect his friend and forgo his passion which happens to be her? Faced with this decision, we see our lovers sneak around once they establish they like each other. 

A solid argument can be made for the guy code, but we are content to watch our lovebirds in this book enjoy their sneaking around. 

Breaking His Rules by Tory Baker

Breaking His Rules

If you remember, we previously asked what billionaires saw in their assistants or if there was something we missed about the perks of working for billionaires. 

This particular billionaire has vowed never to date an employee. Why is Harlow so irresistible to Evan, then? Why does he think about her all the time? And, more importantly, what can he do about his attraction to her?

Don’t judge, but we love seeing these strong men fall for these women. It is amusing to watch the otherwise authoritative Evan struggle with his feelings for Harlow, and that’s why this book is a must-read. 

The Tycoon’s Revenge by Melody Anne

The Tycoon's Revenge: Baby for the Billionaire (The Titans)

Revenge romances where they fall in love and sort their differences? Sign us up, please. A fantasy where our billionaires are self-made and intent on exacting said revenge and finding out they have a baby? No need to ask us twice. 

Derek fits the bill and intends to punish Jasmine for her father’s crimes. The tables turn swiftly on him. He starts an affair with her, his child’s mother, which backfires immediately because he never fell out of love with her. 

The Tycoon’s Revenge fits the title, but we think the author should change the title to The Love Revenge

Hardwired by Meredith Wild

Hardwired: The Hacker Series #1

Finally, our last story is a befitting end to this list. Erica has a story to tell and a past to hide. She has worked hard to escape that past and would do anything to hide it. 

Why is billionaire Blake interested in her? She can’t afford that kind of relationship because he might find out about her past. Blake is captivated by her beauty and wants to know her, but he senses she has something to hide. 

As the story progresses, we fall in love with Blake and empathize with Erica, who has been forced to fend for herself for the most part. If you are looking for an excellent thrilling romance, Hardwired is the right choice. 


We love, love. Everyone should, and our curated list intends to guide our readers to the best billionaire books in the market. We have given fantastic examples of these books to ensure our readers enjoy the experience. We also hope you meet a billionaire like these characters and live happily ever after.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are some of these books series? 

Yes, for books like The Stopover and Fifty Shades of Grey. Fifty Shades of Grey is a trilogy, with an additional trilogy written from the POV of Christian Grey. The Stopover and The Takeover are also part of a four-book series by T.L Swan, and they all feature other billionaires. 

Any trigger warnings?

For books like Alpha, Black Lies, and Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy, we must warn our readers because these books explore themes like BDSM, sex for money, and include brutal sex scenes. Consider yourself warned as you read these particular books.

Where can I buy these books?

We have directly included links for each book on Amazon and Goodreads. Readers can view each selection and decide to purchase reading it.

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